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Best Planners for College Students

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What’s the best student planner for college? That depends on the student. In the past, most student planners looked the same. The designs may have changed, but they all had the same features. Now, planners come in all different types and layouts. You don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all planner. Instead, you can buy a planner that works best for your goals, experiences, and even neurotype. For example, some planners work especially well for students with ADHD

In any case, your best college student planner will be the planner that you’re happy to use. A planner can’t do any good if you drop it into your backpack and ignore it for a year. How can you make sure your planner fits the bill? Take a look at the planner’s layout. Do the visuals make sense? Does it have enough space? Also, ask yourself how you’ll use this planner. For instance, if you only use your planner for classes, you might need something without a lot of extras. But if you want to use your planner for everything, then you may need something bigger. 

Take a look at the planners below. These are some of the best planners for college students. 

1. The ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner

class tracker
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The ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is one of the best planners for college students. Why? Because the designers worked directly with college students when they created it. They figured out what college students needed most, and then they structured their planner based on those needs. In spite of its name, the ClassTracker keeps up with more than just classes. It also covers daily tasks, extracurricular activities, and even self-care activities. Busy students can keep up with daily, weekly, and monthly activities. The layout is designed for all three. This planner helps all kinds of students. Plus, with its bold colors, the ClassTracker planner is easy to find when you’re digging through your backpack or computer bag. 

2. The Centered Student Planner 

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the centered planner

Do you like simplicity, positive psychology, and clean designs? In that case, The Centered Student Planner could be your best student planner for college. This planner works well for visual learners and those who like to see the big picture. The layout shows each day from 7 in the morning to 10 at night. This way, users “see” their time spread across each day and week. For students with ADHD and/or time perception difficulties, the visual layout can help with time management. Also, this planner isn’t just a planner. It also comes with online tutorials, habit-building techniques, and other tools for time management and stress reduction. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps students get the most out of their college experience, no matter their current organization and time management skills. The designers listen to students and make their planners accordingly, so updates include things that students need most. 

3. Papier Day Planner 

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The Papier Day Planner is one of the best college student planner options for today’s learners. As a day planner, it works best for students who like to take things one day at a time. At the same time, users can still use this journal for future goal-planning. The pages include a mind map and other tools for defining and working toward goals. After using the mind map, students can add daily tasks that will help them reach their goals. The pages are undated. Users can start using their planners at any time, and they’ll never have to waste a page. You might consider this option if you start your first semester in the winter or spring, since most academic planners start in the fall. This planner also includes extra pages for notes, which you can use for all the times when your phone won’t get the job done. The Papier Day Planner uses thick, smooth pages. If texture matters to you, you may want to look into this planner option. 

4. Purple Trail 

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Purple Trail planners come in all sorts of design options. Do you like light colors? Dark colors? Whimsical designs? Designs that send a message? In any case, a lot of creative students think that the Purple Trail is the best planner for college students. Whether you prefer whimsy, boldness, or anything in between, Purple Trail probably has something for your aesthetic. Aside from its unique designs, Purple Trail also offers lots of cool features. Students can personalize their planners to meet their needs. For example, students can choose from different weekly layouts. This way, you can make sure your planner will work well with your own time management skills. Plus, you can even have your layout pre-filled with class names. Every Purple Trail planner has personalization options. Since not all students work the same way, this planner makes it possible for each student to get what they need. 

5. Blue Sky Academic Planners 

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Blue Sky Academic Planners feature beautiful designs. They offer some of the best college student planner options for students who care about visuals and aesthetics. And when you use a planner every day, you want to make sure that you enjoy looking at the design. These planners come in multiple sizes. They also come in a range of layout options for time management. Some students prefer daily planners, while others prefer weekly planners. Still others prefer monthly planners, and some would rather have a mixture of options. In any case, there’s a Blue Sky Academic Planner that fits the bill. Many Blue Sky planners include bonus features like stickers, pockets, and bookmarks. This way, students can fully personalize their planner experience. 

6. Focused Planner by Erin Condren 


Some students want attention-grabbling planners with lots of extras. Others just want a simple planner that gets the job done without any frills. If the second type of planner appeals to you, then look into The Focused Planner for your academic scheduling. The Focused Planner by Erin Condren is one of the best planners for college students who prefer minimalism. These planners have no flashy designs or attention-grabbing messages. They simply provide a clean, easy-to-follow layout that can help you manage your time well. That said, this planner does feature options. It comes in different colors and textures. Users can choose from softbound covers and coiled notebooks. The softbound options use vegan leather. This planner lays flat, so it’s easy to use while sitting at a desk or table. Students use this planner to keep track of their classes, activities, and other parts of college life. They also take advantage of the goals and intentions page, which can help them keep track of their academic plans for the future. 

7. Weekly & Monthly Academic Planner by Lemome 

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Sometimes, you need a planner that has everything. You want something that fits all the bells and whistles into a single notebook. If that sounds like you, then the Weekly and Monthly Academic Planner by Lemome may be the best college student planner for your needs. Thanks to its weekly and monthly layout, you can use this planner to maximize your time management. You can keep up with due dates, whether those dates are in the near future or several months from now. This planner also features a pen holder, pocket, calendar stickers, notes pages, 2 bookmarks, and more. This planner also works well for setting goals. Plus, unlike other academic planners, this one is a 12-month planner. You might enjoy this option if you’re starting college in January or want to use your planner when the school year comes to an end. 

What Makes a Good College Student Planner?

How do you find the best student planner for college? What makes the best planner for college students? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that this planner absolutely exists. The bad news is that it’s not the same planner for everybody. Your best college student planner won’t be the same as everyone else’s. For you, the best planner is the one that meshes with your learning style, time management skills, and aesthetics. 

That said, some of the best planners for college students things in common. The top student planners are designed with students in mind. When the designers get feedback from real colleges students, they can design planners that meet student needs. 

The best planners also have a lot of space. College students have to keep track of classes, extracurricular activities, goals, and more. Some students also use their planners to keep track of non-academic things. A good planner should accommodate all of these things. 

Many of the best planners also offer extra tools. Those tools can include goal pages, mind maps, and to-do lists. All of these things can help students get the most out of the school year. 

Why Have a Planner When You Have Electronics?

Planners give you something physical and tangible to carry with you. When you can physically handle your planner, your sense of time management may become more real. 

Plus, the act of writing something down — physically writing something, not just typing — helps you remember important details. Writing takes longer than typing, so it forces you to slow down. When it comes to taking notes in the classroom, research shows that students who take written notes learn more than their peers who type their notes. 

The same concept applies to writing down assignments. When you write down instructions and due dates, you’ll listen and process those instructions. Not only will you remember due dates more easily, but you may also understand the assignments more fully. 

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