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Distance learning in Arkansas is a growing need for residents of the state, as online education is beneficial in the economic transition that is happening across the state. In many areas, the rural economies are shifting to a more modern and populated community, requiring the need for more jobs and education of the local residents. In order to meet these demands, distance learning in Arkansas has become a convenience for the working adults in the state either seeking a career change or looking to advance their current careers with distance education.

With the number of programs for distance learning in Arkansas growing, the working adults in these transitioning areas are getting the highest benefit from distance education. They are able to take advantage of a flexible program that gives them the advantage to pursue exactly what they desire without having to commute to a local institution regularly. They are also able to take advantage of pursuing the degree they want, instead of being limited to the options available at the local institution. With online programs, they have more options to consider.

Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Arkansas 

To guide Arkansas’ working adults and nontraditional students to the best options for them, College Consensus began with a pool of Consensus-ranked colleges and universities. That means the schools that have earned a Consensus Score from published rankings and student reviews. Then, we looked for institutions offering at least three online degree programs (at various degree levels). With the combination of reputation and student satisfaction, online students in Arkansas can trust these colleges and universities to provide a solid career boost.

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John Brown University
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What Kinds of Degrees are Available Online in Arkansas?

Arkansas online degrees can be found at most of the institutions throughout the state, which are both public and private. Because of the vast need of this type of education by Arkansas residents, these institutions have all decided to offer online degrees in Arkansas. This does give Arkansas residents the option to choose the institution and program of their choice with so many available from the small community colleges to the private universities.

These students are also able to pursue different levels of degrees. Whether they desire an Associate degree, Bachelors, or even plan to pursue graduate school, there is an Arkansas institution offering different program levels, as well as different majors in these levels.  Students in a variety of different careers are expanding their education based upon this offering that is growing in the state of Arkansas.

Such a rural state has not had access to post-graduate and doctoral programs like they currently have with distance learning. Many of the online degrees in Arkansas are at the doctoral level, elevating careers for many residents of the state that otherwise would not be possible without Arkansas online degrees and this flexible format.

What are Some In-Demand Online Degree Programs for Arkansas Students?

The online accounting degree Arkansas institutions offer has elevated this career field throughout the state. These different programs have allowed residents to acquire different careers such as CPAs and open their own tax filing businesses throughout many communities in the state. When obtaining an online accounting degree Arkansas institutions vary in the degree level, ranging from the Associates to the Masters level in many of the larger universities.

The online psychology degree Arkansas universities offer range from the Bachelors to the Doctoral level, giving students an ability to pursue either an academic career in the field or practice as a psychologist across the state. With the healthcare industry growing in demand for psychology majors, this degree has gained significant interest with residents across the state.

Another popular program among residents is the online computer science degree Arkansas community colleges and universities offer across the state. With most pursuing an Associates or Bachelors in this major, many residents are becoming very successful in this career field, as the need for computer technicians and IT departments grow in businesses across the state. The growing involvement of technology in the different industries requires a new demand of skilled employees that are accessible with online programs.


Best Campus Universities and Colleges in Arkansas 

Best Regional Colleges in the South

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Get our emails in your inbox, and you’ll get acceptance letters in your mailbox

Get our emails in your inbox, and you’ll get acceptance letters in your mailbox

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