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What Can I Do with a Master's in Cy­ber­se­cu­ri­ty?

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It is clear that there will be no shortage of masters in cyber security jobs. According to the bureau of labor statistics, there is a projected increase in potential employment opportunities in cyber security by 31 percent by the year 2029. Achieving a master’s degree is a huge selling factor when entering into the job market, or trying to pursue a leadership role in a field for which you are already employed. Cyber security management jobs require leadership training and advanced technical skills that you may not have gotten in your bachelor’s program. Arriving at the table with a master’s degree shows employers you are dedicated and serious about the field. Every day, more and more organizations are experiencing cyber-attacks, security compromises, and debilitating online catastrophes. From small start-ups to large multi-million dollar organizations, they are under siege. Advanced cybersecurity programs build upon the foundation of learning to instill leadership, policy, development, and aggressive responses to high-level cyber threats. Graduates from a master’s degree program will be the ones who are chosen for government, administrative, and director roles. We will examine cyber security’s impact on our society while listing several careers with a master’s in cybersecurity. 

Cyber Security Impacts a Society 

As a society, we depend on the invisible net of protection that is promised to us by our service providers. The average person has all of their private information on a computer. Without these securities we are vulnerable. What impact do cyber attacks have on the economy? It is stated that the US government will spend several billion dollars on cyber security. What makes information so valuable that it costs so much to protect it. Businesses depend on being able to predict the market as well as predict trends in the market in order to be on the pulse with the needs of the people. Cybersecurity is the mainstay that allows manufacturers to offer product safety and integrity. Without it, there is no trust and without being able to establish a trusted connection consumers don’t feel safe online. Cyberwarfare is rooted in an attempt to control the market. If a large online supplier is debilitated by hackers and can’t operate their online site, there becomes an opportunity. Competitors have every incentive to hack into the system of their rivals.  Stores are no longer brick and mortar; you can commit robbery from the comfort of your home. To combat that we have cybersecurity, the police officers of a digital age. 

Careers with a Master in Cyber Security

Chief Information Security Officer

Earning a master’s degree will engage students with cyber security training for executives, and that is what a chief information security officer title indicates. As the CISO this is the ultimate cybersecurity management job. They are the ones that oversee the development of information security policies and the operational budgetary cost of information management. To perform this job, advanced technical and organizational skills are required. The dollars and cents of this job are substantial. According to payscale, CISO makes on average $164,936 annually. If you are dedicated to cybersecurity with leadership skills and a desire to advance, obtaining a master’s in cyber security is a great start.

Cyber Security Engineer

This position fulfills the innovative need of this field. Technology and its many components are constantly changing. That is due in part to the creative minds of cyber security engineers. The day-to-day task of a cyber security engineer is to maintain the security infrastructure and controls. Reporting incidents, testing, and engaging all breaches along with the network. Cyber security engineers earn an average of $96,647 on average. This amount can change based on the candidate’s experience. Study up, you will need all your brainpower to succeed at this job. Having at least a year of hands-on experience will go a long way to obtaining one of these rigorous positions.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you’ll create and develop technology that will become the new convenience of our society. Some of the computer software we use every day is something that was created by a software developer. To become a software developer, most choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree to begin their careers, and later a master’s degree. Though you can become one without it, some employers look for an advanced degree in cyber security to be hired as a software developer. In cybersecurity, software developers focus on creating security applications and programs that will do the heavy lifting of protecting networks. The base salary for this position is $71,979 annually. Software developers create and write software and combine it with security threat analysis and product development.


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Ready to start your journey?