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Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs
Top Online Certificate Programs 2020

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Digital Marketing certificate

The field of Digital Marketing is evolving alongside the business sector. This is a complex profession that engages innovation and the technical skills required to effectively support companies and organizations to thrive. Marketing professionals often work in tandem with art directors, executive directors, and advertising sales agents, among a myriad of other professionals. One of the unique aspects of this profession is one is not required to even hold a college degree to be successful in this in demand field. A certificate in a discipline related to digital marketing can enable you to achieve the credentials for rewarding career potential from the comfort of your own home. The online learning options for a digital marketing certificate are vast, with many programs that are both convenient and flexible. 

We have done some of the work to support your journey towards achieving an online digital marketing certificate. We have sourced best online digital marketing certificate programs and ranked them according to their affordability. Many of them can be achieved at an accelerated pace and enable you to walk into the professional sphere with this valuable piece of paper in a short period of time. Most programs don’t require any on campus sessions, which means they are achievable from anywhere in the entire world. 


Community College of Philadelphia

The Community College of Philadelphia offers one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs that provides students with some of the top notch foundational skills to succeed in the field of marketing. Not only is this one of the most affordable programs, but it is also achievable in three months time. Some of the skills that are offered in this course of study include an in-depth understanding of eMarketing, search engine optimization, website traffic analysis, and online advertising. Students are able to participate in their class sessions when it is convenient for them. In fact, they are able to log in from anywhere in the world. The instructors are invested in meeting their students where they are in terms of ability, which means many advanced students participate and are able to get their needs met. Beginners are also celebrated in this program and are promised a relevant and in depth experience. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate


Brandman University
Irvine, CA

Brandman University offers one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs. This is a quick and dirty yet in depth program that can be completed in 12 months time. It is made up of approximately 30 credit hours. Students in this program will learn how to support organizations to thrive by helping them with their messaging and approach to advertising. This includes a comprehensive approach to utilizing social media, including the facilitation of marketing campaigns by way of facebook and instagram. Students will also learn how to create website ads. All of the classes are self paced, but should take no longer than 3 or four hours to complete. Some of the programmatic topics include: marketing methodology, strategic issues, best practices, and industry terminology. There will be a number of hands-on learning opportunities by way of exercises, case studies, and of course readings.  

Degree Type: Certificate in Digital Marketing


University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

The University of Vermont offers a digital marketing fundamentals certificate program. This is considered one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs for a number of reasons, including its affordability and comprehensive approach. Are you ready for a fast paced program? This one can be completed in 8 weeks. The course of study is outlined with one topic per week. Week one is search engine optimization; week two is PPC (paid search and pay per click); week 3 is web and marketing analytics; week 4 is email marketing; week 5 is social media marketing; week 6 is display advertising; week 7 is mobile marketing; week 8 is the capstone project. The program is delivered entirely online and students are able to study in any location that suits them. They ask students to allow for 8-10 hours of coursework per week. Students in the program can be at both beginner and intermediate levels to participate effectively. Affiliates of UVM and UVM medical center are granted a 20 percent discount on their tuition. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate


University of Georgia
Athens, GA

The University of Georgia offers a certificate in digital marketing that is delivered entirely online. This is part of the Terry College of Business Executive Education program and is geared towards Digital Sales and Marketing Basics. The entire course of study can be completed in three months. The coursework offers an in-depth study of consumer behavior and how to utilize data analysis to make informed marketing decisions. The coursework is made up of 6 unique classes that take students somewhere between 3 and 5 hours to complete. Some of the additional class topics include: search engine optimization (SEO), social media, mobile marketing, content strategy, web analytics, social media, among others. Many of the students are already in careers related to marketing and are interested in advancement. Program completion is in line with the requirements to sit for the OMCA certification exam. The program is ongoing, which means that students can enroll at any time. 

Degree Type: Certificate in Digital Marketing 


Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

Oregon State University made the ranking for the best online digital marketing certificate programs for a number of reasons. The cost is enticing, as well as the flexibility, topics covered, accelerated pace, and the faculty that facilitate. The entire program can be completed in 8 months time with a commitment of 3-8 hours per week. Some of the courses include: business-to-business marketing (B2B), audience segmentation, content marketing strategy, and transmedia storytelling. Though most students will participate in the certificate program in its entirety, it is an option to take on individual classes. Students will learn how to grow the essential strategies to achieve marketing and business wins. Some of the goals of the program include achieving an awareness of audience segmentation profile building, techniques and research strategies. Students will learn how to create actionable marketing content goals, and develop a handle on transmedia storytelling as it relates to marketing strategy. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate


University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

The Digital Marketing program at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs. The renowned Wharton School of Business is the home to this well respected certificate offering. The program is delivered entirely online with no campus visits required. It is both flexible and convenient. Students can enroll anytime. They ask students to set aside 3-5 hours each week for coursework. Each class takes 6 weeks to complete. All of the key marketing skills will be covered in this program including: marketing analytics, a customer centered data driven approach to the discipline, omni-channel marketing, and strategies to effectively use social media. This course of study is designed for many types of students including: social media managers, advertising executives, non-profit directors, product managers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and students of marketing. The courses include: marketing analytics: data tools and techniques, fundamentals of digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce, managing the value of customer relationships, and selling ideas: how to influence others, and getting your message to catch on. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate Program 


Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

The LeBow College of Business at Drexel University offers a digital marketing certificate program that brings to the table a myriad of critical skills related to marketing. Some pertinent topics include search engine optimization, wordpress website management, paid digital media, inbound marketing, analytics, and wordpress website management. This program was expressly designed for business owners, marketers, and a variety of professionals and entrepreneurs. The courses offered as part of this digital marketing online program include branding and marketing theory and wordpress management, digital analytics, content marketing and analytics, digital paid media (search, social, and display PPC), and content marketing and automation. Students will walk away with content strategy development awareness, web analytics awareness, and the ability to create a marketing plan. The classes are delivered on a part time basis to accommodate working professionals. They also take place in the evenings. Students will be able to take their careers to the next level with their newly achieved skills. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate Program 


University of California-Irvine
Irvine, CA

The University of California Irvine offers a digital marketing and communications certificate program that is considered one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs. The entire course of study can be completed in 6 months time. They also have what is called a Global Accelerated Program that can be completed in three months time. The program was expressly created for professionals already working in the field of marketing. There are three required courses including: marketing research and strategy planning, integrated marketing communications, and dynamic product management. Students will choose one elective, which can be either digital marketing tactics and trends or marketing performance optimization. Each prospective candidate for the program must formally submit a declaration of candidacy for eligibility to the program. The entire course of study is made up of 120 hours of instruction. English language proficiency is a requirement. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing & Communication Certificate


University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a digital marketing certificate program that is delivered through their School of Continuing Education. The program was built on the premise of a need to address the shifting climate of the digital world and how it relates to marketing. The certificate will be complete once students complete four core courses and two electives over the course of two years. Their core courses include: introduction to digital marketing analytics, building an integrated digital content strategy, improving marketing results by using advanced analytics techniques, and foundations for effective digital marketing. There are a number of elective courses to choose from, many of which engage software related hard skills, like learning the basics of adobe illustrator or photoshop. Students in the program walk away with key skills that can lead them to success in the field of marketing. The program offers many opportunities for resource sharing and active discussion amongst peers. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate


University of San Diego
San Diego, CA

The University of San Diego offers a strategic online marketing certificate program that is both flexible and comprehensive in reach. Students in the program will be able to grow their already achieved marketing knowledge base. They will go over the skills such as understanding keyword strategies, development of search engine optimization, effectively working with social media, email marketing, video, and advertising. The core courses include: web analytics, building your brand and website foundation, content marketing, principles of SEO and onsite organization, online advertising, and a culminating capstone project and presentation. This program was created for entrepreneurs, professionals in a variety of fields, and those interested in entering the field of marketing. Students will be required to complete eight core courses and achieve a minimum of a C grade. This program utilizes the blackboard learning management system. The coursework can be taken in any order. 

Degree Type: Strategic Online Marketing Certificate


Duke University
Durham, NC

Duke University offers a digital media and marketing certificate program for those who are interested in increasing their skills related to digital marketing. Simplilearn, which is an online learning training provider has partnered with Duke’s continuing education programming to offer this comprehensive course of study. The modules included in the coursework include: advanced SEO (search engine optimization), advanced email marketing, advanced pay per click, advanced content marketing, advanced mobile marketing, advanced web analytics, advanced website conversion rate optimization, advanced social media, and advanced digital marketing certified associate, which is required before moving onto the advanced modules. Students in the program have access to mentoring sessions that are live as well as on-demand webinars that engage relevant topics. Prospective students must have fluency in the english language and also possess high level internet and word processing skills. Each student can complete six advanced modules. 

Degree Type: Digital Media and Marketing Certificate


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, IL

The University of Illinois’ online division, Illinois Online, offers a digital marketing certificate program that is delivered through the Gies College of Business. The program is specifically for professionals who are interested in advancing their digital marketing careers. Participants will gain a comprehensive approach to working with customers in the digital world. Students will learn how to create promotional campaigns that are targeted, systematic, and utilize multimedia channels. Branding is another topic that is covered at great length. Addressed in the coursework as well, is the complexity of consumer behavior and the responses of customers. The classes in the program include: digital marketing analytics, marketing in an analog world, marketing in a digital world, digital marketing channels, and a capstone in digital marketing. The entire program can be completed in as little as seven months. The classes are not all the same in length.

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate


University of Toronto

The School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto offers a digital marketing certificate program. This is considered one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs. Students in the program will have the opportunities to dive into the best practices of the fast growing field of digital marketing from many perspectives. Social media marketing and search engine optimization are key courses topics that will be covered in great length. Students will learn how to create a successful digital marketing presence while achieving measurable best practices in search engine optimization. The required courses include: foundations of digital strategy and marketing management, search engine marketing, social media strategy, foundations of search engine optimization: strategies to build trust and stand out on google, and foundations of pay-per-click (PPC) management: tactics and strategy to drive growth. This course of study is self directed and students have three years to complete all of the coursework. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Management Certificate 


Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Cornell University has an online division that offers a digital marketing certificate program. This course of study was designed for professionals or pre professionals striving to get a foot in the door of digital marketing. The entire program is made up of 4 classes that can each be completed in two weeks. They suggest students dedicate a minimum of 3-5 hours per week to the coursework. Some of the topics addressed include customer needs assessment and marketing objectives, building digital marketing plans for owned and paid media, as well as search engine optimization techniques. The program is offered year round, and students can enter when it is convenient for them. It was designed to be flexible in order to accommodate working professionals and adult learners who are non-traditional. The actual courses offered are: understanding the digital marketing landscape and the customer funnel, assessing opportunities in paid digital media, assessing opportunities in owned digital media, and implementing an integrated digital marketing plan. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate


University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Seattle, WA

The University of Washington offers a certificate in digital marketing that is delivered entirely online. This course of study is curated through the university’s professional and continuing education program. Because the coursework is self-directed and flexible, students can complete it in a timeframe that works for them. The convenient online courses are delivered at night. Prospective students are required to have a bachelor’s degree or a two year related degree plus two years of work experience to qualify. They must also have recent digital marketing experience or exposure from a variety of potential sources. Successfully completing the program means finishing all coursework and adhering to the attendance policy. Even though the program is delivered entirely online, there are many opportunities for hands-on learning. Students will develop a media plan for a made up company and also develop a marketing plan for a company that exists. This can be added to their portfolio. 

Degree Type: Certificate in Digital Marketing 


University of South Florida-Main Campus
Tampa, FL

The University of South Florida offers a digital marketing and integrated communications certificate program that is in partnership with the USF MUMA College of Business. They offer one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs, as it is also known for being flexible and convenient. They designed the classes so they could seamlessly fit into the busy lives of professional students. The presentations are all recorded, so students can return to them whenever they want a refresher. There are many opportunities for subject discussions and peer connection and collaboration. The entire program is made up of eight modules that give students the tools to look at real world problems. Students will build their portfolios as they go. The modules include: strategic digital marketing, understanding customer experience, design thinking, digital ecommerce, marketing automation, content marketing, data analytics and measurements, and digital transformation. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing Certificate Program


University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

The University of Chicago offers a digital marketing and integrated communications certificate that is delivered entirely online. The coursework in this program is designed to build the skillset of the digital marketing industry and make graduates competitive marketing job candidates. The coursework is delivered through the University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. Some of the courses offered include: inclusive brand marketing, analytic applications for marketers, marketing profiles: segmentation, targeting, and measurement, marketing analytics and optimization, integrated marketing communications, marketing strategy and implementation, and cultural competence in marketing communication. Students will have many opportunities to dive into real world marketing quandaries and solve complex problems by way of strategy and technology. Students will engage in four required core courses and two electives. Each class is made up of 10-20 students. The entire program can be completed in as little time as three quarters. 

Degree Type: Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications Certificate


University of California-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

The University of California Los Angeles, UCLA Extension, offers an online digital marketing certificate program that can be completed entirely online. Many people who participate in this program are already in the field of digital marketing, but are interested in learning the latest trends of the industry and moving towards the cutting edge. Some key topics include influencer marketing and content strategy, digital analytics, digital and social media marketing, and advertising in the digital age. The program is made up of five required courses including: integrated marketing communications, consumer market research, digital marketing, brand management, and marketing principles and practices. Students who are interested in related internships will be supported to find a good fit, among other hands on experiences. Students have access to many resources supported by student and career services. This program is approved to offer international visas. There are a myriad of electives to choose from to support the program’s core coursework. 

Degree Type: Marketing: Digital Marketing Certificate 


University of Virginia-Main Campus
Charlottesville, VA

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies and the University of Virginia offers a graduate digital marketing certificate program that is deemed one of the best online digital marketing certificate programs. The cost is the same for in state and out of state students as the entire program is offered online in a flexible format. Generally students take two classes for each term, which includes the summer. The degree can easily be completed in a 12 month period. The entire course of study is made up of 15 graduate credits, which includes five courses. Students will participate in the program on a part time basis. The three core required courses include: digital marketing tools and techniques, strategic database marketing, and customer relationship management. Students will choose two electives from a list including: web marketing: building awareness on the internet, mobile marketing strategies, and introduction to project management. 

Degree Type: Graduate Digital Marketing Certificate 


Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Harvard University offers a marketing management and digital strategy certificate program that is delivered entirely online. The format offered is both flexible and convenient. It is offered through the Harvard Extension School. Students will learn a myriad of tactical and strategic skills. The entire program is made up of four classes that offer graduate credit. To pass the program, students must earn a minimum of a B grade in each class. All of the classes must be completed in three years. Students must pick classes from three course groups including: digital tools, foundations course, and elective courses. Some of the classes include: advertising analytics and real time technology, video storytelling for social media, marketing management, international marketing, branding strategy, digital marketing: foundations and framework for success. On average, students complete the program in one and a half years, though they have three years to work at their own pace. 

Degree Type: Marketing Management and Digital Strategy Certificate

How Do I Choose a Digital Marketing Certificate? 

This is a personal question, but let’s take a look at how to tackle it. There are many factors that make a program one of the best online digital marketing certificates. This can include the topics that are covered, ensuring that they are the most up-to-date and cutting edge for the field of marketing. Another factor is how much the program caters to the busy life of an adult professional learner. Many people who participate in best online digital marketing certification programs are already working in the field or a related discipline and need to fit their coursework into their busy work and life schedules. Many students are looking for an accelerated pathway, which will inform the best choice for them. You will see from the list above that there are certificate programs that can be completed in a matter of weeks, while there are others that will take the span of three years. Once again, these are not one size fits all offerings. Some of the best online digital marketing certificate programs are delivered in an asynchronous format, meaning students will be able to study at their convenience, while others require students to attend digital classes live at specific times. 

What is the Difference Between a Certificate and a Certification?

Let’s take a look at certificate vs certification as there are some nuances to understand. A certificate means that you have completed a series of courses and achieved their learning objectives, though that does not, however, mean it leads to a professional certification. A professional certification prepares students to engage in a specific field. In many cases one is required to have earned a certification in order to work in that particular discipline. For example, one must achieve a professional certification to become a massage therapist. They do not, however, have to have a bachelor’s degree in addition. Certificate programs can be a little more free form and not work off of a required rubric. 

Should I Get a Certificate or a Degree in Digital Marketing?

A digital marketing certificate vs degree in the field is a question you might be asking yourself in terms of your own future career goals. Many people have a degree in marketing and return to school for some of the more in depth skills that will bring them to the current front lines of the discipline. Many students have a bachelor’s degree in another field that may or may not be related and decide they want to take a different path. Some students do not have a degree at all and want some professionals skills to enhance their career opportunities. Some people know they eventually want a masters in digital marketing. They are by no means the same, as a degree program will be much more demanding and require a tremendous amount of additional time to complete in any format. If it is indeed one or the other, some things to weigh include: how much time do you want to spend, how much money do you want to spend (as a certificate is significantly cheaper), and what are your goals? There are many ways to approach digital marketing as a career, and I imagine taking a look at the programs we have ranked will help you decide if a certificate is the right choice for you. 


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