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Over the past few decades our society has advanced in technology by leaps and bounds. Computers and technology quickly became a linchpin in our businesses, as well as our personal lives. Technological advances allowed us to constantly connect to our our loved ones and our world. We no longer solely rely on physical meeting, but look for tweets, pins, and likes to create our social systems.

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While some might see this as a saturation of technology within our lives, those in the tech and computer world keep finding ways to innovate and push boundaries with no stopping in sight. This ever-expanding world will continually be looking for educated professionals to propel our future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the field of computer and information technology occupations to grow by 13 percent, adding over 550,000 new jobs in the US. But the number of jobs is not the only things that keeps growing, tech and computer careers can offer some of the most high-paying salaries. Professionals looking to keep climbing the ladder in this sector should find a high-quality degree to get them there.

Online degrees in the tech and computer sector can be advantageous on many levels. Not only can students choose to pursue a degree beyond the confines of schools within their geographic vicinity, they can find degrees that allow them to finish all their courses in a flexible, 100% online format. This type of degree will allow students to gain real-world work experience while also pursuing their education.

This list ranks the Highest Paying Online Tech and Computer Degrees for 2020. After graduation, graduates pursue careers with salaries ranging from $50,000 to almost $160,000 a year. To rank these high paying degree program, we used the most recent median salaries recorded by PayScale. These online tech and computer degrees will help propel students to exciting and rewarding careers in technology.

#1 – Online Doctorate in Data Science

Online Doctorate in Data ScienceThe Online Doctorate in Data Science yields the highest paying online tech and computer degree obtainable. PayScale states that a Data Science Director, who oversees all that a data science team accomplishes, has an average salary of $158,841. PayScale also shows that a Data Scientist, who works with IT teams to improve and analyze complex and statistical data, makes an average of $90,600. This 100% online doctorate prepares students for success through courses including principles of data science, big data integration, data mining, quantitative research design, databases & business intelligence, strategic management of data, and data reporting & visualization. Coursework also includes a capstone course and a dissertation. It can be completed in four to seven years while working full time. Graduates will have learned how to develop, use, evaluate, and explain data science-related knowledge, theories, strategies, perspectives, practices, and applications in order to manage, maintain, and increase best practices and solve problems in many areas of the technological industry.

Average Salary:

Data Science Director: $158,841
Data Scientist: $90,600

#2 – Online Degree in Business Administration in Information Technology Management

Online Degree in Business Administration in Information Technology ManagementInformation technology is an ever-changing, ever-growing key element to the functioning of businesses and society. Because of this, the Online Degree in Business Administration in Information Technology Management is one of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees to pursue. The online bachelors and masters degrees will equip students with the business and information technology skills and expertise through rigorous coursework including business policies & strategies, ethics, accounting, IT project management, data-driven decision making, IT strategic solutions, and fundamentals of database systems. Students will study programming, oversight, networking, security, business fundamentals, database administration, and many other areas of IT while gaining leadership, management, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills throughout this degree. Graduates are prepared to pursue many different high paying career paths including Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. According to PayScale, A CIO makes an average salary of $155,880, and a CTO makes $154,924. These are high-level executive positions responsible for an organization’s information framework and development of technology respectively.

Average Salary:

CIO (Chief Information Officer): $155,880
CTO (Chief Technology Officer): $154,924
Technical Program Manager: $120,727
Senior Business Analyst (Computer Hardware/Software/Systems): $91,673

#3 – Online Master’s in Information Technology Management

Online Degree in Information Technology ManagementInformation Technology managers are in high demand and have a solid career path ahead of them. One of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees is the Online Degree in Information Technology Management. A fully online master’s degree prepares students for mid-level to upper-level IT management positions in a vast array of businesses, industries, institutions, and government agencies. Students will gain knowledge and experience in the role of business in the IT industry, programming, technical advancements, troubleshooting, operating systems, software and hardware systems, technical reporting, and managing daily operations through a global, ethical, and environmental perspective. Coursework includes classes such as project management, networking standards & protocols, managerial finance, microcomputer systems architecture, management enterprise resources, and IT auditing & assurance. Students will graduate with enhanced skills in human relations, complex problem solving, strategic planning, leadership, project and time management, communication, adaptability, and teamwork. According to PayScale, a Vice President, Information Technology makes an annual salary of $148,569, and an Information Technology Director makes $115,728.

Average Salary:

Vice President, Information Technology: $148,569
Information Technology Director: $115,728

#4 – Online Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering

Online Degree in Software EngineeringAnother one of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees is the Online Degree in Software Engineering. This degree teaches an area of engineering that deals with the design, development, testing, production, operation, and application of software. The curriculum involved in the online bachelors and masters programs combines engineering, software construction, computing, and project leadership while demonstrating a holistic approach to the fundamentals and principles of software design, analysis, methods, techniques, and concepts. Classes include object-oriented programming, calculus for engineers, computer systems fundamentals, discrete mathematical structures, engineering statistics, pattern oriented design, software systems architecture, and software construction. Having a 100% online delivery, students have the advantage of obtaining this convenient and flexible education while working full time. A Computer Software Engineer of Applications develops and installs computer software, systems, programs, and codes for a wide range of organizations. A Software Engineering Director works with IT professionals and oversees all projects involving software. PayScale states the average annual salary range to be $73,793 – $145,633, respectively.

Average Salary:

Software Engineering Director: $145,633
Solutions Architect: $115,792
Software Engineer: $83,879
Computer Software Engineer, Applications: $73,793

#5 – Online Doctorate in Information Technology

Online Degree in Information TechnologyEach year, information technology becomes increasingly vital to our daily existence. A Doctorate in Information Technology is one of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees. The degrees prepare students to pursue a wide variety of careers. An Enterprise Architect, who focuses mainly on the maintenance of IT networks, projects, and services makes $129,969 according to PayScale. In this degree path students will acquire fundamental knowledge and technical depth in all areas of IT such as network troubleshooting, computing, IT infrastructure, optimizing resources, organizational structure, designing computer systems, understanding user needs and experiences, and cybersecurity. Possible classes throughout the degree are relational database management systems, computer architecture, human-computer interaction, IT foundations, information analysis, modeling, representation, & communication; and security analysis, along with leadership simulator courses and seminars. Graduates will have obtained many certifications including CompTIA A+, CIW Site Development Associate, and LPI Linux Essentials.

Average Salary:

Enterprise Architect: $129,969
Senior Project Manager, IT: $112,056
Computer and Information Scientist, Research: $110,231

#6 – Online Degree in Software Development

Online Degree in Software DevelopmentThere is an increasingly high demand for people who are motivated, driven and are wired to understand and create technology. This type of person should pursue an Online Degree in Software Development. Being one of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees, the online associates, bachelors, and masters offer flexible and convenient avenues for achievement. Students will build upon their technical skills and gain experience in software languages, web & mobile applications, systems analysis, computer theory, manipulating data, coding, analysis and design concepts, research methods, and networking and how it all applies to the development of software. Virtual laboratories for hands-on learning in SQL, Java, and web applications enhance the experience. Possible classes include C++ programming, usability in website & software design, operating systems architecture, agile software development, business telecommunications, database connectivity, and web scripting. Graduates can pursue many careers including a Software Development Manager. This position is responsible for the full process of creating software systems. According to PayScale, they make $121,988 on average.

Average Salary:

Software Development Manager: $121,988
Senior Programmer Analyst: $86,789
Business Intelligence Developer: $77,842

#7 – Online Degree in Computer Science

Online Degree in Computer SciencejpgBeing one of the fastest growing industries, another one of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees is the Online Degree in Computer Science. Dealing with how computers use algorithms to solve problems in areas from numerical analysis to artificial intelligence, this topic of study opens to a broad range of in-demand careers. Coursework throughout the online associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees includes computer science, computer organization, programming languages, calculus, cyber-physical systems security, embedded systems optimization, educational technology, graduate algorithms, software development lifecycle, and structured query language with possible specializations in computational perception & robotics, interactive intelligence, and machine learning. This degree not only equips students with innovative skills in math, science, engineering, communication, and critical and collaborative thinking, it also teaches how to analyze and expose problems, leverage technology, predict trends, evaluate methods, and maintain security in computer software design and development. According to PayScale, a Software Architect makes an average of $121,537 annually.

Average Salary:

Software Architect: $121,537
Senior Java Developer: $99,630
Development Operations Engineer: $91,251
Senior Systems Administrator: $83,594

#8 – Online Degree in Systems & Network Administration

Online Degree in Systems Network AdministrationThe Online Degree in Systems & Network Administration involves the networks and systems within computer infrastructures. Organizations require effective management and security for their information networks as technology is rapidly changing. The online associate, bachelors, and masters degrees aim to equip students with advanced skills in network concepts & solutions, secure network design, technology, routing methods, server administration, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and network management. This high paying online tech and computer degree path leads to a variety of occupations from a Computer/Network Support Technician to an Architect (Computer Software and Hardware) who is responsible for designing and developing computer software and hardware. According to PayScale, this degree yields a wide range of average annual salaries from $42,000 to $120,453, respectively. Classes include computer hardware, workplace communications, Linux administration, mathematics, information security, software-defined networks, Internetworking with TCP/IP, and hacking countermeasures. Case studies and virtual hands-on coursework involving components such as Microsoft® Server, VMWare® vCenter vSphere, and Cisco® networking products give graduates relevant experience.

Average Salary:

Architect (Computer Software and Hardware): $120,453
Systems Architect: $108,027
System Administrator, Computer/Network: $59,888
Computer/Network Support Technician: $42,000

#9 – Online Degree in Cloud Computing

Online Degree in Cloud ComputingThe newer term, cloud computing, is a rapidly growing and evolving part of the computer technology industry. The Online Degree in Cloud Computing is one of the highest paying online tech and computer degrees available. It helps qualify students to best assist companies in the challenging process of continuing in or preparing to transform their data sharing and storage to the cloud in an effective and secure manner. Classes such as mobile app development & mobile computing, migrating data & applications to the cloud, enterprise & cloud security, foundations of cloud computing, data management, and distributed systems best equip students to take on the challenge. The online bachelors and masters degrees instill skills in technology & cloud analysis, project management, professional development, cloud computing solutions, and new technologies like chatbots, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. It also helps prepare students for many different certifications. According to PayScale, a Cloud Solutions Architect makes $119,008 annually and is responsible for the entire design of the digital cloud for an organization.

Average Salary:

Cloud Solutions Architect: $119,008
Network Architect: $118,286
Information Security Analyst: $70,390

#10 – Online Degree in Computer Engineering

Online Degree in Computer EngineeringjpgWhen you take the part of computer science that uses hardware and software to provide computing solutions and combine it with electronic engineering, you create the field of computer engineering. Another high paying online tech and computer degree is the Online Degree in Computer Engineering. It prepares graduates for many different occupations including a Computer Hardware Engineer, who develops computer hardware systems and a Senior Database Administrator, who is well versed in programming languages and responsible for creating database architecture within computer software. PayScale states the average annual salaries to be $80,900 and $105,401, respectively. Classes such as programming, optical interferometry & laser metrology, power systems, accelerator engineering, hardware/software design of embedded systems, optical properties in solids, advanced circuit analysis, microprocessor & microcontrollers, and internet engineering help provide an essential understanding of how hardware and software function cohesively. The online bachelors and masters degrees are a flexible, affordable, convenient way to achieve the education and experience needed for career advancement.

Average Salary:

Senior Database Administrator: $105,401
Computer Hardware Engineer: $80,900

#11 – Online Doctorate in Systems Engineering

Online Doctorate in Systems EngineeringA high paying online tech and computer degree created for senior management executives is the Online Doctorate in Systems Engineering. Today’s organizations face intricate, multi-disciplinary challenges that are tackled by the design and management of complex systems. These systems, to assist in creating solutions, extract tools from several different fields including operations research, software engineering, risk analysis, control systems, and networking & security. The online delivery system allows students to watch live or recorded lectures and provides flexibility to pursue a career and an advanced education at the same time. Some of the topics of study are systems engineering processes, simulation modeling & experimentation, dynamics of complex engineering systems, advanced IT project management, electrical power engineering, energy conversion for electrical power systems, and cybersecurity awareness for systems engineers. Doctoral students will conduct modern research and complete their course of study with a dissertation. Graduates can advance in their careers as a Senior Systems Engineer and make an annual salary of $101,583, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Senior Systems Engineer: $101,583

#12 – Online Degree in Computer Networking

Online Degree in Computer NetworkingIn business and life, it is beneficial for us to network with others, to share resources and ideas, to work together towards a common goal. It is also helpful to us that computers do the same thing. This leads us to an Online Degree in Computer Networking. This high paying online tech and computer degree path, through the online associates and bachelors, prepares students to either work behind the scenes or advance into management roles. It is valuable for students to be savvy in technology, computers, analytical thinking, adaptability, independent learning, effective communication, and solving problems under pressure. Coursework includes computer network design, Microsoft operating systems, network technologies, computer concepts, networking security, routers & switches, wireless networking fundamentals, and computer integration. Graduates will have a full understanding of computer hardware and software and the expertise in how to build networks to efficiently, effectively, and securely share data and are fully prepared to obtain many different required certifications. According to PayScale, a Senior Network Engineer makes $98,490 annually.

Average Salary:

Senior Network Engineer: $98,490
Information Systems Manager: $82,543
Network Engineer: $71,591

#13 – Online Bachelors in Information Sciences

Online Bachelors in Information SciencesInformation is everywhere, and our world relies on it in order to function. A high paying online tech and computer degree is the Online Bachelors in Information Science which equips students with the ability to research, collect, store, analyze, interpret, classify, transmit, organize, manipulate, manage, protect, and utilize information and its processes. This degree incorporates people, technology, and information and qualifies students to establish and carry out information policies, systems, practices, services, products, analyses, and management to meet the rapidly evolving changes and needs of the user for private and public organizations. Classes include information indexing & organization, information retrieval systems, metadata, information agencies, records management, data modeling & data warehousing, and information architecture with possible concentrations in digital content & information systems, information science & knowledge organization, and information management. The online format provides a flexible and convenient avenue to receive an education while working. Graduates can pursue several high paying occupations, one being an Information Architect who makes an average salary of $95,916, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Information Architect: $95,916
Information Assurance Analyst: $72,221

#14 – Online Bachelors in Data Management

Online Bachelors in Data ManagementOrganizations use big data more than ever before to provide excellent and innovative customer experiences. The Online Bachelors in Data Management prepares students to manage, analyze, and manipulate the retrieval, interpretation, and application of such data. Through courses like critical thinking & logic, applied algebra, IT applications, network & security foundations, scripting & programming, integrated physical sciences, systems & services, and data management, the curriculum emphasizes the wrangling, analysis, visualization, and management of data. Students will be assessed through online tests, papers, projects, and a capstone course and can immediately apply learned knowledge to their current job. There are built-in certifications such as CompTIA IT Operations Specialist and Oracle Database SQL within the degree. This high paying online tech and computer degree leads to a career in analytics management. An Analytics Manager makes an average annual salary of $93,070, according to PayScale, and oversees data analytics tasks, strategies, information, research, and solutions for their organization.

Average Salary:

Analytics Manager: $93,070

#15 – Online Degree in Healthcare Informatics

Online Degree in Healthcare InformaticsThe Online Degree in Healthcare Informatics is perfect for those who have an interest in this fast-growing field which combines information technology, information systems, and healthcare with a focus on data analytics, management, and leadership. The online bachelors and masters degree path includes these topics of study: anatomy & physiology; health information technology & systems; technical communication; workflow process analysis, system development, human factors, & usability; leadership & strategic management in health settings; healthcare data science; and health information, legislation, privacy, & security. It also includes internship opportunities, a practicum, and preparedness for required certification. Students will graduate knowing how to ethically and analytically manage people, operations, IT-based changes, programs, services, and innovations throughout the healthcare industry. This flexible and convenient high paying online tech and computer degree opens to a wide range of occupations from a Clinical Analyst to a Clinical Informatics Manager who, according to PayScale, have an average salary range of $67,968 to $90,331, respectively.

Average Salary:

Clinical Informatics Manager: $90,331
Informatics Nurse: $77,188
Clinical Informatics Specialist: $76,028
Clinical Analyst: $67,968

#16 – Online Bachelors in Management Information Systems

Online Bachelors in Management Information SystemsAnother high paying online tech and computer degree is the Online Bachelors in Management Information Systems. This field gathers and dissects information from people, technology, and processes for managers to use in making the best value and most profitable decisions for their company. Throughout the degree, students gain pertinent knowledge in integrating system components to solve problems, current industry expertise, and skills in finding solutions, project management, leadership, and analytical, critical, and logical thinking. The curriculum includes hands-on experience, internships, applied projects, and classes such as digital foundations, business communications, financial & managerial accounting, principles of management, IT concepts & applications, cybersecurity principles, applied operating systems, networks & security, and application development with possible electives in website design and cyber fusion center. A couple of career paths this degree leads to are a Technical Project Manager, who makes $90,147 annually, and a Database Engineer who makes $81,013 annually, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Technical Project Manager: $90,147
Database Engineer: $81,013

#17 – Online Degree in Network & Communications Management

Online Degree in Network Communications ManagementConnectivity is our lifeline. We connect to people, computers, mobile devices, smartphones, etc. We need people who can navigate complex data communication systems and the Online Degree in Network & Communications Management prepares students to do that. This high paying online tech and computer degree offers online bachelors and masters programs which helps students obtain their education while working full time. Coursework instills expertise in computer interaction; wired, optical & wireless communication; IT operation, regulation, & trends; attention to detail; and network security. It enhances managerial, networking, communications, and technical skills. Topics of study throughout the degree path include installing secure email infrastructures, cryptographic algorithms, network design & performance, network troubleshooting & telephony integration, computer diagnostics & maintenance, introduction to switching; WAN technologies; and Voice/VoIP administration. Graduates find employment in a number of different industries in a wide variety of jobs including Network/Data Communications Managers, who bring in $89,388 annually, and Computer Security Specialists, who bring in $71,999 annually, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Network/Data Communications Manager: $89,388
Computer Security Specialist: $71,999

#18 – Online Degree in Computer Information Systems

Online Degree in Computer Information SystemsStudents who are interested in information systems, networked computer infrastructure and desire to work with software and hardware to help businesses succeed should pursue the Online Degree in Computer Information Systems. Courses of study include electronic commerce & security, business computer skills, mobile & enterprise computing, programming in C++, information systems analysis & design, software systems, and database design & implementation for business. Throughout the online associates, bachelors, and masters degrees, skills in solving problems, professionalism, entrepreneurship, coding, computer technology, perfectionism, ethical thinking, communication, leadership, and teamwork are enhanced. Students have the advantage of gaining virtual learning experience through virtual labs and hands-on projects. This degree path highlights the developmental cycle of systems and concentrates on these areas: data analytics, business & database management, software development & application, and enterprise systems. Being a high paying online tech and computer degree, it leads to high paying jobs like a Senior Systems Analyst who makes an average of $87,485 a year, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Senior Systems Analyst: $87,485
Computer Systems Analyst: $67,371

#19 – Online Degree in Computer Applications

Online Degree in Computer ApplicationsAn essential area of the computer world is that of computer applications. The Online Degree in Computer Applications provides knowledge in how to design, test, analyze, develop, troubleshoot, implement, and maintain software and computer applications. Students gain understanding in computer systems, Microsoft Office programs, internet technology, and other core concepts through courses such as basic & advanced productivity applications, data & file structure, office communications & presentation applications, application software integration, object-oriented programming concept using C++, data warehousing & mining, networking, and internet programming & technology. The online associates and bachelors degrees offer live interactive classes, virtual recordings, hands-on training, and internships to enhance the overall educational experience. This high paying online tech and computer degree has many different career paths for graduates including a Storage Area Network (SAN) Systems Administrator who makes an average of $85,436 a year, according to PayScale. They are experts in maintaining an organization’s data storage system.

Average Salary:

Storage Area Network (SAN) Systems Administrator: $85,436
Disaster Recovery Coordinator: $74,604

#20 – Online Degree in Instructional Technology

Online Degree in Instructional TechnologyAnother high paying online tech and computer degree is the Online Degree in Instructional Technology. With the increasing growth and usage of technology in education, this degree aims to equip students with the proficiency of the current training technologies and the ability to create and establish technology to better education and environments of learning. One advantage of offering online bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs is that the students get to obtain their education through the means of instructional technology. Coursework includes management of eLearning systems, production & utilization of instructional materials, training techniques, online learning & strategies for success, applied theories of instructional design, visual literacy, applications of digital media, distance education, and research-based instructional decision making. Instructional technology is used in businesses for corporate training, K-12 schools, colleges, universities and other professional development situations. This degree opens up a variety of occupations to pursue like a Director of Distance Teaching and Learning who, according to PayScale, makes an annual salary of $80,711.

Average Salary:

Director of Distance Teaching and Learning: $80,711
Instructional Designer: $61,345
Technology Coordinator: $48,050

#21 – Online Bachelors in Cybersecurity

Online Bachelors in CybersecurityThe security of computer information systems, networks, programs, and applications is of the utmost importance and is highly challenging, especially those that hold sensitive, private, and financial information. This is why the Online Bachelors in Cybersecurity is a high paying online tech and computer degree. PayScale shows that a Cyber Security Analyst makes $75,908 a year. The analyst will monitor, analyze, identify, and respond to data, risks, and threats and provide prevention solutions to best secure the integrity of the information. This degree, along with preparing students with the in-depth knowledge of computer systems, networks, and security principles, instills expertise in writing, communication, analysis, and problem-solving. Classes such as application security; incident response & investigation; cybersecurity foundations; operating system security; network security & defense; security assessment, auditing, & risk management; cyber defense; computer networking; and legal & human factors of cybersecurity qualify graduates to battle against cyber attacks and help keep all of our information safe.

Average Salary:

Cyber Security Analyst: $75,908

#22 – Online Bachelors in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations

Online Bachelors in Computer Forensics Digital InvestigationsSomeone who has an interest in forensics and computers should enter into the rapidly growing field of computer investigations with this Online Bachelors in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations. A Forensic Computer Analyst makes an average annual salary of $71,295, according to PayScale, and is responsible for locating, analyzing, and recovering data and information from computer systems and presenting the findings as forensic evidence. This high paying online tech and computer degree is designed for working adults, 100% online, and may take only one year to complete, depending. Along with a forensic internship and a senior seminar course, students attend classes such as criminal law & procedure, networking fundamentals, the law of searching & seizing digital evidence, criminal investigation, digital forensic investigation techniques, malware forensics, white collar crime, and mobile forensics. Graduates will be able to use appropriate laws and procedures, computer theory, industry trends, ethical standards, and effective techniques regarding computer forensics and digital investigation.

Average Salary:

Forensic Computer Analyst: $71,295

#23 – Online Associates in Electronics & Computer Technology

Online Associates in Electronics Computer TechnologyThose who have a passion for high-tech electronics and computers and want to learn how to maintain and repair these systems and products should pursue an Online Associates in Electronics & Computer Technology. This high paying online tech and computer degree integrates hardware, software, computers, electronics, programming, networking, controls and instrumentation, maintenance, and repair throughout the curriculum. Students will develop skills in LANs, WANs, the internet, troubleshooting, collaboration, adaptability, communication, ethics, professionalism, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Classes include operating systems, wireless communication, data communications, management information systems, information technology, routing, switching, logic & design, systems architecture, and digital fundamentals. The online delivery allows flexibility for students to work while obtaining their education to advance in their career. PayScale states that a Customer Service Engineer makes $62,259 a year on average. When a customer has a technical problem with a product, a customer service engineer is responsible for helping answer questions and provide solutions.

Average Salary:

Customer Service Engineer: $62,259
Electronics Engineering Technician: $55,000

#24 – Online Bachelors in Multimedia Design & Development

Online Bachelors in Multimedia Design DevelopmentThe Online Bachelors in Multimedia Design & Development is where artistic talent and information technology meet. It gives artists another platform, a different kind of muse to show their creative abilities coupled with their understanding of computer systems, web and media design, content creation, digital delivery, the interaction between electronic and traditional media, animation, web video editing, graphic media, and production. This high paying online tech and computer degree injects knowledge of multimedia integration, database methodology, content management, web technology, code review, software, and programming proficiency into the students during their course of study. With the standards integrated into the curriculum, students will be prepared to take the ACA exam once they graduate. Classes include business & computing, the business of graphics, emerging multimedia technologies, visual design fundamentals, web animation, information design, and responsive web design. Graduates will have enhanced communication, public speaking, ethical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and technological skills. PayScale states that a Video Game Designer has an average salary of $62,034.

Average Salary:

Video Game Designer: $62,034

#25 – Online Degree in Web Design & Development

Online Degree in Web Design DevelopmentThe Online Degree in Web Design & Development is the perfect degree path for those interested in either career advancement or a new career in this rapidly growing field of study. Combining creative and technical skills, students will learn the full process of how to design, build, and develop functional websites in classes such as designing digital images for the web, website design, writing for the web, web page development, server and client-side scripting, computer systems, internet & web architecture, usability in website & software design, operating systems, and web media. The online associates and bachelors degrees are provided for busy adults who are pursuing work while obtaining their education. This high paying online tech and computer degree enhances skills in critical thinking, communication, creativity, programming, scripting languages, editing software, and problem-solving. Graduates can pursue several different occupations including a Web Developer, who makes $58,500 a year, and a Web Producer, who makes $56,012 a year, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Web Developer: $58,500
Web Producer: $56,012
Web Designer and Developer: $54,277

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