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What Can I Do with a Master's in Fire Science?

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Welcome to the big leagues! If you are considering a master’s degree in fire science you are eyeing a top-level position of Fire Chief, Fire Inspector, or Safety Consultant. A master’s degree will build upon the foundation of an associate’s and bachelor’s program, focusing on leadership, finance management, and design. There are also a number of specializations available within a master’s program, that will give candidates a competitive edge to pursue higher-level advancement. Another reason one might pursue a master’s degree is to become a fire protection engineer, who designs products that prevent fire damage. Graduate studies in this field may vary in degree title, Emergency Management, disaster science, general fire engineering, and arson investigations. Generally, it takes two to three years of academic study to complete a master’s degree. Some programs offer accelerated formats. Master’s programs are also offered in a convenient online format so that you can advance while continuing to work from your home. 

Jobs You Can Get with a Master’s in Fire Science 

Jobs with a master’s in fire science are challenging demanding positions that require leadership and innovative skills; just to name a few. Taking on the responsibility of a fire department is a huge job that requires a lot of effort and focus, like that of accomplishing a master’s program. Graduates of a master’s program can apply to work at fire departments, local governments, public safety agencies, and sprinkler design companies in the US. The earning potential for jobs with a master’s degree is growing, so we looked up the salary for a fire department administrator and according to Payscale, they make $67,362 annually. If an increased earning a wage is not attractive enough, how does job security look? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth of a Fire inspector/Administrative is 8% from 2019 to 2029. Below we have selected some of the most prominent positions in the field. 

Safety Consultant 

As a first responder trained to work in some of the most dangerous environments, being aware of how to safely handle disaster equipment is part of dismantling fires. The primary position of a safety inspector is to assist organizations to install procedures that are compliant with local and state regulations, as informed by OSHA. Safety inspectors are tasked with communicating a comprehensive analysis of workplace safety hazards, then matriculating guidelines that must be maintained. Safety consultants are employed by everyone. They are a necessary requirement for business organizations, restaurants, and stadiums. 

Fire Protection Engineer 

If you like tinkering and have a mind for innovation, becoming a fire protection engineer is a great way to advance in the field of fire science. Especially now during a time in our country where safety is being reshaped every day. Businesses hire fire protection engineers to design systems, procedures, and products to decrease the occurrence of fire damage. These positions work closely with the state requirements so as to be able to offer the public a safety product as soon as OSHA or state and federal safety guidelines change, according to natural disasters or pandemics. 

Fire Department Administrative Manager

The leadership position of fire department administrative manager holds a supervisor’s role in fire departments, safety organizations, and fire investigative divisions. Advancement to this position will require a master’s degree in fire emergency services, fire science, or organizational leadership with a specialization in fire and rescue. As a public servant, this requires being accountable to city and district financial reporting, office information systems, training, and personnel evaluations. Understanding the history of fire safety and remaining aware of the constantly changing safety hazard and prevention procedures.  

Fire Inspector

Fire inspectors are the Santa Clause of the emergency and safety service industry. They are checking the list and checking it twice. As a fire inspector, it will be the expectation from contractors and engineers to inspect and examine buildings to assess potential fire hazards. While this is a hands-on job another aspect of the position is to write up reports on the status of whether buildings are up to code, this includes properties that house, maintain, and implement hazardous materials. This position can also be obtained with a bachelor’s in fire science degree. Those that obtain a master’s degree will increase the amount of their salary per year. Jobs with masters in fire science can pursue a fulfilling career in the reporting and regulative position as a fire and safety inspector. 

Arson Investigator

Arson investigators are law officers and are employed by law enforcement agencies and are sworn to work alongside police officers and fire departments to investigate and identify the sources of intentionally set fires. Arson investigators use tools to collect and analyze evidence to be used to justify their assessment of the fire site, with identifying accelerants to predict the source of the fire. 


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Ready to start your journey?