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Best Online Master's in Finance Management Programs 2021

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Completing an Online Master’s in Finance Management Program is the perfect way to broaden your skills and knowledge of the field, network with other professionals in finance, and gain a fresh appreciation of innovative economic strategies and principles. Finance professionals wanting to enhance their careers or explore new career opportunities will discover that a program like the online master’s degree has been designed to do that very thing. This ranking of the best Online Master’s in Finance Management Programs will help direct you towards the best programs to help boost you into your dream finance management career.

Online Master’s in Finance Management Programs

Before considering an Online Master’s in Finance Management Program, it’s best to assess and understand the potential benefits of pursuing a degree through distance learning and then see the overwhelmingly positive results it will have on one’s professional career. The Online Master’s in Finance Management Program specifically will benefit the degree holder in innumerable ways. There is simply no substitute for being given a chance to acquire and sharpen expert-level knowledge and skills of the field while maintaining professional and personal responsibilities. To help you in your research, here is a comprehensive ranking of the best Online Master’s in Finance Management Programs in the nation.


This list of the best Online Master’s in Finance Management Programs is a consensus ranking, which combines information from five of the most respected business school ranking systems: The Financial TimesBloomberg BusinessweekThe EconomistForbes, and U.S. News and World Report. The data for each finance management program was averaged and converted to a score on a 100-point scale to reveal each degree’s Consensus Score. To break ties, the base tuition of each finance management program was used.


Indiana University
Kelley School of Business

Indiana University delivers an incredible online Master of Science in Finance at the Kelley School of Business. This nation’s best online MS in Finance provides the ideal background in financial expertise for tomorrow’s CFOs. The Kelley School operates as the United States leader in sitting CFOs among public universities and top-three overall. Topics covered within the program’s curriculum include financial management, quantitative analysis, value creation, economics, risk management, and capital markets. Distance learners can complete their 30 credit-hour graduate program in 15 months to three years, advancing their career at a pace that fits their lives. This online MS in Finance raises one’s credentials as she becomes a corporate finance specialist, prepared for a career as an auditor, financial analyst or advisor, insurance underwriter, or budget analyst. Courses within the program include Finance Valuation, Economics for Managers, Quantitative Analysis, and Managing Accounting Information for Decision-Making. Students enrolled in this excellent program develop the financially sound reasoning they need to achieve the strategic goals of their organizations.

Consensus Score


Georgetown University
McDonough School of Business

Georgetown University features an online Master of Science in Finance at the McDonough School of Business. This program has been designed to transform today’s best professionals into dominant industry leaders. Created by the distinguished instructors of the McDonough School of Business, this world-class program and revolutionary online learning platform provide the essential skills graduate students require to take their finance careers to the next level. The program can be completed through a blended format with full-time and part-time options. Online MSF students learn firsthand from a staff of accomplished instructors and scholars. This distance degree provides recent undergraduates and working professionals the chance to deepen their technical and business finance skills from anywhere in the world. Enrolled students engage in this finance degree that offers intensive coursework, real-life applications, a commitment to ethical values, and a global outlook. All graduate students experience a Georgetown University education marked by a faculty’s commitment to high-quality teaching.

Consensus Score


Washington University in St. Louis
Olin Business School

The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis offers an online Master of Science in Finance. This comprehensive and rigorous graduate program provides in-depth training in the evolving field of finance. The program’s curriculum goes beyond a static foundation of financial principles and theory, focusing on innovative concepts and trends like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The certificates and degree in this online Master of Science in Finance program have a specialization in investments and corporate finance. They are distinguished by renowned financial faculty members and best-in-class digital learning experiences. Distance learners can build their resumes while they progress through the program with three stackable credentials. The curriculum also includes exposure to financial statement expertise, enhanced mathematical ability, and data interpretation skill. Students are prepared to tackle challenges in whatever role they choose—from financial, investment banking, and business analysis to becoming equity research associates. Enrolled students take their careers to the next level with this online Master of Science in Finance.

Consensus Score


Fordham University
Gabelli School of Business

An online Master of Science in Global Finance is available at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. This incredible distance degree empowers business professionals to gain the specialized skills needed to succeed in the modern international financial services industry. The curriculum has been designed for professionals wanting to build finance careers in the global landscape. The program encourages direct access to industry-connected experts based in NYC, one of the premier financial capitals of the world. This online MS in Global Finance is perfect for ambitious distance learners who want to gain expertise in the evolving world of global finance. As part of one’s application, a candidate must provide official transcripts, letters of recommendation, a current résumé, and an essay. The business degree’s curriculum includes corporate finance and investment courses with relevant electives. Instructors teach all program courses with a combination of extensive professional experience and research-based expertise. This is one degree in finance you will not want to pass up.

Consensus Score


William & Mary
Raymond A. Mason School of Business

William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business provides an online Master’s in Finance. Program designers understand that financial professionals with a firm grasp of finance technical skills and practices have the singular ability to deliver new solutions in all facets of finance and management. This online Master of Science in Finance prepares future CFOs with the leadership and quantitative skills needed to identify value creation opportunities, navigate global challenges, access risk, foster change, and ultimately create value in ethical ways. This program is centered on the four pillars of effective communication of complex financial information and strategies, principled value creation, financial modeling, analysis, and decision-making. These principles exist as the conceptual and technical skills financial professionals must possess and master to find near and long-term success in corporate finance, consulting investment management, commercial banking, real estate finance, and more. These are just some of the skills this remarkable online MS in Finance curriculum prepares graduate students to master.

Consensus Score


University of Miami
Herbert Business School

An online Master of Science in Finance is available at the Herbert Business School at the University of Miami. Miami Herbert’s staff exists to ensure that graduate students’ decisions to springboard their careers in finance or increase their professional value become the most profitable one. Within each course, graduate students build advanced portfolios and become experts in the finance area to prepare them for more substantial job opportunities and income potential. UOnline’s finance program is comprised of a diverse group of graduate students with a wealth of knowledge and experience from over 25 states and one commonwealth. Students’ ages range from the 20s to 50s, while five percent of enrolled students are active military personnel. UOnline partners with Miami Herbert’s in offering the same prestigious degree that one would earn on campus. This allows students to advance their education without compromising an active schedule. Established Miami Herbert instructors teach the online courses and certificates with the same dedication to students’ success and goals as they would in person.

Consensus Score


Purdue University
Krannert School of Management

An online Master of Science in Data Science in Finance is offered at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. Machine learning and data science are becoming more integral to the financial industry each year. Purdue’s online program is designed to teach graduate students how to solve problems in modern financial markets utilizing artificial intelligence and state-of-art data science concepts. This innovative degree at the Krannert School of Management is unique in integrating into the curriculum cutting-edge machine learning with finance and data science, preparing distance learners to apply these powerful tools while boosting their careers. Graduates of this program become prime candidates for a wide variety of roles within the financial industry. The program’s focus is on developing highly sought-after expertise in machine learning. The degree aims to equip students with the tools needed to advance careers in a quantitative financial field. It is no wonder many graduate students seek out this degree each year.

Consensus Score


Northeastern University
D’Amore-Mckim School of Business

An online Master’s of Science in Finance is currently available at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Program designers believe that a career in finance can take professionals almost anywhere they want to go, as finance is at the center of business decision-making. The pace and complexity of decision-making in today’s financial environment make the pursuit of leadership excellence endlessly exciting and rewarding. Northeastern’s innovative MS in Finance program is presented with D’Amore-McKim’s signature focus on the tech economy. It will prepare students to thrive as financial experts in an industry being transformed by innovation and technology. The quantitative finance program offered to full-time students is STEM-designated. While full-time students are responsible for completing ten core courses, online and part-time students complete six core courses and four elective courses. Classes are held over weekday evenings for part-time students. Courses may be completed anytime for distance learners. Graduate students enrolled in this stellar program at one of the nation’s most respected business schools can expect to graduate in just 16 months.

Consensus Score


University of Missouri
Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business

The Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business at the University of Missouri provides an online Master of Science in Finance. This degree is the perfect fit for individuals who want to enhance their financial and analytical decision-making skills. It is designed for various prospective students who stand in different places within their professional and educational careers. The online MS in Finance degree will distinguish graduate students from their peers in the job market. Distance learners will learn key topics in financial modeling, securities analysis, portfolio management, equity, fixed income, and derivative securities. The typical class size stands at approximately 15 students. An enrolled student’s average GPA is 3.13. Most Finance students bring in at least six years of professional work experience, and 48% are female. Motivated students can complete the coursework in just one year. Required coursework may be waived depending on a candidate’s undergraduate coursework, professional credentials, and work experience. Trulaske’s online degree in finance will set students apart in the area of business leadership.

Consensus Score


University of Oklahoma
Michael F. Price College of Business

The University of Oklahoma provides an online Master of Science in Finance through the Michael F. Price College of Business. Recognizing the need for modern finance professionals to complete additional training in the nuanced and complex areas of the discipline, the business school at the University of Oklahoma created this Master of Finance in an innovative, online format. Program architects set out to design this program to meet the needs of active working professionals. The online MS in Finance is structured as a 32-credit hour degree graduate students can complete in as few as 16 months. Students are exposed to mergers and acquisitions/corporate restructuring, risk management, derivative securities and markets, corporate finance, and international financial management. All courses are delivered in a lock-step online format; meaning distance learners work through a pre-determined course sequence until degree completion. Courses are taught by internationally recognized finance instructors and delivered through the Canvas learning management platform. This degree offers a lot to today’s business students.

Consensus Score


Auburn University
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business

The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University provides a Master of Science in Finance. This incredible program offers the same high-quality curriculum as the business school’s on-campus program while giving students the freedom to study when and where they want. Graduate students enrolled in the online MS Finance see the same lectures and have the same instructors, projects, and exams as their on-campus counterparts. Harbert’s unique approach to online education offers a convenient delivery method that allows distance learners to earn their degrees without putting their careers on hold. The online MS Finance curriculum covers topics like corporate finance, markets, investments, and financial institutions. During their time in the program, business students collaborate with finance leaders and have the chance to visit businesses overseas. Students interested in a dual degree can add an MBA to their MS in Finance degree with a few hours of additional coursework. This program is a must for the serious leader in finance.

Consensus Score


University of Houston
C.T. Bauer College of Business

The C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston currently features an online Master of Science in Finance. Bauer is pleased to announce the launch of its STEM-designated and 100% online MS in Finance. Program designers understand how going back to school is a big decision and its admissions team is ready to help. Program candidates are free to schedule time with one of the business school’s Online Program Recruiters at any point in the decision-making process. Since the financial sector is evolving faster than ever before, working professionals need a degree that keeps up and whose leaders are shaping the sector itself. Graduate students enrolled in this stellar program learn from the experts to help them start on top and get the knowledge and valuable access to a network to stay there. Students interested in becoming investment bankers, tax advisors, or financial consultants will find that this online MS in Finance from Bauer will take them where they want to go.

Consensus Score


University of Cincinnati
Carl H. Lindner College of Business

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati provides an online Master of Science in Finance. Earning this exceptional degree through UC Online gives distance learners the flexibility of completing their degree at their own pace. Graduate students can specialize their degrees by taking specific courses to gain distinction in one of five focus areas: Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Investments, and Real Estate. The courses within the MS Finance curriculum prepare business students for the Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, and Financial Risk Manager exams. The business school prides itself on its diverse student population. The 100% online program qualifies as a STEM-designated program. The curriculum is a blend of theoretical and applied knowledge, enabling students to grasp theory and develop the skills they need to apply financial concepts in real-world situations. The program provides distance learners with a solid foundation in all areas of finance while allowing them the chance to customize the program to meet their career objectives.

Consensus Score


Stevens Institute of Technology
School of Business

Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Business provides an online Master of Science in Finance. Program architects understand that the introduction of new technology, including machine learning, digital currencies, blockchain, high-frequency trading, and Robo-investing, means the traditional finance jobs of the past are obsolete. Graduate students aspiring to management positions in the finance department of their companies and those seeking to climb the financial services ladder will benefit from this online master’s degree in Finance at Stevens. It shows business leaders how to apply new tools to create value through technology, address issues, and anticipate trends. The 100% online program gives graduate students a comprehensive foundation in economic and financial topics and exposure to standard financial technologies and how to use them to create opportunities. Enrolled students apply quantitative thinking to manage financial challenges and develop a specialty in an area of most significant interest to their careers, such as financial analytics and investment banking. This program is designed to offer unique experiences and features you won’t find anywhere else.

Consensus Score


Florida International University
College of Business

Florida International University’s College of Business features an online Master of Science in Finance. This graduate degree boasts an in-depth curriculum enabling students to apply financial strategy to challenging, real-world business scenarios. As a CFA Institute University Affiliation Program, this degree offers excellent preparation for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 exam. It readies distance learners for a broad spectrum of higher-level financial positions. The specialized roles available to finance professionals are limitless and include commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, investment advisory services, international finance, fund management, mergers and acquisitions, FinTech, and more. Students can choose to complete this one-year MS in Finance program 100% online or in-person. Enrolled students acquire a strong base of knowledge in finance, including financial theory, analysis, strategy, methodologies, and practices. The degree features a cohort-based, lock-step structure. All students begin the program at the same time as their peers and progress through the curriculum together. Online students can expect to build relationships that last throughout the program and beyond.

Consensus Score


University of Colorado Denver
Business School

The Business School at the University of Colorado Denver provides an online Master of Science in Finance and Risk Management. Students enrolled in this MS Finance and Risk Management program gain insight into the finance and economics behind modern business and fortify their resumes with critical quantitative skills. Much of this program’s curriculum reflects the practice of investment management in line with the CFA Institute’s University Affiliation Program. By program’s completion, graduate students are prepared to pass the Chartered Financial Analyst exam and qualify for upper-level finance positions. This hands-on degree gives students the chance to dive deep into the unique areas of international corporate governance and behavioral and political finance. With five concentration options, distance learners can also choose to tailor their degrees to focus on general finance, commodities, economics, risk management and insurance, or financial analysis. Program designers have integrated quantitative skills throughout the curriculum. This top-notch finance program would be an asset to any business professional’s resume.

Consensus Score


University of Wyoming
College of Business

The College of Business at the University of Wyoming provides an online Master of Science in Finance. Program architects understand how the ability to evaluate and respond to change is precious in today’s constantly evolving business world. UW prepares graduate students to meet the needs of dynamic financial industries and markets with practical solutions and professional confidence. The University of Wyoming’s Master of Finance program offers hands-on, advanced training in the practices and principles of modern finance to help distance learners become successful business leaders and decision-makers. This flexible, online master’s degree in finance is designed for today’s active working professionals. Graduate students can start in the fall, spring or summer, and enroll full-time or part-time. Most students finish in one or two years. Also, the Certified Financial Planner graduate certificate is built into this finance master’s program, so distance learners earn both a master’s degree in finance and simultaneously a graduate certificate in financial planning. That’s a lot of bang for the academic buck.

Consensus Score


West Texas A&M University
Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business

An online MS in Finance and Economics is currently available at the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business at West Texas A&M University. This stellar program is designed for distance learners wanting to improve their understanding of finance and economics, particularly those working or interested in financial institutions and finance departments in government and business. The program’s curriculum includes training in policy-oriented and community service roles in the private and public sectors, economic and financial advising, and teaching at the high school, college, or instructor level. Students interested in law school or doctorate programs in marketing, economics, or finance will also want to note this degree. The business school’s orientation toward application instead of theory enhances opportunities for graduate students in a broad range of occupations and institutions. The 36-to-45-hour format is fully available as online asynchronous courses. Students not wanting to complete this excellent program online can complete some courses on campus in addition to the online mode.

Consensus Score


Texas A&M University-Commerce
College of Business

Texas A&M University-Commerce offers an online Master of Science in Finance at the College of Business. This stellar distance degree provides a platform for students to develop as financial-economic experts who can spot opportunities, assess risks, and solve critical financial issues. The business school emphasizes a solid understanding of finance theory and the practical applications of theory to real-world solutions to prepare graduate students for the managerial, financial, and global economic challenges of the modern age — and beyond. Students are exposed to investment, financial reporting, corporate finance, and monetary management covered in the core finance courses. Applied Business Research, Financial Management, Investment Seminar, Derivatives & Risk Management, and Advanced Financial Modeling with Excel are also included courses. Enrolled students have access to instructors whose collective expertise spans all areas of finance and economics. As a result, business students are well-positioned to enjoy excellent success in finance after graduating.

Consensus Score


William Paterson University
Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business

The Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson University features an online Master of Science in Finance and Financial Services. This online finance degree is centered on industry standards and trending technologies in the emerging field of finance. Program designers have considered professionals with a desire to work in senior-level positions in creating the degree. The two study tracks allow graduate students to specialize in finance or financial planning. Both tracks are aligned with industry-standard professional certifications. William Paterson’s Finance Track prepares distance learners for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam while the Financial Planning Track prepares them for the Certified Financial Planner exam. All students learn from accomplished faculty with experience in the industry. Courses utilize theoretical and applied discipline-based knowledge and hands-on tools, including software and technological platforms. Program coursework includes industry-relevant projects with WP’s Global Business & Finance Institute’s Financial Learning Center. Students needing foundational courses can take them as electives toward the program’s total credit hours. This finance degree has a lot going for it.

Consensus Score


Youngstown State University
Williamson College of Business Administration

The Williamson College of Business Administration at Youngstown State University provides an online Master of Arts in Financial Economics. This 100% online degree prepares students to make significant financial decisions for their organizations. Graduate students learn to analyze microeconomic and macroeconomic models to study how to interpret stock valuations and manage financial capital. This program teaches an understanding of financial management on the corporate level and lets distance learners strengthen their skills in other areas of accounting and finance. For business students looking to advance in banking careers or insurance and financial advising, this online Master’s in Financial Economics will get them there in as few as six semesters. The program’s online format is available across the nation and worldwide. All enrolled students are taught by Williamson College of Business Administration full-time faculty as they earn an MA in a virtual classroom. This top-notch program leads to professional employment in the financial services industry, including insurance, financial advising, and banking.

Consensus Score


University of Houston-Clear Lake
College of Business

An online Master of Science in Finance is featured at the University of Houston-Clear Lake’s College of Business. This excellent degree provides an affordable solution for those learners seeking an online option for acquiring an MS in Finance. The 100% distance program merges both quality with convenience. It is included among the elite group of colleges and universities accredited by the globally recognized AACSB. UHCL’s College of Business provides business students with the comprehensive training and preparation needed to excel as leaders in the financial arena. This 30 credit-hour program can be completed on a schedule that meets the needs of the student. By completing just two courses a semester during the fall, spring, and summer terms, graduate students can satisfy all program requirements in just 18 months. All finance faculty staff hold their Ph.D.’s and come from top-notch business and industry, bringing valuable experience to every student. Corporate Finance, Investment Management, International Finance, and Portfolio Management are just some of the courses delivered within this incredible business program.

Consensus Score


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
College of Business

An online Master of Science in Finance is delivered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Business. This program will help graduate students earn the credentials they need for that next big promotion. Distance learners are exposed to a Big Ten faculty in relevant online classes to plan for career advancement with personalized career coaching. The value of this online Master of Science in Finance degree continues to rise as it was accepted into the CFA Institute University Affiliation program. Acceptance into this program reveals that the business school’s curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and prepares business students to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst exams. Program highlights include guided video walkthroughs so students can bypass the standard PowerPoint presentation. Instructors frequently serve as on-camera guides to unpack the lesson. The program’s mobile app will send students notifications for course updates and give them the option to message faculty or jump into coursework no matter where they are. This distance degree in finance has it all.

Consensus Score


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
College of Business and Economics

The College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater provides an online Master of Science in Finance. Program architects have designed this stellar degree based on the rise of specialized business degrees in accounting and finance. As there’s no evidence of slowing demand in the near future, distance learners will have excellent potential for job placement after graduation. This online Master of Science in Finance provides the needed skills and in-depth knowledge of applied finance. Program highlights include a flexible and convenient schedule, top-notch doctoral instructors, a strong alumni network, and AACSB accreditation. Program courses emphasize quantitative financial analysis, alternative investments, investments and portfolio management, derivatives, corporate finance, capital budgeting, business valuation, investment banking, financial markets, multinational finance, and security valuation. Graduate students looking to advance their positions in their current financial sector jobs or planning to transition into finance careers will benefit from this degree.

Consensus Score


University of Massachusetts Lowell
Robert J. Manning School of Business

An online Master of Science in Finance is currently available at the Robert J. Manning School of Business at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Students enrolled in this program gain a deeper understanding of how global financial markets work and expand their career opportunities in the realms of financial management and corporate finance. Program designers know that earning a graduate degree in finance will build a distance learner’s expertise in such areas as capital strategy, corporate decision-making, statistical analysis, global financial markets, risk-return frameworks, and financial modeling. UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business delivers the MS in Finance program with a solid foundational knowledge of finance topics, including advanced financial theories, quantitative and qualitative financial models, asset allocation, derivatives, and investment analysis. In addition, courses include Accounting Information for Management Decisions and Fixed Income Securities. Graduate students will position themselves for success in the multifaceted finance field with this flexible and attractively priced graduate business program.

Consensus Score

Finance exists today as an essential business function. This fact makes it one of the most stable career paths professionals in business can choose. It’s also a field that continues to benefit from significant growth annually.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in financial and business operations jobs is projected to grow 7% from now until 2028. That increase is faster than the average for all occupations and will add nearly 600,000 new jobs to the United States economy. The salary outlook is also optimistic. The median annual wage for financial and business and occupations was over $68,000 in May 2019, which was reported higher than the median annual wage of less than $40,000 for all trades.

Actively working professionals who do not or cannot take time off from their growing careers to get ahead have discovered that an Online Master’s in Finance Management Program is a great option.

But is an Online Master’s in Finance Management Program worth the time, energy, and expense required to earn the credential?

Here is a brief breakdown of the various options included in pursuing a finance degree, along with the benefits of choosing to get a finance degree online.

What do Finance Degrees Entail?

A finance degree focuses on grounding graduate students in the principles of accounting, economics, statistics, and business law. While a general business degree centers more on the interpersonal aspects of managing a business, finance focuses more on the monetary aspects. In other words, it deals with how money is made, grown, organized, and reported.

The Different Types of Online Finance Degrees

While exploring online degrees in finance, you may come across two types of programs: the financial planning degree and the financial management degree. These two distinct degree programs set professionals up for various finance-related career paths.

A financial management graduate program is a general finance degree. It prepares students for careers in corporate finance and offers more career flexibility in the long run. After graduating with a degree in financial management, professionals are qualified for a wide range of finance careers in business sectors such as investment strategy, financial analysis, credit analysis, risk management, and more.

Graduate students pursuing an online MS in Finance or Financial Management can expect to take courses in:

Managerial and Financial Accounting: This course deals with the various components of financial reporting and how to translate what financial data is saying about an organization. Students also learn how to use data to make more strategic decisions and solve problems.

Banking, Money, and Financial Markets: Courses on this topic help graduate students understand the interconnected roles of currency and financial markets and how they drive the global economy.

Investments: All finance experts need to be interested in and have a working knowledge of the stock market. Investment courses teach online graduate students how to discern investment options, evaluate risk and return, and choose between various investments while creating a balanced portfolio.

Finance and Financial Management: Finance and financial management courses delve into the fundamentals of influencing corporate finances—from structuring, capital budgeting, and management to return on investment and asset evaluation.

The prominence and popularity of pursuing an online degree in finance continue to rise. According to Harvard Business Review, many hiring leaders view credentials earned online as on par with or better than those pursued in person. Choosing a well-respected and reputable business school with high-quality programs will help employers positively view your online finance degree.

How Can I Know That an Online Master’s in Finance Management Program Has What it Takes?

Here are the ABC’s of selecting a business school and program that is right for you:


Employers recognize degrees from regionally accredited colleges and universities because their programs are vetted for quality and meet the highest educational standards in the nation. National accreditation, however, is not always viewed as noteworthy by employers.


There is no denying that the power of brand recognition is as important as ever. Traditional and increasingly prestigious business schools have accelerated the credibility of online learning—so look for well-known schools that have garnered solid and consistent employer relationships.


Why should an online student care about a business school’s campus and location? Some of the best universities in the nation presently work in partnership with employers across business, nonprofit, and governmental sectors to develop business-education programs that develop and mobilize top talent. A business school located in a thriving financial community has the draw to attract seasoned educators and business leaders. So even if you never step foot on a business school’s campus, you will benefit from its ability to attract well-qualified instructors and curriculum designers. With so many excellent options in distance education, today’s working professionals can find the right program where they can experience the significant benefits of earning their finance degree online.

There are many qualifiers one may use to measure the worth of something. When it comes to a career, there is an obvious measure of monetary value. However, value can also be gauged in personal and professional benefits that may prove more challenging to quantify.

What are the benefits of pursuing a Master’s in Finance Management Degree online?

-Many business schools allow enrolled students to earn their degrees as quickly—or as slowly—as they need to, based on their professional, personal, and financial circumstances.
-Distance learners can reduce the cost of their finance programs by continuing to work while earning their degree and even benefit from lower tuition rates offered by online programs.
-Finance students gain real-world finance skills from educators who have practical experience applying theory to solve business problems.
-Graduate students expand their professional network through contact with professional mentors, industry connections, and peers facilitated by the online finance degree’s curriculum and format.
-Distance learners benefit from diverse peers with unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that bring precious value to course content.
-Finance programs will often include coursework that qualifies graduates to take exams for essential industry credentials like the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

When it comes to diversity, flexibility, and job-ready skill sets presented throughout their curriculums, Online Master’s in Finance Management Program are hard to beat.

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