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5 Best Online Education PhD Programs

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Receiving an education is one of the best things you can do for yourself. In turn, being able to educate others is one of the best things you can do for others. Finding the best online PhD programs in education is the best way to complete your education. While much of what it takes to be a great teacher will come naturally to you, it’s the teaching techniques and methods you receive from your degree program that will make you an effective teacher. An educator who can inspire as well as teach is worth their weight in gold.

Once you have chosen the best online PhD in Education for your needs, you should create a list of milestones that you can work toward. This will set a timeline that will allow you to work towards your goals. Having a final goal when it comes to your education will give you something to work toward. Earning a PhD takes time, but that time is well spent when you consider all of the benefits you will receive graduate and become established as an educator.

The best online Education PhD programs are those that fit your individual needs. Accreditation and academic excellence are two important factors that you need to look into. You will also want to find a school that offers an easy-to-use online learning platform. The right online learning platform will give you the flexibility you need to continue working in your current position while finishing your education. An online degree program allows you the luxury to expand on an already lucrative career.

The University of Arizona Global Campus offers the best online PhD programs in Education for educators who want to advance their careers to the highest level. By earning this degree, students are able to show their ability to not only teach, but also be a positive influence in the lives of those they are instructing. Graduates are also able to develop quality educational tools for accredited course curriculums. With a Doctor of Philosophy in Education, students are able to take their careers to the next level.

The University of Arizona Global Campus offers online degree programs in education that are considered to be some of the best in the country. Each degree adheres to the standards of equity, empowerment, quality, ingenuity, and guidance. Faculty members are available when the students need them. They offer both support and encouragement as students make their way through their online degree program. Graduates are able to continually move forward until they reach all of the goals they have set for themselves.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Indiana State University offers many of the best online PhD programs in Education in the country. A PhD programs provides the knowledge and ability to be able to both teach effectively as well as develop quality curriculums. There are several different ways a person can educate others. Earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration specializing in Higher Education Leadership will give a graduate the credentials they need to be able to work with students who take their education to the highest level.

Indiana State University is ranked as one of the top universities in the state of Indiana when it comes to providing students with what they need to succeed on every level. The university’s online learning platform enables each student to have the freedom they need to work through any challenges that may arise from having to maintain a full-time job while they are finishing their degree program. Graduates of the university can move forward knowing they have received the resources they need to be able to succeed at whatever they attempt.

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration / Higher Education Leadership

The University of Southern Mississippi offers the best online Education PhD programs available in the southern states. The advanced degree programs offered by the school provide all of the required resources, skills, and abilities that a graduate can utilize throughout their careers. Each Education PhD program, whether it be for Research, Evaluation, Statistics, Assessment, Special Education, or Higher Education Administration, offers graduates the leverage they need to succeed in making their mark on the students they serve.

The University of Southern Mississippi was founded over 110 years ago with the intent to provide each student with the highest quality of education. With students from over 70 countries enrolled in the school’s online degree programs, it has truly become a global leader in terms of academic excellence. Students who choose to complete their education at the university are able to take on more responsibilities much earlier and be more effective at whatever tasks they perform.

Education (Educational Administration P-12) PhD
Education (Research, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment) PhD
Education (Special Education) PhD
Higher Education Administration PhD

Education (Educational Administration P-12) PhD; Education (Research, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment) PhD; Education (Special Education) PhD; Higher Education Administration PhD

Colorado State University offers the best online PhD in Education to students who may be considering a leadership role as part of their career goals. Every student receives what they will need for them to be a leader in their chosen career fields. This can mean the opportunity to lead their own department or develop advanced curriculums for students who also want to advance their careers. Students who enroll in an online PhD in Higher Education Leadership will be able to take control of the direction of their careers.

Colorado State University offers advanced graduate degree programs that give students the advantage they need to be successful. Students have an opportunity to explore new career options or expand on their existing roles. With the assistance of the school’s professional faculty and staff, they are able to address challenges and obstacles they may face throughout their career. Once they earn their PhD, they are able to move to the highest possible levels of management with the educational system.

Online Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership

Notre Dame of Maryland University provides the best online Education PhD programs on the east coast. Students receive the leadership skills they need to work within a community of very diverse populations. Changing populations and cultural diversity can lead to challenging educational environments. Graduates with the skills to address these changes effectively are highly sought after and can be very successful if they find the right environment to work in. By earning an online PhD in Higher Education Leadership for Changing Populations, these graduates are able to have a positive impact on the lives of their students.

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers advanced degree programs that are known for academic excellence and integrity. Each degree program is developed to inspire students to achieve all of their career goals. They offer students the wisdom and confidence they need to continue to move forward with their chosen career fields. As graduates, they have the support of faculty members who recognize them as peers, not just as students.

Higher Education Leadership for Changing Populations (Ph.D.)

Why Should I Get a PhD in Education Online?

Even with the cheapest online EdD degree, a graduate will be able to take advantage of some of the most unique career opportunities available. An online EdD Leadership in Education will give you all of the requirements you will need to take on a managerial role in an educational system. As a graduate with this type of degree, you will be able to play role in helping to develop educational programs that hold both substance and value. It will also give you the confidence you need to be an effective leader.

Earning an EdD vs PhD online will depend on what your own personal goals are and what you plan on doing with your degree. Both degree options offer substantial benefits you will be able to draw on for the rest of your career. The primary difference between the two will determine whether or not you want to teach or develop the materials that will be used in the classroom to help educate students. You have several options to choose from. It will be up to you to choose the career path you will enjoy the most.

Choosing an online degree program will allow you to gain valuable experience working in a classroom while you return to school. Online degrees are both flexible and convenient, allowing you to make the most of your education while taking advantage of the benefits associated with being employed. As you continue to work, you are able to look for new opportunities that your upcoming degree will allow you to take advantage of. Online degree programs are quickly becoming a favorite option for students who want to continue working while they go to school.

What Can I Do with a PhD in Education?

With a PhD in Education, many opportunities will become available to you. If you have a passion for working with students you can choose to become an educator in whatever subject matter you are most proficient in. You also have the option to become an academic advisor. In this role, you are able to help students determine what type of career they may be most effective. You will be able to help them find the degree programs that they can use to achieve their personal career goals.

By earning a PhD in Education, a graduate has opportunities in many different areas. They can choose a career path that allows them to teach students and provide them with a quality education based on both curriculum and personal experience. As teachers, graduates are able to provide students with the information and skills they will need to embark on a successful career path. You give them the ability to build a brighter future for both themselves and their families.

If you choose to take a path that allows you to develop advanced curriculums, you are using your knowledge to create quality degree programs that offer inspiration and confidence, as well as the wisdom a student will need once they graduate. You will be able to develop teaching materials that make a difference in how a student is able to comprehend and utilize all of the information they contain. You give them the tools they need to be successful.

How Much Can I Make with a PhD in Education?

Depending on what career path you take after you receive your PhD in Education, you can make anywhere from $75,000 to well over $105,000 on average each year. A doctorate in education salary will fluctuate as you begin to gain more experience. The more experience you have, the higher your earning potential will be. By taking the time to earn your PhD, you will be able to set the standard for your ability to earn a higher wage.

If you choose to work in an administrative role instead of a teaching role, your income will be within the same range but may increase at a much faster rate as you begin to gain more experience. Each student you counsel will be a testament to the passion you have for your job. As an academic advisor or a school administrator, your goal is to help students achieve their educational goals. One of the best ways to do that is to provide them with a positive learning environment. Through this type of environment, either online or in the classroom, students can gain the confidence they need to make their way through any challenge or obstacle that is presented to them.

As an online teacher or educator, location is no longer an issue when it comes to the wages you earn. You are able to teach students from a distance. No matter where you live or your students live, you will be able to provide them with the highest quality education possible. You can reach students across the world if you choose the right educational degree program. In the past, your wages would sometimes be determined by where your school was located. This is no longer the case.

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?