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10 Best Online ACT Prep Courses A Guide to Getting the Highest ACT Score

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Best Online ACT Prep Courses

When you are looking into your options for college, you may consider taking the ACT exam. The exam is a standardized test (similar to the SAT exam) that offers insight into a student’s readiness for college based on their general knowledge of subjects they have studied through high school. The exam is accepted as an entrance exam in most colleges and universities across the United States and is considered a data point that helps colleges identify students who are appropriate for the school.

Due to the competitive nature of college admissions, the demand for the best ACT prep course online is high. Students benefit from preparing for the exam in advance and have the ability to improve their scores over time when they use an ACT prep course. While the best option for your goals depends on your specific learning style, budget, and study plans, you can benefit from finding a prep course that helps you make positive changes in your ACT scores.

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It is particularly helpful for students who have taken the ACT test previously and want to improve their current scores or for students who have not taken the exam who want to get a high score on the test to consider a prep course. By focusing on courses that emphasize your specific learning style, you can get a high score on the test.

1. Princeton Review ACT Prep Course


Princeton Review offers an effective ACT test prep course program that offers students a 31 point or higher guarantee. That means students can feel confident that they will get a passing score on the ACT exam when they are ready to take the test. The course materials focus on getting results and students have different options based on their time horizon. ACT prep course students can opt for the boot camp that is only two weeks long or they can take a more comprehensive course with a 31 point guarantee, which emphasizes effective strategies and learning to ensure that students are ready for the test. 

The price for the Princeton Review ACT prep courses depends on the course that students select. The costs range from $599 to $1599 for online and live courses. You can also add private tutoring from Princeton Review for $150 per hour, so students should be aware that costs may vary significantly based on the decisions you make when selecting a course. Discounts may apply to the ACT prep courses over time, so students may get special rates when they are signing up for the ACT prep courses.

2. Kranse Institute

kranse institute

The Kranse Institute offers digital ACT Prep courses with some of the best features of any ACT prep course companies. Kranse boasts the expertise of perfect-scorer (and Shark Tank winner) Shaan Patel, who guides students through the well-honed strategies that helped him succeed. Instead of review, Kranse teaches students how to take the test more effectively. Kranse has the tightest score improvement guarantee of any of their competitors, with most students jumping hundreds of points in their score. 

New users of Kranse’s online ACT prep course get an astounding 50% off their price, dropping from $499 to $249.50. Unlike other ACT prep courses, which limit how long students have access, Kranse offers 18 months – long enough for students to go through several test date cycles and make the most of their lessons. With their state-of-the-art mobile app, and easily digestible 10-minute lessons, Kranse makes ACT test prep fun and engaging.

3. Magoosh – ACT Prep Course

Magoosh logo

Magoosh offers the best online ACT prep course for students who want to improve their ACT scores without spending hours on their studies. It focuses on taking small steps to improve student success with 20-minute lessons. By breaking material into short and easy programs, it helps students develop effective study skills that they carry forward into college. It also prepares students for the test by giving them access to the materials they need to learn about important topics that are on the exam.

The cost of Magoosh ACT prep courses depends on a student’s preferences for the duration of the course. The price range is between $79 and $948. The most expensive plan is designed for students who want access to the materials for 12 months, while the lowest-cost options are designed for one month of study before the test. Students should be aware that Magoosh does offer discounts and lower rates at various times, so exact costs may change over time. Magoosh offers a seven-day money-back guarantee for ACT prep course students who decide to try the materials and are not satisfied with the teaching style.

4. ClearPath Advantage – ACT Prep Course


ClearPath Advantage offers one of the best ACT prep courses for students who want to improve their test results. The online courses for the ACT exam prep focus on developing a custom strategy to help students reach their goals. It places students in small class sizes of three to four individuals after evaluating your weaknesses and strengths for the exam. That allows students to focus on the areas that they need to improve when they are taking the exam.

The costs associated with ClearPath Advantage depend on the specific type of program that students choose for their studies. Students are able to opt for the small classes or to consider a one-on-one tutoring program. The costs of the programs for the ACT prep range from $1850 to $2875. Students should be aware that the prices may vary over time since ClearPath Advantage does offer some discounts at different times of the year.

5. Green Test Prep – ACT Prep COurse

green test prep

When you are looking for the best ACT prep online course, you may consider the program at Green Test Prep. The program is designed for students who plan to take the ACT exam and want to make positive improvements in their scores. Since it uses a membership program that allows students to access the materials as long as they need access to the information, it helps students reach their long-term goals. It does offer free guides and resources to help students learn strategies and information about the ACT exam that will improve their results.

The cost of Green Test Prep is $497 for the membership. Since it is a lifetime membership and you can continue using the resources as long as necessary until you pass the ACT exam, it is a good option for students who are unsure about their original test results or who want to take the ACT more than once with the goal of improving the results over time. It offers guaranteed improvements and ensures that students know the materials, strategies, and solutions to improve their results on the exam.

6. Higher Scores Test Prep – ACT Prep Course

higher scores test prep

Higher Scores Test Prep is one of the best ACT online prep course options for students who want to pass the ACT exam. The test prep course for the ACT exam emphasizes useful strategies that improve testing results by ensuring that students know how to handle different situations when working on the exam. It gives students a clear study plan with a step-by-step guide to help students succeed on the exam. It also gives students access to video tutorials to help them learn the material before the test begins.

The online courses are available in two formats: the quick prep and the complete package. The quick prep program gives students access to video courses about different strategies that improve test results and ensures that students have effective study materials. It is available for six months. The complete package offers a greater number of resources for students and ensures that students have enough practice for the exam. The complete package is available for 12 months. Both programs offer practice exams; however, the complete package gives students two practice tests while the quick prep offers only one practice exam. The costs associated with the Higher Scores Test Prep for the ACT exam range from $187 to $647, depending on the program that you select. 

7. Kaplan Test Prep – ACT Prep Course

Kaplan logo

When you are looking for the best ACT prep courses online, Kaplan Test Prep is a good option to help with your study goals. The ACT test prep courses give students access to materials, practice exams, practice questions, and other tools to help prepare for the test. It offers a few different formats based on student preferences, so students can opt for a self-paced and self-learning style that uses pre-recorded videos. Alternatively, students can consider live online classes where they are able to learn directly from a teacher and participate in more traditional classroom environments. The final course option focuses on one-on-one tutoring, and it ensures that students who need a bit of extra assistance are able to work with an individual to learn at their own pace.

The online courses from Kaplan Test Prep vary in price based on the type of program that students select. The courses range from $299 to $1999. Two of the programs offer a payment plan without any interest, while the live online classes have a one-time payment requirement. Students are also able to access free resources through Kaplan Test Prep that focuses on free practice tests and free events.

8. PrepExpert – ACT Prep Course


Prep Expert offers one of the best courses for students who plan to take the ACT exam. The online prep courses guarantee improvements on the exam, though the number of points that you can expect to improve depends on the specific course you choose. The programs range from a weekend review course to a flagship six-week course that offers a live online classroom experience where you learn in a more traditional format. You can also opt for self-paced studies. 

Prep Expert offers different rates on classes based on the course you select. The price of the courses for the ACT test prep range from $299 to $999, though discounts may apply at different times of the year. You should also be aware that it does offer a money-back guarantee based on your test scores. If your scores do not improve, then you will get a refund on the courses you use from Prep Expert. The online resource also offers a few free classes to help students determine if they want to sign up for any courses. Students may also consider private tutoring through the test prep company, but the cost of tutoring may add to the cost of the course.

9. PrepScholar


PrepScholar offers an online ACT test prep program that offers a four-point improvement guarantee on your exam. The program emphasizes practice as a key part of success on the exam and has a large question bank to prepare students for the exam. It also gives students access to high-quality video content that teaches them effective strategies to improve their results. Students can also expect to learn the basic materials they need to improve their scores on the ACT exam.

PrepScholar offers a free consultation for ACT prep course students who are considering the test prep courses. The consultation helps students identify the right course for their goals and the timeline available before the exam. The cost of the online ACT prep courses ranges from $397 to $995, depending on the program that you select. Students who select the program that includes private tutoring can expect a higher cost for the ACT prep course study materials. If you add extra hours to the tutoring program, then you may end up with higher costs.

10. Testive – ACT Prep Course


Testive takes a coaching and tutoring approach to ACT test prep courses and gives students the assistance they need to make positive changes for their exam results. The program emphasizes live one-on-one video coaching, personalized lesson plans, and practice tests to prepare students for the challenges of the ACT exam. It also gives students access to 50 video lessons that they can use to learn about the materials that are often on the ACT exam.

The costs associated with Testive ACT test prep courses depend on the specific plan that students select. Students can select between a monthly subscription cost or a one-time boot camp when evaluating their options. The monthly subscription ranges from $399 to $599 per month, which offers one-on-one coaching and personalized assistance. The boot camp has a one-time cost of $799 and is designed to help students when they have only four to six weeks before the test. Testive does offer a money-back guarantee based on student results and it offers a full refund if you cancel your membership within two weeks. It also offers free practice tests to help students succeed on the ACT.

11. Tutor Me – ACT Prep Course

tutor me

Tutor Me offers an online ACT test prep course that focuses on private tutoring. The program gives students the opportunity to get one-on-one help based on their areas of weakness and their goals for the ACT exam. It provides students with the opportunity to make positive changes to their test results by working directly with a tutor when they need additional help to learn testing materials. It also allows students to learn effective testing strategies by discussing their concerns with a tutor.

The cost of Tutor Me depends on the specific type of program that students select. Students are able to get on-demand tutoring for $1 per minute, or they can opt for monthly plans that offer between two and eight hours of tutoring time. The monthly programs range from $69 to $209 per month. Tutor Me also offers a free trial for 30 minutes of tutoring without any costs.

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What is the ACT? 

Before you start preparing for any standardized test, you want to understand what it is and how it differs from other programs. What is the ACT test? It is a college entrance exam that is accepted by most colleges or universities in the United States. The standardized test has a paper and pencil format and is a multiple-choice exam that takes almost three hours of time to complete. 

act 2

When you are asking what is the ACT exam, you may be concerned that it is not appropriate for your college entrance goals. Generally, the ACT exam is designed to help you get into college. It is not accepted by every college or university, but it is considered an appropriate measure of college readiness by most schools. You will want to evaluate the admission standards of a college or university to ensure that it accepts the ACT exam. You should also pay attention to any details about cut-off scores that may exist in some colleges or universities.

The ACT does allow you to add an optional writing section to the test. If you decide to add the writing section, then you will have an extra 40 minutes available to work on the written portion of the test. It is not required for students who are planning to take the test.

Who Needs to Take the ACT?

Who takes the ACT test depends on the state where you live and the colleges you plan to consider for admissions. In most cases, colleges and universities will accept the ACT as an entrance exam for the school, so it is a good choice for any student who plans to obtain a higher level of education.

act 4

When it comes to who can take the ACT, it is appropriate for any high school senior or junior, as well as adults who are planning to return to school for a higher level of education. You should be aware that some states may require the ACT exam for high school graduation. If you are wondering who should take the ACT test as it relates to their graduation standards, you should look up the details of your state to ensure that you are not required to take the test. 

If you live in a state where the ACT test is required for graduation from high school, then you want to make sure that you complete the test and get a passing score. Do not wait to take the test if you are a senior and you plan to graduate in the same year. Most students take the ACT during their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. Make sure you are aware of the testing dates and you sign up for the test if you are required to complete the test for your high school.

What is Covered on the ACT? 

What is the ACT test for when you are looking into college admissions? Generally speaking, the ACT is designed to show readiness for college by giving schools an area of comparison with other students. That may make you wonder what is tested on the ACT exam, and you should be aware that it breaks down into four mandatory sections and one optional section. The four required sections on the test include reading, mathematics, science, and English. The optional section is the writing section, and you are not required to take the writing section to pass the exam.

act 3

What is on the ACT test may vary slightly each year. You can expect the test to evaluate the skills you should have learned throughout your educational career up to the junior year of high school. It does not test the materials that you may learn in your senior year of high school, so you can feel confident in taking the test toward the end of your junior year or in the beginning of your senior year. The exact timing depends on your personal preferences for the exam. 

The test offers a multiple-choice format, so students must choose the best answer based on the specific portion of the test. The writing section focuses on your writing skills, and it is separate from the rest of the test. You will be able to choose the best answer based on the questions on the exam, which differ depending on the subject you are working on throughout the test.

How to Pass the ACT? 

act 1

What is the average score for the ACT is a common question that may arise when you are looking into the details of the test. When it comes to what is the average score on the ACT, you should be aware that most students score roughly 21 on the test. That may lead you to wonder about the highest score. What is the highest score on the ACT that you can get? The highest score is 36, so you want to get a score that is between the average and the highest score to pass the exam. You should aim for the highest score you can get based on your skills and practice.

When you are worried about what is the highest score, you should make sure you understand the way the test is scored. The ACT exam uses a composite score method and rounds your score to the nearest number when you finish the exam. That means that you are given a score based on the average of four scores you receive on the test.

The process of passing the ACT depends on your current weaknesses and strengths. You will want to work on improving your weaknesses before you take the test with practice exams, practice questions, and a prep course. You can also use books and other study materials to help you review material that you may have forgotten or that you are not certain about when preparing for the test. Preparation is the key to passing the ACT with the highest possible score, so you want to take the time to prepare before you finish the test.

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