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Tra­di­tion­al Schools in North Dakota

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9 Traditional Schools in North Dakota

North Dakota’s two nicknames - the official “Peace Garden State,” for the International Peace Garden on the US-Canada border, and the unofficial “Roughrider State,” honoring Theodore Roosevelt - tell a story about North Dakota’s people and character. The least densely populated state in the continental US, built on the Great Plains, plateaus, and glacier lakes of the far north, North Dakota is its own paradise, but it took a lot of hard work - and, yes, rough riding - to get there. North Dakota was too difficult for European immigrants and pioneers from the east coast to reach before the railroad, but vast tracts of uncultivated land began to create a draw in the late 19th century. Not surprisingly, the majority of settlers were Norwegians, Germans, Russians, and Icelanders who were accustomed to the cold and who knew how to handle the land. It was these sturdy, deeply religious people who built farms, businesses, churches, and, most importantly to the College Consensus, schools. Today, their dedication is evident. Historically dominated by the agriculture and petroleum industries, North Dakota is prime to become a national leader. North Dakota’s economy is the fastest-growing in the US, and has the highest rate of job creation. Combined with the nation’s lowest unemployment rate, and highest rate of personal income growth, and it’s clear that the 21st century is going to see North Dakota shine.
Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck State College

Dickinson, North Dakota

Dickinson State University

Jamestown, North Dakota

University of Jamestown

Bismarck, North Dakota

University of Mary

Mayville, North Dakota

Mayville State University

Minot, North Dakota

Minot State University

Fargo, North Dakota
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North Dakota State University-Main Campus

Grand Forks, North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Valley City, North Dakota

Valley City State University