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What Can I Do with a Digital Marketing Master's Degree?

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If you are already working in the field of digital marketing and have interest in leadership roles in the field, maybe you would like to consider achieving a masters degree in the discipline. As you probably already know, the field of digital marketing is vast. There are many avenues for achievement. Some people who are interested in this career path simply decide to get a quick and dirty certificate to get their feet wet. This has proven to be a great avenue for those who are interested in entry level careers in marketing, whether they have additional education or not. Some people choose to get a certificate if they have a bachelors in another field and are interested in moving into the business and marketing sectors. A certificate is a great way to get your hands dirty and learn the most current skills related to the discipline. A certificate is not off the table for people who have bachelor’s degrees in other disciplines as well as marketing. Some people take the route of committing themselves to a four year bachelor’s degree program in digital marketing. This can also lead to a lucrative and productive career in marketing emphasizing a variety of specializations. 

What Can I Do With a Masters in Digital Marketing?

This is the big question. There are many reasons one may choose to advance their degree and achieve a masters degree in the field of digital marketing. This is a great way to deepen your practice as a marketer, but also to achieve a leadership role in a specialization of your choice. You will notice in the masters degree programs offered in digital marketing, there are opportunities for students to specialize in various aspects of the field. Some may choose to prioritize learning data analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Branding and  Related Storytelling, marketing team leadership skills among many others. A masters degree is a great choice for anyone interested in leadership roles in any aspects of the marketing profession. 

Masters in Digital Marketing Jobs

The world of jobs related to digital marketing is vast. There are so many places you can go and grow with this advanced degree under your belt. This is especially true when it is coupled with the relevant hands on experience. Jobs with a masters in digital marketing are often more specialized. Let’s take a look at some of the possible jobs with a masters in digital marketing:

Marketing Specialist

This is one of the most popular marketing jobs. You will see that it comes in many shapes and sizes. This is someone who is invested in creating marketing campaigns that are relevant to a myriad of businesses and organizations. They are some of the most up-to-date marketers, as they access the information that they have about all of the current trends in the industry. They are also responsible for creating presentations about their research and service offerings to consumers. They also are the ones that set pricing according to current  standards. Often, they are responsible for overseeing other marketers. 

Search Engine and Optimization Specialist

This is a specialist who is an expert in improving search engine algorithms that relate to websites. They are generally in charge of finding the most search and up-to-date keywords that target the vision of the client. They are the ones that ensure they are doing all that they can to bring traffic to websites and making sure the user experience is easy and pleasant. Sometimes this position is called search engine optimization analyst. Sometimes they are in charge of full teams of search engine optimization experts. 

Social Media Marketers

This position is perfect for the social media marketing expert. They often work with facebook and instagram as well as other social media outlets to tell stories that are appropriate for the particular site. They are general branding experts who sculpt phrases and images that attract people to products. Social media is obviously such an important tool for marketing that they are often well resourced positions. Many times they work in teams, which means there is a team leader position in there as well. 

Email Marketing Expert

This is a position that focuses on the use of email for marketing and branding. They are often wordsmiths who also think about color and layout. They are sometimes responsible for writing newsletters or working with brands to create regular email marketing campaigns. 

Keep in mind that there are many relevant masters in marketing degree programs. Think about how you might want to study and if it makes more sense to work within an online format or traditional. Online is most likely a given while we’re living through the COVID-19 pandemic, but what about after all of this has come and gone? Maybe you want to study in a classroom? Online learning is excellent for working professionals to be able to balance their career with their studies. Many people who are already working in the field of marketing are concurrently working full time.


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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?