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When it comes to scholarships in Washington, you want to clarify the qualification standards to determine when it applies to your situation. Scholarships for students in Washington state have different standards for qualification based on the type of scholarship and the party providing the scholarship.

Types of Washington State Scholarships

Common Washington scholarships for college students focus on merit. That means you must meet the minimum standards set in the scholarship to qualify for the funds. Merit-based scholarships may set minimum standards for your grades and test scores. You may also need to meet other standards related directly to the type of scholarship.

The other type of scholarship that is common for students in Washington is based on your needs. A need-based scholarship means that it applies to students who have a limited amount of family income and cannot go to college without assistance. It is often offered by the state or federal government, so you may need to fill out a FAFSA and other paperwork to get assistance.

College Consensus knows the needs of students and their families, so the Top 5 Washington Scholarships isn’t a comprehensive list – it’s a handy step in the right direction. Programs are presented in alphabetical order.

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Cancer for College Pacific Northwest Scholarship

The Cancer for College Pacific Northwest Scholarship is a Washington scholarship that was created to help cancer survivors who live in the Pacific Northwest pay for college. Applicants must submit an application that asks them to tell their story and explain why they need a scholarship for college. It’s a simple application and well worth the effort. The scholarships are usually around $5,000 for students attending a 4-year college or university full-time. The application deadline is January 31.

Cancer for College is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and educational experiences to low-income students who have survived the fight against cancer and need financial aid to achieve their dream of a college education. The organization’s founder, Craig Pollard, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at the age of 15 and the cancer returned at age 19. At that point, Craig made a promise to God that if he made it through, he would do something to make a difference to others. Cancer for College is the result of that promise.


Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington Scholarship

The Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington has been offering their Washington scholarships since 1940. Applicants must be descended from pioneers and attending an accredited college or university in the state of Washington. The scholarship is for juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Students majoring in education, history, or English are given priority. Two winners are awarded $1,500 each year. The deadline to apply is April 1.

The Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington was founded in 1911 to honor the pioneer women who settled in Washington state before 1870. The date of 1870 was originally chosen because it covered the dates that the founding members’ families had arrived. Efforts to change the date failed because the completion of the railroad in 1869 would have made travel much easier for later arrivals. The earliest settlers braved harsh travel conditions to reach their final destinations in the Washington state.


George and Dorothy Marsden Scholarship

The George and Dorothy Marsden Scholarship Fund was formed to help students in eastern Washington and northern Idaho who show academic promise. To qualify, students must be high school seniors living within the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, but they do not need to be members of the Episcopal church. Scholarship recipients are determined based on academic excellence, leadership potential, involvement in extracurricular and community activities, and the impact that the scholarship is likely to have on the student’s success. One or two new recipients are named each spring, and it is possible for the scholarship to be renewed. The award is typically $7,500 and the deadline to apply is March 31.

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is a Christian church is Spokane that is part of the Diocese of Spokane of the Episcopal Church. The church is a large parish congregation that seeks to preserve tradition while embracing contemporary methods of worship. St. John’s welcomes new members and visitors.


Robert J. Meyer Organic Farming Scholarship

The Robert J. Meyer Organic Farming Scholarship is one of the scholarships in Washington state that is dedicated promoting organic agriculture and sustainability in farming. Applicants should be committed to gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to make a worthwhile contribution toward improving organic agriculture in the South Puget Sound area. Applicants must live in Lewis, Mason, or Thurston county or reside or attend high school in Montesano or Elma. The deadline to apply is April 30 and the amount of the scholarship varies.

The Friends of the Olympia Farmers Market created the Robert J. Meyer Organic Farming Scholarship in memory of Robert Meyer. Robert and his wife, Patricia, had a lifelong love of gardening. When they moved to Washington, they started out gardening in a 60’ x 80’ plot, which soon grew to a 10-acre farm. Eventually, the farm was renamed Stoney Plains Farm and became much larger. Funds for the scholarship are provided by the Friends of the Olympia Farmers Market, its partners, the Meyer family, and community donations.


Washington HECB American Indian Endowed Scholarship

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship promotes the financial prosperity of Native American Indian communities in the state of Washington by providing educational funding for students with strong cultural and social ties to a Washington-based American Indian community. Applicants must be strong in academics and demonstrate a desire to serve Washington’s American Indian communities. Upper-level students and graduate students are given top priority. The award amount is $2,000 and the application deadline is February 1.

This scholarship is one of the scholarships in Washington State that is funded by the State of Washington. The state originally set aside around $292,000 for the scholarship fund, but that amount has been increased to over $616,000 through private donations. The funds are kept in a trust and only the interest is used each year to fund the scholarships. The Friends of American Indians in Education is a nonprofit organization that engages in fundraising activities to continue to increase the amount of the endowment.

Does the State of Washington Offer Grants and Scholarships?

Washington state college grants and scholarships apply to a variety of situations. When you look at a list of scholarships in Washington state, many are offered by private parties and colleges. You can also find options provided by the state based on need or specific factors. For example, you may qualify for a need-based scholarship offered by the state if your family’s income is below a set amount.

The scholarships and grants offered to students from the state depend on the specific needs of the student. You should be aware that you may not qualify for grants or scholarships if you do not meet the minimum standards or the qualification standards set for the funds.

Although merit-based scholarships in Washington may apply to your situation, you should also be aware that you can consider scholarships for sports or certain extracurricular activities. Sports scholarships are often offered by the school, so the number of options may be limited.

What is the Washington Opportunity Scholarship?

The Washington Opportunity Scholarship is a specific type of scholarship program designed for low and middle-income families to help students gain access to education and career opportunities. It is an interesting type of scholarship program in that it is considered a public-private partnership program. Funds are provided by the public as well as private institutions.

The scholarship opportunity also focuses on helping students obtain a job after graduation. Depending on a student’s needs and situation, they may qualify for the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship renewal process over the course of their education. The program works with students to help them gain access to education in fields with a high demand for qualified professionals. It offers two paths for students: obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field or healthcare field, or obtaining a degree or certification in a technical program, such as welding or nursing.

Students can qualify for the scholarship when attending college or a technical training program for certification. It applies to students who show a financial need for assistance.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in Washington?

When you are looking into nursing scholarships in Washington, you do have an option that focuses on the state’s nurses. A nursing student may qualify for a scholarship offered by the Washington State Nurses Foundation. The scholarships offer $1,000 to residents of Washington state who plan to pursue nursing when they attend college.

Students may also consider federal scholarships designed for nursing students. The scholarships apply to students who plan to pursue a degree in nursing and who meet the federal requirements for the specific scholarship. In many cases, a student will need to fill out a FAFSA to start the process to apply for a scholarship in nursing at the federal level. Students should also be aware that they may need to meet minimum grade standards or meet other qualification standards. In some cases, a nurse will also need to write an essay to qualify for the scholarships.

Scholarships for nurses in Washington may also focus on nurses who plan to pursue a higher level of education and already have experience working as a nurse. Grants and scholarships for existing nurses may range from options based on diversity efforts in nursing or may focus on specific fields within nursing. It may also focus on different levels of education, so you will want to review the details before you determine that it is appropriate for your needs as a student.

Nurses have a variety of options based on their situation and goals. The scholarships are provided by the state or federal government, as well as private organizations. You may also have options available through the college; however, the options available through a college or university will vary based on the school and the goals of the school.

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