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Best Online GRE Prep Courses A Guide to Passing the GRE Exam

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Best Online GRE Prep Courses

If you’ve considered going back to school to get your master’s degree, you’ve had to consider the GRE exam. When you are looking for the best GRE prep courses, you want to understand the basics of the test. The best GRE prep courses online are designed to help improve your ability to pass the exam. The reasons you may consider taking the test depends on your personal goals. Many schools require a GRE test score for master’s degree programs, doctoral programs, or other graduate efforts. It may be necessary if you want to make a career change and need to return to school for a higher level of education in a specialized field.

The high demand for the best GRE prep courses online stems from the increasing use of the test for graduate admissions into colleges and universities. Many reputable schools require the test for students who plan to study any type of business course. For example, if you plan to get an MBA or a master’s degree in business, then the school will often require your GRE test scores. The prep courses help you learn the skills you need to pass the exam and move forward with your long-term goals. 

By clarifying the best test prep for GRE practice exams and the final exam, you can focus on accomplishing your personal goals. The key is recognizing the programs that are most ideal for your learning style and determining the best options to help you prepare for the test.

GRE Prep Courses are presented in alphabetical order.

1. ClearPath Advantage – GRE Prep Course


ClearPath Advantage offers one of the best GRE test prep courses for students who want to pursue a higher level of education. The methods used by ClearPath Advantage stand apart because students are able to take courses based on their personal learning styles. The program offers one-on-one tutoring or small group tutoring based on the needs of each student. Since it uses an assessment and clarifies the needs of the student before setting up a tutoring schedule, it helps students reach long-term goals for their education. They also have extensive practice tests.

The price range for the GRE test prep through ClearPath Advantage is $1400 to $2450, depending on the type of courses you decide to pursue. The one-on-one tutoring has a higher price when compared to the small group program. You should be aware that the company does offer a money-back guarantee, so if you take a single course and you are not satisfied with the teaching style or the format, you will get a full refund. After the second class, a refund is available; however, the company will keep a 15 percent deposit. A refund does not apply after the first two sessions. The company does guarantee that you will see an improvement in your test results. All of the materials are provided during your course.

2. Critical Reader – GRE Prep Course

critical reader 1

Critical Reader offers one of the best GRE prep courses for self paced online students who want to pursue a graduate degree. The program offers free study guides for students who are taking the GRE test and allows students to take quizzes to help with their understanding of different test formats. While you do have free options through Critical Reader, the website offers a variety of books, practice tests, and study materials to further assist with your goals. You can also connect to a tutor through the website for more assistance to help with your study goals.

The costs associated with Critical Reader self paced GRE prep courses vary based on the level of service and the number of materials you order. If you decide to purchase a single book, then you can expect a relatively low cost as well as shipping expenses. The costs associated with going through the website to connect to a tutor vary significantly, so you will want to ask for an estimate to ensure that it is within your budget. The company does offer a full refund on books and materials if you request a refund and ship the materials within 14 days of receiving it. This affordable GRE prep has great online GRE courses to help test takers.

3. Kaplan Test Prep – Online GRE Prep Course

Kaplan logo

When you are looking for the best GRE prep course resources, Kaplan GRE prep course is a good choice to help with your goals. Kaplan offers a variety of options to help you prepare for the GRE exam and ensures that you are able to focus on your goals without straying from your personal budget. You can choose from simple self paced online practice materials and practice tests to one-on-one tutoring programs, so you have many options to fit your learning style.

The costs associated with Kaplan Test Prep vary based on the specific programs that you select. The GRE course price ranges from $99 to $1799, depending on the level of assistance that you want and the type of course materials and practice tests that you select. As a reputable company as it relates to the best test prep GRE course materials, you do have options to help you stay in budget while selecting more expensive options. You can use a payment plan to help reduce the up-front costs. The payment plans do not charge interest and apply to the more expensive study options. Discounts and promotions may also be available at certain times of the year.

4. Magoosh – Online GRE Prep Course

Magoosh logo

When you want to focus on the best GRE prep course to increase the chances of passing the exam, the prep course materials at Magoosh offer a solution. Since the GRE course is fully self paced online, it is accessible when it fits your schedule. Since it is one of the best GRE prep courses, you can expect to see positive results on your practice exams and the final GRE test. The program offers a five-point guarantee when it comes to all sections of the GRE test.

Magoosh offers affordable rates for students who are looking for a way to improve their test results. While it does not offer any free services, it does give students a seven-day money-back guarantee, so students can discontinue the course if they are not satisfied with the teaching style. The costs range from $149 to $179, and the primary difference between the plans is the length of time allowed for students to access the practice questions, practice tests, and video lessons. 

5. PrepScholar – GRE Prep Course


PrepScholar offers one of the best GRE prep tests for students who are looking to improve their GRE test results or to prepare for the exam. The program offers a seven-point guarantee to students who complete the study materials and go through the customized plan. It provides students with the practice they need to improve their results. Students are also able to access free resources through the website. The free resources a GRE math workshop, free e-books, and blog articles with advice to improve study results.

The costs associated with PrepScholar depend on the needs of the student and their expectations for the duration of time available to study. It does offer a free five-day trial with access to interactive lessons and admissions guides. The programs that require a payment range from $38 to $345, but are subject to change over time due to discounts, promotions, and changes to the pricing. The primary difference between the programs is the amount of time available to access the online materials; however, the lifetime program also offers personalized scoring for practice essays to help students learn to avoid common errors when taking the GRE test.

6. Princeton Review – GRE Prep Course


The Princeton Review offers one of the best GRE prep courses for students who want to improve their skills before taking the GRE exam. The test prep offers exam-style practice questions to help students prepare for the format of the GRE and offers free homework help to allow students to find out where they are making mistakes and to correct the errors. It provides students with a few options to prepare so that students are able to emphasize their own learning styles.

The costs associated with the Princeton Review prep courses vary based on the time students sign up for the course materials. The price ranges from $399 to $1499, and students can also pursue personalized courses for $156 per hour with one-on-one tutoring. The tutoring is available online or in-person, so students can choose the style that fits their needs. Students should be aware that the Princeton Review does offer the best online GRE course with discounted rates and special promotions at different times of the year, which may reduce costs for different study programs.

7. Tutor Me – GRE Prep Course

tutor me

When you are looking for the best GRE prep course online, Tutor Me offers a solution. It gives students the best GRE prep courses based on their personal goals and budgets. Since it does offer a variety of tutoring plans that range from paying for each minute to paying for eight hours per month, students are able to select the option that fits their budget and their personal needs. It is a one-on-one tutoring program, so students are able to work with a tutor and improve their skills over time.

The costs associated Tutor Me comprehensive GRE prep courses vary based on the needs of the student. Students are able to pay one dollar per minute through the pay-as-you-go plan, which allows students to set a clear budget and get help with different aspects of the GRE test without wasting time when they only have a few questions. Worried about GRE prep courses cost? The monthly plans range from $69 to $209, depending on the duration students need to work with a tutor. Students who are not certain about online tutoring can also take advantage of the free 30-minute trial. It allows students to determine if they want to pursue further one-on-one tutoring for the GRE exam.

8. Varsity Tutors – GRE Prep Course

varsity tutors

If you’re looking for the best GRE prep online, then you may want to consider Varsity Tutors. It is one of the best GRE prep online programs for students who want to improve their GRE results and work with experienced tutors. It is considered one of the best online GRE test prep courses because you work with individuals who have a proven track record in relation to the GRE test. It also ensures that you have the help you need to understand different areas of the GRE exam.

The costs associated with Varsity Tutors GRE prep courses varies significantly based on your specific needs and goals. While it is considered one of the best GRE test prep courses to help students accomplish their goals, it also has different pricing based on the amount of time you want to work with a tutor, the amount of time before the exam, and the tutor you decide to work with for your GRE practice. You will need to get a quote to determine the actual pricing for your test preparations.

What is the GRE? 

When you are planning to take the GRE for admissions to a graduate program, it helps when you understand the basics of the test. What is the GRE? It is a test of your knowledge to determine if you are ready for a graduate program.

GRE prep 2

Generally, the GRE exam applies to many different types of graduate programs, including law school and doctoral programs. It is also recommended for individuals who plan to attend an MBA or master’s program in a business field. 

You may want to know what is in the GRE to help you prepare for the exam. What is on the GRE each year? Generally, the test has three primary parts: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Each section of the test is broken into parts, so you will have two parts for the two essay questions, and then five more parts that are either verbal reasoning or quantitative reasoning. The test has a few short breaks and takes around three hours and 45 minutes to complete. You should be aware that each section of the test is timed, so you will want to use your time wisely when you are taking the exam.

What is the GRE for when you are applying to a college program? It is generally an assessment of your skills. It looks into your reasoning skills, as well as your basic knowledge of important verbal, mathematics, and writing skills. Colleges and universities may use the test to determine if you are qualified for a specific program or if you are capable of the level of reasoning required for the program. It is not the only factor that may contribute to your acceptance into a program; however, it is an important factor since it helps you determine if you are prepared to handle a graduate program.

Who Needs to Take the GRE?

When you are planning to pursue a graduate degree, you may wonder how important is the GRE for graduate school admissions. In reality, it depends on the school and the program you decide to pursue. Each school and program has different standards for admissions or for student requirements to get into the program.

GRE prep 3

How important is the GRE for grad school when you are looking into a business program? Generally, you will need to take the standardized test for many schools that offer an MBA or a similar business program. It is also recommended for students who plan to pursue a doctoral degree or a legal degree at the graduate level. Many specialized business courses may also require the test for admissions.

Keep in mind that the standards for a college or university are not the only factor to consider when looking into the GRE test. It is generally recommended for international students, even if the school does not require the test in most situations. The reason it is recommended for international students who are pursuing a graduate degree is to show competency in the language before starting the program. Students may also be required to take other examinations as part of the admissions process.

As a general rule, you need to take the GRE if you plan to pursue a graduate degree and are planning to apply to multiple colleges or universities. Since the standards may vary by school and program, it is better to have the test results and ensure that you qualify for several programs before you apply to any programs. 

What is Covered on the GRE? 

The question that may arise before you take the GRE exam is how hard is the GRE test. Is the GRE test hard? That depends on your view of the subjects tested and the content of the exam. The GRE exam is designed to test your critical thinking skills and analytical writing skills. It also looks into your reasoning skills as it relates to quantitative and verbal reasoning. The goal of the exam is to evaluate the skills you should learn over an extended period throughout your lifetime.

GRE prep 2

How hard is the GRE exam? It is considered a challenging examination due to the essay questions and the reasoning skills required for the exam. Since it does evaluate multiple areas of your education and previous experiences, students may find it challenging. You should consider taking practice exams and working on practice questions to prepare for the test. You should also recognize that the test does have two essay questions for the writing section. By practicing the essay questions before you finish the exam, you are able to clarify where you make mistakes and correct the problem before you move forward with the test.

The topics covered on the GRE may change over time. Since the goal of the exam is to test your reasoning and critical thinking skills, the exact details of the test changes over time. The exam questions and the essays may cover a wide array of topics, so you should be prepared to handle variations of the practice questions and tests that you may take to prepare for the test. Taking the time to prepare for the exam will help you obtain a high score on the test and get into the college or university of your choice.

How to Pass the GRE without a GRE Prep Course? 

When you want to know how to pass the GRE test, you should keep in mind that it depends on your current skills and past exam history. Learning how to best the GRE starts with recognizing your personal weaknesses when it relates to standardized tests, essay questions, or the topics in the test. 

GRE prep 1

As a general rule, looking for how to pass the GRE without studying is unlikely to result in a passing score. You should take practice tests and write essays to learn the format before you take the exam. By studying the format and the subject matter before the test, you have a higher chance of passing the exam with a reasonable or high score. 

The challenge when you are looking into how to pass the GRE exam is clarifying your learning style. Each individual learns materials through different methods, which means that you want to focus on the learning style that is most appropriate for your specific needs and goals. You have many different options to help you complete the exam with a passing score. Students can purchase a book and study from the practice book. You can also use study guides, practice tests, quizzes, and similar resources to improve your skills over time.

If you are struggling with basic books, guides, and study materials, then you may consider an online prep course. The online course may offer insights into the areas that you missed when you started working on your practice tests. You can also consider working with a tutor to learn directly from an individual who has a proven track record of helping with exam results. Keep in mind that a tutor may have a slightly higher cost when compared to an online video course, online practice materials, or related solutions. 

The key to passing the GRE test is taking the time to learn the material and practicing before you take the test. By using practice tests, quizzes, and related materials, you can improve your test results or pass the exam on the first attempt. Prepare in advance and make sure that you have enough time to feel confident before you take the test. It will ensure that you are ready for the challenge of sitting through the exam and working on the different portions of the test.

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