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The digital landscape is the new frontier, as we continue to discover new ground it acts as our data hub for the entire world. Every little detail categorized down to the most inconsequential fact. Therein lies the greatest need, how do we protect our information? Cybersecurity is the first line of defense for millions of students, doctors, and businesses. Who now conduct most of their basic transactions online. Government military and medical organizations store large quantities of personal data on computers and share it across networks. The sensitive information of this data is the lifeblood of our society, and the protection of our information has become a national concern. To protect that information there have to be processes and practices created to maintain a safe and secure network.

Cybersecurity is also used often to stop crimes and to maintain safety in communities nationally and globally. Not only that, cybersecurity professionals also work at creating and innovating security devices that function as part of our safety networks all over the country tasked with maintaining an invisible fence of code and networks to allow everyday peace of mind. To become a sheriff in this new digital world you will need a degree in cybersecurity. We have compiled and ranked a list of 25 online programs that offer a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity.  We have ranked them according to the following: 

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Student Success Rate


Bellevue University
Bellevue, NE

Bellevue University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity which is considered one of the best online cybersecurity degree programs. Bellevue University has an accelerated online cybersecurity degree that can be completed in two-and-a-half-years. The degree program is made up of 127 credit hours of coursework split between elective, general education, and major courses. Bellevue University is an accredited college. Its accreditation is given by the higher learning commission. Students learning via a digital format want to impressed employers with a nationally accredited program considered the best online cybersecurity degree. The accelerated program is structured to offer more classes in a shorter period of time. The program is delivered in a cohort-style format. There is also a more traditional study plan available as well. What is amazing about this program is it is curated to teach people without any advanced computer skills. Getting started with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity online couldn’t be easier. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


American Public University System
Charles Town, WV

American Public University has an extensive bachelor of science in cybersecurity program. As one of the best online bachelor’s in cybersecurity, it caters well to the working student. Cybersecurity has become a growing concern as more and more of our information becomes a part of a digital cloud database. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree with American Public University can open the door for computer tech specialists to advance into a different field. Specialization in cybersecurity is a great way to hone in on your job market.  APU offers several relevant class options including: critical infrastructure, digital forensics, general, privacy and surveillance, and wireless and mobile security. The entire course of study is made up of 120 credit hours. Classes have monthly start dates, so students can begin working towards their degree right away. Sessions are only 8 weeks in length. Some of the best online cybersecurity degrees teach the fundamentals. American Public Universities have specialized their learning outcomes to help the students craft their education based on their skill set and their interests. There are significant tuition discounts available to active duty military service members. 

Degree: BS in Cyber Security


Pennsylvania State University-World Campus
University Park, PA

Pennsylvania State University offers a bachelor of science in security and risk analysis with a specialization in information and cybersecurity. Security and risk analysis is the evaluation and assessment of current security programs to prepare and prevent cyber attacks. This online cybersecurity degree encompasses the many aspects of cybersecurity, which are protecting the technologies, education, and policies that help protect people’s information and other assets. Courses introduce the concepts needed to determine what is an asset and how to protect it based on current laws. The entire course of study is 120 credit hours that can be completed in four years. This program is nationally ranked by US News & world report as one of the best online cybersecurity degrees. Graduates of this program can find lucrative careers in business, industry, government, and intelligence, and protective service and law enforcement agencies, among many others. 

Degree: BS in Security and Risk Analysis – Information and Cyber Security


University of Arizona - Global Campus

The University of Arizona offers a bachelor of science in cyber & data security technology, this program is offered on their global campus and is delivered entirely online. Courses are given one at a time. Students have 5 weeks to complete the course before moving on to the next one. Students are able to transfer in up to 90 credits hours of previous coursework. Special consideration is given to students that have on-the-job training, and experience, as well as military service. Choosing an emphasis or concentration is an important step for new students. There are several to choose from including: cognitive studies, environmental management and sustainability, public administration, public relations, web, and mobile technology. There are ethical and moral concerns to be aware of with cybersecurity and students will be trained on how to employ professionalism in those instances. Program requirements consist of 120 credit hours split between general education, major course, and electives. 

Degree: BS in cyber & data security technology


Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS

Mississippi State University offers a bachelor of applied science in cybersecurity that is delivered in a hybrid format. The structure of this program allows for students to fulfill general education courses based on the general education requirements established for the bachelor of applied science programs. Students are encouraged to choose an emphasis, in this case, it would be cybersecurity. All of the cybersecurity courses are offered online. This flexibility will enable students to join their fields of study sooner and offers them a chance to curate their own academic experiences. The entire course of study is 120 credit hours with 30 credit hours dedicated to each specialization. The university allows up to 60 credits hours transferred from an accredited program. At least 30 credit hours must be completed at the school for graduation. Mississippi State University is an accredited university by the southern association of college and schools commission. Cybersecurity is offered by the Bagley College of Engineering and will include courses such as ethical and legal issues in computing, information and cybersecurity, and secure software engineering. 

Degree: BAS in Cybersecurity


University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

The University of North Dakota offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity program that is delivered entirely online. This best online bachelor’s in cybersecurity program is focused on creating new diverse pathways to the interdisciplinary application of the discipline. The department of computer science at UND holds this program with great care as the students are the newest cyber warriors, trained to protect our information. Students can customize the learning experience and go after the classes and coursework that interest them. This program consists of a required 120 credit hours of coursework. One-third of the coursework is in electrical engineering, exposing students to the ins and out of the engineering process behind creating the software they are trying to protect. Learning online can make students question if this is the best online cybersecurity degree? Yet UND offers the same online program as on campus. This is important to students who are used to the on-campus college experience.  

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


The University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

The University of Texas offers a bachelor of business administration in cyber security that is delivered 100% online. This program is nationally ranked and recognized. The NSA and DHS have named this a center for academic excellence in information assurance and cyber defense education. Cybersecurity is a huge part of today’s business infrastructure and as such requires a specific set of information married with the fundamental skills of cyber defense. This is the best online cybersecurity degree for those that want to learn how to productively implement a long-term business security defense. This online program can be completed in 8 terms if students attend on a full-time basis. A notable highlight of this program is the expert faculty. Their faculty have gained accolades from reputable sources. It is the mission of this program to train cybersecurity professionals that are well versed in general business knowledge. 

Degree: BBA in Cybersecurity


Herzing University

Herzing University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity. This best online bachelor’s in cybersecurity is an accelerated online degree that can be complete in three years. Herzing University prides itself on being able to provide small classroom sizes to students learning from home. You can transfer in as many as 90 credit hours towards your degree to finish sooner. Certification exam prep is built into your tuition as part of your learning plan. This is an important part of becoming a well-versed professional. The entire course of study consists of 120 credit hours that can be completed in 32 months. Students also have a dual degree option. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree students can seamlessly transition into an MBA in a cybersecurity program. The best online cybersecurity degrees allow flexibility and a learn at your own pace curriculum. Learning from industry-experienced instructors is a standout fact of this program. Cybersecurity is a competitive industry and skilled professionals are in demand. Getting an edge over the competition is advantageous, like having experienced instructors leading your academic experience. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University has a bachelor of science in cybersecurity program with an in-depth focus on understanding hacking strategies and obtaining an ethical perspective that is necessary for the field. Indiana Wesleyan’s online cybersecurity degree is accredited by the higher learning commission. It features courses in risk management and IT security, along with authorization and access security. Get prepped to take critical exams in CySA+, Security+, and network+, these certifications are key requirements for cybersecurity. The admission requirement for this program is steep, students must have 60 transferable credits before students can start a bachelor core program course. The computer requirements for this program, as there are some applications that are not applicable to Apple products. Creating a line of defense against cyber attacks is the main priority, through assessment and evaluation of framework vulnerabilities. They are known for tackling cybersecurity by infusing faith-based practice and ethical considerations to help improve positive outcomes. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA

Old Dominion University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity and has a degree completion program for students with some college credits. This is an interdisciplinary program, incorporating multiple disciplines into the cybersecurity curriculum. Old Dominion has been designated a Center of Academic Excellence in cyber operations fundamentals. This is an accreditation that specifically speaks to the caliber of the program curriculum as the National Security Agency created a standard of learning that universities can choose to adopt to receive this accolade. The entire course of study is 120 credits that can be completed over the course of 4 years. Students will be able to return to course materials from any location, class will be delivered online in a mixed format of asynchronous and synchronous learning. Graduates of this program will be trained to troubleshoot and identify potential security lapses, collect forensic evidence for the prosecution, through lectures, computer labs, and research assignments. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Fort Hays State University
Hays, KS

Fort Hays State University offers a bachelor of science and a bachelor of art in cybersecurity online. This highly competitive program offers online and on-campus opportunities to compete and to participate in hands-on real-life experiences. Most graduates of this program move on to masters programs or enter into the growing job pool to fulfill the ever-increasing number of cybersecurity professionals needed each year. Cybersecurity is a diverse field, there is a high need for positions like; cybersecurity analyst, information security analyst, IT security consultant to name a few. If you choose to complete the BA or BS in cybersecurity you will have to complete 120 credit hours, the primary difference between the two are the mandatory 10 credits of a foreign language required by the BA program. Students are also required to select cross concentration courses, this will give students an opportunity to explore aspects of cybersecurity that excite them more than others. Only you can decide which is the best online cyber security degree for you. 

Degree: BS/BA in Cybersecurity


Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ

Grand Canyon University’s bachelor of science in cybersecurity program is a saturated focused study in how to become well versed in information security. As you search through program after program, you will see that most bachelor programs require a number of credit hours. Some of the best online cybersecurity degrees focus more heavily on core courses rather than electives. This program requires 120 which is usually split between general education courses, electives, and major courses. This program is simple 80 credit hours of major course work and 40 general education. This program is the best online cybersecurity degree for students who want to situate themselves to focus on the technical knowledge needed to defend the digital field. The big culmination of this program is a group research IT project, in which students will have to implement and present an applied research and design security solution. This program can be completed online in four years, there are fast track options available, to qualify consult the department advisor. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Maryville University of Saint Louis
Saint Louis, MO

Maryville University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity that can be completed in as little as two and a half years. There are three concentration options: offensive cybersecurity, cybersecurity, or defensive cybersecurity. Maryville uses the current and previous case studies for nationally reported cybersecurity instances to learn fundamental skills. Maryville University has a virtual lab that transforms the online experience for students. Cybersecurity is a highly sought-after field so Maryville has garnered several accreditations. Best online cybersecurity degrees are hard to come by so choosing a school that is accredited is a sure sign you have chosen a program worth it’s salt in the industry. Not only that, having resources and a competent faculty is a feature Maryville has to offer students in this course of study. If this program is the next step for students, the school website is ready for questions and to touch base on how to get started. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Stevenson University
Stevenson, MD

Stevenson University has a bachelor of science in cybersecurity and digital forensics program. This degree will prepare students to respond to cyberattacks, secure networks, and assess weak points. The studies of cybersecurity will give students the ability to create security policies for organizations and the skills to mitigate the effects on a network. The FBI National Academy Associates of the academic alliance have accepted Stevenson University into their member’s group. This online program is for working professionals looking to advance their IT careers, or need a more flexible learning environment. Students will learn from simulation software by applying classroom learning to hands-on experience. It is interesting how some of the best online cybersecurity degrees have access to highly sophisticated equipment from which to utilize in their learning plan. Graduates of this program can go on to work as digital forensics analysts, cybersecurity specialists, digital forensic engineers, or cyber security analysts just to name a few. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics


California Baptist University
Riverside, CA

California Baptist University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity, this completion degree is for professionals that want to advance their skill set, to respond to the rising cyber threats. The entire course of study is 120-130 credit hours and can be completed entirely online. The stand-out facts of this program are that students will receive the course work infused with a Christian worldview, that will provide the guidelines of which students will use to build the foundation of their ethical responsibility to their profession. Learning online will allow students to set their own pace for completion. Admission requirements include 24 transferable credit hours or a high school diploma. The focus of this program is to introduce students to the methodology behind developing security measures so as to protect businesses from cyber-attacks. Faculty of the online program apply their invaluable real-world experience to the classroom. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Grantham University
Lenexa, KS

Grantham University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity that is delivered via an online format. choosing an online cybersecurity degree program is a huge benefit to those juggling their job commitments, transportation restraints, or family responsibilities. Earning a degree at home on your terms is the freedom online learning provides to students interested in obtaining the best online cybersecurity degree. The entire course of study consists of 120 credit hours that can be completed in 38 months if students follow the suggested plan of study. Conveniently Grantham University has a monthly start time so students can begin as soon as they are ready. The curriculum entails an in-depth breakdown of operating systems computer architectures, networking protocols, and security basics. Students will also be prepared to sit for industry-standard certifications. Following this plan of study will lead graduates to a promising career as a security policy analyst, information system security administrator, and cybersecurity software engineer. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Norwich University
Northfield, VT

This program is for graduates of an associate’s degree program that are interested in obtaining a bachelor of science in cybersecurity degree from Norwich University. Admission into the program requires 30 transferable credits or an Associates’ degree, applicants may transfer in as much as 90 credits. There are multiple start dates for this program so once a student submits all the required transcripts they can start learning. Norwich University has a CAE designation for information assurance education. The entire course requirement including transferred credits is 120 credit hours. That can be completed in as little as 18 months. Cybersecurity students can choose from two concentrations, computer forensics or vulnerability management, information warfare, and security management. Securing the global landscape is the focus of the program, students will use techniques learned in foundational courses to practice and reinforce their core knowledge of cybersecurity.

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA

Regent University has a bachelor of science in cybersecurity degree, delivered online. The academic plan includes 120 credit hours that can take up to four years to complete. The good part is an online program format allows for flexibility, so your life doesn’t have to stop for you to go after a bachelor’s degree. Cultivating and training students that can manipulate, create and implement analytical tools to determine vulnerabilities in a network. Cybersecurity has various applications on the national scale and global scales. Assessment of vulnerable networks is a big part of the job, organizations depend on cybersecurity professionals to notice indicators or weak points in their system. While analytics is an important part of being successful in this field Regent University drives home the methods and tools that aid in the defense of cyberattacks. Admission requirements vary based on the stage of life students are in, this is a unique method to provide an individualized experience for students. Finding the best online cybersecurity degree that will see you as an individual is rare. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Columbia Southern University
Orange Beach, AL

Columbia Southern University has a bachelor of science in information systems and cybersecurity, this degree program is delivered online. The entire course of study is 120 credits that can take up to four years to complete. Online programs offer a life pace learning study plan that will allow students to start when they are ready and learn when they have time, on their own schedule. In the same vein, they have an accelerated study path for students that want to achieve their degree in the least amount of time available. The core focuses of this program are in providing the knowledge to shape a well-rounded student of cybersecurity. Web development, networking, databases, and IT infrastructure are some core topics of the program. They also hone in on application security, intrusion detection, systems, IS auditing, and IS disaster recovery.

Degree: BS in Information Systems and Cybersecurity


Robert Morris University
Moon Township, PA

Robert Morris University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity this is a 100 percent online program. The entire course of study for this program consists of 123 credit hours, which can be completed in four years if attending full-time. This program stands out as it takes a business approach to cybersecurity, by combining technology business and organizational behavior. The program is guided by experienced faculty dedicated to setting a solid foundation of research-based learning. The computing accreditation commission has accredited this program. There are several grants available to students along with scholarships to aid in the financial requirements of the degree. Being the best online cybersecurity degree means being able to accommodate a wide range of students. Job opportunities are abundant for graduates of a cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program, students will qualify to work in agency law enforcement, and private sector organizations. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Rider University
Lawrenceville, NJ

Rider University has a bachelor of science in cybersecurity. What best online cybersecurity degree program, has an engagement motto? Rider University does, they pride themselves on promoting, a learn by doing incentive into their cybersecurity majors. This online program is centered around the adult learner, so the online format will aid adults in managing their jobs, home life, and class schedule. Cybersecurity is a hot job millions of average people are sharing personal and private data over the web. Today almost all of our personal information is online, protecting it has become the primary focus of businesses, educational institutions, and state and federal government. This program will allow students to choose from two tracks of learning, by specializing in either technical or policy. This will teach students how to maintain computing networks, systems, and analyze equipment. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Aurora University
Aurora, IL

Aurora University has a bachelor of science in cybersecurity delivered online. The entire course of study includes 120 credit hours, 40 hours of which are dedicated to the core subject of cybersecurity. Finding the best online cybersecurity degree is hard, due mainly to the fact there are so many. This program offers a straightforward learning experience that is flexible and convenient for students that are juggling more than a class schedule. Students will commit themselves to learn the technical and ethical facts of cybersecurity with promising outcomes once they graduate. Graduates of this program will qualify to become data compliance officers, information security analysts, network administrators, computer and information systems managers, and much more. Cyber Security is one of the highest in-demand jobs this year, so Aurora University has invested time and resources to provide an excellent program to support students interested in becoming future cyber warriors.  

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


William Woods University
Fulton, MO

William Woods University offers a bachelor of science in cybersecurity degree online, this a historically black university with one of the highest graduation rates in the country. Their cybersecurity program is no different. The best online cybersecurity degrees are usually ones that focus heavily on student engagement. With a hands-on cybersecurity lab, students can simulate responding to cyber attacks, cloud security breaches, cybercrime, and information warfare. Their experienced faculty will guide students through the program by sharing their own professional experiences as cybersecurity experts. An extraordinary benefit to learning online is getting the freedom to learn at your own pace.  The coursework will be accessible to students 24/7. The entire course of study requires students to complete 124 credit hours, of which 57 credits are dedicated to the major course of study, cybersecurity. The culmination of this program will include a research project, students will be required to present the findings of a research topic relevant to cybersecurity. 

Degree: BS in Cybersecurity


Davenport University
Grand Rapids, MI

Davenport University offers a bachelor’s of science program in cyber defense. Their global campus offers a fully online program that makes it easy to complete this degree in a flexible format that enables students to continue working and fulfilling their other life commitments. There is also the option of participating in the program using a blended format. The entire course of study is made up of 120 credit hours at minimum. Some of the general education classes included in the program include: achieving career and education success, presentation techniques, diversity in society, In addition, there are some business foundations classes that are required for the program including: accounting for managers, professional ethics, and management foundations. Some of the cyber defense classes include: micro comp apple spreadsheet, database design, principles of project management, security foundations, and PC operating systems. An interesting fact about the program is that they are 1 of the thirteen schools that has the special designation of a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the DHS and NSA.

Degree: Bachelor in Cyber Defense


Baker College
Owosso, MI

Baker College offers a bachelor of science program in information technology and security with a concentration in information assurance and cybersecurity. The entire course of study is made up of 120 credit hours and is generally completed in a four-year timeframe. A great fact about this program is that eighty-six percent of the student population receive some form of financial aid, which includes scholarships and grants. The program is delivered through Baker’s College of Information Technology. Some of the classes that are offered include ethical hacking, network defense, computer forensics, and a senior project that consists of 150 hours of work experience. The program is accredited by the higher learning commission. In addition, Baker College has been granted a designation as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education. This designation is offered through the department of homeland security and the national security agency. 

Degree: BS in Information Technology and Security

Will Employers Trust an Online Cybersecurity Degree?

Cybersecurity is the major leagues of IT careers, top government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and Educational institutions worth billions rely on cybersecurity professionals to protect their information. So if you want to impress employers it is pertinent that the online program you choose is accredited. While the growth of the field of cybersecurity is motivating an increase in online programs, there are cybersecurity accreditations to ensure that the curriculum is up to the standards of the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency. Together they have set guidelines for programs to follow to obtain designation as a CAE or Center of Academic Excellence. The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is a collaborative organization working to remain ahead of the ever-evolving technology, and legal aspects pertaining to cybersecurity. When choosing an online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree reputability is something employers look at when evaluating candidates right out of college. This speaking to the reputation and success rate of your program. In the above list, there are several programs in which faculty and department staff members hold long-standing connections with businesses, agencies. By evaluating the professors and department heads, students can evaluate the reputation of the program they are considering. 

Is a Cybersecurity Degree Worth It?

Obtaining a cybersecurity degree is a big decision to make, with many factors to consider. Cost, effectiveness, and outcome. As mentioned earlier this position is highly sought after, and it easy to become overwhelmed with the evolving technology processes ever-changing policies, its easy to overlook the importance of certain information. With a degree, you will become engrossed in an in-depth process to master the techniques to innovate and evolve with the industry. What is becoming increasingly popular in the wake of student loan debt and unemployment highs are students seeking out certifications to qualify to get hired. While this is a great option there are some differences to a degree. Certificates focus on one part of the whole subject of cybersecurity. In a degree program, students will get the whole picture, not just a small part. Certificate programs are one to three months long, with a degree student can network connect and make connections to veterans of the industry. To determine, is a cybersecurity degree worth it? You have to assess your learning objectives and career aspirations. 

How Much Can I Make with a Cybersecurity Degree?

Earning potential is the foundation of answering is cybersecurity a good career? The key to success is finding what you’re passionate about than figuring out how to make a living at it. Cybersecurity degree salary is among the most competitive salaries in the world. Creating a secure environment for the average person to function is at the heart of the economic stability of our global economy. Entry-level positions start way above the average salaries. For example, a cyber and network security salary is an average of $90,148 annual salary. According to payscale, this is the average pay for a professional with cybersecurity skills. Now the average for those with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is $70,623 annually. These averages are why cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing industries today. 


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