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How Does a Degree Completion Program Work?

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Just like all academic programs, degree completion options come in so many shapes and sizes. They all share the commonality that they were designed to support students who have started an academic degree and want to finish up. Many degree completion programs are designed for those who have let their education lapse for many years and have to re-familiarize themselves with being students. Returning to school via online learning is a new wave, and it is projected that online learning as an industry is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. We all have left something we started hanging in the ether with no completion date in mind. Many institutions of higher learning have become hip to this common story and the need that is associated with it. As a result, a myriad of programs was designed to meet the needs of those in this situation. Certainly, one can attend a traditional four-year academic program to complete a bachelor’s degree that they once started. Still, the program might not be generous about transferring previously earned credits. Also, it might be hard to fit something like that into your current lifestyle. Therefore, a good option might be to choose a specially designed program for degree completion rather than a traditional linear path. This will ensure that you are in the right place not to waste time and get the most relevant education geared towards your personal trajectory. 

What is a Degree Completion Program?

As aforementioned, a degree completion program is a course of study designed for students who have not finished their bachelor’s degree and must transfer previous credits to do so. This is an alternative for students who do not want to start their education and instead pick up where they left off. For this to work, degree completion programs must have generous credit transfer options. Besides, such programs have built themselves around catering to the needs of busy adults who might be in this situation. This means that many types of degree completion programs could be just the right fit for you. 

How Can I finish my Bachelor’s Degree Online?

Attending an online degree completion program is actually the name of the game for many adult learners who need to get that piece of paper. Online degree completion programs are popping up all over the place because there is such demand. Many of them are accredited, which proves they offer high-quality education. It makes sense that flexible learning options would be a real priority when finding a program that meets your needs. This can mean a variety of things, including hybrid learning options. A hybrid learning option means students will attend some classes on campus and others online. Online learning can include synchronous or asynchronous class times. Asynchronous learning means that students will not have to log into class at a certain time. Instead, they can watch lectures and participate in discussion posts at their convenience, as long as certain deadlines are met. It is important to know yourself as a learner when choosing the right program, however. For example, you must have impeccable time management skills to slay an asynchronous course of study. You will be your own coach and time manager and have to carve out the appropriate amount of time to attend your program fully. Synchronous online programming might be a better fit if you need a little more structure. Though you can eliminate commute times, traffic, and parking, you will have to attend live class sessions and subsequently plan around them. 

How Do I Find the Right Degree Completion Program for Me?

When researching different programs, it is important to determine your goals and how you want to meet them. This includes looking at a variety of circumstances and possibilities. For example, is there a program that will meet your career goals but happens to be on the other side of the country? Do they have an online program? Besides, you want to think about how long you are willing to take to complete your degree. Are you interested in taking one class at a time, or are you hoping to complete your degree as quickly as possible? Many programs are designed to give you the tools to work towards your degree at an accelerated pace. It’s important to know that programs are not one size fits all, so it’s critical to know what you are looking for when looking at the program options. Also, some programs offer smaller class sizes, even online, and more access to faculty. If that is what you are looking for, you are sure to find it.


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Ready to start your journey?