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Online Masters in Construction management

An Online Master’s in Construction Management is designed to prepare graduate students for successful careers in construction, project management, and engineering. Professional candidates with a master’s degree in construction management will automatically qualify for senior roles in the construction industry, including careers that incorporate focused areas of construction like LEED certification, sustainability, and civil engineering. The best online graduate degrees in construction management produce construction managers that are capable of advanced project management and possess leadership skills specific to the field of construction. Construction management will often deal with commercial, retail, industrial, or residential construction organizations.

The road to a career in construction management may begin in vastly different environments. Some construction managers take the academic route and start an undergraduate degree in business or construction before moving on to a job position with a construction firm. Some professionals may get years of work experience in construction before thinking about going back to school for a construction degree. These employees may begin their careers getting on the job training before realizing that there are more opportunities for them when they open themselves up to higher education.

Recommended Online Construction Management Programs

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Many of the nation’s best Online Master’s in Construction Management prefer for graduate students to possess some work experience for several reasons. Students who have already proven themselves as responsible employees may have an easier time when adjusting to an active schedule that online coursework requires. Some incredible online engineering and business schools allow students to take 100% of their classes through distance learning. However, unlimited access to course materials will be difficult for students who struggle to set a schedule for themselves outside of the traditional classroom. For this reason, online master’s degrees in construction management will often assign students with advisors who can help the distance learner set a schedule for assignment and course completion. There is no doubt that there are many benefits to an Online Master’s in Construction Management. Here is a ranking of the very best ones currently available in the United States.


To find the best Online Master’s in Construction Management degrees available, schools offering online or hybrid master’s degrees in the area of construction management were examined. These master’s programs were ranked upon their reputation, convenience, and affordability.


To find the reputation and prestige for each degree, data was combined from US News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and each university’s College Consensus Score. The data from these sources was averaged and placed on a 100-point scale. This became the Reputation Score, which attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.


The convenience of each distance-based program in this ranking is based on if the GMAT/GRE test score requirement is waived or omitted during the application process, and if the degree can be completed 100% online. This data is combined for the Convenience Score, which attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.


The total base tuition, sans fees and books, is calculated for each degree in this ranking. Every piece of financial information was taken from each university’s website. The tuition was inverted and then placed on a 100-point scale. This is the Affordability Score, which attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.

The School of Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham provides an online Master of Engineering with a Construction Engineering Management focus. School officials want working professionals to be able to increase their earning and promotion potential with this excellent MEng program with a specialization in CEM. All 30-credit hours of the program can be completed online in just 19 months. Graduate students looking for a quicker completion time can contact the school about the 12-month option that is available. The 100% online Master of Engineering with a Construction Engineering Management is a great alternative to an MBA for working professionals in engineering and construction careers. The School of Engineering has formatted this degree as a multi-discipline graduate program with zero Engineering prerequisites required. The tuition rate of just over $15,000 will be a welcome sight for graduate students wanting a high-powered degree at a great value. The admissions office requires no entrance exam test scores for students with qualifying degrees. All online students pay in-state tuition.

Purdue University offers an online Master of Science in Construction Management at the Polytechnic Institute. The program features a tuition rate of between $20,000 and $25,000. Students are challenged to set themselves apart with this 100% online MS in Construction Management. Construction Management fuses management principles with innovative technologies to competently lead, manage, and organize the construction projects of infrastructure, residential, and commercial facilities. Through CM, infrastructure and building projects can be constructed in a controlled, systematic format to maximize construction efficiency and assure quality. The 100% advanced online degree from Purdue University will equip students with essential educational experience and knowledge to make significant contributions in the diverse fields of construction. The online curriculum is designed to provide qualified individuals for leadership roles in the construction industry. With an emphasis on construction operations and company level management, this degree features the benefits of an MBA but with the added focus on construction. This program is the perfect fit for individuals with an undergraduate degree in construction management or civil engineering.

The College of Engineering and Technology at Western Carolina University offers an online Master of Construction Management in Construction Management Program. The 30-credit hour Master of Construction Management has been designed for working professionals wanting to advance their positions in the construction industry. Featuring a 100% online curriculum, the degree is intended for professionals in industrial and commercial construction, land management, and large-scale residential development. Working professionals in construction have the convenience of completing the 30-semester hour degree at their own pace while continuing to work within their careers. A high degree of sufficient flexibility that permits students to select a combination of classes in applied and supporting areas that meet individual career needs is included in the program. Additional courses within the 100% online program provide the chance to develop proper research and application abilities. The program consists of 12 elective hours and 18 core requirements. Graduate students are encouraged to focus their selection of elective courses on specializing in areas of particular personal interest. Core requirements include Advanced Construction Finance, Sustainability in Construction, Leadership in Construction Management, and Advanced Legal Issues in Construction.

An online Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Engineering and Management is provided at Iowa State University’s College of Engineering. The University’s online Construction Engineering and Management graduate program delivers a unique blend of managerial and technical education that will help distance learners make decisions and compete in the ever-evolving construction environment. The Associated General Contractors of America have recognized Iowa State’s Construction Engineering and Management degree. It is one of only five schools in the United States to receive the honor and be promoted by the AGC. Program architects have designed the degree to focus on three components that best represent the three functional areas of construction management and engineering. These fields include Management Techniques, Construction Operations, and Construction Methods. Distance learners may enter the program at the beginning of any term and may take graduate courses at any pace and order that suits their needs. Courses are delivered online by digital video streaming. Graduate students may choose the day, location, and time to observe the class lectures offering maximum flexibility.

The College of Engineering at North Dakota State University offers an online Master of Construction Management. The excellent Master of Construction Management program consists of thirty credits of course work and the AC Exam. The following ten courses make up the thirty credits of course work required to satisfy the degree. Scheduling and Project Control, Construction Support Operations, Infrastructure Management, Construction Technology and Equipment, Advanced Project Planning and Control, Construction Cost Estimating, Construction Management, Construction Specifications and Contracts, Decision Making and Risk Analysis, and Financial and Economic Concepts for Construction Managers combine to make this degree a powerful tool for tomorrow’s construction business leaders. The tuition rate of just over $10,000 makes this program an excellent value for the price and the second-most affordable degree within this ranking. The College of Engineering does not require a GRE or GMAT score to be reported during the application process. Every course within the program is delivered through a 100% online format.

An online Master of Science in Technology with an emphasis in Construction Management is currently available at the College of Technology at Pittsburg State University. Courses within the 100% online program include Statistical Applications and Data Analysis in Technology, Data Analysis and Interpretation in Technology, Quantitative Decision Making in Industry, Estimating and Bidding Strategy, Advanced Construction Management, and Virtual Design and Construction. The College of Technology offers the 30-33credit hour distance degree with a major in Technology. Graduate students may choose to have no specialization or may select from nine emphasis areas. This 100% online program offers advanced instruction in technical, scientific, supervisory, and managerial areas for those working in management and technical positions in industry and business. The Pittsburg State University School of Construction’s mission is to offer a quality construction degree while developing professional leaders for the construction industry through massive recruitment, real-world instruction, and successful placement. The school strives to improve the community through economic development, service, and applied research.

An online Master of Science in Construction Project Management is provided at the School of Engineering at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The Institute’s online MS in Construction Project Management degree will prepare students to manage complex construction projects from the beginning of resource planning to risk mitigation and final reporting. Currently offered through WPI’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, this online degree is designed to meet the growing needs of construction professionals with practical expertise and knowledge in legal relations and design/construction engineering processes. The organization and use of resources, including capital, materials, labor, and equipment, are also included in the program’s curriculum. The 33-credit hour degree mates courses in civil engineering, management science, system dynamics, business, and economics. The School of Engineering introduces highly customizable plans of study that enable distance learners to explore a wide range of subjects, including systems thinking, sustainable construction practices, building information modeling, fire protection, and supply chain management.

An online MS in Construction Management is offered at Stevens Institute of Technology’s Schaefer School of Engineering & Science. Graduate students within this exemplary program can expect to develop business acumen and get prepared to lead mega projects across the globe in the online construction management graduate program at Stevens Institute of Technology. Stevens prepares students to lead the most significant assignments using the latest technology, knowledge, and skills. With a particular focus on megaprojects, distance learners will graduate with an advanced degree that positions them for an executive-track career in a significant construction corporation. The current demand for professionals in the field of construction outstrips the number of qualified candidates. Construction spending is growing around the world. With megaproject experience and specialized knowledge, the online construction management graduate program at Stevens will give students a career path with mega potential. The tuition rate for the online Master of Science in Construction Management sits just over $50,000.

The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout currently provides an online MS in Construction Management. UW-Stout’s online graduate degree is a career-focused program. This stellar degree will help further business leaders’ careers for those who have a construction-related degree and at least five years of work experience. The College has designed the curriculum to help distance learners solve real-world issues in the construction industry. The standard tuition rate of well below $20,000 applies to all students across the country. Graduate students can begin the program at any point in the calendar year. The MS Construction Management program is an excellent MBA alternative for construction managers. The 30-credit hour degree will prepare students for upper-level construction management roles. Industry-experienced faculty members integrate applied learning, research, scientific theory, humanistic understanding, and creativity with a focus on critical thinking and creativity in decision making and problem-solving in construction. Graduate students can expect to become proficient in professional written and oral communications through the use of communication and information technology.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga provides an online Master of Engineering Management in Construction Management at the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The 100% online MS ENGM: Construction Management program is one of the graduate specializations in Engineering Management currently offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The program has been designed for graduate students interested in construction-related fields of business. Its core courses are the same as Engineering Management. Distance learners will take other construction electives in subjects such as Strategic Bidding and Estimating, Construction Law, Sustainability and LEED, and Lean Construction. Core courses found in the 33-credit hour program include Concepts in Engineering Management, Technical Project Management, Technical Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Advanced Engineering Economy, and Strategic Management and Technology. The advertised tuition rate for this degree is set between $15,000 and $20,000. There is no GRE or GMAT score requirement attached to this program.

The College of Engineering at Louisiana State University features an online Master of Science in Construction Management. As many know, construction is a global industry that will always need capable leaders and managers. Construction management is a field where determined, educated professionals can assert themselves and build a fulfilling career. LSU’s 100% online Master’s in Construction Management degree gives the interpersonal and technical skills professionals need to become successful construction managers. Distance learners will also build connections within a robust professional network that will help graduate students achieve their career goals. The 36-credit hour program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education. Louisiana State University’s MS in Construction Management fuses coursework in leadership with core construction topics like Sustainability, decision making, building information modeling, and project delivery. With LSU’s strong academic reputation in construction education, graduates are sure to leave the program confident and ready to make an impact. A timeline of six-12 months has been advertised with this program.

The College of Engineering & Computing at Florida International University offers an online Master of Construction Management program. The Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure, and Sustainability at FIU stands as a prime resource for construction management technology, learning, and training development in the nation. Skilled construction managers who supervise, plan, budget, and coordinate construction projects from early development to finalizing are in high demand. The field of construction management is forecasted to grow dramatically from now until 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a part of FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing, the University’s Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure, and Sustainability houses the most substantial construction management graduate degree in the state of Florida. The school of construction at FIU is focused on being the preeminent center for the dissemination and advancement of construction knowledge. This degree is between 30 and 36-credit hours in length and features a tuition rate of just over $20,000.

The College of Engineering and Technology at East Carolina University provides an online Master of Science in Construction Management. This stellar distance degree is the perfect fit for industry professionals hoping to advance their careers. Recent graduates seeking higher educations that lead to better opportunities will also benefit from this program. The Master of Construction Management degree has everything a graduate student in construction management is looking for, right at their fingertips. The 100% online degree at East Carolina University is unique in that it can be from anywhere in the world with no campus visits required. Courses are also offered face-to-face for regional students and those who prefer an on-campus learning opportunity. Supported by the National House Endowment, the Department of Construction Management is a true trailblazer for online graduate and traditional classroom education. The College of Engineering and Technology desires to make higher education accessible to professionals within the construction industry across the globe.

An online Master’s in Construction Management is currently available at the College of Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso. The benefits of this 100% online program are numerous. All courses within the program are delivered within an easily accessible, 100% online structure by UTEP’s College of Engineering. The curriculum has been designed for distance learners with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or business. Program architects have developed it to prepare students for professional certification and career growth. Many experts consider the 30-credit hour degree to be a cost-effective online construction management degree with a tuition rate of between $20,000 and $25,000. The online Master’s in Construction Management degree is delivered as a 30-credit-hour advanced program now being formatted as an online program by the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Distance learners seeking to obtain a higher level of construction know-how can learn how to manage complex assignments, lead teams, and thrive in a global marketplace.

Drexel University offers an online MS in Construction Management at the College of Engineering. The online MS in Construction Management is a stellar distance degree program that gives practitioners the sharp business acumen and technical competence needed to lead within the construction management industry. The program is offered with three distinct concentrations, including Real Estate, Sustainability and Green Construction, and Construction Project Management. The program’s curriculum gives professionals the chance to develop the multidisciplinary skills essential to today’s active construction managers. Online courses focus on training construction professionals to meet the evolving challenges of increasing owner demands, increasing regulation, and tighter project delivery times. The 45-credit hour program offers the leadership skills business professionals need to manage within the many daily demands that construction firms face in successfully overseeing construction operations. Drexel’s MS in Construction Management is an excellent platform for leaders wanting to develop senior management in the construction industry.

The School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico provides an online Master of Construction Management. The engineering school wants to see distance learners take their careers to the next level with the 100% online MCM degree. UNM’s Master of Construction Management degree is the perfect fit for any construction manager in residential, commercial, heavy construction, industrial, or highway construction. The 100% online Master of Construction Management will prepare graduate students for leadership opportunities in the construction industry. Graduates of this program can rest assured that they have received advanced education in expanding and new areas of construction programming, cost control, construction law and safety, and project management. All MCM candidates are expected to have college-level proficiency in mathematics and English reading and writing. An optimal candidate for this online program is one who scored a minimum of 300 on the quantitative and verbal components of the GRE. The tuition rate for this program sits just over $10,000 making it one of the most affordable degrees in this ranking.

Online Master’s in Construction ManagementThe College of Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida delivers an online Master of International Construction Management. The College understands the tremendous growth now seen in the international construction market makes it possible for organizations to engage in business transactions across the international dateline. With recently resolved Washington Accord and World Trade Organization treaties, construction industry professionals can fulfill their profession outside the borders of their country of citizenship for the first time in history. These agreements give corporations and individuals ever-expanding national and international construction potential. Construction managers need to be taught how the construction industry operates on the global platform. The 100% online Master of International Construction Management program has been designed for working professionals in the construction industry interested in attaining high-level executive positions within the industry. Featuring 33-credit hours, the program is offered entirely online, so graduate students will not have to sacrifice their professional and personal commitments to their family and their jobs while advancing their careers.

An online MS in Construction Management is available at the College of Technology at the University of Houston. The excellent distance degree in Construction Management equips graduate students with the skills and knowledge essential for successful management positions in the construction industry. The 31-credit hour program’s curriculum centers on both advanced topics and fundamental knowledge. Fundamental courses include estimating, scheduling, Six-Sigma, contracting, project management, quality management, advanced courses in risk analysis, sustainability and green construction, computer applications in construction, and decision making. Graduates of this program are ready to contribute in the construction industry and academia. The attractive tuition rate for this 100% online degree in construction management is just between $15,000 and $20,000. Incoming students should expect to submit a GRE or GMAT score during the acceptance process. Students are also expected to maintain a graduate GPA of at least 3.0. Potential candidates for this online degree have the option of inquiring about program details on the College of Technology’s website.

Lawrence Technological University’s College of Engineering offers an online Master of Construction Engineering Management. Construction engineers work to transform the designs of civil engineers and architects into reality. These professionals in business oversee the creation of things like buildings, bridges, power plants, highways, airports, and even entire cities. All members of society depend on the expert construction, and project management skills of construction engineering managers and Lawrence Technological is proud to offer one of the country’s best graduate programs in Michigan. The Princeton Review has named LTU as one of the best universities in the Midwest. The 100% online degree integrates best practices in project management, construction engineering, finance, and business. The synthesis of these abilities provides a highly specialized and bountiful 30-credit hour degree. The tuition rate for this construction management degree sits between $35,000 and $40,000. Students lacking the GMAT or disinterested in reporting less than admirable scores need not worry as the admissions office does not require placement test scores during the application process.

The School of Applied Sciences and Technology at the Eastern Kentucky University features an online Master of Science in Technology Management with Construction Management Concentration. The MS in Technology Management has been put together for online students interested in careers in industrial, cyber systems technology security, technical, construction, and agriculture operations management. Courses within the 30-credit hour program have been designed to help students examine principles, methods, concepts, and attitudes for dealing with many of the issues that confront industry and business. The distance degree will be of great value to those who are currently working in business, industry, or agriculture sectors and have professional advancement aspirations. The program will also be relevant to those who have recently completed a bachelor’s degree and want additional equipping before embarking upon their career. Graduates of the online degree in Technology Management will be able to plan, analyze, and implement technical projects, demonstrate an ability to formulate and apply advanced technical decision-making and managerial concepts, and accurately synthesize the total program experience.

The University of Washington provides an online Master of Science in Construction Management at the College of Built Environments. The unique 42-credit hour master’s degree focuses on the heavy construction industry. Curriculum writers have crafted the online Master of Science in Construction Management to present online students with the technical principles and management techniques they will need to lead significant infrastructure construction jobs. Distance learners will be prepared to take their careers to the next level with an online program specifically designed for working professionals. Students can expect to strengthen their professional networks and develop the cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are in high demand in the construction industry. This program, priced at just over $30,000, is presented by top UW faculty and seasoned construction industry professionals. Graduate students will study a curriculum directed by the latest practices and research at a world-class university. Distance learners will enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a fully online degree with 24-hour access to all course materials. All assignments are completed through an online portal so that students can study anytime, from anywhere.

The College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University features an online Master of Construction Science Management. The MCSM degree provides online students with a high level of understanding and skill in the areas of construction projects and control. The 36-credit hour program centers on the advanced study in the field of business techniques, in emerging technologies for construction project delivery formats, and the administration of construction organizations. All courses in both types of programs are delivered live on the Clemson University campus and via distance learning technology online. Some of the reasons students pursue the MCSM degree at Clemson include self-fulfillment, more significant expertise in the construction industry, preparation to teach at a technical school or university, and advancement within their current company. Students also get the chance to earn an advanced construction degree that compliments a non-construction-related bachelor’s degree, a flexible curriculum, and a thesis or non-thesis option. The tuition rate of just north of $30,000 is an attractive component to students looking for a good value in higher education.

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University delivers an online Master of Science in Construction Management and Technology. The staff of the Del E. Webb School of Construction provides a graduate program that dovetails into the MS in Construction Management and Technology. The tuition rate for this program lies at just over $30,000. The transdisciplinary nature of the degree allows a candidate’s plan of study to showcase career goals and individual interests. The primary purpose of the program is to offer students with an undergraduate degree in construction or a related field such as engineering, architecture, or business to improve and broaden their professional capabilities in construction. The online program is designed to meet the growing need for business professionals with advanced technical, applied research, and management skills in the construction industry. The facilities management emphasis area supports the needs of the online graduate student pursuing a career in the maintenance, decommissioning, operation, or renovation of existing facilities. The construction management concentration area allows distance learners to seek upper-level management jobs in various sectors of construction to improve their competency in project, program, and organizational management areas.

The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign features an online Master of Civil Engineering with a specialization in Construction Management. The MS program requires 36 credit hours. Twelve credit hours of the degree must be taken at the 500-level. Distance learners are encouraged to individualize their program schedules in coordination with their advisor’s recommendations. Course selection is very flexible within this degree, which helps online students with heavy professional and personal demands. Some online College of Engineering courses are found at the Office of Online and Professional Engineering Programs. Construction Management-intensive courses included in this degree are Construction Productivity, Construction Planning, Construction Cost Analysis, Sustainable Const Methods, Construction Equipment and Methods, Construction Case Studies, and VSC Visual Sensing for Civil Infrastructure Engineering & Management. The business school does prefer that incoming students submit a GMAT or GRE test score during the application process. Tuition rates for this program fall under $40,000.

An online Master of Civil Engineering with a focus in Construction Management is delivered by the David Crawford School of Engineering/NU online at Norwich University. The business school wants to see distance learners design their future. Students can specialize in one of four civil engineering disciplines, including Construction Management, Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Structural Engineering. A drive for excellence in engineering is a lifelong journey. The passion for this is shared at Norwich University. Its online Master of Civil Engineering degree is uniquely built to combine leadership best practices and current engineering principles. Online students will gain more excellent proficiency as an engineer and will be enabled to be an engineering leader in a community, organization, and the nation. Distance learners are guided by active and technically trained industry experts. This degree is priced below $30,000, and there is no GMAT requirement advertised. Students can earn their degree with a curriculum that has been aligned with stipulations of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

What Is Construction Management?

A construction manager is a business professional who manages a construction project from start to finish. This manager is one who will plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise all aspects of construction and building. While an undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement for most entry-level positions in the field, most employers will prefer candidates with a graduate degree for advanced positions, including supervising managers. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the Median Annual Salary for a Construction Manager currently sits at $93,370, and there is also a Projected Growth Rate of 11% between now and 2028.

Developmental projects will always need construction managers with experience in large-scale construction and management technology. Construction managers with master’s degrees can choose from elite positions, including public, private, and commercial project management. Managers concentrated in construction can earn a handsome annual salary while the top earners are currently in nonresidential building and civil and heavy engineering construction.

Should I Pursue an Online Master’s in Construction Management?

Construction management is an exciting field of business with some broad career opportunities that typically attract students who are interested in architecture, building technologies, and engineering. Some graduate students pursue construction management as a specific course of study within an MBA degree. A graduate degree in construction management equips students with skills and knowledge in project management, scheduling, leadership, and budgeting.

Certification is not required of all positions in construction management, but some candidates pursue CCM or CPC credentials and certification to become more competitive within the building market. Most industry certifications usually require a degree in construction management and at least four years of work experience in the field.

Many of the best schools in the nation currently offer students the chance to choose between a traditional or online construction management graduate program. While a program like this does not always include a mandatory field experience, many construction management programs require some culminating experience like a thesis, written test, or final project. Many graduate degrees in construction management can be completed 100% online, while some schools may require campus coursework or short residencies. Students should consider the appropriate program format based on their location, existing professional and personal obligations, and program availability.

What Positions Do I Qualify for with an Online Master’s in Construction Management?

Graduates holding a construction management graduate degree qualify for positions in construction, civil engineering, and industrial management. Most entry-level stations in construction management only require an undergraduate degree and no previous experience. Job candidates with a master’s degree can assume senior roles in organizations working within logistics, public planning, and real estate. Civil engineers often begin their careers in construction management before going on to earning a certification or degree in the engineering field.

How Do I Choose an Online Master’s in Construction Management?

When considering a Master’s in Construction Management, a student should consider several factors like tuition cost, completion time, and location. Engineering school candidates should also make sure that the school in question offers a specific concentration or emphasis on construction management.

Graduate students with family and work obligations may prefer the convenience of an online graduate degree in construction management. Online programs will often include faster completion times and give students the chance to work on assignments in the location of their choice. Schools all over the nation offer tuition discounts for online students or flat-rate tuition for in-state and out-of-state distance learners. Active students may enroll in courses part-time, either online or on campus.

Students looking for a hybrid program which includes coursework to be completed on a traditional university campus should also consider the school’s location when researching a Master’s in Construction Management. Additional program costs will include the cost of living in a particular city, employment opportunities in the surrounding area, and a city’s cost of living.

How Important is Accreditation when Considering an Online Master’s in Construction Management?

Graduate students should only consider a degree in construction management offered by a school with robust accreditation through a regional or national agency under the United States Department of Education. A business or engineering school’s accreditation indicates that a school meets stringent quality standards of academic performance and that it prioritizes financial aid, transparent education, and job opportunities. Many Master’s in Construction Management programs also receive programmatic accreditation through organizations governing a particular specialty or division of construction management.

Trusted accrediting bodies for construction management degrees include the National Architecture Accrediting Board, the American Council for Construction Education, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, and the Association for Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering.

What Are Some Admissions Requirements of an Online Master’s in Construction Management Program?

A student’s application to an online graduate degree in construction management will include proof of an undergraduate degree, GPA report, and standardized test results. While the GMAT and GRE have long been the placement test scores required by business and engineering schools in the past, many admissions offices today provide placement test waivers or do not list scores within admissions requirements. Additional application requirements for graduate degrees in construction management will vary by school and region. Candidates will do well to complete the applications well in advance of their chosen school’s next admission cycle. Many experts in higher education recommend graduate students apply to a maximum of six programs.

A prerequisite to a graduate degree will be an undergraduate degree. An Online Master’s in Construction Management will want a student to have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in civil engineering, construction management, or a closely related field of study. Professional experience will go a long way for a business and engineering school candidate. Some master’s degrees in the area do not require any years of professional experience. Applicants should expect to submit a current resume with their application that outlines relevant skills and work experience. While GPA requirements may slightly vary, online graduate programs in construction management will usually require at least a 3.0 GPA for admission.

An Online Master’s in Construction Management builds skills in technology, management, and business. The field gives students diverse options for specialization as some schools provide a construction management master’s degree as an emphasis on management, while others feature unique programs in emerging areas like construction tech and sustainable construction. No matter where you have started in your quest for a position within construction management, an online degree in this field is a great idea for the future.

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