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What Can I Do with a Fire Science/Emergency Management Ph.D.?

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This advanced degree pathway is an area 51 classified level clearance for the fire science and emergency management sector. Once you’ve successfully finished your Master’s in Fire Science, you can dive into your Ph.D. Achieving a doctorate degree in emergency management, it is not much you can’t do in the field that emphasizes emergency interventions. The title of Ph.D. programs changes from fire science, emergency services, fire protection, and public administration. These highly specific programs shape leaders that will facilitate first responders through emergencies and disaster response and recovery. There is no doubting the potential earning future of a graduate that holds a terminal degree in fire science. We have highlighted PhD emergency management jobs that candidates will be able to pursue. According to payscale, the annual wage for professionals that hold a doctorate degree is between 37k-98k. With this range, obtaining a PhD will qualify an already fire science professional for an increase in salary.  

PhD in Fire Science Jobs 

Fire Science Faculty 

A terminal degree in fire science propels students to a level of expertise in the industry. As we continue to innovate emergency health and science procedures to save more people when a disaster happens, professionals are required to commit to continuous learning throughout their careers. This is one of the reasons why becoming an educator of fire science is an admirable pathway for advancement in the field, from a master’s in fire science degree. While being on the front lines of every incident is the dedication the public ask of their local fire departments. Holding a position as fire science faculty offers teaching and innovative learning opportunities for the future of fire science. This is equally as important as being on the ground. 

Fire Battalion Chief 

A fire Battalion Chief is in command of a battalion of firefighters. A battalion can include multiple fire departments and several fire companies. This position is a highly respected post in the fire department. The battalion chief is considered the lowest chief officer, yet they hold an important position as the bridge to the coordination of multiple fire departments. The average annual salary for a fire battalion chief is $76k, which speaks to the importance of this position to the department. Becoming a fire battalion chief takes a long time, so proving you have the credential to hold this position will take a PhD in fire science and several years of on the job training. 

Wildland Fire Ecologist

Organizations like the US forest service, National Park Service, and private companies are likely to hire a Wildland fire ecologist. This Ph.D. emergency management job is becoming an interesting pathway for young scientists. Fire ecologists will end up holding some of the same responsibilities as a fire manager. Although their primary purpose is to study the origins of fire and fire’s interaction with ecosystems. There is a desire to use the knowledge of how we understand fire to innovate how controlled fire can restore and support the health of ecosystem health. 

Law Enforcement Officer

Fire investigators and arson investigators are considered law enforcement officers and are directly employed by factions of local police departments. As a law enforcement officer, there are some of the same training requirements necessary to qualify for a position with the police. A Ph.D. in investigating fire and arson can propel firefighters, and professionals hold positions as entry-level positions in the department to a law enforcement officer in charge of managing investigations in which fire damage is the primary evidence available at the scene of the incident. The task of this position is to identify a crime, the study of fire, collecting evidence so as to determine a theory of how the fire originated. 

Emergency Management Director

Ph.D. emergency management jobs include a position as an emergency management director. This is a leadership role within the public sector of fire prevention, as director preparing procedures, planning natural disaster response, and facilitating state and local resources to other emergencies. The emergency management director works closely with government agencies, elected officials, and nonprofit organizations, to answer the call of the public need. To be competitive in a career outlook that involves becoming an emergency management director obtaining a Ph.D. is highly recommended. 

Hazard Mitigation Consultant

To complete our list we will end with a heavy hitting position. To obtain this job candidates are required to have a phd in emergency management. As a hazard mitigation consultant they have an immensely important job on the earth. Study and provide analytical data on the risks that are linked to natural hazards. Once a comprehensive evaluation is done, consultants develop a plan to minimize the impact of the natural disaster. This position would be employed by FEMA and the branch of the US department of homeland security.


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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?