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What's a Typical Day Like in a Coding Bootcamp?

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So, you want to know about coding, and how to expedite that learning process? This means that coding bootcamp is probably an option you have also considered. What’s a typical day like in coding bootcamp? Can you take coding bootcamp part time? These and other questions are inevitably going to arise, so strap in and get ready to take some notes, and answers to those frequently asked questions about coding bootcamp.

What’s a Typical Day Like in a Coding Bootcamp?

Don’t let the term “bootcamp” incite fear, but it should a word that makes people take notice. While this kind of bootcamp won’t have screaming drill sergeants, mud pits covered by barbed wire, or hand-to-hand combat training, these are still serious coding bootcamp courses.

Serious as in, be prepared to hit the ground running. Forget the typical four-year degree program schedule, this is a coding bootcamp curriculum. That means a lot of different knowledge, many different topics, and the pressure of deadlines. There will be no one week introduction into “what is coding” only straight lessons, testing, and assignments. 

Instead of day one sounding like a lecture, it will sound more like an auctioneer shouting code, or at least it can feel that way. On day one coding students can expect to see lines of code, function requirements, and even have a test – or two! That is day one. On day two, students can expect to see more code, more programming feature requirements, and testing.

What does a typical day in coding bootcamp look like, see above, then repeat. No, coding bootcamp isn’t for the weak of heart, and neither is coding bootcamp part time for those looking for an easier route. Coding bootcamp part time does have its advantages though.

The Benefits of Coding Bootcamp Part Time

There can be many benefits to choosing a coding bootcamp part-time program, just don’t expect the volume, intensity, or timelines to be any less forgiving. That being said, there are many benefits of choosing a coding bootcamp part-time program. 

For those studying coding bootcamp fullstack programs, part-time classes allow for a breather in between sections, and students can better control their pace. Students who are working may also find it beneficial to us coding bootcamp part time courses as a result of schedules or class flexibility. 

It doesn’t matter if it is a coding bootcamp fullstack program or another coding trek, part-time program options can also help students perform better as a result of easier class load management. Yes, the classes in a part-time coding bootcamp still come rapid-fire. It is still the same rigorous material, but time management, self-paced, and more scheduling options make part-time classes worth a look.

What Should I Consider Before Enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp?

Programming and coding isn’t the easiest type of material to learn, but for some, it does come more easily than for most. If students have a knack for learning code, and how to use it, then a coding bootcamp might be an excellent option and a great way to fast-track your programming and coding certificate or degree.

That doesn’t mean that only those who are more naturally inclined to coding and programming are the only people who should consider coding careers, but coding bootcamps are more challenging than traditional course structures. They demand students work more quickly, progress with the pace of the lessons, and keep up.

This also is worth noting for those who are considering coding bootcamp full stack curriculums. Those enrolled or pursuing coding bootcamp full stack programs are asked to learn about much more than coding. These courses cover aspects such as servers, database management, and other various principles of technology and design considerations. 

Coding bootcamp courses are also one after another, so it is imperative that students be able to keep up with the program. The only other concern regarding a coding bootcamp curriculum is the student’s schedule. While these courses are shorter, they do place demands on finding the time to take classes, do assignments, complete tests, and do other coding projects. 

A typical day in coding bootcamp is fast-paced, filled with mass amounts of information, and is a sprint to the finish. The good news is, that the finish line is filled with rewards and can make completing that coding bootcamp course well worth the effort. Coding bootcamp may not be for everyone, and it is advisable to talk with a program admission representative and perhaps even a career counselor before taking the jump.


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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?