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What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Cy­ber­se­cu­ri­ty?

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Take a breath, don’t panic, close your eyes, you are ok, you made it. If you are one of the millions of college graduates that had to virtually walk across the stage to receive your degree, welcome you have arrived. Picking cybersecurity to study for the last four odd years or maybe you took a non-traditional route, either way, you’re here. Better yet maybe you are considering studying cybersecurity, we have ranked the best online bachelors in cybersecurity. With a bachelor’s degree, you are ready to join a thriving industry, with the professional demand skyrocketing to new heights every year. This last year has broken records in the number of online activities, like schools, colleges, grocery, organizations, theatre, and mental health care services move to an online format. It was the network that kept our society functioning so that businesses could continue providing the basic needs of their communities.

This increase in users has also revealed some glaring vulnerabilities. There has there been an increase in cyber-attacks and cybercrime. This is where your bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity comes in, protecting organizations digital assets. We will make a cybersecurity careers list to highlight popular career paths with a bachelor’s degree. We will also take a look at the potential job future of cybersecurity, the stats, and point to key locations where cybersecurity professionals are getting the best salary and job opportunities. If you are a beginner and want more information on how to get started in cybersecurity we have an ultimate guide to a degree in cybersecurity.

Job Outlook

This tech industry has seen employment growth similar to that of the industrial age, the need for trained skilled cybersecurity professionals has surpassed the population’s stock of such qualified individuals. Some locations with more jobs than people are Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, and Denver. Here cybersecurity professionals will not only find a job but receive the highest salary doing it. Cybersecurity jobs are projected to grow and keep growing over the next ten years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted an analysis of jobs in the computer and information technology field and found an 11 percent growth from 2019 to 2029. The percentage projected to increase each year as more businesses depend on online commerce to keep their doors open. Below we have selected some of the career opportunities in cybersecurity for graduates with a bachelor’s degree. 

Cyber Security Careers

Information Security Analyst 

The trendsetter of the cybersecurity profession, this cybersecurity job is responsible for monitoring for issues and installing software researching trends. They largely work with organizations in recovery mode after a cyber catastrophe. Information security analysts typically are required to have a bachelor’s degree to obtain this position. They are the safety gatekeeper, their main job is ensuring an organization’s computer systems and networks are secure. They can make a hefty starting salary on average is $72,840 annually according to payscale. This position is also in charge of making sure security updates are timely and accurate, staying ahead of the trend is the name of the game with cybersecurity job. 

Forensics Computer Analysts 

Ever watch law and order when there was a computer crime, well the guy the cops always take the computer to is a forensics computer analyst. They are essential to cybersecurity, they make up the investigation team that goes after illegal online activity. To do that they create test and run software to analyze the data related to a cyber attack. The average base salary for this position is $74,388 annually. Opening for this position is through law enforcement agencies and some private sector consulting firms, but the majority of the job is in this field will be with state and federal agencies. So if you’re a law and order or CSI buff this is the dream job for you!

Penetration Tester

This type of cyber security job is what the industry calls an ethical hacker, they are hired network security consultants that are there to test the organization’s current security protocols to see if they can be penetrated. A big part of this job is creating assessment reports and running tests, this is not a job for a novice cybersecurity techie. Penetration testers are innovative and have an expert level of technical knowledge. To become a penetration tester all you need is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree yet we understand to tackle this position you may need to level up on your study time. The average salary of this position is $85,615 annually, this salary is set to keep the hackers honest. Penetration testers are needed in a variety of applications. To avoid cyberattacks, part of the job is conducting security audits from multiple standpoints. This information will aid organizations to implement innovative security protocols to maintain network security over a longer period of time.


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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?