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Wyoming college scholarships allow students to get educated for high-need jobs. Once these students graduate, if they get jobs in that state of Wyoming, they can boost the economy and provide services that the state needs. That said, every scholarship is different, and every scholarship has different fine print. When you look for Wyoming scholarships, make sure that you research each scholarship that catches your attention. Look at each scholarship’s requirements to make sure that you find a good match for your needs. 

For Wyoming students looking for a way to get ahead in their educational endeavors, the College Consensus list of the Top 5 Wyoming Scholarships can put a little fire under you. It’s not comprehensive, but it will give you a place to start. We have listed scholarships in alphabetical order.

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Georgene Hager Scholarship

The Georgene Hager Scholarship is awarded to eligible Converse County students. It’s a $5,000 scholarship that gets paid to the students’ college institution over four academic years. This scholarship is mostly need based and requires students to submit a financial aid affidavit with the application. Those who have the most need will be prioritized during the selection process. However, applicants must also have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA to qualify for this scholarship. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is February 15th.

The Georgene Hagar Scholarship is distributed by the Wyoming Community Foundation, an organization that supports students through scholarships and grants. These particular scholarship honors Georgene Hagar, a woman who believed deeply in education and wanted to pursue an education for herself. She started a college education but was forced to drop out because she couldn’t afford to continue. It was one of her biggest regrets. Not wanting anyone else to go through the same thing, she and her husband developed the Georgene Hagar scholarship so that other students wouldn’t have to abandon the education that they wanted. The Wyoming Community Foundation maintains and oversees this scholarship to this day.


Mabel C. Sargent Scholarship

The Wyoming Community Foundation maintains the Mabel C Sargent Scholarship among other Wyoming scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to six students, and it provides each recipient with $5,000 for one year. The scholarship is specifically for junior and senior nursing students at the University of Wyoming who are pursuing a path to a BSN. The deadline date is March 1st.

The Wyoming Community Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and helps college students reach their educational goals. The Foundation is a great place to start when looking for a Wyoming-based scholarship or an educational grant. It has given more than $70 million to charitable causes over the years, and it’s one of Wyoming’s top resources for students looking to pay for an education. The Mabel C. Sargent scholarship in particular exists to honor its namesake and help students who want to provide care through nursing.


Path-Away Scholarship

The Wyoming Path-Away Scholarship awards several scholarship of differing amounts to Albany County high school students who want to pursue higher education. There is no limit for the amount of scholarships awarded, so Albany County students looking for Wyoming scholarships won’t have to worry about reaching this scholarship before other students do the same. The amount of scholarships given will depend on the amount of eligible students. The deadline for submitting an application is February 15th. Unlike most other Wyoming scholarships, this one is for students who plan to leave the state of Wyoming for their educations. Eligible students must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

The Path-Away Scholarship works very similarly to the well-known Hathaway Scholarship. Of course, the Hathaway Scholarship, like most other Wyoming scholarships, requires that students stay in the state of Wyoming to pursue an education. The Path-Away scholarship, on the other hand, does the opposite. While it’s for Wyoming students, it provides scholarships for those who want to leave the state for college.


Walter Urbigkit Memorial Scholarship

The Walter Urbigkit Memorial Scholarship is one of the more specific Wyoming scholarships. This particular scholarship is for students who plan to study aviation in college. The scholarship is open to all Wyoming high school seniors and Wyoming high school graduates. However, priority is given to students in Fremont County and Hot Springs County. Recipients get $500 toward their education per academic year. The deadline to apply is February 15th.

Walter Urbigkit was a member of the Wyoming Supreme court. After a successful career in politics, he passed away in 2011. The Walter Urbigkit Memorial Scholarship was established in his name to honor his memory and help students succeed in their educations. Like many other scholarships in the state of Wyoming, you can find this scholarship through the Wyoming Community Foundation.


Wyoming Daughters of the Revolution

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) awards several scholarships to upcoming college students. The most recent scholarship awards $3,000 per year, and the deadline for application is May 5th. Students must be citizens of the United States, attend an accredited US college, and maintain certain GPA and attendence standards while in college. This scholarship considers both need and merit in the selection process. Scholarships are open to students of any race, creed, and gender. Students can apply for scholarships through the DAR’s national website.

The Duaghters of the American Revolution is a nonprofit organization dedicated to historic preservation. Any woman who can prove lineal descent from an American Revolutionary patriot may join the DAR. This organization often raises money for historic research and the preservation of notable landmarks. The Wyoming chapter is noted for its educational outreach.

Are Wyoming Scholarships Just for Residents?

You may or may not need to stay in the State of Wyoming to get a state scholarship. However, the likelihood is that you’ll at least have to go to college in the state. State scholarships usually only go to people who go to college in that state. If you’re looking for scholarships in Wyoming, you’ll likely have to go to school in Wyoming. College scholarships in Wyoming may or may not prioritize students who plan to live in the state after college. Why? Because state governments want to benefit the state overall.

What is the Hathaway Scholarship?

The Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship was designed to help Wyoming students pursue a college education. The mission of the Hathaway scholarship is to help Wyoming students reach the education that will help them benefit Wyoming’s future. This scholarship values a good education, and the people who run this scholarship believe that every Wyoming student should have access to a good and fulfilling one. They know that while education is beneficial to everybody, not everyone can afford to pursue an education. That’s too bad, because education doesn’t just impact the person who receives that education. It also impacts everyone that the educated person comes into contact with. Education empowers people to serve their communities and work toward a brighter future. That’s where the Hathaway Scholarship comes in. This scholarship helps students who may not otherwise be able to pursue an education.

There are four individual programs associated with the Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship: Honors, Performance, Opportunity, and Provisional. Each scholarship offers different amounts, and they’re all merit-based scholarships. What are the Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship requirements? As it turns out, this scholarship is one of the simplest ones that students can pursue in the state of Wyoming. Every middle and high school student in the state of Wyoming is automatically eligible to apply for the scholarship. If students keep up certain GPAs, they can apply for and receive a scholarship. In addition to these four merit-based scholarships, the Hathaway program also has a need-based scholarship. Students may recieve both a need-based scholarship and a merit-based scholarship. All of these scholarships are designed to make Wyoming a more educated, prepared place with a stronger economy.

Does the State of Wyoming Offer Grants for College?

Yes, the state of Wyoming does offer grants for college. People sometimes use the terms “grant” and “scholarship” interchangeably, and they certainly are similar. Both offer money that help students pursue college educations. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Many scholarships are merit-based, and they generally come with specific rules that the recipient must follow to earn and maintain that scholarship. For example, many scholarships require that the recipients maintain a specific GPA throughout their college educations. Grants are a little bit different. Unlike scholarships, grants are usually need-based. They’re viewed as a gift, so they don’t usually have the same stipulations that scholarships have.

If you’re looking for Wyoming state grants, you’ll find several options. You can find both national and state grants, as a matter of fact. A Wyoming college access grant will help you pursue the education you want in the state of Wyoming. Take some time to research Wyoming college grants and Wyoming education grants. Grants come in different amounts. If you combine grants and scholarships, you can remove a lot of the burden of paying for your education.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in Wyoming?

Yes, you can find nursing scholarships in Wyoming. As a matter of fact, Wyoming nursing scholarships aren’t tough to find. It’s no secret that the United States is facing a shortage of nurses these days. Older nurses are retiring, and they’re aren’t enough younger nurses to fill in the gap. As a result, several scholarships and grants have arisen to help with the shortage. Of course, many of those scholarships are in the state of Wyoming. Many of these scholarships may require that you pursue nursing jobs in Wyoming after you graduate from nursing school. Some may only require that you pursue a nursing career in general. Take your time to research Wyoming nursing scholarships, and apply to any scholarships and grants that appear to fit your needs.

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