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Best Online MCAT Prep Courses A Guide to Getting Your Best Score on the MCAT

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Best Online MCAT Prep Courses

The decision to pursue a medical degree requires students to pass appropriate admissions examinations. If you are planning to become a medical doctor, then you need to pass the MCAT exam for your graduate admissions. The standardized test is required for all medical colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. By taking prep courses for the MCAT exam, students can prepare for the test and feel confident in their abilities to keep up with the format of the test.

Demand for the best online MCAT prep course is high among students who plan to pursue a degree in medicine. Since it is a required test for admissions, the prep courses are designed to help you succeed in passing the exam and preparing for the challenges that you may face when you move forward with your educational goals. You want to ensure that you get the right type of prep course to help with your goals based on your learning style and your preferences. You may also need to consider your budget, since some courses may offer more expensive options when compared to other programs.

By taking a prep course and focusing on using the right practice materials, you can feel confident in your ability to pass the exam. The courses and practice help you feel comfortable with the format of the multiple-choice test. It also ensures that you are aware of the common material that is covered by the exam. Students are able to develop their skills, prepare for the test, and pass the exam when they are willing to take measures to improve the outcome of the test.

1. Princeton Review


Princeton Review offers one of the best online MCAT prep courses for students who are looking for a way to improve their test results or to prepare for the first test they are taking. You have multiple options based on your preferences in relation to self-study or guided study. You can also make use of the free homework assistance that is available through Princeton Review to get assistance on questions that you may find difficult. The course materials vary based on the program that you select, so you can expect variations in the prices.

The cost of an MCAT prep course from Princeton Review depends on the specific type of course you select. Since you have options that are online or in-person, you may notice that the options that give you an in-person study program have a slightly higher cost when compared to a basic online program. It also offers different levels of preparation, as well as a boot camp option for students who have limited time to prepare for the exam. The price ranges from $1499 to $6999, though you will notice that there are often discount codes and discounted rates available to help reduce the costs at different times of the year.

2. Blueprint

blueprint 1

Blueprint is one of the best online MCAT prep courses for students who are planning to attend a medical college or degree. The prep course is customized to the needs of each student, so it ensures that you are getting the right assistance to pass the exam. You are able to test out of the material that you already know and focus on the courses and lessons that you need for the test. It also allows you to create a customized schedule. The website does offer free resources, which range from a free practice exam and a question of the day to free webinars and events.

The costs associated with Blueprint depend on the amount of assistance that you obtain. You can take the online prep course for $1799 or you can add tutoring to the online course for additional costs. The additional costs depend on the amount of tutoring you obtain, so it ranges from $3200 to $5600. Online tutoring does not require you to sign up for the online courses as well, so you can determine the specific options that fit your needs and the amount of time you need before the test. The courses offer practice questions, video resources, and practice exams. 

3. Critical Reader

critical reader 1

Critical Reader offers a variety of resources to help students prepare for the MCAT exam. The prep resources focus on details that range from tips to improve the process of taking the test to practice tests. Critical Reader focuses on providing students with test prep books and related resources to prepare for the exam. Students are able to get a full refund on books when they return the book within 14 days of receiving the item. 

Critical Reader also connects students to qualified tutors to prepare for the exam. Tutoring costs vary based on the specific tutor and the time a student wants to focus on their studies. Since the costs are variable on Critical Reader based on the materials you purchase and any tutoring you add to the basic books and preparatory resources, you will want to clarify the final costs before you determine if you want to continue forward with your study plans.

4. Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan logo

When you are looking for the best MCAT prep course online, you may consider the Kaplan Test Prep program for the MCAT. The prep course focuses on providing students with the appropriate study materials to ensure they are prepared to handle the MCAT exam. The exam likeness of the practice tests ensures that students are able to recognize the format of the test and have experience answering questions in the correct format. Students are guaranteed to increase their MCAT scores with a money-back guarantee. Kaplan Test Prep also gives students access to free practice and free events, which may help when students have a strict budget.

The costs associated with the Kaplan Test Prep course for the MCAT exam depend on the level of service you select or need for your test preparations. Students can opt for the online course, which includes practice questions and exams, for $1799. The program also allows students to opt for a monthly practice solution that is $49 per month until the student discontinues the program. If you want to work with a tutor, then you can opt for the one-on-one tutoring program that costs $3699. Students should keep in mind that Kaplan Test Prep does offer a payment plan for the more expensive services without any interest and may offer special promotional rates at different times of the year to help cut back on costs.

5. Khan Academy


Khan Academy offers an MCAT prep course online that helps students prepare for the examination. Many of the video courses are available for free due to donations made to the Khan Academy, so students are able to access overviews and some materials without any costs for the lessons. While students may be able to access some free videos and materials, the online prep course is primarily focused on practice questions to prepare students for the multiple-choice format of the MCAT exam.

The Khan Academy focuses on providing a free educational solution to help students prepare for their exams. As a result, the cost of the MCAT prep course is free for students who are taking the exam. It is a non-profit organization, so students are able to make donations to help them continue providing free resources to assist with examinations and student education. Students should be aware that the materials at the Khan Academy are designed for self-study. It is a budget-friendly option to help you prepare for the MCAT exam through practice and video lessons.

6. Magoosh

Magoosh logo

When you want to focus on the best MCAT online prep course, Magoosh is a good option to help with your goals. The MCAT prep course from Magoosh emphasizes accessibility, flexibility, and effective lesson plans. The result is that students are able to work on the materials at their own pace and improve their ability to focus on their personal goals. It breaks down the material for the MCAT exam into 380 lessons, which allows students to focus on learning the material at their own pace and working through different areas of study as it fits their personal schedules. Students are also able to access practice questions to ensure they are prepared for the MCAT exam.

The costs associated with Magoosh depend on your personal decisions and choices. Magoosh offers a seven-day trial to help students determine if the online course fits their learning styles. It also offers a one-month and 12-month plan, so students are able to select the duration of time they want for their study materials. The plans range from $179 to $199, depending on the specific plan you select. Magoosh also offers a ten-point guarantee, so if you do not see your scores increase by ten points or more after completing the comprehensive plan, the company does refund your money for the materials. Furthermore, it offers a seven-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the format or style of the lessons.

7. Peterson’s

petersons 1

Peterson’s offers an online MCAT prep course that assists with your goal of passing the exam for a medical school. The program emphasizes the use of practice when it comes to your ability to pass the test and it goes over the answers on practice exams and quizzes to ensure that you understand the full context of the topic before the exam. It also provides an opportunity to get used to the multiple-choice format of the MCAT exam before you sit for the exam.

The cost of the online prep course depends on your preferences for the tool. You can opt for a subscription-based program that allows access to multiple test materials, including the MCAT materials and other graduate tests, or you can focus on the 90-day program that is only for the MCAT. The price ranges from $29.95 for the three-month access to the materials for the MCAT to a $39 per month program that gives access to a greater amount of materials and is paid each month. Peterson’s may offer discounts and promotions to help reduce the costs at different times of the year.

8. Varsity Tutors

varsity tutors

Varsity Tutors offers an online MCAT prep course that allows students to prepare for the exam. The primary method of teaching through Varsity Tutors is a one-on-one tutoring solution. Since you are working with individual tutors, the actual costs of the services through the website may vary. You should also keep in mind that the costs may depend on the amount of tutoring your select for your preparation to complete the exam.

While the costs for Varsity Tutors may vary based on the amount of time you spend with an online tutor to prepare for the exam, it does offer free resources to help with your preparations. You can take free MCAT practice tests in four different categories. You have several hundred practice tests available, so you can get in as much practice as you need before the actual exam. You can also take diagnostic tests through the website for free to determine your current level of preparation and to clarify areas of weakness that may impact your results. The benefit of the practice exams is the ability to identify the areas of weakness and your specific strengths so that you can prioritize your study efforts.

What is the MCAT? 

When you are looking into the admission requirements for medical school, you may notice that every college or university requires an MCAT score. That brings up a question. What is the MCAT test? By clarifying what is the MCAT exam before you start working on studying for the test, you will feel comfortable with the effort you need to take to pass the exam.

mcat 2

The Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, is an exam that evaluates your critical thinking skills, your current level of knowledge as it relates to different biological sciences, and your verbal and written skills. The test helps colleges and universities identify students who are prepared for the rigors of medical school and who have the base knowledge they need to continue with their goals of becoming a medical doctor. 

The exam takes seven hours and 30 minutes to complete, so you want to prepare in advance to ensure that you are able to pass the test the first time you take the exam. The test has a maximum score of 528, so you want to make sure you get as close to the maximum score as possible. It is completed on a computer and you will want to take practice exams to ensure that you understand the format before you sit for the exam. 

Keep in mind that every college or university in the United States and Canada requires the test for student admissions. In some colleges, the test scores are a critical part of the evaluation of students. You may notice that some schools in Canada may set an MCAT minimum score for students to qualify for admissions. Always pay attention to any cut-offs or minimum standards to ensure that you are aware of where you want to aim for the exam.

Who Needs to Take the MCAT?

When you are looking into who can take the MCAT exam, you want to recognize the standards of admission for different programs and schools. Every student who plans to attend medical school to become a doctor is required to take the MCAT exam before they apply for a college or university. Who can take the MCAT test? Any individual who is planning to attend medical school. It is not necessary for students who are planning to go into a graduate school for other topics, such as business or finance. 

mcat 1

Students who are planning to study nursing or related topics in the medical field may need to take the exam in some situations. Keep in mind that standards for nurses or other medical professionals may differ from the standards set for medical doctors who plan to attend medical school. If you are not certain about the standards for the specific type of degree you intend to pursue, then you should look into the standards or suggestions set by the college or university. 

What is Covered on the MCAT? 

A common question that may arise when you are studying for the MCAT exam is what is on the MCAT test and how do you prepare for the topics. What is on the MCAT exam? Generally, the test looks into verbal skills, written skills, critical thinking skills, and science skills. 

mcat 4

You should prepare for the different sections based on your current base of knowledge. The MCAT exam covers biological and biochemical topics, chemical and physical foundations, psychological, social, and behavioral foundations, and scientific inquiry and reasoning skills. It will also test students on their critical analysis skills to ensure that students are able to use critical thinking skills in difficult situations.

Students should recognize that they must have a strong foundation in different sciences to pass the exam. You will need to make sure that you are prepared to handle the topics related to biology, chemistry, psychology, and biochemistry before you move forward with a medical degree. The test ensures that you have the fundamental knowledge you need to build on in your education and it gives students the opportunity to study areas of science that may have weaknesses before they move forward with a graduate program.

How to Pass the MCAT? 

Before you decide to look into solutions about how to pass the exam, you must start with what is a good score for the MCAT exam. What is a good score on the MCAT? It depends on your expectations for a good score. Students may consider a good score to be a perfect score or they may look at the average and aim for any score above the average to ensure that they have a higher chance of getting into their school of choice for medical studies.

mcat 3

What is the highest score on the MCAT? By clarifying what is the highest MCAT score, you can ensure that you aim for a score that is as close to the highest level as possible. In the case of the MCAT, the highest score is 528. As a result, you may want to know what is the average score on the MCAT to ensure you have a range of scores that are ideal for your studies.

What is the average MCAT score? The average score on the test is 500, with many students getting around 125 in each category. So, when you are asking what is a perfect score on the MCAT, it means that you want to know what is the highest MCAT score you can get and the maximum is 528. You cannot get higher than a 528 score, but most students get closer to the average score of 500 when compared to the perfect score of 528.

A passing score depends on the college or university that you plan to attend. Any school that sets a cut-off will consider any score below the cut-off as a failing score, even if it is close to the average score. That is due to the level of competition for a place in the college or university.

The process of passing the exam depends on your specific level of knowledge and your current weaknesses. As a general rule, you will want to take several practice exams and quizzes to prepare for the format of the test. You do not want to be caught off-guard and struggle with the testing format when you sit for the actual test. Since the test takes several hours, you want to make sure that you are prepared to handle the format of the questions and the testing style before you start taking the test. It will allow you to focus on the content of the test and questions rather than trying to figure out the basic format.

Practice tests also allow you to clarify the type of questions you can expect on the exam. It gives you an overview of the topics and the sections, which allows you to feel confident as you start working on the test. You will want to take a few practice tests before you take the MCAT test.

Preparing for the exam also requires fundamental knowledge of multiple topics. You want to clarify your current weaknesses and strengths, and then work on building up your weaknesses while maintaining your basic knowledge as it applies to your strengths. Focus on your weak areas and study the topics to ensure that you have the right basic knowledge for the test. You can also go through overviews and content on any of the topics covered by the exam, even if you are well-versed in a specific topic.

Studying the material and taking practice exams will help you prepare of the MCAT test. You can also consider one-on-one tutoring or an online MCAT prep course to get the help, practice, and materials that you need to continue with your plans to start medical school.

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