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Yes, Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest states in the US. No, that does not mean that nobody in Massachusetts needs help paying for college. Scholarships for first generation college students in Massachusetts offer a solution to help students move forward with their long-term career goals. The scholarships allow students to address the financial costs associated with obtaining a higher level of education. It gives students fewer complications after graduation and bridges the gap between students from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

Scholarships for undocumented students in Massachusetts may allow underprivileged students an opportunity to seek a higher level of education. It gives them a solution to avoid high-cost loans that may limit their ability to finish a degree. It also allows students to focus on their studies rather than worrying about balancing a job and their degree at the same time.

For students in Massachusetts who need help making their college dreams come about, College Consensus has provided a list of some Massachusetts scholarships to get started. Programs are here in alphabetical order.

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African-American Achievement Scholarship

The African American Achievement Scholarship is one of the Massachusetts scholarships offered by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. The African American Achievement Scholarship is available to African American high school seniors who live in the communities along the Connecticut River — Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden County who show a need and a school tenure record of extracurricular activities. The average value of the African American Achievement Scholarship on an annual basis is $3,000, with an application deadline of March 30th. However, the value ranges from $500 to more than $7,900.

The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (CFWM) was established in 1991 and currently manages of total endowment for charity of $120+ million. The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts provides college scholarships in Massachusetts and serves the residents in the area as a change agent instigating positive change and to enrich their lives by improving the quality of life for all. Its ethos is to affect changes through the concepts of equality and fairness; the foundations of respect and trust.


Atlantic Aviators Aviation & STEM Scholarship

The Atlantic Aviators Aviation & STEM Scholarship is offered by the Atlantic Aviators Chapter of Women in Aviation, International. The scholarship’s purpose is to support both women and men (high school students, freshman or sophomores in college) residing in the southeastern portion of Massachusetts who want careers in engineering, aviation, science, math or technology. The deadline for these Massachusetts scholarships is March 16 and is valued at $1,000. Applicants for Atlantic Aviator’s college scholarships in Massachusetts must include a short essay (about 250 words) that explains the applicant’s goals, past achievements, and the existing financial need.

The Women in Aviation, International (WAI) is a 7,000+member global membership as a professional nonprofit organization supporting the advancement of women in the above-mentioned fields of study. Members include air-traffic controllers, pilots, journalists, flight attendants, and students. In addition, Women in Aviation, International offers a variety of outreach programs that support the aviation industry, educators and university students.


GFWC of Massachusetts Music Scholarships

The General Federation of Women’s Club of Massachusetts (GFWC) offers the Nickels for Notes Music Scholarship to Massachusetts high school seniors who intend (or are currently enrolled) in a music education degree of Music Therapy, the Piano, Music Education, and any other musical instrument. These Massachusetts scholarships annual award starts at $500. Eligible students must submit transcripts from high school, and a short essay/personal statement of fewer than 500 words. Additionally, the applicant must schedule a live performance or submit a video of a performance.

The General Federation of Women’s Club of Massachusetts (GFWC) was founded just before the turn of the 20thCentury with a mission to support women in serving, teaching and enjoying by offering college scholarships in Massachusetts. The GFWC International organization is recognized as being a participant in the establishment of more than ¾ of the United States’ libraries. GFWC is also involved in supporting victims of homeless autistic youth, those who have aged out of the US foster care and those who are victims of human trafficking.


Paul Tsongas Scholarship

The Paul Tsongas Scholarship is one of the college scholarships in Massachusetts offered by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA). The Paul Tsongas Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship with a deadline for applications of July 1st. It is noted that the Paul Tsongas Scholarship value varies as the recipients are provided with a tuition waiver (and required fees) at any of the nine state universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Recipients must have been a resident of Massachusetts for a minimum of twelve months.

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) is responsible for supporting students with access to financial loans, scholarships, and tuition waiver programs. The OSFA is tasked with an advisory role to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and its Massachusetts scholarships policy. Its mission is to ensure the residents of Massachusetts have educational opportunities that will ultimately help the social progress to the Commonwealth.


Valley Press Club Scholarship

The Valley Press Club Scholarship is one of the Massachusetts scholarships offered by the Valley Press Club to those students who reside in the 4 counties that make up Western Massachusetts who are (or intend to be) journalism major/minor. The eligible journalism degree for these college scholarships in Massachusetts should focus on the journalistic fields of Social Media, Photojournalism, entertainment or Health, to name a few. The Valley Press Club Scholarship has an application submission deadline of April 1st and an annual value of $1,000.

The Valley Press Club was established in 1960 as an organization that is designed to promote journalistic standards and ideals, social experience and scholarships. Members of the Valley Press Club are dedicated journalists and reporters who seek to make transparent the public policy of Western Massachusetts communities. In addition, Valley Press Club members must meet the most elevated journalistic standards of truth, fair and a balanced approach to reporting.

Do I Need Good High School Grades to Get a Scholarship?

When it comes to Massachusetts scholarships for high school seniors, you want to clarify the standards for the scholarship before determining when it fits the needs of a student. It is unlikely for most students to get a full-ride scholarship to a college or university unless they have excellent grades or win a scholarship for a sporting activity.

Although the details of a scholarship may vary, a common theme associated with merit-based scholarships is your grade point average in high school. Many scholarships will require that students meet a set standard. For example, a 3.0 out of 4.0 grade point average is a common standard. In some cases, a scholarship may only require a 2.5 GPA to qualify for the funding.

It is not necessary to have exceptionally high grades in high school to get a scholarship; however, it does help to have a B average or higher for many options. You should clarify the details of a scholarship program before you apply to ensure that you meet or exceed the stated criteria to qualify for the funds.

Does the State of Massachusetts Offer Scholarships and Grants?

When it comes to college scholarships for Massachusetts residents, you have a few options that may fit your needs. There are a variety of Massachusetts college scholarships that apply to residents of the state. For example, the Agnes M. Lindsey scholarship applies to residents who live in a rural area of the state and have lived in the state for at least one year before applying for the scholarship. Students must also show that they fit the standards set by the Federal government in relation to financial aid by filling out a FAFSA and showing details about their family’s income.

Massachusetts scholarships for college students may also apply to specific majors or fields of study. For example, the state offers an Early Childhood Educators Scholarship designed for students who plan to teach children in the elementary and preschool levels of education. Massachusetts scholarships and grants offer a variety of options to help students with the cost of college. Students may have options if they fit certain criteria for their locality, income level, or family situation. They may also find scholarships through the state for specific majors and areas of study that help with the costs. The key is clarifying the options that apply to your specific goals and then applying for the scholarship program.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in Massachusetts?

Nursing scholarships in Massachusetts apply directly to students who plan to study nursing or plan to continue their education in nursing. When it comes to Massachusetts nursing scholarships, students have a few options that may assist with their goals. The Massachusetts Legion Nursing Scholarship may help students who have a grandparent or a parent in the American Legion of Massachusetts who plan to study nursing.

The state also offers a Gerontological Nursing Scholarship that applies to nurses who plan to specialize in gerontology and are willing to commit two years of their time after they graduate to Hebrew SeniorLife. The scholarship specifically applies to the University of Massachusetts at Boston and it pays for full tuition for up to two years of study if students maintain competitive grades and show that they have a financial need for assistance.

The Massachusetts Nursing Foundation also offers a scholarship to a nursing student each year. The scholarship applies to first-time nursing students who have a parent who is an active member of the foundation and is in good standing. Students must show that they were accepted into an accredited nursing program to qualify for the scholarship.

The state offers a variety of scholarships that apply to nursing students. The scholarships are designed around the needs of students in nursing and may require students to volunteer, show a financial need, or even provide nursing services for a set amount of time after graduation to qualify for the scholarship. The key to finding the right scholarship is looking into the options that apply to the situation and then following through with the application.

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