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The last of the lower 48 to be admitted to the Union, Arizona is a geographical wonder and a complex mix of diverse cultures. Dominated by desert to the south, and mountainous evergreen forest to the north, Arizonans can go from arid sand to deep snow in a day’s drive, making for a highly desirable tourist destination - including, of course, the Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the world. With its varied landscape, Arizona has traditionally depended on natural resources for its economy, including copper mining (which lend Arizona the nickname “The Copper State”), cattle, and cotton production supported by extensive irrigation. But that tradition is changing, as Arizona’s modern economy depends more heavily on health care, education, and government. An economy founded on service and professional careers requires specialized education, and Arizona’s colleges and universities are reaching out to meet those needs. Following the lead of Arizona State, which has transformed distance education on a national scale, Arizona's colleges and universities have made extensive use of online education to make sure all Arizonans who want an education can obtain it, no matter how far out they might be.