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Ohio is one of the best-educated states in the US, with two world-class public research universities and numerous smaller colleges and universities. But there are plenty of reasons for students in Ohio to look for scholarships to help them along. Traditional students looking for opportunity – especially first-generation college students – benefit from scholarships, while career-changing adults can make the transition from lower-skilled occupations to professional careers. All of these are helped by scholarships from public and private sources.

For anyone in Ohio looking for a way to pay for college, College Consensus has made the first forays into searching for Ohio scholarships. The programs featured here are listed alphabetically.


The ACT Scholarship

The ACT Scholarship is offered by the Ability Center of Greater Toledo to residents in seven Ohio counties and two counties in the state of Michigan. These scholarships in Ohio are offered to students with a disability, who maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) and are enrolled in a post-secondary institution of higher education degree program. Eligible candidates must apply by March 31st and submit their high school transcripts and three non-familial references at application. The value of these Ohio scholarships varies and depends on each specific situation.

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo was established in 1920 as the Toledo Society for Crippled Children. The Ability Center was created with a mission to help disabled individuals to find fully accessible communities in which to work and live. The Ability Center of Greater Toledo acts as a voice and advocate for creating more inclusive communities for those with disabilities.


The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship

The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship is offered by the Anthony Muñoz Foundation to several students who have demonstrated a financial need and ability to overcome adversity, with exceptional academic skills. Eligible candidates must have attended a high school in the greater Cincinnati area that includes Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky and plan to enroll in an eligible institution of higher education in the tri-state area. Those eligible for the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship must apply before April 30th. These scholarships in Ohio are valued at $20,000.

The Anthony Muñoz Foundation was established in 2002 and is named for the NFL Cincinnati Hall of Famer – Anthony Munoz. Anthony Munoz established the foundation to help underserved youth in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area by offering services and Ohio scholarships that enrich the lives of urban youth. To date, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has had an impact on more than 25,000 young lives residing in the Cincinnati tri-state region.


Communications Factory Annual Scholarship

The Communications Factory Annual Scholarship is provided by the Communications Factory to high school seniors (with an acceptable academic standing) who reside in the northeastern portion of the state of Ohio. These scholarships in Ohio have an application deadline of April 1st and an award value of $1,000. Eligible recipients for these Ohio scholarships must complete the scholarship’s application, submit two reference letters from non-family members, a valid intent to enroll in a post-secondary school, a documented history of community service, and a video of how the applicant would solve a community challenge.

The Communications Factory is a professional advertising/marketing company that was established in 2002. The Communications Factory consists of creative thinkers who understand the importance of marketing goals, sales goals, and life goals. The annual scholarship offered by the Communications Factory is one of the ways the company gives back to the community – funding college dreams to local students deserving of financial support.


Cyril W. Neff Memorial Scholarship

The Cyril W. Neff Memorial Scholarship is offered by the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). These Ohio scholarships require high school seniors to apply before January 15th. The Cyril W. Neff Memorial Scholarship is valued at $2,500 and is renewable for three additional years. Eligible applicants must have received an admittance letter from an engineering degree program that is ABET-accredited, a resident of Ohio, a United States citizen, with minimum Math SAT scores of 600+ and Reading/Composition scores of 500+. The recipient of the scholarship must attend the University of Notre Dame or any institution of higher education in Ohio.

The Ohio Society of Professional Engineers’ scholarships in Ohio are managed by the educational organization known as the Engineers Foundation of Ohio (EFO). The Ohio Society of Professional Engineers was established in 1878 and consists of approximately 2,000 members. These engineering scholarships in Ohio are offered in cooperation with sixteen institutions of higher learning throughout the state of Ohio or the University of Notre Dame.


Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship

The Zinggia! Ohio Art Scholarship is offered by Zinggia! to students who want to enroll in a visual arts college-level degree program in the areas of graphic design, painting, sculpture, photography, art education, and illustration, to name a few. The deadline for application submission for these Zinggia! Ohio Scholarships, the scholarship has an award value of $2,000, and recipients have the option of attending an institution of higher learning (two-year, four-year degree, or art school) anywhere in the United States. Applicants must submit five samples of their artwork when applying.

Zinggia! Was established by an illustration team in Columbus, Ohio. Their relationship began in art school; they have since married and become successful business partners. Together, with their rescue multi-generational mutt Tuna Fish Joe, Zinggia! Creates what they refer to as “vector gold.”

What is the Choose Ohio First Scholarship?

If you were born, raised in, and love the state of Ohio, then this one is for you. The Choose Ohio First Scholarship (COF) is meant to promote academic excellence in the state of Ohio. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the state’s ability to compete in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields and in the teaching of these fields. The awards are big, the benefits are considerable, and the competition is steep.

Eligible students are Ohio residents enrolled in full or part-time study in an applicable COF field. First-year students seeking a degree at the same institution studying a COF discipline and former College Credit Plus students are eligible. COF scholars are chosen on an individual basis. Applicants are advised to seek the counsel of a staff member at the institution where they are enrolled.

Those who are accepted into the Choose Ohio First Scholarship are immersed in a cohort model program with “wrap around” student services such as:

  • Built-in advising
  • Mentoring
  • Co-op and internship opportunities
  • Cohort seminars
  • Exclusive events
  • Research events

Does the State of Ohio Offer Grants and Scholarships?

Students studying at public institutions have many options when it comes to obtaining scholarships for college in Ohio. One viable option is to seek state scholarships for college in Ohio through one of the many links listed below. Ohio state grants and scholarships are provided to reduce the out of pocket financial burden for students. The available recourses are many, and fall under all of the following categories:

  • Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program
  • Opportunities For Veterans Grants & Scholarships
  • The John R. Justice Student Loan Repayment Program
  • The Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program
  • The Ohio College Opportunity Grant Program
  • The Ohio War Orphans & Severely Disabled Veterans’ Scholarship Program
  • The Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund
  • The Forever Buckeyes Scholarship Fund
  • The State Scholarship Search Tool (OhioMeansJobs)
  • The Geological Survey Grant Program (ODNR)
  • The 2021 Motorcycle Rider Education Grant (Ohio BMV)

As you can see, the state of Ohio has done a great deal to promote access to higher education through a plethora of scholarships for college students in Ohio. To get started, is a great place to learn more about the available opportunities.

Are there Scholarships for Single Mothers in Ohio?

The state of Ohio has long recognized the unique challenges to single mothers who are seeking higher education. In addition to a long list of grants designed to help single mothers pay rent, bills, and more, educational scholarships and grants also exist.

Available Ohio scholarships for single mothers include, but are not limited to:

  • ARFORA Undergraduate Scholarship for Women: Offers eligible single mothers up to $2,000 for educational purposes.
  • Hauss-Helms Foundation: Offers students in Auglaize and Allen County in need as much as $2,000 for continuing education needs.
  • The Community Foundation of Shelby County: For individuals in need up to $2,000.
  • Wright State University: Open to all eligible students, offering up to $2,000.
  • IUTIS Club Scholarship: $2,000
  • Ratermann Insurance Agency Scholarship: $2,000
  • Robert E. Grubbs Foundation Scholarship: $2,000
  • Phi Kappa Tau Foundation: Open to all eligible students with the goal of promoting those who are seeking graduate degrees. The program delivers as many as 20 awards each year and award amounts go as high as $10,250.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in Ohio?

Nurses are in high demand, and that’s not something that’s likely to change any time soon. In fact, nurses are in such high demand that scholarships and grants are available for aspiring nurses in just about every town in America. If you’re looking for nursing scholarships in Ohio, the opportunities are no less plentiful. You can find nursing scholarships through most of the local major healthcare organizations around you. These are great if you’re hoping to work and stay in a specific location- as many people are for family and other reasons.

Two of the biggest nursing scholarships in Ohio that have been around for a long time now are:

The Campus RN Scholarship Program: This is a nationwide program assisting nursing students all over the United States by handing out 6 $2,500 scholarships per region each year. The state of Ohio falls into the program’s Midwest Region sub-division.

The Ohio Board of Regents Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program: This program is for aspiring nurses. The award is available to nursing students who intend to stay in Ohio after graduation. Award amounts vary, but are usually as much as $1,500.

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