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10 Best Degrees for Undecided Students What to study when you can't decide

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When entering college, not everyone has a set career plan. Although some students have a clear major in place, others are not totally sure. Selecting a major is a huge decision and impacts a person’s entire life. Each college offers a large list of potential programs.

When selecting a major, you should consider your individual interests. When you identify what you love, it makes it easier to choose a future job path. Luckily, there are a few majors that may be perfect for undecided students.

As you continue to read, you can uncover how each degree path can help you find the perfect life career. It is essential to think carefully and to stick to things that strike your passion.

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1. Business

A business degree is quite versatile. In fact, it is applicable for any industry. In many ways, it provides a broad span of places where you can work. For example, A business degree opens possibilities in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and all sorts of sectors. By taking management classes, you learn essential skills that build strategic thinking.

In many ways, business is the cornerstone of the world’s economy. It provides structure and teaches all about the internal and external processes that are associated with finances. In many ways, the education behind a business degree teaches a person how to make a company run efficiently.

A general business degree takes a general approach and does not focus on any one field. Therefore, if you are uncertain about how to begin your career, a degree in this area offers exposure to many different facets and industries.

Normally, a bachelor’s degree in business will take four years to complete. When you exit college, you may be prepared to begin life as an entrepreneur, pre-law school candidate, or administrator. In other words, a business degree does not mean that you are limited to a desk job. This type of education opens the doors for gaining the ability to apply for a broad range of jobs throughout the country.

2. Computer Science

A degree in computer science is another worthwhile choice for an individual who has not declared a definite college major. Of course, most people own at least one computer. As technology constantly changes, these devices are becoming more and more powerful throughout the world. When you receive proper training, it is possible to find excellent career opportunities. This type of program is an smart idea for a person who enjoys math or problem-solving.

As many businesses are becoming automated, individuals with computer science degrees are in high-demand. This means that you will easily find employment. Also, a great benefit is solid pay. In fact, you can earn a starting salary up to $78,000 in certain states.

To achieve a degree in this major, you would likely take math classes and statistics courses. Also, you may take data management and computer theory classes. However, the main target of this program is to become good at abstract thinking. This is the goal of any solid liberal education. Having training in computer science can make this possible.

Besides the technical aspect of computer science, it also offers a theoretical side. It asks philosophical questions and combines creativity and precision. A degree in this field is quite practical and offers a flexible range of jobs to any graduate.

3. Liberal Arts Studies

It is very common for an undecided individual to pursue a liberal arts degree. With this major, you will study a multitude of topics, including math, philosophy, literature, and history. Since your courses will involve general topics, it provides education that makes you well-rounded.

A liberal arts degree is not meant to train you for one specific career. However, it should prepare you for a variety of jobs by giving knowledge and training that helps you communicate effectively and form individual opinions.

With liberal arts studies, you will cover many subjects that examine the world and people with different viewpoints. In other words, you will cover the things that have cultivated civilizations for centuries. You will learn practical skills that can be applied to your job after graduation. Many people who receive this degree will follow with graduate school for more specialized career training.

Even though some people frown upon going to college undecided, a liberal arts degree offers skills and knowledge that is always essential in the workforce. Since the world changes fast, technology is always evolving. People who select specific degrees may find it difficult to secure employment. However, having the abilities and attributes from a liberal arts program keeps you relevant.

To be sure, this degree options is one of the best for undecided students. By having a chance to take varying classes, you can identify your true interests. If necessary, you can continue higher education after graduation.

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4. Education

When you are undecided and are having trouble picking a particular major, education may be a smart alternative. After all, an education program explores human learning. You are taught the most effective teaching techniques and the best ways to pass information to others.

In the beginning of your curriculum, you will likely take introductory classes that help you understand if teaching is something that you want to do as your lifelong career. If you do not want to teach in a traditional classroom, it is still feasible to major in this field. You can enjoy employment in business or counseling. In this manner, an undecided major can gain value from an education degree.

As an education major, you will develop lifelong skills. For instance, you will learn how to collaborate with others, the art of negotiation, patience, and the roles of great leaders. Besides having the opportunity to shape the lives of others, you receive a solid education in the process.

If you are an undecided student who wants to enter a stable career field, teaching is a good choice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a substantial increase in available high school teaching jobs over the next decade. It expected that there will be approximately 78,000 more positions available.

5. Communication

In today’s world, the best skill that a college graduate can possess is effective communication. This is why it is an attractive degree option for undecided students.

Communication is much more than giving speeches. A degree in this field teaches you how to read and write effectively as well. In the end, your career possibilities are endless. For instance, you will be trained to enter jobs in social media, film, or advertising.

During your time in college, you will learn how to convey important ideas through visuals, text, and graphics. In fact, you will be prepared to perform survey research, to write clean and compelling copy, and to conduct qualitative social analysis.

Thanks to the broad courses that you will complete, you will have a fine grasp in a number of topics. This means that you gain flexibility for your career choices. You have a variety of opportunities to work in fields that are growing fast. For instance, employment in media communications is anticipated to grow over the next few years.

When you study communications, you can improve the ways that you see others. Also, you can learn how to develop and manage relationships so that you work effectively with others. These abilities will make you successful in any industry.

6. Psychology

A degree in psychology provides numerous opportunities in life to positively help others. It is ideal for individuals who enjoy solving practical problems. Throughout your education, you will learn how to efficiently communicate and refine your critical thinking skills. Most importantly, you will uncover your ethical and social responsibilities for our diverse society.

An undecided student may not know exactly what he or she wants to be in life. However, a degree in psychology opens many career pathways. For example, you can focus on scientific research that involves behavior of the brain. Therefore, if you enjoy science, this is a helpful degree. Also, you can begin work at a clinical facility or in the corporate world. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree allows you to become a counselor, human resource manager, lab assistant, advertising/marketing executive, or another exciting career.

Most people lean towards this degree when they want to help others live their best lives. For instance, you can help a person deal with mental illness, trauma, or drug misuse. On the side of research, you can study treatments for various diseases and disorders that affect cognitive abilities.

Luckily, the job outlook for people in the psychology field is very good. The Beareau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for people with psychology degrees will grow 25 percent over the next two decades. This includes jobs in schools, colleges, clinical settings, and laboratories.

7. Mathematics

The study of mathematics can offer a number of opportunities to undecided students. You can become a better problem solver and gain skills that are practical for an infinite amount of job roles.

Mathematics plays a role in a number of industries. Unlike other majors, the things that you learn impact real-life problems. Even if you do not choose a specialized area of math, you still learn ways to contribute to future advancements of the world.

Studying math allows you to learn how to spot patterns, visualize ideas, work systematically, and utilize logical reasoning. These abilities are worthwhile for a multitude of industries. This means that you can transfer your skills into fields like banking, engineering, teaching, finance, and many others.

Mathematics is a study that is surrounded by numbers and the ability to calculate trends. Also, it plays a necessary part in the development of new technologies. All types of organizations look for people with the ability to effectively handle data. For this reason, jobs for mathematicians are expected to triple by 2028. Besides being able to find solid employment, a median starting salary is estimated to be $88,000.

8. History

It is known that history repeats itself, so having a history degree will help you comprehend today’s world and the changes that are ahead. If you enjoy thinking and reasoning, this degree can open doors in areas like research, law, or film. Of course, history majors study other things than just the past. In many ways, this type of degree allows you to create a link to the present by analyzing how different events have shaped beliefs and cultures that surround us.

History majors develop crucial leadership skills and master the art of critical thinking. As an undergraduate student, you gain useful talents that are valuable to employers across the number of industries. Many people decide to pursue graduate or law school after the first four years of study.

Experts agree that a degree in history has many possible applications. Every job requires a worker to have a knowledge of context. It is essential to comprehend circumstances that form the setting of an idea, event, or statement. This makes it possible to understand how our culture was formed. Therefore, you can make solid assumptions about where it will be in the future.

In particular, people who decide to pursue careers in business benefit from history degrees. Since they are able to provide historical context, it is possible to identify the things that were tried and successful. Also, it is possible to pinpoint things that have been tried and that have gone wrong. This makes it possible to learn from mistakes so that they are not repeated. This is essential for companies that are trying to create positive corporate and marketing strategies.

9. English

In fact, English is a perfect major for undecided students. An English degree teaches individuals to be passionate about the written word. Also, it prepares them to think critically, communicate effectively, and perform research. As an English major, a student is expected to ask questions, make assumptions, and take responsibility for his or her interpretations. Individual students are taught to live in this complicated world and to be a proponent of change. In other words, it helps you gain skills that make you valuable in number of industries.

Commonly, an English major will work as a journalist, teacher, or librarian. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to other career options. For instance, if you are considering a job in the medical field, you should consider an English undergraduate degree. It will prepare you to understand people’s problems and how to ethically research ways to help.

Many undecided students choose degree programs that seem lucrative. However, in the long-term, they end up unsuccessful. Fortunately, the skills acquired by receiving an English degree are not affected by marketplace trends. When certain technology fields become saturated, it is difficult to gain solid employment. Fortunately, communication and critical thinking skills are always welcome in the workforce. In the end, people with English degrees are versatile workers who thrive in a professional atmosphere.

10. Economics

Economics is a large part of everyday life. Also, it acts as a gateway to the future. An an economics major, you will gain an international perspective that will help you influence business decisions and adapt to the changing market trends.

Economics is a broad major. You can concentrate on the world’s position or on making individual decisions that affect a particular company. If you are interested in the financial sector and enjoy solving problems, this is a wise degree choice for an undecided student.

When a person studies this subject, he or she comes to better understand people and markets. This helps to identify opportunities and threats within business. The flexibility of this degree helps a person gain employment in politics, finance, actuary, foreign affairs, healthcare, and many more fields.

In fact, the heart of economics is the study of evaluating alternatives to certain solutions and learning how to make better choices. These skills are desired in a number of industries. It is a strong starting point for a person who wishes to pursue law school as well. A positive statistic shows that people with this type of degree will find a large pool of potential job opportunities after graduation. This field is expected to grow 13 percent over the next 10 years.

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Making a Decision

A number of students graduate high school without a set future. If you are in this position, it is still wise to seek a college degree so that you further your education and broaden your knowledge. An undecided student can select from the above majors and gain valuable skills that will help to secure solid employment.

It is vital to take your time and to enter a major that conforms to your interests and that brings you personal satisfaction. Selecting a general area of study or an interdisciplinary degree program may open many doors and create opportunities that provide a career that offers a life of happiness and wealth.


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