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What's the Highest Score on the ACT?

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There are two primary exams that colleges and universities use as a major part of their admissions process, the SAT and the ACT exams. That also explains why questions like, what is the highest score on the ACT arise, because these scores count. These exams are not only an important part of the college admissions process, but they are also great tools for both colleges and students. 

Colleges use these exams to evaluate the education, preparedness, and readiness of college applicants. It helps these schools and universities to make determinations on who to accept, and who isn’t ready yet. How important is getting your highest score on ACT and SAT exams? It can be the difference between getting in, or not getting in.

These exams are also an excellent way for students to gauge their own readiness. The subjects and material that make up what’s in the ACT are designed to reveal a student’s level of knowledge and understanding in several categories. This helps students to identify areas where they need to study and improve and allows prospective college students to get an idea of where their scores rank. 

What is the ACT

So what is the ACT, why do students need it, and what’s the highest score on the ACT are all questions that are commonly and frequently asked. Here is a brief look at some of those questions, and the answers to those questions for future college applicants. 

The ACT (American College Test) is designed to measure the skills of students in a few different areas, along with each student’s readiness for the demands of post-secondary education. These are the topics used by the ACT exam:

  • English – the English portion of the ACT tests the comprehensive skills of prospective college students. This includes grammar usage and basic English principles.
  • Reading – this section of the ACT examines a student’s reading comprehension and the ability to understand various writing forms.
  • Mathematics – the math portion of the ACT will evaluate the student’s skills across multiple forms of math usage. This includes skills in mathematical topics like algebra, geometry, and advanced forms of math.
  • Science – students will be required to take a science section of the ACT that determines a student’s grasp of basic scientific principles in addition to testing advance science knowledge.

These are the primary sections and areas of study, and what is in the ACT will test every student, regardless of how smart they are. What’s the highest score on the ACT? A perfect ACT score is 36, and the average ACT score is about 21. How to earn those eye-popping and college-winning scores, however, is no easy feat.

How to Earn the Highest Score on ACT 

Students who want to earn the highest score on ACT exams will discover that there is no secret to achieving that goal. The good news is, there are also many sources and tools to help future college students. It also might be helpful to focus not on what’s the highest score on the ACT, but what the highest score on ACT exams can be for you.

Any student who wants to perform their best and excel at the ACT exam will need to adhere to a few simple rules. While there are no shortcuts to earning your highest score on ACT exams, there are plenty of guides, aides, and even practice tests and courses to make it easier. 

Preparing, Planning, and Taking the ACT

The not-so-secret secret of how to get your highest score on ACT or SAT exams begins with hard work. That means a lot of preparing, from setting aside regular study time to finding a place to study, and even locating classes, practices tests, and other ACT testing resources. 

That also leads to the next step in how to excel and earn the highest score on ACT exams that you can. Planning to succeed means setting up a study schedule. It might look like scheduling allotted times to study certain topics or planning for practice tests, but preparing and planning are two important keys to earning your highest score on the ACT.

The final key to doing well on the ACT exam is to practice testing. Practice staying calm, practice working efficiently, and without unnecessary or wasted time deliberating answers. Remember, you now know what is in the ACT, now it is time to trust the hard work, effort, and time you spent studying, practicing, and preparing. Congratulations on choosing to pursue a college degree, and good luck with your ACT exam.


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