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7 Ways to Prepare for College

Preparing for college can feel like a daunting experience. Slow down and breathe deeply because you can do this! One of the best ways to tackle the seemingly endless list of things you need to do to prepare is to break them into manageable categories and focus on one chunk at a time. Here are . . .
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Preparing for College as a 12th Grader

Congratulations, you are a Senior! You can see the finish line and sometimes that’s not always a good thing. That sight can cause you to become lazy or unmotivated. Some call this senioritis. You. Must. Stop. Senioritis! This year will seem like the most relaxed you have felt about school but it is arguably . . .
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Preparing for College as an 11th Grader

The year of the tests is here! You will be taking things like the SATs, ACTs, standardized tests, and perhaps even a driving test all during your Junior year. You also may opt for taking more challenging dual credit classes that you can use for college credits. Don’t worry, it’s not all academics . . .
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Preparing for College as a 10th Grader

You have a year of high school under your belt! This year should be a year of finding out what your passions are. This is also the year when you start doing prep for tests you need to take to get into college. You have 3 years left of school with high school now feeling . . .
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Preparing for College as a 9th Grader

You are learning how to do “High School” and you are already reading about College. The good news is that learning how to do High School is the first step to preparing yourself for college. There are so many ways to do High School and you can do it your very own way. However, it . . .
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Cleaning Up Social Media

Social Media has been around for awhile now but people still don’t realize that your profile might be the reason you aren’t getting into the school or job you want. You read that right, there’s a good chance that the admissions counselor is creeping on your page as we speak. That might . . .