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There’s good reason why online colleges have been growing in popularity in recent years all across the nation, but especially West Virginia online colleges. These online organizations make it easy and affordable for nontraditional students. For working adults, parents of small children, persons with disabilities or those who- for a myriad of other reasons attending a traditional college is not ideal- West Virginia online colleges offer the opportunity to overcome many challenges that would be insurmountable otherwise. The primary advantages of online colleges are: 

  • Affordability
  • No need to commute
  • Flexible scheduling

With lectures and activities available online, students no longer need to commit to all of the trappings of operating an automobile, paying for parking, and other financial and logistical inconveniences associated with attending a physical classroom. The fact that students can view lecture material and complete assignments in their own time is an enormous advantage for working learners, parents and other nontraditional students who have busy day to day schedules.

Ranking the Best Online Colleges in West Virginia

To rank the best online colleges in West Virginia, College Consensus editors set up their standard simply: first, only accredited colleges and universities with a Consensus Score are qualified; secondly, they must offer at least 3 online degree programs.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in West Virginia?

There is no limit to the kinds or number of degrees that any student can obtain by attending online courses. Any course of study that is available in a physical institution is also available in the form of online degree programs in West Virginia. In fact, one could argue that a broader range of courses are available in online colleges due to the fact the learning materials need not always take up physical space since so many of them are stored digitally. Students are still expected to buy the books, and learning materials they need to succeed in a course, but lectures can be stored on disk, as can much of the other material.

What’s more, the ease with which an online course can be created makes the creation of new courses all the more common. While it might be boring to attend a class made entirely of lectures which the instructor recorded from her kitchen- this is easily possible. This means educators can create learning material much more easily than ever before. If students can imagine a course, there are probably online degrees in West Virginia that will accommodate them.

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Everything from an associate’s to a doctorate can be earned online via West Virginia online degrees programs.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in West Virginia?

The high cost of traditional college is arguably the greatest barrier for many to attend. By removing much of the overhead associated with a physical institution of higher learning, West Virginia online colleges, and others can pass that savings on to the student who is paying for college. The lower attendance cost is an obvious advantage that makes obtaining higher learning or training in a trade much easier for nontraditional students.

Regional public institutions such as your local city college are cheaper than the major universities. Community colleges are another relatively low-cost way to obtain training. Community colleges are also an excellent avenue that students with mediocre high school performance records can use to become more attractive to more prestigious universities. Invariably, West Virginia community college online courses will be available via by these institutions. Any non-traditional student looking to work her or his way through school should consider these options at an early stage.

Finally, there is the option of employer tuition reimbursement. Forward-thinking employers have a keen interest in obtaining better trained, more competent team members. They also know that getting the highly trained workers they want by helping those who have already proven themselves to be an asset, is a great way to save money and retain valuable loyalty. Every working person considering an online degree through West Virginia community college online courses should speak with their employer’s H.R. department about tuition assistance.

Are There Accredited Online Colleges in West Virginia?

The fact is that the early barriers to online learning as an institution have all but vanished. Just a few years ago, educators and business owners were hesitant to take nontraditional students seriously, but all of that has changed. Today, both job creators and education professionals recognize the fact that online students tend to be those with the motivation and talent to balance significant responsibilities with their desire to enhance their skills and broaden their horizons. Where the online student was once seen as an outsider- today they are seen as unique problems solvers with the motivation to complete courses of study while managing life’s many demands.

Today, there are a number of accredited online colleges in West Virginia, with several online public colleges. All that’s required of you is to find the time and the motivation to sign up and make your higher learning goals a reality.

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Get our emails in your inbox, and you’ll get acceptance letters in your mailbox

Get our emails in your inbox, and you’ll get acceptance letters in your mailbox

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