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Heider College of Business puts a high value on challenging students in a robust, comprehensive business program that has been designed to equip them for success. The award-winning faculty of the business school is recognized in the United States and abroad in foreign countries as trailblazers in research and professional accomplishments. Creighton has spent years cultivating high-quality relationships with Fortune 500 organizations and the Omaha business community at large. The relationships with these entities translate into opportunities for access to experiential learning and invaluable business network connections. The learning done at Creighton today will be seamlessly integrated into the business world as traditional and online students prepare for business success tomorrow.


The Heider College of Business offers a wealth of exemplary degree plans for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Certificates in a plethora of business disciplines are also provided at the school of business. Undergraduate degrees currently offered include a BSBA in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Finance, International Business, Finance and Technology, Law, Marketing, and Accounting. Graduate students looking for an MBA in Business Administration, Law, or Executive Healthcare need to look no further than the Heider College of Business.

Student Life

The education one receives at the business school is deeply enhanced through the many choices of activities and organizations currently offered to students. Professional organizations available within the Heider College of Business include the Financial Planning Association, the American Marketing Association, and the Financial Management Association. High-performing academics enrolled in the business schools will want to consider honors societies, including Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, and Omicron Delta Epsilon.

One of the business organizations currently operating in the business school is the Creighton Center for the Public Trust. The center exists to allow business leaders the opportunity to explore the areas of ethics, integrity, and accountability. The express purpose of the Student CPT is to encourage ethical thinking in the character, culture, and conscience of students. A growing awareness of ethical issues and their solutions is one of Student CPT’s main prerogatives. The organization desires to provide an ethical and moral foundation for all future endeavors and in so doing, create an improved, more thoughtful world.

Online Programs

There are online graduate programs, a hybrid Doctorate of Business Administration, and online certificates included in the business school’s offerings. The online MBA at Creighton is a 33-credit hour degree that has a duration time of just over 24 months. Other graduate students provided by the business school include a hybrid Executive Healthcare MBA, an online Master’s of Finance, and an online Master’s of Investment Management and Financial Analysis. The hybrid Doctorate in Business Administration is a three-year program that combines online learning with fourteen short residencies over the program’s duration.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?