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Best Online Praxis Prep Courses A Guide to Praxis Test Prep Online

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Best Online PRAXIS Prep Courses

The Praxis® tests are given to those individuals who are entering the teaching profession. The Praxis® tests are utilized by many U.S. state education agencies (and many colleges and universities) to facilitate decision making with regard to new teacher/educator licensing.

For many states, the Praxis exams are simply a part of the certification process. Each state provides guidance for those educators working under its jurisdiction. To determine your state’s requirements, that is, which of the available Praxis tests are required to earn a teaching license in a specific state, follow this link to the ETS Praxis website. The Praxis® exams measure a teaching professional’s subject-specific knowledge and educator skills that are required to meet a state’s licensing criteria.

The Praxis exams are organized into three separate categories of tests, as follows:

  • The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators – these tests evaluate those candidates seeking a teaching license in the areas of writing, reading, and mathematics. 
  • The Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments – these tests focus on specific subjects for grade school teaching.
  • The Praxis Subject Assessments – these tests evaluate specific subject knowledge and teaching skills for entry-level educators.

Fortunately, for educators entering the teaching profession, there are a variety of online praxis test prep companies and services that offer quality Praxis test study materials. These praxis test prep online services offer many study options to meet the needs of even the most finicky student.

These best online Praxis core test prep services are discussed below.

1. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that is the recognized Official online Praxis test prep company. Their ethos says it all – Education is a human right.

What began as a one-man shop, with one client, is now a worldwide operation with more than 100 employees. Khan Academy’s quality praxis online test prep study materials are available to students, parents, and teachers. Khan Academy offers its services at no cost. A test-taker, once they have created a free Khan Academy account has the option to –

  • View the ‘How to use the Official Praxis Core Prep’ from Khan Academy.
  • Create a baseline score that details your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the Praxis test content.
  • Create a customizable study plan that allows students to study at their own pace.
  • Complete full comprehensive practice tests.
  • Practice with Praxis sample questions – with immediate feedback based on your answer.
  • Review instructions videos from a library of concepts on the core exams.
  • Keep track of your academic progress as you prepare for your Praxis Test Day.

Khan Academy’s Praxis test prep online study materials are available in more than 35 languages – including French, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazilian).

2. Magoosh

Magoosh logo

Magoosh is one of the quality Praxis online test prep services available in the education marketplace. Magoosh’s company name is a play on the word magush – which is Persian for a wise one who is highly learned. Magoosh has grown to be one of the best online Praxis test prep service companies by offering the following to those studying to take any one of the available Praxis exams –

  • A simple interface that is easy to negotiate.
  • Practice questions created by experts.
  • Video lessons from Magoosh’s video library.
  • Video explanations for each practice question.
  • Customizable practice session suggested by the Magoosh dashboard.
  • A moneyback guarantee for the first seven days of the service.

Magoosh offers two Praxis prep test online options –

  • The Math Only Option offers –
    • 6 Months of Access.
    • 80+ video lessons.
    • 100+ practice questions
    • Email help from Magoosh’s experienced tutors.
    • The cost is $79 – a one-time fee.
  • The Premium Praxis test prep online optionoffers preparation study materials for the Math, Writing, and Reading exams.  This includes –
    • 6 Months of Access.
    • 170+ video lessons.
    • 300+ practice questions
    • Email help from Magoosh’s experienced tutors.
    • The cost is $99 – a one-time fee.

3. Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan logo

Kaplan Test Prep was established more than 80 years ago. This Praxis test prep online service serves more than 2 million people in more than 30 countries worldwide. Kaplan offers realistic practice tests, score-raising strategies, and feedback that helps test-takers analyze their current performance with the hopes of learning how to score higher on the Praxis.

As one of the marketplace’s best online Praxis test prep companies, Kaplan Test Prep offers these Praxis online test prep study options –

  • The Prep Course – this Praxis prep test online study option offers personalized study plans for the core reading, math, and writing exams. The cost for this study plan is $399; however, Kaplan Test Prep offers students the option of applying for a no-interest credit card offer that allows students to pay only $34/month with no interest charges.
  • The Math Foundations Course – this Praxis prep test online study option offers Praxis test-takers the study materials to build strong math foundations. The cost for this study plan is $299; however, Kaplan Test Prep offers students the option of applying for a no-interest credit card offer that allows students to pay only $25/month with no interest charges.

4. Teachers Test Prep

teachers test prep

Teachers Test Prep offers some of the best Praxis test prep online services in the education marketplace and is recognized among the Praxis test prep nationwide leaders. The Praxis online test prep study materials offered by Teachers Test Prep are created by subject matter experts who possess advanced academic degrees.

More than a quarter of one-million individuals have used Teachers Test Prep materials offered as Praxis prep test online options. Teachers Test Prep offers several study options, as follows –

  • Free study guides.
  • Free practice tests.
  • Tutoring one on one.
  • Live Prep Classes that are held at institutions of higher learning or professional schools.
  • Online Prep – is Teachers Test Prep most popular service. Online prep offers a variety of options at different price points; however, several (not all) core Praxis study materials options are shown below –
    • Quick Core Praxis Math, Reading, or Writing – with videos, slideshows, virtual tutoring, advanced diagnoses, and access to all quick core features for two weeks. Cost – $45 for Reading and Math, $65 for writing.
    • Core Plus Programs for Math & Reading – offers all the above with two practice tests and the online prep guarantee. Cost of $65 for math & reading, $95 for writing.
    • Golden Apple Programs – Each of these powerful programs is $225.

5. Union Test Prep

union test prep

Union Test Prep is comprised of a dedicated team of test prep experts that offers a variety of Praxis test prep online study options – at no cost! Some of the quality online Praxis test prep materials include –

  • Study guides for the Praxis core exams in reading, mathematics, and writing.
  • Flashcards to help test-takers iron out the many details covered in these three core exams.
  • Praxis online test prep practice exams that help students grow more comfortable with the Praxis test format and contents. These free online practice exams from Union Test Prep are available as follows–
    • Praxis Core Reading Practice Exam – with 20 questions that are multiple-choice. 
    • Praxis Core Math Practice Exam – with 30 questions, with multiple-choice, fill-in numbers, and multiple response questions.
    • Praxis Core Writing Practice Exam – with 20 questions, broken down into two parts – questions and two essays.

In addition, the Union Test Prep Praxis prep test online services offer students the option of finding an online tutor through its partnership with Wyzant.


study logo main is a popular Praxis test prep online services company that has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, CBS, Forbes, Inc. and U.S. News, among others. Additionally, offers test-takers the opportunity to be awarded a Praxis Scholarship to help pay exam fees within the next year.’s online Praxis test prep options include the following 

  • Praxis Study Guides for –
    • Core Academic Skills – various study options with hundreds of lessons, practice tests, video explanations for wrong answers. Prices vary, but the Praxis Test Prep course is $59.99 per month.
    • Subject Assessments – various study options with hundreds of lessons, practice tests, video explanations for wrong answers. Prices vary.
    • Content Knowledge – these twelve Praxis online test prep options offer hundreds of lessons in the study guide. Prices vary.
  • Overall, offers more than 70 courses, 40+ articles/blogs, and more than 30,000 practice questions.

More than 60 million individuals have used’s Praxis prep test online study options. offers all Praxis test-takers a 30-day money back guarantee. All membership options offer test-takers unlimited access to’s complete video library of Praxis coursework.

7. Mometrix

mometrix test prep

Mometrix was established to provide individuals with the power to maximize their true potential. This A+ rated (by the Better Business Bureau) Praxis test prep online services company offers test-takers a 100% money back guarantee for one-year – with no questions asked. Some of their options include –

  • Praxis online test prep Flashcards Study System– for a cost of $39.99.
  • Praxis prep test online Study Guides – prices vary.
  • Online Praxis test prep Coursework from Mometrix University – prices vary. Mometrix University courses offer –
    • Praxis practice tests.
    • Video and audio lessons.
    • Flashcards to help you nail down those tough concepts.
    • A mobile application that allows you to study from any electronic device – on your time!
    • Online registration and access.

Mometrix offers these promises to its online students –

  • Respect for test-taker’s time & privacy.
  • Help to improve your Praxis test score.
  • A no hassle money back guarantee.

8. 240 Tutoring

240 tutoring

240 Tutoring was established in 2010 with the primary objective to help new teaching degree holders study for their Praxis certification tests. AS one of the new (but best) Praxis test prep online service providers, 240 Tutoring offers these Praxis online test prep study options –

  • The 240 Tutoring Guarantee – that if you score at least 90% on the practice Praxis exam and fail the exam, you will receive a 2-month refund.
  • The 240 Tutoring Study Guide offers –
    • Diagnostic testing tools.
    • Flashcards.
    • Instructional content.
    • Practice questions and tests.
    • Comprehensive resources, among other Praxis prep test online study materials.

Praxis test-takers simply have to subscribe to the 240 Tutoring platform and then enroll in any of the courses available.  In addition to the free practice test offered by 240 Tutoring, test-takers can subscribe (for most coursework) at $39.99 per month – with the option to cancel at any time, for any reason!

Students should be smart and take advantage of the many free resources offered by 240 Tutoring. This includes information regarding –

  • What is the Praxis Test?
  • What are Constructed Response Questions?
  • What are Teacher Interview Questions?
  • Among others.

What is the Praxis Test?

The Praxis® tests measure as teacher candidates’ academic achievement and proficiency as they prepare to enter the teaching profession. As noted previously, the Praxis exams are part of most teacher’s certification processes in the United States and are offered through testing sites via computer-based programs.

praxis 1

If you are thinking about a career in the teaching profession, be sure to answer these questions –

  • What are the Praxis state requirements in the state you wish to work?
  • What is the Praxis test, and how do you learn how to calculate Praxis score?
  • How many times can you take the Praxis exam?
  • How hard is the special education Praxis exam?
  • Are there Praxis test requirements that meet the criteria of more than one state?

The Praxis tests measure specific pedagogical knowledge for those who are just beginning to teach.

What is the Praxis Test’s Content & Structure?

The Praxis Core exams are given via a computer. These three tests may be taken together or spread out over three separate days. Individual scores are provided for reading, mathematics, and writing.  

Those taking the Praxis Core exams on different days will be given a variety of time to complete each exam; however, those who take all three exams on one day are given five hours to complete all three. The Praxis testing times and the number of questions for each exam are as follows –

Test Type# of QuestionsActual Testing Time
Math – Test #57335690 Minutes
Reading – Test #57135685 Minutes
Writing (2 Parts) Test #572340 plus 2 essays40 minutes, plus 1 hour for essays

Each of the Praxis® Subject Assessments & the Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests evaluates students as follows –

  • The Reading Test – includes alternate response questions that integrate multiple documents.
  • The Writing Test –  includes writing samples that are explanatory and argumentative. Selected response questions are added to evaluate the test-taker’s research skills and strategies.
  • The Mathematics Test – includes selected response and numeric response questions. The math test also provides an on-screen calculator.

The Praxis Academic Skills for Educators Core Writing test also requires test-takers to complete two essay sections.

Specific Praxis test formats differ; however, ETS (the exam administrators) offers specific guidance online.

praxis 2

How to Register for the Praxis Exam?

Online registration for the Praxis test is simple. First, create a free account and profile. When you have created this account, you will be able to –

  • Select which four recipients will receive your test results, at no cost.
  • Search for a testing site by state or zip code.
  • Determine the availability of seats in a testing location – in real-time.

Check out the additional information at ETS.

What to Expect on Test Day?

As you prepare for your test, be certain to complete each of these tasks prior to arriving at the Praxis test center –

  • Print a copy of your Praxis test admission ticket.
  • Gather your required I.D.’s.
  • Verify your test location.
  • Dress comfortably but be ready for various testing room conditions.
  • Arrive before your scheduled testing time to ensure you are fully prepared to take the Praxis exam.

Praxis Scoring – How to Calculate Praxis Score

Most students preparing to take one of the Praxis exams often wonder –

  • Do Praxis scores expire?
  • How many times can you take the Praxis exam?

How does the test-taker know they have passed the Praxis exam?

praxis 3

Some testing sites provide unofficial Praxis test scores on the test day – when a student completes the Praxis exam. If you take the Praxis exam at a testing site that offers unofficial scores but does not receive them at the end of the test, the exam will likely need further analysis. Not receiving a score is not indicative of a problem, however.

In addition, at the end of the Praxis Exam, the test taker is offered the opportunity to cancel their score. Note, though, if you cancel the score, it will not be reported, nor can it be reinstated – plus, the test-taker forfeits the exam fees.

Each test-taker selects those recipients who will receive the Praxis scores when they register for the Praxis exam. [Students are allowed to select up to four recipients at no cost.] If the state in which you work has signed up for automatic score reporting, test takers receive that state’s passing score. The education departments in these forty states will automatically receive your reported scores –

ConnecticutDelawareDistrict of ColumbiaGeorgiaHawaii
NebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew jerseyNorth Carolina
North DakotaOhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvania
Rhode islandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeUtah
VermontVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWyoming

When does a test-taker receive their official scores?

The availability of Praxis test scores is contingent upon two variables.

  • The manner in which the Praxis Exam is scheduled – core exams are offered on a continuous basis, whereas the subject exams are offered on certain dates or continuously, depending on the exact test.
  • The test format – whether or not the Praxis exam consists of constructed response (essay) and selected response queries, of a combination of both types of questions.
    • Continuous subject test scores with constructed response questions are available three weeks from the test date.
    • Continuous subject test scores with selected response questions are available one week from the test date.
    • Additional information is available on the ETS website.

Your official Praxis scores are available on your Praxis account. This service is offered for no fee and replaces ETS’s need to mail scores through the U.S. postal service. Scores are available for one year online and at a fee for ten years from the test date. Test takers are encouraged to save a copy of the score’s report for potential future references.

How to Develop a Praxis Study Plan

A study plan acts as a detailed roadmap. ETS offers a sample study guide that can be used as you prepare your own study plan. Follow these steps to develop a study plan to help you optimize your Praxis exam score –

  • Determine your state’s licensing requirements for teachers.
  • Define those content areas that will be covered on the Praxis test you need to take.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses using ETS’s study companion. Do not be one of the test takers who overestimate their readiness.
  • Locate the necessary resources for studying.
  • Commit to a reasonable and realistic study schedule. Select a test date that will provide enough time to prepare for the upcoming test.
  • Find a study group and learn from others.
  • Take advantage of the free webinars and video library offered by ETS that includes comprehensive information and video demonstrations. Test prep
  • Understand how the Praxis exam questions will be scored.
praxis 4

How many times can you take the Praxis exam?

The ETS has set forth no limits on the number of times a test taker may take any of the Praxis exams.  

The core academic Praxis exams are $90 each, except for the combination test, which costs $150 for all three exams.

Those Praxis Subject tests cost between $50 and $199 per test, depending on the exam’s content. Each specific test fee can be found online at the ETS website.

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