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Can I Earn College Credit at Coding Bootcamps?

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Coding bootcamps are designed to teach students the coding skills they will need to be able to work as a coding specialist. Bootcamps provide a quality education in a very short period of time. Each bootcamp offers its own unique teaching style, many times immersing students in the subject matter giving them a chance to learn in a hands-on environment. They are provided with all of the skills and abilities that are required for this type of work.

The teaching schedule is extremely tight allowing instructors to pack as much information as possible into a very short amount of time. Coding bootcamps can last for three months or longer, giving students a chance to move forward quickly. Many coding bootcamps offer college credits that can be applied to degree programs they enroll in at a later date.

Will Attending a Coding Bootcamp Earn College Credits?

Some coding bootcamps allow the student to earn college credits that can be applied toward other college degree programs. That will be most common at colleges that offer their own free courses, called MOOCs. There are some bootcamps that don’t offer college credits, however. Before you enroll in a coding bootcamp program, call the organization or school that is offering the classes. They will be able to tell you if college credits are going to be awarded and how many you will receive upon completion of the program.

Knowing this before you enroll will allow you to get the information and the credits you need without wasting time on a program that isn’t accredited or capable of assisting you in reaching your goals. Coding bootcamps often work as a certification program. The only real difference is the intensity of the coursework. The duration of the program is much less than any degree program and you will most likely be earning the college credits you will need to continue your education at a later date.

How Long Do Coding Bootcamps Last?

Coding bootcamps offer a lot of information and skills training in a very short amount of time. Many boot camps last between three to six months. This means that you can receive a certificate of completion in as little as twelve weeks if you take one of the shorter programs. Longer programs will be more in-depth and offer more advanced techniques and skills, giving you a broader sampling of abilities.

Choosing a shorter boot camp will still provide you with much-needed skills, but it may limit you on the amount of actual training you receive. Longer bootcamps can sometimes provide you with hands-on training, much like what you would receive if you were working in an office setting.

Do All Coding Bootcamps Offer College Credits?

Not all coding bootcamps offer college credits. Free online bootcamps are sometimes offered to give you a chance to learn about coding and see if it is a career option that you would be interested in pursuing. This type of bootcamp may only last six to eight weeks. While you do earn a certificate of completion, the program may not include the college credits that most students want to earn.

If you are unsure about whether college credits are offered, contact the organization that is offering the bootcamp. They will be able to tell you what is offered, how many credits you will earn, and how you will be able to use your certificate once you complete the program.

How Do I Choose the Best Coding Bootcamp?

Choosing the best coding bootcamp for you will depend on your personal goals and what type of education you need to move forward with your career. Coding bootcamps are incredibly intense and fast-paced. They are not for students who want to take their time working through a course. The lessons offered in a bootcamp setting are meant to be learned, absorbed, and applied almost immediately. There is little time spent moving from lesson to lesson. The right bootcamp for you will allow you to keep the pace you need to continue working toward your goals.

Students are expected to work quickly and complete tasks efficiently and expeditiously. They must be able to move from lesson to lesson quickly and be ready to move forward with little preparation. Immersion techniques mean that students are actually performing skills as they are learning them. They are given what they need and are expected to begin to use the skills in short order. Part of the learning process is working through the mistakes beginners often make so when the time comes, they are ready to take on the tasks and be as proficient as possible.


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