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Students looking to attend college in Kentucky may want to look specifically into Kentucky scholarships for college students. As a largely rural region, college students in the Bluegrass State often come from backgrounds that need support; many are first-generation college students. Schools offer Kentucky scholarship opportunities based on academic and athletic merit as well as for particular fields of interest. Another option for Kentucky scholarships for college students is to search online and look for associations that offer scholarships. Kentucky scholarship opportunities often require a student to have a certain GPA or be of a certain ethnicity, among other possible requirements.  

For students in Kentucky who are searching for scholarships, College Consensus is the first step. Our listing of Kentucky scholarships is simply in alphabetical order.

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Gill-Elliott Scholarship

When you’re looking for scholarships in Kentucky to help with the cost of a college degree, the Gill-Elliott Scholarship is an option for students graduating from Highlands High School. The scholarship is a merit-based option that offers $2,000 that applies to students who plan to pursue a degree in science, engineering, pre-medicine, math or technology. It only applies to seniors from Highlands High School who have a 3.5 or higher grade point average. Students also need an ACT score of 28 or higher. If students take the SAT, then they need a score of 1250 or higher. Students must apply for the scholarship by March and can start the application process in January.

The Gill-Elliott Scholarship is offered by the Blue Grass Community Foundation. The primary reason Kentucky scholarships from the foundation are a good option for students is the focus on merit and the amount provided to the students. It has reasonable standards and helps students with a specific major in mind.


Jane Allen Newman Scholarship

The Jane Allen Newman Scholarship is one of the Kentucky scholarships designed to help students with financial need who plan to pursue a college degree. The scholarship applies to students from Union, Harrison, or Fayette counties who show a significant financial need for the funds. It is renewable to undergraduate students for all four years of college as long as students retain full-time status. The scholarship requires students to have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and it offers $2,500. Students must apply for the scholarship by March 15th to qualify.

The Jane Allen Newman Scholarship is from the Blue Grass Community Foundation. It specifically focuses on students who have a financial need and otherwise would not have the opportunity to pursue a degree. Since the scholarship offers a reasonable amount to help students with the costs of tuition, it is among the scholarships in Kentucky that is ideal for students who fit the standards. The scholarship does give first preference to students who are the first generation seeking a college degree.


Women Leading Kentucky Scholarships

The Women Leading Kentucky Scholarships help young women in college with the financial costs associated with their degrees. It is a one-time scholarship that ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. It offers six to eight scholarships each year for undergraduate women who show excellent leadership skills. The scholarships require young women to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, demonstrate leadership qualities on campus, and be enrolled as a full-time student. There is also one scholarship for a high school senior who is enrolling in college in the fall of the following year and exhibits leadership at school or in her community. Students must apply for the scholarship by March.

The Women Leading Kentucky Scholarships are available through the Women Leading Kentucky network. The network focuses on connecting women in business and helping young women in college with the challenges of taking on a leadership role. The scholarships are designed to help young women who plan to take on a leadership position or start a new business with the costs of obtaining an education.


KSBA First Degree College Scholarship Program

When you’re looking for scholarships in Kentucky, the KSBA First Degree College Scholarship Program is a good option. The program offers two scholarships of $2,500 per year. One male and one female student receive the scholarship. It applies to high school seniors who have enrolled in an accredited community college or four-year university and who do not have any immediate family members who have graduated from college. The scholarship requires an application that is signed by the student’s school counselor, board chairman, and superintendent. The application must be submitted by November 15th, and only two students per public school district can be nominated. The student must have a reading score of 20 or higher on the ACT to qualify.

The First Degree College Scholarship Program is offered by the Kentucky School Boards Association. It is a non-renewable scholarship that helps students with the first year of college. It offers a reasonable amount and it focuses on students who are the first generation in their family to attend a higher level of education.


Robert E. (Bobby) Thomas Memorial Scholarship

The Robert E. (Bobby) Thomas Memorial Scholarship is one of the scholarships in Kentucky that applies to students in a specific situation. It applies to students who are the son or daughter of a family in the Harden County Farm Bureau. The scholarship offers $1,000 each year, and students can re-apply and renew the scholarship each year that they attend college. It gives a scholarship to two students each year. The scholarship is broken down into each semester. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, must obtain letters of recommendation, and must provide a picture with the application. All the documents must be typed except the letters of recommendation. Students must apply for the scholarship by April 18th.

The Robert E. (Bobby) Thomas Memorial Scholarship is offered by the Hardin County Farm Bureau. It is a good opportunity for students who have a parent who is part of the Harden County Farm Bureau because it allows students to obtain other scholarships and it can be renewed each year as long as students continue to work on a degree full-time and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Does the State of Kentucky Offer Scholarships?

Students may find Kentucky scholarships and grants through the state’s education department. The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority offers Kentucky scholarships and grants to students based on their needs. The grants are based on the financial need of students. For instance, the CAP program, also known as the College Access Program grant, is for Kentucky residents who have a financial need and are enrolled in at least a half-time program. The program must last for at least two years. Students must also have to fill out a FASFA first to qualify for this grant.

Two other options for Kentucky college scholarships and grants are the Go Higher Grant and the Kentucky Tuition Grant. Kentucky college scholarships and grants are also available through different organizations, so students must look into their options. Often, the college of their choosing will have a directory of available Kentucky college scholarships and grants. The federal government also offers grants to those with a financial need.

What is the Kentucky Work Ready Scholarship?

Kentucky grants and scholarships are available to students, so they have funds to attend college that they don’t have to worry about paying back, as long as they fulfill their academic responsibilities. One option for Kentucky grants and scholarships is a Kentucky Work Ready Scholarship. The Kentucky Work Ready Scholarship offers prospective students with the option of earning a certificate or diploma program for free. The student must be attending school for one of the five most in-demand fields in Kentucky: healthcare, advanced manufacturing, business/information technology, construction/trades, or transportation/logistics. This program only covers tuition and other expenses that aren’t covered by federal financial grants or third-party scholarships.

In order to qualify for this scholarship program, a student must not have a college degree of any kind. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required to enter into this program. The grant covers a total of 32 hours that must be completed over the course of a two-year time span.

This is one of the grant/scholarship opportunities in Kentucky that’s available to anyone, no matter their age. Additionally, there aren’t any income restrictions.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in Kentucky?

Healthcare is an in-demand field in the “Bluegrass State.” Nursing is one of the career paths in healthcare that have a great deal of opportunities for people in the state. The number of jobs in the state for registered nurses is over 45,000, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The state had more than 10,000 people working as LPNs. The BLS also states that the need for both LPNs and RNs will continue to rise, so the need for nurses is going to continue. Plus, there’s a nursing shortage presently. This is why many scholarships and grants are available for those interested in becoming a nurse or furthering their education as one.

One example is the Kentucky Board of Nursing scholarship program. The Kentucky Board of Nursing scholarship is known as the Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund. It’s a program for practical nurses, registered nurses, and also those interested in obtaining a BSN or graduate nursing degree. Students must submit their Student Aid Report (SAR). It doesn’t matter if students qualify for aid or not, they can still receive a scholarship through the state nursing board. Pupils may receive $3,000 per year toward school. Students who apply for this particular funding have an obligation to work as a nurse for one year per one year that they receive the funds. In other words, if a student receives this grant for two years, they’ll need to work for two years as a nurse to fulfill their obligation. The work requirement must be completed after graduation, not while the student is attending the program. If the student doesn’t fulfill this obligation, he or she will need to pay back the grant to the Board.

Other scholarship opportunities are available that aren’t associated with a Kentucky Board of Nursing scholarship. For instance, many nursing schools offer the opportunity for scholarships. The federal government has grants for nurses as well. Prospective nurses, including those aspiring to be an LPN or RN or who want to earn their bachelor’s or a graduate degree, may qualify for scholarships or grants from organizations throughout Kentucky and the nation.

Healthcare facilities often offer tuition reimburse programs for nurses as well. These types of agreements are between an employer and a prospective nursing student. They reimburse the student with a portion of what the pupil took out in loans or paid for school. Part of the agreement states that the student must work for the company for so long after graduation.

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