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Best Online Colleges in Oregon Top Consensus Ranked Online Schools in Oregon 2022

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The College Consensus ranking of the Best Online Colleges in Oregon combines the results of the most respected college ranking systems with the averaged ratings of thousands of real student reviews from around the web to create a unique college meta-ranking. This approach offers a comprehensive and holistic perspective missing from other college rankings. Visit our about page for information on which rankings and review sites were included in this year’s consensus rankings.

The Best Online Colleges & Universities in Oregon category is limited to schools in Oregon offering at least three fully-online degree programs at any level. Schools that did not qualify for a Consensus Score were ranked by their Student Review score.

If you’re interested in traditional campus-based schools, check out our ranking of the Best Colleges in Oregon.  You can also find out more about college financial aid with our list of the Top Oregon Scholarships.

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Last Accessed: April, 2022

Online Learning in Oregon

Oregon online college will benefit any scholar and Oregon online college attracts a broad and diverse clientele, each with their own reasons, and each group is well-served by Oregon online college. The employed and ambitiousstay at home moms and dads, the housebound who want to work from home, the overscheduled and busy – there is an online program for anyone. Students without the time or financial and other resources to move to or attend a full-time college will benefit from the flexibility of attending Oregon online college from home, or any other remote locations.  Savings from Oregon online college’s lesser “brick and mortar” infrastructure is passed along to students in lower tuition and costs on the way to your degree.

Adult students with children and families who wish to continue their education at Oregon online college can do so without disrupting their family routine.  Scholars who travel for work or other reasons, can check in remotely, attend classes and do schoolwork with Oregon online college from anywhere with internet access.  Commuting is a thing of the past, except from your bed to your desk, your kitchen to your laptop. Students in rural and remote areas, far from the city, who otherwise may never have an opportunity for higher education will benefit greatly from Oregon online college.

What Kind of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Oregon?


Oregon Online Degrees run the academic gamut from top to bottom and fulfill all qualifications in all fields of endeavor, with the heights of scholarship rivaled only by the breadth of fields of study. Anything from an Associate’s Degree to a PHD or doctorate can be earned as online degrees in Oregon. To be clear, online degree programs in Oregon include Academic Associate, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Sciences, Master of Arts, Master of Sciences, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy and more, including an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Anyone can be a lifetime scholar and go as far as they wish in their chosen field of mastery with online degrees in Oregon.

25 Highest Paying Online Associates Degrees
25 Highest Paying Online Bachelors Degrees
25 Highest Paying Online Masters Degrees
25 Highest Paying Online Doctoral Degrees

Online degree programs in Oregon include The Humanities and Arts, Accounting, Nursing, Business and Management, Computers and Technology, Counseling and Psychology, Science and Engineering, Business and Management, Criminal Justice and Law, Teaching and Education, Business Administration, Healthcare, Trade and Career Training — and more!

There’s nothing you can’t learn and no one you can’t become with Oregon online degree programs.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Oregon?

First off, remember that by learning online, you’ve already saved thousands. You can continue working while qualifying for better work in your field or prepare for a life-changing career change!

Online community colleges in Oregon offer the best and most economical opportunities for higher education. Public universities and colleges have always had the financial edge on private schools and online community colleges in Oregon are more than no exception, they’re the leading edge! Community colleges are a great value and Oregon online degrees multiply that value with the power of the internet. Additionally, while many institutions offer online alternatives to attending on-campus, online community colleges in Oregon are among the most convenient and economical choices, offering the best value for the money, the best in education at the best prices!

College is expensive and everyone knows it, but everyone also knows that no one pays full price and you will not be any different. FAFSA and other government loan programs are just as available for online community colleges in Oregon. When you consider that with the savings above from attending college from home or online, you can see how the savings combine and multiply into a great value for you. Grants and Federal Loans as well as educational tax deductions are available to all students enrolled in online community colleges in Oregon as well. There are also many scholarships for online students.

And one more huge benefit for students attending online community colleges in Oregon. Your present employer may reimburse part or all of your tuition and other expenses! They win, you win, win-win! Speak to your employer or company and see if they offer reimbursement for continuing education!

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