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IACBE, Higher Learning Commission

The College of Business Administration at the Maharishi University of Management, “Home of Consciousness-Based Education,” integrates contemporary entrepreneurial business knowledge with the principles of Maharishi Vedic Management. This incorporates the power of nature, creativity, morality, wisdom, meditation, sustainability, and positivity to round out the holistic development of each student. Through excellent IACBE-accredited instruction and active learning experiences, students are well prepared to contribute to the global society and marketplace.


Students are taught to meditate regularly through the Transcendental Meditation® technique, which helps calm nerves, inspire creative thinking, provide peace of mind, and lower stress. Undergraduates can study for a Bachelors in Business Creative Entrepreneurship. Graduate programs consist of the Master of Business Administration in Accounting, SAP Finance, and Sustainable Business. There is also an MBA in Accounting for Professionals and MBA in SAP Finance for Professionals, which includes paid practical training through up to two years of internships. Doctoral students can pursue a Ph.D. in Management degree to become an expert in sustainable management practices. Ph.D. students can obtain a potential tuition waiver if they hold a teaching position at the university.

MUM works with students to find the best financial assistance for them through scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities. Studying abroad gives students pertinent international exposure and global experience that is important to the development of a future business leader. MUM Global learning programs include Mongolian Development Initiatives in Asia, Growing Sustainable Micro Businesses in Ghana, and projects in South Asia and Central America.

Student Life

Several categories of student clubs like special interests, international groups, dance, sports, academic affairs, cultural, social, and skills development, exist for students to engage with others and grow in their overall development. The Student Government team helps to create and organize activities in an environment that positively impacts the life of the student. Some of the student activities available include archery, fencing, body pump, morning yoga, a bus trip to Walmart, quidditch tryouts, and social night.

There is access to whichever level of academic and career path assistance a business student wants to find. Career Services helps students find the right major, build a resume, job shadowing opportunities, connections with professionals, and internships. They also help to locate experiential learning opportunities like the Investor Pitch Competition similar to ‘Shark Tank.’ Undergraduates also have the benefit of partnering with highly successful business mentors to glean as much knowledge and experience from them as possible.

Online Programs

Working professionals and anyone unable to attend traditional classes on-campus, find it a considerable advantage to be able to access accredited graduate business degree programs online. The CoBA offers an online Masters in SAP Finance, Sustainability Measurement & Reporting, and Leadership & Workplace Conflict Resolution. There is also an online MBA in Sustainable Business.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?