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What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Fire Science?

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A bachelor’s degree in fire science is advanced training in an understanding of the knowledge and skill necessary to manage emergencies, coordinate responses to fires, and much more. Those who choose to study fire science will qualify to obtain jobs within the fire department. If you are interested in using your courage and bravery to protect the environment, buildings, and people from the deadly and dangerous impact of fire, consider a bachelor’s degree in fire science. There are a number of opportunities for graduates of a fire science program. For those with high regard for learning about history and the science of fire suppression and investigation, you will get your fill in fire science. We have laid out the potential outcomes one may pursue with a bachelor’s degree. Diving into the different local and state institutions that employ firefighting professionals is considered the public sector. 

Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 7 % growth in jobs for firefighters as well as a projected 10% growth in jobs for fire inspectors and investigators by 2029. This statistic shines a scary realization that as we progress in our society, so does the risk of a fire occurring as many of our country’s buildings are over hundreds of years old. Yes, a fire science degree job will most likely lead to a career as a firefighter but there are other positions as well. Firefighting professionals are considered entry-level positions in the field. With a bachelor’s degree, it is possible to begin a career in an uplevel management role. There are also positions in engineering, education, enforcement, and evaluation. With a bachelor’s degree, fire science can lead to a career as a fire safety officer job description works with the Fire Department Safety Officers Association to ensure that firefighters are operating within the developed safety procedures that will ensure the safety of the department staff and equipment. 

Choosing a Bachelor in Fire Science Program 

When searching for a bachelor’s program in fire science, it is important to consider the areas of study. Fire science degrees highlight emergency service, group management, resource allocation, and leadership. There are several formats offered in-person traditional learning or an online degree. There are some programs that offer a hybrid format, that include mixed-mode, online and in-person options. Fire safety jobs are available to students interested in working in the public sector, as well as those who want to work to protect people, property, and nature. When choosing a program, determining the school accreditation is important, as it may limit the possibility of seeking a Master’s degree without receiving a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Another thing to consider when choosing a bachelor’s degree is location. Most students stay in the areas they study. For those considering an online program, be sure the coursework will meet the requirements of the state and local departments in the area you reside. 

Fire Department Jobs

Fire department jobs are offered by municipal, state, and federal governments. These positions are often held by individuals that want to serve their community. Fire department jobs offer rigorous training and have to work on short notice. They include roles like a firefighter, alarm foreman, electrician, alarm installer, fire chief paramedics, and fire dispatcher. Each of these jobs is with the fire department, all over the country. Jobs within the fire department are a key example of what can be done with a fire science degree. These careers are the foundation of the fire service field. 

Chief Electrician 

With a fire department, chief electricians operate duties such as the maintenance and installation of the electrical systems, and security fire alarms. The electrician is responsible for monitoring the work of service contractors and district employees as they repair and install equipment in fire service equipment. 

Fire Chief 

The top fire department job has to be that of a fire chief, this role is an upper supervisor job within the fire department. The Fire Chief is the director of operation and activities of a local fire department. A chief is tasked with the responsibility to develop and facilitate departmental goals and procedures. There is also an analytic aspect of this job as the fire chief is the one to communicate to the community as well as other fire service organizations in regards to policies and procedures and their operational needs. 

Fire Investigator

In the occurrence of a fire, it is the most important task, after putting it out, to discover how it occurred. This is the job of a fire investigator. They use science and the scene to recreate how the fire occurred. With the evidence collected at the site of fire and witnesses, they discover the origin of building fires, wildfires, and arson. This position will also be referred to as arson investigator jobs that require investigation as arson as a legally punishable crime. 


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Ready to start your journey?