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Students who are looking for a career that provides not only the opportunity for huge societal impact but also financial gain would benefit from looking into the wide variety of careers available in the healthcare industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the healthcare industry is expected to grow over the next decade by 18 percent. This growth is much faster than other occupations with an expected addition of over two million new jobs.

Recommended Online Degrees in Healthcare for 2021

While some might take the plunge to pursue going to medical school, with the extensive time and financial investment, there are many other alternatives for high paying careers in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, boardrooms, and classrooms are looking for educated and passionate healthcare professionals.

Prospective students have many choices, from on-campus and online and associates to doctorates. Online healthcare degrees give students the ultimate flexibility to pursue their education while also maintaining important professional and personal commitments all at the same time. This list ranks the highest paying online healthcare degrees. After graduation, professionals pursue careers with salaries that range from $48,000 to over $170,000 a year. To rank these high paying healthcare degrees, we used the most recent median salaries recorded by PayScale. These online healthcare degrees lead students down their path to a rewarding healthcare career. 

#1 – Online Degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Administration BBA, MBA, EMBA, DBA

Online Degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Administration BBA MBA EMBA DBAHealthcare is an ever-growing industry in constant need of well-qualified leaders to oversee facilities and programs that provide excellent care for patients, which is why the Online Degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Administration is the highest paying online healthcare degree obtainable. These online bachelors, masters, executive masters, and doctoral degrees prepare students for a wide variety of career options. From promoting and selling pharmaceutical/biotech products as a Medical Sales Consultant to holding the highest-level executive role as the Chief Executive Officer of a hospital or healthcare facility, these degrees lead to occupations that have a national average salary range of $70,070 to $173,000, according to PayScale. Students are immersed in learning the foundational business principles and practices while being trained and equipped to fully understand, develop, lead, and manage healthcare organizations. Some courses offered throughout these degrees are financial & managerial accounting, healthcare economics, management of human resources in healthcare, healthcare quality management, business analytics, marketing, business law, and quality performance improvement in healthcare.

Average Salary:

Hospital CEO: $173,000
Hospital COO: $139,929
Regional Sales Manager: $80,134
Sales Consultant, Medical Sales: 70,070

#2 – Online Degree in Nursing BN, MN, PhD

Online Degree in Nursing BN MN PhDAnother one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees is the Online Degree in Nursing. Some degrees are offered entirely online, while the other online degree programs may require clinical work, rotations, intensives, and fieldwork to be completed on campus or at a healthcare facility. The masters degree can also offers specialty tracks such as nurse anesthesia, nurse practitioner, and nurse-midwifery. Throughout these degrees, students will attend classes such as health assessment, nursing dimensions & informatics, leadership & management, pathophysiology & pharmacology, best practices in nursing, population health, health care systems, and diverse theories of caring. Nursing students will gain and build upon their knowledge, abilities, and expertise in nursing practices, healthcare systems, and patient care while growing in their leadership, communication, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills to help improve patient outcomes. These degrees prepare students for an array of jobs in the nursing profession. According to PayScale, the average salary ranges from $88,575 for a Nursing Director to $140,591 for a Nurse Anesthetist.

Average Salary:

Nurse Anesthetists: $140,591
Nurse Practitioner: $92,493
Nurse Midwife: $92,581
Nursing Director: $88,575

#3 – Online Doctorate in Pharmacy

Online Doctorate in PharmacyBeing one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees, students pursuing an Online Doctorate in Pharmacy will build on their previously acquired foundational knowledge, especially in biology and chemistry, and learn more about public health, drug dosage, disease prevention, chemical reactions, regulation, and allergens. Through courses like patient assessment; pharmacy practice, research principles & literature evaluation; applied pharmacokinetics & pharmacogenomics; pharmaceutical calculations; bioorganic principles of medicinal chemistry; biopharmaceutics; the U.S. healthcare system; pathophysiology & pharmacotherapy; and biostatistics & biotechnology; students will also acquire communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Possible optional areas of concentration are pharmacoepidemiology, gerontology, global medicine, and therapeutics. This self-paced, flexible, convenient online degree can be completed in 2 years and may require minimal on-campus visits for hands-on workshops. Also, thousands of clinical hours and several licenses are necessary to become a Pharmacist. A Pharmacist, responsible for the proper dispensation of prescription medications, according to PayScale, brings in an average salary of $111,860.

Average Salary:

Pharmacist: $111,860

#4 – Online Masters of Public Administration in Healthcare Management

Online Masters of Public Administration in Healthcare ManagementSomeone who wants to work in healthcare and desires to influence patients, their families, and the staff should pursue an Online Masters of Public Administration in Healthcare Management. This high paying online healthcare degree prepares students through courses such as health care policies & economics; public governance; legal & ethical principles in health care; leading public organizations; strategic planning; and public budgeting & financial management. Students will grow in foundational knowledge and gain understanding in workplace safety, budget structure, legal compliance, revenue policies, the business of finances and operations of health care facilities, how to identify and handle ethical problems, employee development, and expenditure policies all to administer quality patient care effectively. Graduates can pursue a career as a Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Manager and, according to PayScale, make an average salary of $98,654. This type of manager fully understands current governmental regulatory processes and is responsible for the safety, efficiency, entire production process, and compliance of pharmaceuticals.

Average Salary:

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Manager: $98,654

#5 – Online Masters in Physician Assistant Studies

Online Degree in Physical Therapy BPT DPTProfessional physician assistants who desire to increase their knowledge and experience should obtain an Online Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Being one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees, it educates students in many areas regarding healthcare including ethics, administration, research writing, management, clinical data, medical history, physical examinations, diagnoses, patient assessment, and lab analysis. While exploring the various organ systems with a focus on patient care, classes such as human anatomy, clinical medicine, pharmacology, diagnostic studies, basic science, health care ethics & critical thinking, health care policy, and behavioral & preventive medicine will also help instill compassion, empathy, teamwork and communication skills. Hundreds of clinical hours are required to provide students with real-life applications of the learned material and help prepare students to complete licensing. PayScale states that a Physician Assistant holds an average salary of $93,029. They assess, determine, prepare, treat, and perform routine diagnoses and procedures for patients who are sick or injured.

Average Salary:

Physician Assistant: $93,029

#6 – Online Degree in Healthcare Administration BS, MHA, DHA

Online Degree in Healthcare Administration BS MHA DHAStudents who desire to be a part of managing organizations to ensure quality care should pursue the Online Degree in Healthcare Administration. The online bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs prepare students for entry-, mid-, and upper-level positions in healthcare management through a wide breadth of classes. The curriculum covers managerial accounting principles; finance; marketing; business law; healthcare systems & policies; human resource management; economics; research theory, design and methods; and global health issues. Through this, students achieve a full knowledge of the healthcare industry and gain skills in business, management, organizational leadership, communication, team collaboration, critical thinking, public relations, data, strategic vision and planning, and problem-solving. This convenient, flexible degree is one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees and leads to occupations that, according to PayScale, range from $64,356 to $88,676. A Healthcare Administrator and a Hospital Administrator oversee the entire operation including finances, staff, training, budget, goals, and research for an entire healthcare facility or hospital.

Average Salary:

Hospital Administrator: $88,676
Healthcare Consultant: $76,694
Healthcare Administrator: $64,356

#7 – Online Degree in Psychology BS, MS, PsyD

Online Degree in Psychology BS MS PsyDAnother high paying online healthcare degree is an Online Degree in Psychology. This is a great path for people who are passionate about helping others. The online bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree options allow students a flexible, affordable, and convenient way to progress through and advance in their psychology education and career path. Students will learn all aspects of human behavior and build upon their skills in communication, creative and critical thinking, analysis, research methods, applying theory, problem-solving, and teaching. Coursework includes addiction theories, health psychology, human sexuality, social psychology, cognitive processes, statistics, theories of personality, ethical practice in psychology, and lifespan development. Graduates can become a Professor of Psychology who lectures, teaches, and develops students while performing research and data analysis or a Psychologist who tests, examines, and diagnoses individuals and group therapy patients to provide treatment and care. PayScale states that these occupations bring in an average salary range between $74,656 and $86,210.

Average Salary:

Professor, Postsecondary/Higher Education: $86,210
Psychologist: $74,656

#8 – Online Doctorate in Social Work

Online Doctorate in Social WorkThe Online Doctorate in Social Work is for social workers who aspire to advance in their profession and the knowledge they have already obtained. This high paying online healthcare degree provides these professionals with competence in research, analyzing theory, leadership, social strategies, evaluation, strategic thinking, collaboration, and advocacy to promote and improve social change and well-being in our communities. Students acquire the skills to tackle social needs and problems through courses like advanced social work theory & practice; social change & social policy; medical social work; program & practice evaluation; contemporary gerontology/geriatric psychology; research theory, design, and methods; and history & development of social work. This flexible online degree may also require dissertation work and a few on-campus residencies, depending on the program. According to PayScale, the average salary ranges from $52,091 for a Medical Social Worker, who mainly works with patients and families dealing with chronic or terminal illnesses, disabilities, or aging issues, to $86,210 for a Professor of Social Work.

Average Salary:

Professor, Postsecondary/Higher Education:$86,210
Licensed Clinical Social Worker: $56,227
Social Work Supervisor: $54,561
Medical Social Worker: $52,091

#9 – Online Degree in Physical Therapy BPT, DPT

Online Degree in Physical Therapy BPT DPT 1Physical therapy is a great career path for people who desire to help others recover mobility, and who have excellent communication and customer service skills. One of the highest paying online healthcare degrees is the Online Degree in Physical Therapy. Through the online bachelors and doctoral degrees, students will study basic sciences to advanced patient management in courses like human anatomy & physiology, health & fitness, human development, life span motor control, therapeutic exercise, and clinical exercise physiology. This flexible online degree path may require on campus and local community clinic immersions to enhance physical skills and abilities. Graduates can obtain occupations that, according to PayScale, have an average salary range of $53,000 to $84,365. Physical Therapists assess, diagnose, treat, and work through the stages of recovery with patients who have lost physical movement due to injury, illness, or disability. A Physical Therapy Director is a trained physical therapist who oversees the operations of a physical therapy facility, including hiring, evaluating, and leading staff.

Average Salary:

Physical Therapist Director: $84,365
Physical Therapist: $69,895
Physical Therapy Assistant: $53,000

#10 – Online Masters in Chemistry

Online Masters in ChemistryChemistry is a vital area of expertise for the healthcare industry. Therefore, one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees is an Online Masters in Chemistry. Being a flexible, portable, 100% online degree helps full-time working professionals obtain their masters degree. Students gain and build upon knowledge and skills in the field of chemistry through classes such as chemical literature, advanced organic & inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, advanced physical chemistry, fundamentals of heterocycles including pharmaceuticals, and molecular modeling. In the medical path, students can specialize in clinical research. This degree can lead to many healthcare jobs. A Medical Laboratory Scientist performs tests, exams, and diagnostics on specimen related to the medical field and a Biomedical Scientist designs and performs experiments in labs on bodily fluids, tissues, and cells to detect diseases and irregularities. A Toxicologist investigates, tests, researches, studies, and analyzes the safety of pharmaceutical drugs and how the chemicals affect people. PayScale states the average salary range for these occupations is $53,000 to $82,726.

Average Salary:

Toxicologist: $82,726
Biomedical Scientist: $60,980
Medical Laboratory Scientist: $53,00

#11 – Online Degree in Public Health BPH, MPH, DPH

Online Degree in Public Health BPH MPH DPHWith the increasing changes in our healthcare system and society, public health is a growing industry for employment. Therefore, one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees is an Online Degree in Public Health. Studying through the online bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, coursework will cover topics such as foundations of public health, consumer & community health, environmental health, disease prevention, biostatistics, epidemiology, public health management & leadership, health informatics, and health services management. An original dissertation and a practicum opportunity will also provide applicable experience. Graduates obtain a well-rounded, competent, effective public health education that empowers them to affect positive social change and wellness in our communities. The average salary range for this degree path is between $60,071 and $81,653, according to PayScale. One of the occupations graduates are prepared for is a Public Health Director. This position oversees staff operations, budget, and the planning and development of policies and programs that focus on community health and disease prevention.

Average Salary:

Public Health Director: $81,653
Healthcare Consultant: $76,587
Epidemiologist: $62,424
Health Policy Analyst: $60,071

#12 – Online Bachelors in Occupational Safety and Health

Online Bachelors in Occupational Safety and HealthIf helping keep people safe and healthy at work is a career path for you, then this high paying online healthcare degree is a great start. The Online Bachelors in Occupational Safety and Health equips students to achieve this goal and to pass the required Certified Safety Professional (CSP®) Exam. It gives students the knowledge and experience needed to identify, assess, control, and provide solutions to hazards in the workplace. Coursework includes environmental technology, fundamentals of occupational safety & health, OSHA standards, interactions of hazardous materials, legal aspects of safety & health, and toxicology. By instilling the understanding of related theory and technology, this degree prepares graduates to enter several occupations. A couple of options are an Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Technician who looks for hazards by analyzing and testing data and a Health & Safety Manager who oversees the operations of a health and safety department. These positions bring in an average salary range of $54,433 to $76,459, according to PayScale.

Average Salary:

Health and Safety Manager: $76,459
Occupational Health or Safety Specialist Technician: $54,433

#13 – Online Associates in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Online Associates in Nuclear Medicine TechnologyThis associates degree can provide a great income, immediate entry into the profession, and can be completed in just two years. The Online Associates in Nuclear Medicine Technology equips students with the knowledge and ability to inject radioactive materials into our bodies, and use machinery equipped with radiation and radiopharmaceuticals to scan and generate images for doctors to see, determine, and diagnose the situation. Along with the online study, there will be some campus or local healthcare facility clinical internships required. Classes offered in this high paying online healthcare degree include physiology, chemistry, anatomy, nuclear medicine introductory, radiation protection, mathematics, instrumentation fundamentals, radiation procedures, and nuclear medicine pharmacology. PayScale states the average salary for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist is $66,000, and a Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist is $75,000. Both of these positions help care for patients by transporting patients to imaging, run scans, and communicate with healthcare staff and patients. A lead technologist will also lead and mentor the team of technologists.

Average Salary:

Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist: $75,000
Nuclear Medicine Technologist: $66,000

#14 – Online Degree in Occupational Therapy AAS, OTD

Online Degree in Occupational Therapy AAS OTDAnother one of the highest paying online healthcare degrees is the Online Degree in Occupational Therapy. The online associates level of this degree also requires on-site skills labs and supervised fieldwork. Classes like statistics, foundational occupational therapy theory, research design & methods, and evidence-based practice will prepare students to pass the NBCOT® Exam and become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Students who desire to progress in this profession can pursue an online doctorate. This level of degree provides students with advanced knowledge and skills through classes like human occupation & health, applied inter-professional leadership and management, current trends shaping OT practice, and advanced outcome measurement in OT. This flexible, part-time, interactive online degree leads to a career as an Occupational Therapist who takes patients that are hurt on the job, evaluates the injury, and plans, sets goals, and assists the patient in the physical therapeutic recovery process. For these jobs, PayScale states the average salary range to be between $53,000 and $72,000.

Average Salary:

Occupational Therapist: $72,000
Occupational Therapy Assistant: $53,000

#15 – Online Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology

Online Doctorate in Speech Language PathologyFor current speech-language pathologists who wish to enhance their knowledge and experience and further their career should pursue the Online Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology. This high paying online healthcare degree provides an innovative, flexible, interactive online program coupled with possible residencies to give students hands-on, clinical, face-to-face experiences as well. It offers scientific and research-based classes such as genetics, pharmacology, counseling, technology & instrumentation in communication sciences, gerontology, business management & leadership, research design, survey methodology and advanced seminars in pediatric development, voice & swallowing, and augmentative & alternative communication. Students will also prepare and present a dissertation. A Speech-Language Pathologist works with children and adults with all different levels of difficulty with speech or language due to motor-, physical-, or cognitive-related problems and, according to PayScale, makes an average salary of $71,000. A Bilingual Speech Pathologist identifies, diagnoses, and provides treatment plans for people with impaired speech and, according to PayScale, makes an average salary of $64,129.

Average Salary:

Speech-Language Pathologist: $71,000
Bilingual Speech Pathologist: $64,129

#16 – Online Doctorate in Audiology

Online Doctorate in AudiologyAn Online Doctorate in Audiology is an excellent degree for audiology professionals who want to stay educated in the changing medical and technological world and desire to advance in their career. This high paying online healthcare degree provides fundamental and advanced knowledge and virtual clinical experiences to prepare graduates to be leaders and scholars in this profession. The innovative, modern, flexible, fully online degree can be completed in two to three years. Coursework includes ethics, leadership, & professionalism; neuroscience & neuroimaging; pathologies of the auditory & vestibular system; pharmacology & ototoxicity; genetics & hearing loss; implantable devices; global healthcare & audiology; and pediatric audiology. This doctorate leads to a career as a Clinical Audiologist which, according to PayScale, brings in an average salary of $70,123. Clinical Audiologists must have excellent skills in attentiveness, communication, patience, and computers. They conduct the hearing and balance tests to assess, determine, diagnose and counsel patients about the hearing problem and the treatment plan if needed.

Average Salary:

Clinical Audiologist: $70,123
Audiologist: $66,750

#17 – Online Associates in Radiation Therapy

Online Associates in Radiation TherapyAnother excellent online associates degree that directly leads to a healthcare career is an Online Associates in Radiation Therapy. This high paying online healthcare degree equips students with the competence, experience, and knowledge to pass the national certification exam and state licensure to become a Radiation Therapist. A Radiation Therapist administers therapeutic doses of radiation to cancer patients, interprets results, operates equipment, works with a team, and needs to have physical strength, compassion, and excellent communication skills. According to PayScale, they bring in an average salary of $68,000. Students are prepared through classes like introduction to radiation therapy, patient care for the radiation therapist, principles & practice of radiation therapy, radiation therapy physics, treatment planning & dosimetry, radiobiology & pathology, quality management, and radiation therapy clinical education. This degree develops critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, fabrication, and block cutting skills, and the proper education and expertise to effectively and adequately execute radiation treatment procedures.

Average Salary:

Radiation Therapist: $68,000

#18 – Online Masters in Clinical Laboratory Management

Online Masters in Clinical Laboratory ManagementThe Online Masters in Clinical Laboratory Management is for current medical laboratory scientists who wish to build upon their previous education and enter a managerial position. This flexible, accessible, convenient high paying online healthcare degree can be completed in one to two years and is a step towards preparing for the Diplomate in Laboratory Management Exam. Topics of study include management principles & quality management, compliance & regulatory issues, healthcare informatics, principles of laboratory management, evidence-based research & applied statistics, method comparison & process validation, scientific & technical writing, and health care finance. Throughout this degree, students will grow in their communication and decision-making skills, management of human resources, development of leadership, analysis, and implementation of laboratory tests, identification of issues and interpretation of data all to provide a safe, ethical, effective, and productive laboratory experience. Graduates are well prepared to enter into a Laboratory Manager position which oversees the daily operations of laboratories and, according to PayScale, makes an average salary of $66,405.

Average Salary:

Laboratory Manager: $66,405

#19 – Online Associates in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Online Associates in Magnetic Resonance ImagingAnother high paying online healthcare degree is an Online Associates in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This degree sets graduates up to complete the MRI Certification Exam and begin an entry-level position in this healthcare field. Throughout the coursework, foundational topics of study include magnetic resonance(MR) procedures & pathophysiology, human anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, principles of sociology, computer applications in medical imaging, algebra, applied sectional anatomy, and MR image analysis. Local healthcare facilities provide required clinical learning experiences and give students the opportunity to apply accrued knowledge from online courses. Students will learn how to evaluate, determine, and position imaging parameters; instill and secure the safety and protection of the patients, staff, and equipment; and obtain the technical, communication, and people skills needed to work with patients. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) Technologist operates MRI equipment which scans human bodies, produces images of what is going on inside, and assists healthcare professionals with diagnoses. According to PayScale, an MRI Technologist makes an average salary of $64,000.

Average Salary:

MRI Technologist: $64,000

#20 – Online Associates in Sonography

Online Associates in SonographyThe Online Associates in Sonography equips graduates to apply for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) Exam and to enter into the healthcare field of sonography. A Sonographer assists physicians and radiologists by operating ultrasound equipment to create images from inside the body which helps determine what exactly is going on, detect diseases, and diagnose problems and solutions. They mainly work in the area of obstetrics regarding pregnancy, but can also be vital in the areas of breast screenings, ophthalmology, vascular technologies and evaluating the abdominal area. According to PayScale, they make an average annual salary of $63,000. This high paying online healthcare degree educates students through courses such as diagnostic imaging, sonographic instrumentation, medical terminology, sonographic orientation & techniques, abdomen & small parts sonography, obstetric & gynecologic sonography, and comprehensive sonography. Over a thousand clinical hours are also required to give students hands-on experience and training. Students will also gain great teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills which are essential in this healthcare career.

Average Salary:

Sonographer: $63,000

#21 – Online Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics BSND, MSND

Online Degree in Nutrition Dietetics BSND MSNDThis high paying online healthcare degree is for registered dietitians who desire to advance in their career, both in knowledge and experience. The Online Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, both the bachelors and masters, help prepare graduates to complete next-level certification exams and to obtain higher positions in the healthcare industry. Students will become proficient in writing, communication, computer literacy, project management, nutritional scientific foundations, interpretations, critical thinking, ethical practice, and problem-solving throughout this degree path. Coursework includes nutritional microbiology, experimental food, preventive nutrition, vitamin & mineral metabolism, medical nutrition therapy, advanced nutritional physiology, and statistics in research, with 1200 hours of supervised practice in areas such as obstetrics & pediatrics and food service administration. Along with becoming a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist, this degree prepares graduates to become a Director of Food and Nutrition Services. This type of director is responsible for the proper preparation and distribution of food for an organization or program and, according to PayScale, makes an average annual salary of $61,771.

Average Salary:

Director of Food and Nutrition Services: $61,771
Dietitian: $49,713
Nutritionist: $43,840

#22 – Online Associates in Respiratory Therapy

Online Associates in Respiratory TherapyBreathing is an essential part of life. An Online Associates in Respiratory Therapy can provide the knowledge and fulfilling ability to help people who have problems breathing. With the flexibility of online curriculum, this high paying online healthcare degree can be obtained in about two years. To help people breath easily, students learn about airway management, lung expansion therapy, respiratory therapy, anatomy & physiology, cardiopulmonary pharmacology, mechanical ventilation, bronchial hygiene therapy, perinatal & pediatric care, pulmonary function testing, life-saving techniques and much more. Students will also complete supervised clinical hours to provide hands-on training. This degree gives graduates great success to pursue a career as a Respiratory Therapist who, according to PayScale, brings in an average annual salary of $53,000. A Respiratory Therapist works with premature babies, children, and adults, in a variety of different healthcare facilities, from specialized clinics to hospitals. They examine clients, discuss results, and form a treatment plan to improve breathing function.

Average Salary:

Respiratory Therapist: $53,000

#23 – Online Bachelors in Microbiology

Online Bachelors in MicrobiologySomeone who has a passion for science; improving our health, environment, and the safety of our food; and desire to significantly impact the world should pursue an Online Bachelors in Microbiology. As another high paying online healthcare degree, this degree sets graduates up for a variety of graduate degrees to study and careers to pursue, like a Microbiologist. A Microbiologist studies the growth, structure, and interactions of all types of microscopic microorganisms, such as bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi and even some forms of parasites, to provide scientific knowledge and positively affect the healthcare industry. This flexible, convenient, accessible online degree also requires some on campus, in-person, laboratory courses to provide experiential abilities. Along with providing foundational science knowledge and advanced lab and computational skills, topics of study include molecular genetics, cell biology, immunology, parasitology, bioinformatics, pathogenesis, virology, microbial physiology, metabolism & regulation, host-pathogen interactions, and environmental microbiology. PayScale shows this occupation to make an average annual salary of $52,256.

Average Salary:

Microbiologist: $52,256

#24 – Online Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

Online Masters in Marriage and Family TherapyRelationships can be challenging to navigate. It is helpful to have guidance and support. That is why the Online Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy is a high paying online healthcare degree. Students will gain a deep understanding of psychotherapy and counseling principles and techniques to assist marriages and families in mental health wellness, healing, and successful relationships. The curriculum includes premarital & marital counseling; counseling children, adolescents, & their families; clinical diagnosis & treatment planning; and human sexuality and will require on-campus intensives, practicum, and internships. Graduates will be ready to obtain the Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) License and will have gained extensive knowledge, experience, and ethical awareness in mental assessment, diagnoses, treatment planning, and interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists will utilize family members, doctors, and community resources to help fully support their clients. They work in a variety of mental healthcare facilities from private practices to hospitals, and PayScale shows their average annual salary to be $51,991.

Average Salary:

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist: $51,991

#25 – Online Associates in Radiologic Technology

Online Associates in Radiologic TechnologyThe Online Associates in Radiologic Technology equips students to tackle the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Exam and immediately enter into a career in the field of radiology. This high paying online healthcare degree offers classes on topics such as patient care & pharmacology; college mathematics; anatomy & physiology; radiographic imaging & physics; English composition; introduction to surgery/trauma/mobile x-ray; advanced positioning & anatomy; and advanced imaging in fluoroscopy, radiology, & pathology. These online courses are combined with hands-on clinical experiences observing, operating and performing imaging tasks in a healthcare facility’s imaging department. Graduates are prepared to handle radiologic and radiographic procedures and imaging equipment in areas such as trauma, surgery, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and other areas of patient care. Learned skills in communication, social awareness, interpersonal behavior, and professionalism also prepare graduates to succeed as Radiologic Technologists. This occupation, according to PayScale, makes an average annual salary of $48,000.

Average Salary:

Radiologic Technologist: $48,000

Recommended Online Degrees in Healthcare for 2021

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