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Best Online Bachelors Elementary Education

There are many new ways to look at the world. In the midst of a COVID-19 quarantine, most of us have more time to think while we sit in our homes. When considering a future that we can get behind, often education is one of the top ten aspects of life that come to mind in the vision of a better world. We don’t know when the world will open up again, so picking a path right now and studying online could be one of the best investments you can make in your time and towards your own future. As we have seen from the news and the communities around us, maybe even within our own families, nothing is certain. One thing we do know, however, is that even though your favorite burger joint may have shut their doors indefinitely, education is not going anywhere.

Certainly, there are many ways to move into an elementary education career. Many people start off with an associate’s in education and work as teacher’s assistants before going on to achieve a bachelor’s degree at an online completion program, not unlike many of the programs below. Why stop there? A bachelor’s degree is great, but a masters is even better. Think big, and together let’s move towards the future. We have done some of the work for you by coming up with a list of online elementary education bachelor’s degrees and we ranked them according to the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Success Rate of Graduates

You will see below a list that has taken this metric into account by exploring programs that are ordered according to their rank. 


University of South Carolina-Columbia
Columbia, SC

The University of South Carolina offers an elementary education online program that results in a bachelor’s degree. This degree is designed to prepare students to work with youth grades 2-6 in a variety of educational environments. Students will learn expert facilitation skills that engage young people in an inquiry practice. Additional skills presented in the program include: curriculum development, interpretation of student data to inform instruction, and communication skills. All of the coursework for the program is delivered in a flexible online format, however there are extensive fieldwork requirements that must take place in South Carolina schools grades P-12. Full time students can complete the program in 2 and a half to three years, and the entire last year is made up of a comprehensive internship requirement. Additional clinical experiences are required as well, and may entail some travel, primarily within the state. 

Degree Title: BA in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120-126 credit hours


Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Kansas State University offers a bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education through their K-State Online campus. The coursework is one hundred percent online, though there are some fieldwork requirements that will take place in an elementary school environment near the student. This technologically advanced course of study enables students to use tablets to record their teaching experience and be evaluated from wherever they are in the country. Upon completion of the program students will be able to apply for their teaching licensure for grades K-6 in Kansas State. This license can be transferred to other states, but additional testing might be required. The professional education department at KSU is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education as well as the Kansas State Department of Education. KSU makes it easy for students to transfer credits from other schools. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120 credit hours


Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

Drexel University offers an online bachelor’s degree in education. Students will engage in coursework that will train them to be leaders in classrooms environments that serve students from PK to 4th grade. This program also gives students the option of achieving a PK-4 plus Special Education Certificate. Each program participant will have a personalized plan of study that is made up of classes supporting their specific academic goals. The P-K specialized curriculum covers topics including: language development, child development, family and community partnerships, integration of the arts in a developing child, early intervention strategies, and early literacy and math foundations. The special education certificate presents many other learning opportunities including understanding the complexity of the disabled learners needs. One special aspect about this program is that graduates have access to post-program support for two years following completion. The entire course of study is 10 terms in length and can be completed between 2.5-5 years. 

Degree Title: BS in Education

Length of Program: 180 quarter credit units


Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS

Mississippi State University offers an online bachelor’s degree in elementary education through their virtual campus. The department for which the program is delivered is called Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Education. If students still have core courses to complete when beginning this program, they can fulfill them in the summer and begin their teaching coursework in the Fall or Spring Semesters. This program is expressly designed for students living in the state of Mississippi who are also interested in teaching in their home state. All of the classes are delivered online with no on campus requirements, making it easy to log in from anywhere in the world. Each student, however, will have a hands-on fieldwork component that they will undergo in an elementary school near their hometown. All of the classes are the same that on-campus students take, with the same faculty members in leadership roles. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120 credit hours


University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI at a Distance) offers a bachelors of Arts Degree in Elementary Education that is delivered primarily online. This is considered an incredibly flexible program that was specifically designed for non-traditional and adult learners who are driven to earn a teaching degree in elementary education. While the majority of the coursework is delivered online, there are a few face-to-face requirements including mandatory fieldwork. Students will have to live in the region to meet some of the on-campus requirements. There are many financial aid opportunities for students enrolled in the program. This is a unique delivery that is considered 2+2, meaning it consists of 2 years from the community college (online), and 2 years at University of Northern Iowa (online). In order to qualify for the 2+2 program students must apply through the University of Northern Iowa. 

Degree Title: BA in Elementary Education

Length of Program: depends on a few factors


Regis University
Denver, CO

Regis University offers a comprehensive bachelors of arts degree program in elementary education that is delivered online. Some of the skills that are honed in this course of study include: leadership, pedagogy, lesson planning, classroom management, communication, and building connections professionally. The classes are offered on an 8 week rotation and the entire program can be completed in four years time. The classes offer a broad base of subject matters including: foundational teaching theories, research, formative and summative assessment, lesson planning, becoming a leader in education, social justice, among many others. There are extensive field work requirements to meet the demand of the program, and they must be completed in the state of Colorado. Students who complete the program will be eligible to take the state licensure exam for Colorado. Regis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. 

Degree Title: BA in Elementary Education

Length of Program:120 credit hours


University of North Carolina Wilmington
Wilmington, NC

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington offers a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education that is delivered online. The Watson College of Education is the parent department of the program. Students will emerge from the program with the skills to engage a classroom of students ages K-6th grade. All of the education courses are offered entirely online, and delivered by expert faculty members who are well versed in online teaching. Students in this course of study will have opportunities for international experiences if they are interested. There are several concentrations that are offered within the program including: english as a second language, behavioral studies, fine arts, early childhood, international studies, math and technology, social studies, and science and health. This program is specifically oriented towards non-traditional students including veterans, military families, students who work full time, single parents, among many others. 

Degree Title: BA in Elementary Education

Length of Program: depends on multiple factors


LeTourneau University
Longview, TX

LeTourneau University offers a Bachelors of Science degree program in Interdisciplinary Studies that is delivered online. This program is designed with christian faith at the heart of the curriculum and vision for future educators. The goal of this course of study is to create more qualified educators specifically in the state of Texas. There are two age groups the course offerings features, including early childhood to 6th grade and fourth through eighth grade. Though the coursework is delivered entirely online, with a flexibility that makes it easy to work at the same time, there are hands-on requirements to supplement the learning. The campus offers an on campus Pre-K learning lab where students will have opportunities to practice their skills. LeTourneau has a great track record in building educators. In 2012, 100 percent of the graduates of the program passed the State Board of Education Exam Successfully. 

Degree Title: BS in Interdisciplinary Studies – Early Childhood-6th Grade or 4th-8th Grade

Length of Program: depends on multiple factors


East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

East Carolina University offers an online degree completion opportunity for students to earn their bachelor’s in early elementary education. The program is called Partnership Teach and features affordability and accelerated opportunities. Students can begin their journey at any community college in the state of North Carolina in order to transfer to one of the four teaching degree programs that ECU offers. All of the ECU coursework can be completed online. Every student will have a fieldwork component that can be completed in their hometown with the support of their ECU faculty and advisors. ECU has a program called Partnership Fellows that enables students to access a $10,000 scholarship and participate in academic enrichment activities throughout their academic career. Generally students are placed in cohorts made up of 10-30 students that remain together until graduation. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: Generally 2 years


University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a bachelors of Science in Elementary Education through their Online at Southern Miss campus. Many people who take on this course of study are already working in elementary classrooms as teachers assistants, and want to further their career options. This course of study was designed to offer students a fully online option that is flexible enough to enable them to continue working in the field while undergoing their studies. There are many scholarship opportunities that program participants can qualify for. Out of state students are able to access residential tuition. The classes must be accomplished in a specific sequence, as each class builds on the previous. There are no on campus requirements for this program, making it available to students anywhere in the state. Students will earn a reading endorsement from the program and will have to choose their second endorsement that is in line with their interests to qualify to teach in the state.

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 2 years 


Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA

Old Dominion University offers a bachelors of Science in Elementary Education through their ODU Online Campus. Only students in the States of Washington and Virginia can qualify for this program. This course of study was designed to be a completion path for students who are coming to the table with some college credits. ODU online allows students to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours. Though all of the coursework is online, students will be required to participate in in-person field work to complete the program. There is an additional capstone requirement that includes teaching experience. Graduates will be eligible to apply for a teacher licensure in the state of Virginia. One perk about this program is their partnership with the community college system of Virginia has made it so all of their students are accepted into the program. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120 credit hours total 


University of Louisiana at Monroe
Monroe, LA

The University of Louisiana at Monroe offers a bachelors of Science in Elementary Education through their ULM Online Campus. This course of study is within their department of curriculum, instruction, and leadership. Accreditation is given in full by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Professional educators are the prime candidates for this program, and specifically those who are interested in deepening their practice and taking their careers to the next level. There are five sections that are addressed in the learning including: general studies, professional and pedagogical studies, content studies, integrative studies, and clinical field experience (student teaching opportunities). This is a very transfer friendly program, however, transfer students must have college level English under their belts as well as a college level class in mathematics. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: Depending on transfer credits


Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA

Liberty University offers a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education that is delivered entirely online. Students can transfer up to 75 percent of their credits from a previous academic program. The entire course of study is 120 credit hours in length and can be completed in 3.5 years time. Liberty prides themselves on their connection to and commitment to faith based learning. Their evangelical christian foundation runs throughout all of their curricula. The coursework provides an emphasis on theories of learning, best practices in teaching, curriculum development, and technology based teaching in all educational environments. This program is a seamless portal into the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at Liberty. The program has an optional practicum that will allow students to gain hands on teaching experience with the mentorship and support of their faculty members at Liberty. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120 credit hours 


Fort Hays State University
Hays, KS

Fort Hays State University offers an early childhood education online program through their Department of Teacher Education. Students who complete the program are then eligible to go after a licensure to teach in grades K-6th. The curriculum has an emphasis on working in diverse learning environments. The coursework brings together general education classes, professional education curriculum, clinical experience, and theories that relate to pedagogy.  All of their coursework is directly linked to achieving a license in the state of Kansas, though the same skills can be applied for licensure application in other states. There are many scholarship opportunities for students pursuing this particular program, and the financial assistance office can be accessed online or by phone to gain application support. Students will work with faculty members to find hands-on learning opportunities that are right for them. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 127 credit hours


Asbury University
Wilmore, KY

Asbury University offers an Online education program that specifically delivers a bachelors of science in elementary education. All of the classes are taught in eight week increments. Though the program is 124 credit hours, they allow students to transfer up to 75 of their credit hours into their plan. The majority of the students in this particular program are adult learners who are working full-time while completing the coursework. It is, therefore, designed to be a flexible and convenient offering for those who need to fit it into everything else they are already doing. One important thing to note about this unique program is that students will be required to perform the clinical aspects of the coursework in elementary schools throughout the state of Kentucky. This is to say, this path of study at Asbury is best for students who already live in this state.  

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 124 credit hours


Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Saint Mary of the Woods, IN

Saint Mary of the Woods College offers a Bachelors in Science in Education online that was designed for students who are interested in teaching K-6th grade. This program emphasizes mild intervention and is a dual licensure path. This 120 hour degree program offers a skillset unique to the discipline including professionality, classroom management skills, collaboration with parents and families, instructional practice and content knowledge. Students can choose to take the classes in the 16 week format or at an accelerated pace, which would complete each class in 8 weeks. There are a myriad of financial aid opportunities for program participants. Each class features an intimate learning environment with small class sizes. There are advisors available to support students throughout the course of the program. In addition, there are many professional development opportunities and hands-on learning aspects of the classes at hand. 

Degree Title: BS in Education – Kindergarten-Grade 6

Length of Program: 120 credit hours


Wichita State University
Wichita, KS

Wichita State University offers an online bachelors of arts in education program in early childhood/ elementary education apprentice. There are accelerated options that enable students to transfer credits from other institutions and run the homestretch at Wichita State University. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for their licensures and offer the necessary skills to be excellent educators. Kansas community colleges and local technical schools are in collaboration with this program. All graduates of the program are eligible to achieve an endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and the majority of students transfer in from other programs. Not only is this known for being an affordable program, but there are ample opportunities to access financial aid. An enrollment specialist is on hand to walk students through the matriculation and application process. 

Degree Title: BA in Education 

Length of Program: 120 credit hours


Bemidji State University
Bemidji, MN

Bemidji State University offers an Elementary Education bachelors of science degree program with coursework primarily delivered online. There are three short face-to-face meeting requirements per year that take place in the region of Minneapolis. The in person sessions offer students the opportunities to make lasting connections and network professionally for the benefit of the discipline. The Minnesota Professional Educator License and Standards Board has approved this program to enable students to achieve licensure in the field. The only stipulation is that classes from other institutions will not be transferable. Subsequently, the program will not make students eligible for licensure outside of the state of Minnesota. Bemidji State has been recognized as one of the leaders in quality online education. There are many scholarship opportunities for students in the program and advisors to support student needs. 

Degree Title: BS – Distributed Learning in Teacher Education

Length of Program: 63 major credit hour requirements


The Baptist College of Florida
Graceville, FL

The Baptist College of Florida offers a bachelor’s degree program in elementary education that can be accomplished online. The program was designed to train students to be effective classroom teachers with children grades K-6th. Students will learn how to plug into classroom environments that serve diverse students in public and private schools.  One aspect of this program that is unique are the requirements that include Biblical/ Theological Foundation, which make up 12 credit hours of coursework. Christian faith and leadership are themes that run throughout the entire course of study and is a major driving academic force at the Baptist College of Florida. Their primary catchphrase is “Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word.” Some of their classes include Teaching Diverse Populations, Field Experiences, Theoretical Underpinnings of ESOL, and Disciplinary Literacy. Every student will participate in a Students Success Course. 

Degree Title: Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

Length of Program:124 credit hours 


Gardner-Webb University
Boiling Springs, NC

The School of Education at Gardner-Webb University offers a bachelor’s of science degree program in elementary education. Students will learn the foundations of successful classroom management when teaching students ages Kindergarten through sixth grade. All of the course terms are delivered in eight week cycles. The classes that are offered include specialized learning in math, music, art, social studies, physical education, and social education. All of the program coursework engages christian learning and leadership, which are paramount to the mission of Gardner-Webb University. Leadership is a critical thread in all of the classes as well. They are a member of the Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (ICAA), which is a partnership between the community colleges in North Carolina and select North Carolina Independent Colleges. Completion of the program in good standing will enable graduates to pursue Licensure in the state of North Carolina. 

Degree Title: BS in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 61 credit hours in major requirements 


Western Governors University
Salt Lake City, UT

Western Governors University offers a bachelors of arts program in education that is delivered entirely online. This program was designed to be flexible and convenient for students who have a lot of other life commitments. The coursework is accelerated in order to support degree completion as soon as possible. 60 percent of participants complete the program within 36 months. The average student that matriculates into the program transfers in with 28 credits under their belt. Education experts have created the curriculum to make it as relevant as possible to create innovative and up-to-date educators. The administration in this program believes that this learning trajectory is a personal one, and therefore, each student collaborates on their own personal learning map. Resources are virtually available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Students receive either one-one-one faculty attention or cohort based classes. 

Degree Title: BA in Elementary Education

Length of Program: Total 120 credit hours


Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Waxahachie, TX

The Southwstern Assemblies of God University has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education that is delivered online. Students in the program will be offered a foundation of teaching in pre-K to 6th grade in diverse learning environments. The curriculum features coursework on designing and implementing learning on best teaching practices, creating positive and productive classrooms, strategies to manage classroom dynamics, and effective classroom development. Though this program is geared towards meeting the standards of Texas educators, students will have the opportunity to work towards certification in other states as well as Texas. SAGU is proud to announce that they have reduced their tuition to make their programming more accessible to a larger student body. As noted from the name, SAGU is rooted in christian faith, and all of their programming is a reflection of this commitment. 

Degree Title: Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

Length of Program: Depends on the student’s plan 


Mayville State University
Mayville, ND

Mayville State University offers a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education program that is delivered through a flexible format that is primarily online. This course of study is transfer friendly and flexible to undergo. It was designed with working professionals in mind and gives them the option to continue working full time while completing the program at hand. Students who do not live nearby, however, will be required to participate in synchronous classes, meaning they have a distinct start and end time. Students can live in the following states to matriculate: Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Those who reside in states other than the ones in the list will not be eligible to participate. Every participant will major in elementary education and a specialization minor. Minor options include: special education, reading, and early childhood. Each participant will create a digital portfolio that will be completed by graduation. 

Degree Title: BSEd in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 4 years


Midway University
Midway, KY

Midway University offers a bachelor’s degree in elementary education that is delivered online. Many students require a flexible program to accomplish their goals, and Midway is keenly aware of this need. They have created a degree path that certifies students to work in classrooms with young people from kindergarten to fifth grade, specifically in the state of Kentucky. The application process is a two part process, as prospective students must first apply for Midway admission and upon acceptance apply for the teaching program. Not all concentration areas are available online, so students must work with an advisor to create an online pathway that is accessible. The program prides itself on a 16:1 student to faculty ratio. The course of study is known for being affordable and therefore accessible to a wider student body. Even if you are an online student and your preference is to meet with faculty members in person, that option is available. 

Degree Title: BA in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120 credit hours


Dakota State University
Madison, SD

Dakota State University offers an elementary education bachelors in science program that is delivered online. Students in the program will learn the best practices for educating students ages kindergarten through 8th grade. They also have a specific program that leads to a special education certification. The program is fully accredited nationally and utilizes the most up-to-date research and cutting edge technology. Students can choose from a variety of endorsements including K-12 technology endorsement, as well as Kindergarten, English as a new language, and coaching. Students can also select a minor including: PK-12 Reading and English and English as a new language. Each participant will take on an extensive field work project under the supervision of a master teacher. One of the key focal points of the program includes integrating technology into the lessons and communication. 

Degree Title: BSE in Elementary Education

Length of Program: 120 credit hours

Can I Get a Teaching Degree Online?

The answer is yes. There are so many degree completion programs online specifically for teaching. Many are tailored to specific niches in terms of teaching or classroom dynamics including: special education, religious faith, or general early childhood education that fosters diversity in learning. The programs above will point you in the right direction if you are wondering how to become a school teacher. Also, when you peruse the top 25 list,  You will get a clear answer to the question: can you get a teachers degree online? Many of the programs can be completed from anywhere in the country, and they will support you to accomplish the fieldwork component in your hometown. Some schools are better to attend if you live within their vicinity, as the licensure requirements might  not transfer to other states. If you want to get your teaching degree online, it is a good idea to read the descriptions of multiple program offerings to get a sense of what is out there in order to determine what might be right for you. Many of the programs have minors that support the major that you may want to look into. It can’t hurt to offer employers an additional skill set.  Some are easy to add on to the degree you are already working towards. 

Is a Traditional Bachelor’s in Education Better than an Online Program?

This is a personal question, as online learning is certainly not for everyone. Many people struggle with self motivation and time management. People in this position are generally not the best candidates for achieving a bachelor’s degree in education online.  However, so many students today have a million other life commitments, including jobs and kids that make it hard to go to campus regularly. Adult learners who are no nonsense about their schedule, are often the best online learning candidates. The truth is, as far as employers go, they see little if any difference in an online program versus a traditional on campus program for experienced teachers. You might be wondering, how do I find an elementary education program near me? However, open the door a little farther, because the perfect program for you might be on the other side of the country, but just a log-in away. 

What Will I Learn in a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education Program?

Most elementary education degree requirements start with general education courses. Many of the subjects in this category include oral and written communications, a math class that can include economics or another practical application, and often an additional language arts requirement.  Bachelor degree in education requirements often include a variety of core coursework that relate to the discipline of teaching. They often address issues of diversity, including cultural competency in the classroom environment. There is usually at least one class dedicated to classroom management, and coursework that relates to working with students who have special needs. Many times there is a communications class that allows students to practice communicating with parents. 

A key component to most of the programs being offered is the application of experiential learning opportunities in order to ensure graduates are classroom ready. Every program does this a little differently, but often students spend several weeks working in a classroom setting with the supervision of an instructor. 

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Get our emails in your inbox, and you’ll get acceptance letters in your mailbox

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