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Tammie Cagle is a writer, editor, entrepreneur, and certified academic life coach. Tammie received her bachelor’s degree from Texas A & M University-College Station and her MBA from Marylhurst University.

Master’s in Accounting degrees are excellent options for individuals interested in careers in accounting. Earning an accounting degree is a convenient choice as it offers graduate students attractive career options once they graduate. Regardless of the purpose, all industries and organizations depend on the work of accountants and proven business principles to succeed. They also need savvy and knowledgeable professionals who can help them plan, organize, develop, and maintain their finances. As such, the demand for trained accounting business professionals is high—so high that earning a degree like a Master’s in Accounting can result in thousands of dollars annually in earning potential.

The Best Master’s in Accounting Programs in the United States

When considering what an accounting career looks like, you may want to learn more about what goes into pursuing a top Master’s in Accounting. Pursuing an accounting degree in a traditional, on-campus format may appeal to graduate students who will benefit from the quality interactions and excellent connections. Here is a ranking of twenty-five of the best Master’s in Accounting programs currently available.


To identify the best Master’s in Accounting programs, the top business schools across the U.S. were examined. We identified the campus-based master’s degrees with a focus on accounting. This is a consensus ranking. Meaning, we combined data from five leading business school rankings: The Financial Times, Bloomberg BusinessweekForbesU.S. News and World Report, and The Economist. The ranking data for each Master’s in Accounting degree was averaged and converted to a 100-point scale. This number revealed each program’s Consensus Score.

A Master’s in Accounting program is available at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Graduate students can launch their accounting careers equipped with the skills they need for long-term success. The Ross Master of Accounting fuses a rigorous core curriculum with excellent leadership development and cross-disciplinary electives. Graduates are ready to make an impact in their organizations. This eight-month, STEM-designated program is perfect for college graduates. It prepares them for a career as a CPA and beyond. The comprehensive accounting curriculum is integrated with MBA electives like data analytics.

Enrolled students can complement their core accounting coursework with MBA-level electives as they build their cross-disciplinary business skills and network with students from other graduate programs. The curriculum includes understanding how accounting shapes business policy. It prepares students for leadership success within the EY Accounting and Public Policy Symposium in Washington, DC. Core courses include Corporate Financial Research & Reporting, Information Systems Design, Advanced Financial Accounting, and Financial Instruments & Structured Finance. No wonder this Master’s in Accounting is the best in the nation.

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New York University features a Master’s in Accounting program at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. This full-time program features classes that take place during the day. Classes may also occur in the morning, afternoon, and evening, typically on weekdays. All class schedules are subject to change annually. Core courses include Foundations of Corporate Finance, Auditing, Business Acquisitions, Deferred Taxes, Translations, and Derivatives, Forensic Accounting and Financial Statement Fraud, Data Management and Analysis, Financial Reporting and Disclosure, and Financial Statement Analysis.

All incoming students must attend a mandatory orientation program before starting classes. The program allows accounting students the chance to meet fellow classmates and interact with instructors and administrators while becoming familiar with the Stern experience. NYU’s Office of Student Engagement has developed a cohort leadership program for MS in Accounting students. Cohort leaders are nominated and then build community by organizing various class events. Stern’s Master’s in Accounting degree will put business students’ learned skills into practice.

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The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington features an exemplary Master’s in Accounting program. Washington’s Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) program at the Foster School of Business equips tomorrow’s accounting professionals with innovative thinking, a quality education, solid ethics, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Focused coursework in data analytics and innovative technologies provide the edge accounting experts need to bring robotic process automation techniques and big data into their careers. This stellar MPAcc program also includes classes with industry professionals from Moss Adams, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, Starbucks, Amazon, Costco, Microsoft, and Tableau. Students take advanced courses that prepare them for the experiences, opportunities, and issues of work in the accounting profession from late September through early June. They satisfy the additional credits required for the CPA exam in the State of Washington. This excellent accounting program helps leaders realize their full potential.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is available at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. The Master of Accounting (MAC) degree is a practical, high-value investment. This degree has been designed to put accounting experts in a better position to succeed, not just at the beginning but throughout their careers. As graduates become experts in understanding an organization’s complete financial picture, they’ll also pick up essential leadership skills. This will make them extremely valuable within major corporations and accounting firms.

Specific requirements for the CPA license vary from state to state. They all require extensive work in accounting. Earning a Master of Accounting degree helps students prepare for and pass the Uniform CPA Exam. All aspiring accountants must pass this test before earning their practicing license. UNC Kenan-Flagler MAC Program graduates consistently perform exceptionally well on the CPA exam. The business school’s first-time pass rate is among the nation’s best. Master’s in Accounting students will love this degree.

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Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business offers a Master’s in Accounting program. Kelley’s Master of Science in Accounting with an emphasis in Data and Analytics is an intensive, one-year program. All enrolled students work in student teams that tackle consulting projects, collaborative learning exercises, presentations, and case analyses. Candidates wondering if it’s worth the effort should know that over 90 percent of MSADA students report receiving job offers within three months of graduation.

MSADA students take 30 credit hours for graduation. The business school’s flexible curriculum allows accounting students to pick and choose courses in taxation, assurance, data analytics, or risk management. On-campus graduate students decide their appropriate mix of elective courses. This stellar program works towards Indiana’s 150-hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. Each fall, MSADA student teams commingled with MBA second-year students. They engage in a semester-long field consulting project for a local business. This allows enrolled students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world business applications in a team setting. It is clear why Kelley’s accounting degree is a top-five program.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is available at the Columbia Business School at Columbia University. This Master’s of Science in Accounting and Fundamental Analysis is a three-semester STEM-designated degree. It emphasizes active, fundamental investing, focusing on handling accounting information in investment analysis. Enrolled students are exposed to up-to-date research that gives them an edge as investors.

Quantitative skills and research insights are developed at the PhD level, including credit analysis, investment advisory, and practical application to equity analysis. Students take a carefully curated curriculum of MBA, MS, and Doctoral courses featured at Columbia Business School. The program has some overlap with the business school’s PhD program. Unlike the school’s doctoral program, it is intended for students who prefer a shorter and industry-oriented experience. Applicants are expected to have an academic background equivalent to that of entering postgraduate students. An accounting degree from Columbia opens doors throughout one’s career.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is offered at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management. The Vanderbilt MAcc Assurance program features a fast track for non-accounting majors to launch successful careers within a global organization. Enrolled students can take advantage of courses led by world-class instructors, small class sizes that maximize collaboration and in-depth learning, paid internship opportunities, and CPA exam prep with some of the best first-time pass rates.

Vanderbilt’s holistic approach to the admissions process guarantees that program leaders take the time to get to know applicants and their unique goals. Admissions experts are on-hand to walk program candidates through the application process, from test prep and research to their first day of class. An annual 100% employment rate means graduate students can trust the business school to set them up for success as they launch their careers and advance in the years to come. Master’s in accounting students will thrive within this program.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is available at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Business students come into this program with solid quantitative skills and leave more than prepared to accomplish much in their accounting careers. Enrolled students expect more from their master’s program — to design careers that stand the test of time. Solid recruiting by the top financial services and accounting firms, coupled with excellent CPA exam performance, ensures graduates begin making an immediate impact after graduating.

The Public Accounting Report lists this as one of the nation’s top four Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) programs. It is well known for its focus on ethics, quality, and rigor. Notre Dame’s MS in Accountancy program helps graduate students grow the good in business and themselves. The ten-month MSA is a rigorous full-time program located on an iconic campus. To prepare for today’s complex accounting environment, accounting experts need to learn from the best – this program is on the list.

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The SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University provides an excellent Master’s in Accounting program. Graduate students can invest one year of their time in this STEM-designated program and become experts and leaders in accounting. The STEM-designated MPS in Management – Accounting program prepares business students to take the CPA exam. They can become successful managers and leaders in the accounting field.

An accelerated accounting curriculum provides students with the accounting and business expertise needed to stand out from the pack and lead. Johnson’s MPS in Management – Accounting program is differentiated by its flexibility in the entry requirements and the type of management and accounting electives available through the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Cornell students customize their experience based on their industries and areas of interest. The degree program provides the ideal curriculum combination of core and electives. It allows students to complement a rigorous technical accounting core with the range and depth of graduate electives of one of the nation’s best MBA programs.

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The University of Rochester provides a Master’s in Accounting program at the Simon Business School. This is the perfect program for students ready to grow their careers. It is led by some of the world’s best instructors. The 150-credit-hour compliant Accountancy program qualifies students to sit for the New York State CPA exam. This program goes far beyond ordinary test preparation. Simon offers programs as a recognized finance, accounting, and economics leader.

Under the guidance of an esteemed faculty, enrolled students gain deeper insights into regulations, auditing, and financial analysis concepts. Driven by an acclaimed curriculum, Simon’s MS in Accountancy draws graduate students who excel in business, economics, and accounting. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills are becoming increasingly essential in the modern data-driven business environment. Simon’s STEM-designated MS in Accountancy degree signals analytical rigor and program quality to employers. The program allows international students up to three years of optional practical training (OPT) in a STEM-eligible role. This is an excellent Master’s in Accounting degree for today’s business students.

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The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota provides a top Master’s in Accounting program. Minnesota’s Master of Accountancy is a unique graduate program that gives graduate students from accounting and non-accounting backgrounds the edge needed to advance their accounting careers. Through lively classroom discussions, a diverse curriculum, and dynamic instructors, the MAcc program prepares students to respond to the ever-evolving demands of business as they develop as leaders in their profession.

Throughout the Master of Accountancy program, business students choose from various accounting courses on topics like negotiations, the SEC, internal control, regulations, and more . These courses build on the critical thinking and analytical skills they’ll use throughout their accounting careers. Along with graduate-level accounting courses, students select elective courses through the Carlson Master of Business Taxation and Master of Business Administration programs. Whether they’re getting their MAcc degree to help launch careers or looking to change directions in their career paths, the Master of Accountancy program will provide students with personal assistance to help them reach goals.

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The Max M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University currently features a Master’s in Accounting program. This stellar degree is one of the first STEM-designated accounting programs in the nation. Fisher delivers hands-on, personalized experiences to prepare accounting experts for the real world. Traditional master’s programs require a strict and steady diet of accountancy-focused coursework. Fisher goes further by developing an accounting foundation with various advanced business electives students choose. This format gives accounting students a well-rounded education, so they are ready for the business world that needs them. The nine-month MAcc program is a flexible degree.

Fisher encourages students to think broadly about accounting, its importance, and its role in organizations and society. Master’s students can design their graduate degrees to develop their interests, skillset, and potential for achieving their career goals. The business school offers one of the few accounting programs with data and analytics coursework that prepares students for a world driven by data. The Master of Accounting (MAcc) graduate program at Ohio State is a national leader.

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The Smeal College of Business at Penn State provides an excellent Master’s in Accounting program. Enrolled students can stand out as leaders in the field of accounting with this advanced accounting degree from the internationally ranked and AACSB-accredited Penn State Smeal College of Business. In twelve months, graduates can emerge with the technical competence and expertise to pass the CPA Exam. A one-year graduation term means students can land jobs sooner. Accounting students start in August, go through a spring internship, and graduate in July.

Master’s students satisfy the 150-credit hour requirement for their CPA Licensure. Program leaders encourage students to complete the program’s hallmark leadership training. This program is much more than a series of courses. It’s an experience. It is a cohort that involves building life-long friendships and contacts. And it’s about preparing accounting professionals for the start of their careers. Graduates can start a career in areas of governmental accounting, public accounting, corporate accounting, and management accounting.

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Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business provides an excellent Master’s in Accounting program. The BYU Marriott Master of Accountancy (MAcc) is available as an integrated program where business students earn their bachelor’s and MAcc degrees concurrently over a five-year period. It is a non-integrated program for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in accounting from an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States. Public Accounting Report ranked BYU Marriott’s graduate accounting degree as a top-five program in 2019.

The MAcc degree offers two specializations: Tax and Professional Accountancy. The Tax Stem prepares master’s students for corporate and individual taxation careers. Fifty percent of the required credit hours in the integrated Professional Accountancy Stem and the integrated Tax Stem are identical within both tracks. Twenty-seven credit hours are unique to the Tax Stem. The Professional Accountancy Stem prepares students for careers in professional services for firms and corporations. This Master’s in Accounting degree features advantages not found anywhere else.

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The University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business features a top Master’s in Accounting program. Florida’s MAcc program is designed for students who have completed the BSAc. It is primarily for accounting students who have completed their bachelor’s work at another business school and now desire to attend the Fisher School of Accounting for their graduate degree. The program offers the three options of specializing in auditing, taxation, or seeking no concentration. With few exceptions, UF business students wanting to earn their MAcc degree should plan on entering the 3/2 program.

Resources are plentiful to business students. Enrolled accounting students can use the MAcc Student Resources to develop a study plan. The MAcc program is only offered on-campus in Gainesville, Florida, with no online or distant formats. All face-to-face classes in Gainesville allow MAcc students to interact with like-minded students and excellent professors. Graduate students seeking this degree typically attend class four days each week. It is designed to give tomorrow’s accounting experts the necessary skills and knowledge.

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The McCombs School of Business at UT Austin provides a Master’s in Accounting program. UT’s traditional MPA is formatted as a one-year traditional MPA. They are open to students who hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline from most colleges or universities. In as little as twelve months, graduate students can earn an MPA degree from the top accounting program in the United States. No previous work experience is required to apply.

Another option is the business school’s Integrated MPA. The integrated MPA is designed for Texas McCombs undergraduates. iMPA students pursue a BBA degree in accounting and an MPA degree in five years. UT’s ECON-MPA is the perfect fit for current business undergraduates majoring in economics. Enrolled students get a head start on MPA courses within their senior year and have the chance to pay undergraduate tuition for graduate-level classes. This accounting program fuses quality academics with real-world learning.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is delivered at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. The business school’s nine-month Master of Accountancy and Data Analytics (MACC) program from is among a select group of accounting master’s degrees that offers an analytics and data specialization. Enrolled students develop the knowledge and skills they need to launch their accounting careers.

Graduates of the program open doors to top hiring firms and are prepared to pass several sections of the CPA exam. W.P. Carey School of Business’s partnership with Surgent CPA Review provides master’s students with an excellent foundation for CPA exam prep. MACC students can study for, take, and pass the exam while still enrolled in the program. It is a STEM-designated program. And MACC graduates on student visas can take advantage of the Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension for up to three years. Arizona State University has hit a home run with this excellent Master’s in Accounting degree.

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The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides a Master’s in Accounting program. This stellar Master of Accountancy program helps graduate students master the professional and technical skills needed for long-term success in the accounting profession. Graduates can become certified public accountants and prepare for dynamic and rewarding careers. Enrolled students grow job-ready skills by gaining a compelling mixture of technical knowledge, industry experience, and professional insights.

The curriculum is designed to help graduate students become trusted business professionals. Program features include high-Impact Internships. Students benefit from the program’s ongoing connections with accounting firms and corporations. Master of Accountancy students connect with employers and gain first-hand experience with relevant internships. Imagine starting the career of your choice with opportunities in advisory, assurance, or taxation in the public accounting profession. This program is completed within two-to six semesters based on a business student’s experience. This accounting degree is an excellent choice.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is available at the University of California, Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business. Are you a recent graduates with a bachelor’s in accounting? Are you looking for the final move toward a CPA ? Even professionals with no accounting background who want to make a career change will enjoy this degree. The Merage School’s full-time one-year or twenty-four-month Master of Professional Accountancy program prepares qualifying students for successful careers.

This curriculum focuses on professional and career development alongside technical mastery. They also ensure students are connected to the Merage School network and ready for jobs upon completion of the program. The optional Summer Intensive program prepares accounting students to begin the MPAc. UC Irvine’s MPAc program is STEM-designated. After graduating, eligible students can apply for up to thirty-six months of Optional Practical Training (OPT). This longer duration is attractive to organizations interested in giving immigration sponsorship to international students. No wonder this is a top-twenty accounting program.

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The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia features a top-notch Master’s in Accounting program. This stellar Master of Accountancy program consistently ranks among the nation’s best. Business school leaders educate some of the best business minds in the accounting profession. Terry graduates always boast one of the top 10 CPA pass rates in the United States. They also enjoy an almost 100% placement rate every term at some of the world’s elite employers.

The in-depth technical and knowledge focus of this rigorous curriculum is unmatched. Accounting graduates are highly recruited. Candidates can take one of several unique paths to earn their MAcc. Available routes include the traditional 1-year MAcc, five-year BBA/MAcc (Accounting BBA/MAcc), the Double Dawg BBA/MAcc (Non-Accounting BBA/MAcc), the JD/MAcc, and the MAcc/MS Financial Planning. While specific coursework and hours vary according to specialization, MAcc program students generally follow the structure of eighteen required courses, three to nine accounting electives, and three to nine elective hours. Specializations include Audit, Taxation, and Advisory. This Master’s in Accounting is excellent.

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The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University features a Master’s in Accounting program. Business professionals can pass the CPA and jumpstart their careers with Rice’s Master of Accounting. Program leaders understand that the world’s financial markets demand higher quality financial reporting and greater corporate transparency. As a result, highly educated accounting professionals with integrity and critical thinking skills are in high demand.

The Rice MAcc prepares graduate students to excel in their post-graduation careers and to sit for the CPA exam in less than one year. All undergraduate majors are welcome into this graduate program. This on-campus program is featured in Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States. The city is diverse, business-friendly, and prepared to welcome Rice students for their next step. The overall program length is ten months. The class schedule runs from Monday through Thursday. This is a full-time degree program with classes during the day. Program candidates are encouraged to take the leap and apply today.

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An exemplary Master’s in Accounting program is featured at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration. The MS in Accounting (MAcc) is a full-time, 30-credit master’s degree enrolled students can complete in nine to twelve months or two terms of study. Accounting students begin their studies in the fall (August) or spring (January). They gain the advanced accounting skills they need for success in corporate accounting, public accounting, business management careers, or further academic studies.

After graduating, business leaders are prepared to pass the CPA exam. Graduates will have satisfied the 150 credit-hour requirement required by many U.S. states to qualify for CPA certification. Students must complete twenty-four credit hours of required core courses with a minimum letter grade of C. Some courses can be waived with the approval of the faculty director. Waived courses can be replaced with electives to reach the thirty credits required for graduation. Accounting-centric courses include Forensic Accounting, Corporate Tax Accounting and Planning, Advanced Financial Accounting, Strategic Cost Management, Financial Statement Analysis, and Business Law. The University of Delaware’s Master’s in Accounting program has a lot going for it.

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A Master’s in Accounting program is delivered at the University of Maryland, College Park’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Graduate students within this program explore how public accounting firms and major corporations track and report their finances. This MS in Accounting (MSA) program gives on-campus learners advanced knowledge of managing financial data while following current strict accounting standards.

Maryland Smith’s MSA program provides business students with valuable accounting knowledge extending far beyond the fundamentals most learn as undergraduate students. MS in Accounting students learn how to integrate data analytics, AI, cybersecurity, and other advanced technological concepts into their work. This curriculum gives students a competitive edge in today’s modern job market. Students learn advanced concepts and technology. They apply what they learn to real-world scenarios through practical projects and Big Four case competitions. Students can advance toward their CPA Certification. They receive one-on-one CPA advising and complete courses that can be applied to the CPA requirement. Graduate students in this program develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

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The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University provides an excellent Master’s in Accounting program. Enrolled students learn from the best practitioners in the accounting industry. It is xonsistently ranked as a top program. The business school’s STEM-designated Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program is offered as a 30-credit comprehensive program of study. It can be tailored to fit a professional’s life goals.

Accountants have a long history of guiding stakeholders to make sound business decisions. As technology evolves, markets globalize, and organizations rely on data analytics in decision-making. The best accounting minds are equipped with various skills to approach business in a new way. Broad’s MS in Accounting STEM-designated degree is nationally accredited and teaches graduate students to address real-world issues and deliver actionable solutions. The MSA program satisfies the 150-credit-hour requirement for CPA certification. Many accounting students complete the CMA, CPA, and CISA exams while earning their graduate degrees. This program from the Broad College of Business delivers in more ways than one.

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A Master’s in Accounting is available at the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management. The business school offers graduate students two pathways to advance an accounting career: the Master’s in Accounting cohort and the Master’s in Accounting flex. The flex degree features multiple tracks. It allows accounting students to select courses according to their professional goals.

The cohort in this program is constructed with a predetermined course sequence that helps students prepare to sit for the CPA exam. Whether working full-time or managing a full-time course load, accounting students can obtain the degree that will change their future. The flex program allows enrolled students to take courses full-time or part-time, starting the program in fall, spring, or summer. It is a two-year cohort program. This stellar program is designed to capitalize on the diversity of student backgrounds to advance their careers in public accounting.

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Pursuing a degree like a Master’s in Accounting might be one of the best ways of investing in your future, education, and career. All too often, business students have completed associate, undergraduate, graduate, and even PhD degrees without knowing if the degree that they’ve worked so hard for will feature a return on their investment.

Part of earning a post-secondary degree is knowing there are no guarantees that anyone will land her dream job that provides financial security. However, it has been shown repeatedly that these odds can be increased with a substantial business degree. There is no better way to do that than with an accounting degree from one of the nation’s best business schools.

The Accounting Profession

Accountants are well-informed with a good idea about how American taxpayers’ dollars are put to work. They know a small portion is allocated to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS is responsible for observing and analyzing the labor market and developing employment projections based on econometric data. Regarding the accounting projection, the current BLS report is as follows:

-From now until 2026, demand for auditors and accountants will increase by approximately 10 percent. (This rate is faster than the national average for all other occupations.)

-Over 1.5 million American accountants are expected to gain employment by 2026. (Even with recession periods, the American economy will continue to grow. This means that more financial records will be generated and analyzed.)

-Florida is one of the most popular states for accountants. They will continue to be in high demand. (Texas, California, New York, and Pennsylvania are also expected to offer many new job opportunities for accounting professionals.)

Earning an accounting degree has many advantages. Here are some of them:

Accountants Have a Better Overall Grasp on the Financial World

After decades of studying the art of making and managing money, accountants gain the type of knowledge and skills many people are willing to pay for. Earning a Master’s in Accounting offers students tons of knowledge beyond financial reporting and ledger management. An accounting curriculum also includes courses in areas like

  • supervisory skills,
  • micro and macroeconomics,
  • business and tax law,
  • management,
  • corporate finance,
  • spreadsheet analysis,
  • banking, and
  • finance.

These skills apply to many job professions.

This means employers greatly benefit from job candidates who have developed these skill sets.
Accounting skills can be used in other occupations like

  • banking specialists,
  • financial planners,
  • fund managers, etc.

The Demand for Accountants Is Not Slowing Down

As previously mentioned, there are never guarantees that an adequately trained business professional will land a job once she has earned a degree. The demand for quality accountants consistently shows no signs of slowing. Since accounting broadly entails managing money, it is a critical driving force in the nation’s economy.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes need at least one accounting professional to oversee their finances; in many cases, large corporations employ accounting departments with many employees at offices worldwide. It is safe to say that significant demand for educated accountants will continue in the 21st century and beyond.

Accounting is needed everywhere money and resources are present. The demand is always constant, spanning all industries and business sectors. This fact creates job security along with career longevity. It is the prospective accountant’s burden to take the first step in learning more about what some of the country’s best business schools have to offer for accounting experts.

Some excellent programs can be taken entirely online. Accounting students can also take a blended approach that fuses classroom education with distance learning. Some business students with full-time jobs take evening classes at a college campus. Still, others take day courses as full-time or part-time students and complete programs on an expedited schedule.

There are Ample Opportunities for Advancement

With the right amount of networking connections, entry-level accounting professionals may increase their salary potential within a year. With a toolbox full of college accounting skills, and some continuing professional education thrown in for good measure, accountant students can expand their options by pursuing positions like

  • Payroll Clerk,
  • Budget Analyst,
  • Auditor,
  • Controller,
  • Tax Accountant,
  • Certified Public Accountant, or
  • Corporate Financial Officer.

Combining accounting with other vital business skills can create an attractive resume that employers will notice.

Working knowledge of accounting principles sets a good foundation for advancing into higher roles in the field. With positions like Financial Planning and Analysis and Cost Accounting, it is essential to know how reported figures are produced. Modern financial statements and reporting involve more than just generating PowerPoint presentations. The finance sector is under pressure to evolve strategically because it is what shareholders demand. Organizations expect their finance and accounting departments to analyze, process, and take action for improvement.

The Salary for Accountants is Competitive

Because of the nature of the profession, accounting experts usually begin their careers at attractive salary levels. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for auditors and accountants is nearly $84,000. The lowest ten percent earned less than $47,970, and the highest 10 percent earned over $128,970. These salary figures vary depending on one’s

  • regional location, and
  • whether the employer is privately owned, public, or operated by the government.

Higher-paid salaries are often offered in larger metropolitan areas.

Accounting Experts Can Start Their Own Businesses

It is common for accounting professionals to develop as entrepreneurs. This often happens after years of on-the-job training when accountants have developed a fair amount of business contacts. Some accountants feel more comfortable after years of networking, leveraging the connections that they’ve made to start their own businesses. Whether specializing in tax accounting and representation or consulting, the options are limitless regarding financial maintenance.

Resources like Forbes magazine often list accounting as one of the best professions for prospective college students. This is because it is the type of position that can hold its own in today and tomorrow’s job marketplace. It is sometimes recommended for people with disabilities because of the convenient accommodations. Even self-employed accountants enjoy a healthy potential to earn a great deal of income because of the steady demand for money management.

No matter where you are from or where you are going, a career in accounting may be the ticket you are looking for. The best way to begin this journey is by taking a serious look at some of the nation’s best master’s degrees in accounting.

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Ready to start your journey?