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23 Traditional Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has always had a complex culture - not quite Southern, not quite Western, not quite Midwestern, but a dynamic intersection of the three. As the former Indian Territory, Oklahoma has a substantial Native American population and a staggering number of living languages spoken by more than 60 tribes. African-Americans coming to and from Oklahoma helped develop the Midwestern style of jazz known by the Kansas City name, and jazz continues to flourish in Oklahoma City through the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab. Demographic changes in the 21st century have seen Oklahoma become still more diverse, fueling innovation and research in the state’s higher education system.There's no doubt that Oklahoma's higher education system has made great strides in meeting the needs of its many groups through a number of economic, social, and cultural changes. Oklahoma, for instance, has the highest number of Native American students enrolled in college of any state, and have made admirable efforts to protect and foster American Indian culture in research and practice.Immortalized in song, literature, film, and art, Oklahoma is America's mirror - multi-faceted, diverse, complex, and down-to-earth. It's a place of its own, and Oklahoma's learning and research are leading it into the 21st century with good old fashioned American confidence.