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What Does an Admissions Consultant Do?

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Admissions consultants aren’t only for those eyeing top ivy-league schools. If you want confidence in the strength of your college applications — and a lot less stress — you can benefit from the services of a top admissions consultant.

A consultant can maximize your chances of getting into your dream school. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Successful graduation from a college — not simply admission to it — is the real goal. An admissions consultant strives to find a perfect college match for your unique needs, desires, and aspirations.

Even if you’re just entering high school and not ready to start the college application process quite yet, an admissions consultant can still be a great resource:

  • Not sure what classes to take? Your consultant can advise you on what high school courses and extra-curricular activities will help you achieve your college and career goals.
  • If you’re uncertain about what major to choose, your consultant can help you identify your interests and strengths and explore career options.
  • Do you have a low GPA, mediocre test scores or a lack of extra-curricular activities? A consultant can help you strengthen these areas before starting the college application process.

When you’re ready, admission consultants will help you with the entire process, including:

  • Organization

    The number of tasks to keep track of during the college application process is daunting. If you are applying to multiple colleges, the process can become unmanageable. The first task of your admissions consultant will be to ensure that everything is completed on time. Consultants are experts at helping you set and meet goals. A checklist with deadlines will keep you on track.

  • Choosing a List of Schools

    With countless options available, choosing which schools to apply to — and how many — is a significant decision. Too many will make the application process overwhelming and expensive; too few will limit your options.

    Your admissions consultant can help you create a varied list of schools that are a good fit for you — your target schools — plus a couple of safety schools and some “reach” schools that will challenge you.

    Also, a consultant can find those lesser-known schools that are standouts in your chosen career field that could be a fantastic fit for you.

  • Essays

    The most time-consuming task of applying to college is writing essays or personal statements. Secondary supplemental or school-specific essays are also often required, and each college’s requirements will vary. Many schools now accept the Common Application or the Coalition Application, making essay writing less time-consuming.

    An admissions consultant knows the ins and outs of the essay process and can ensure your essay has what evaluators are looking for: an honest, personal and reflective document that helps them get to know you. Of course, grammar and spelling are also essential.Essays are extremely important. Although grades and test scores are the dominant deciding factors for acceptance, a memorable and well-written essay can tip the scale in your favor.

  • College Interviews

    Interviews can be very nerve-wracking, even for those who have top-notch grades and test scores. Knowing what types of questions college interviewers may ask will boost your confidence, and you’ll perform better. The best interviewees aren’t necessarily those with high test scores or excellent GPAs. The best are those who practiced the most — and practiced the right things. Your consultant can help you bring out your uniqueness and let your true self shine in the interview. And that’s what college admissions deans are looking for.

The Takeaway

Deciding on a college is a momentous decision. An admissions consultant can help you make an informed decision that will impact your future and help you navigate more easily through the process.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?