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Traditional Schools in Colorado

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25 Traditional Schools in Colorado

Colorado is one of those neatly symmetrical western states, its borders determined by latitude and longitude instead of natural boundaries like rivers and mountains. It’s a little of everything - diverse in people, in geography, and in industry. Coloradans include the Native Americans who first settled the Americas, Hispanic and Latino people, and the descendents of the frontiersmen and women of many races and nationalities who braved the Great Plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains to forge a home. Those people made their homes on agriculture and mining, trade and manufacturing, and eventually, on tourism and service. Colorado became a watchword not only for natural beauty, but independence, progressiveness, hard work, and fun. All of these sides of Colorado are reflected in the state’s colleges and universities, from small liberal arts colleges like Colorado College and the University of Denver, to major public research institutions like CU Boulder, CU Denver, and CU Colorado Springs. Colorado has world-class STEM powerhouses like Colorado School of Mines and Colorado State University, fueling engineering, technology, and healthcare innovation in the state.