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With a low population in a huge desert state, Nevada has only two public universities, a handful of community colleges, and a few private institutions. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t looking to college for an opportunity to change their lives. Like any other state, college students in Nevada are looking for scholarships to make a dent in the cost of school. Whether they are minority students, nontraditional-aged students, international, or new high school graduates, there are scholarships out there for Nevada’s next leaders.

College Consensus is dedicated to information and opportunity, so this list of the top 5 scholarships in Nevada is just a sample. Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

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Atlantis Award of Excellence Scholarship

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada provides the Atlantis Award of Excellence Scholarship to grandchildren and children of members of the Atlantis Hotel team members. Eligible applicants for these scholarships in Nevada Community Foundation of Western Nevada who plan to enroll in a University of Las Vegas (UNLV Reno or UNLV Las Vegas campus) hospitality (or related topic) degree program. The Atlantis Award of Excellence Scholarship has an application deadline of June 12th and a value that varies based on the recipient’s need.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada, established in 2002, was created as an organization that seeks to influence positive change in local communities. A significant focus of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada is the opening of educational opportunities for Nevada’s homeless youth, young adults coming out of Foster Care, or runaway youth living on the street. Recent initiatives of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada include Caregiver Support, Family Estate Planning, Caregiver Honors, and Nevada Mentoring program.


Frank M. & Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation Scholarship

The Doyle Foundation provides the Frank M. & Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation Scholarships in Nevada to graduating seniors from one of the many high schools in the Washoe County School district in Northern Nevada. Additionally, a student attending an eligible Nevada community college may also qualify for these scholarships in Nevada. The Doyle Foundation scholarships have an application deadline of February 1st and an award value that varies from $500 to $30,000. Upon application, eligible candidates for the scholarship will receive notification of the decision on or before April 15th.

The Doyle Foundation, created in 1996, was established by Gertrude Doyle in memory of her late husband Frank Doyle, as a means to create educational opportunities for students to help ensure that communities of the future prosper and thrive. Gertrude Doyle sought to fulfill her husband’s lifelong objective – to create a better world for everyone.


Horatio Alger Nevada Scholarships

The Horatio Alger Association offers the Horatio Alger Nevada Scholarships. The scholarships provided by the Horatio Alger Association include the undergraduate scholarship for students who come from low-income families. These state scholarships in Nevada have an application deadline of October 25th and an award value of $10,000. Eligible recipients must be high school seniors, demonstrate their positive response to adversity, have a documented financial need and be a United States citizen. Award recipients must enter an institution of higher learning (anywhere in the United States) by the following fall semester.

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. operates out of Alexandra, VA. The Horatio Alger Association organization has awarded more than 175 million dollars since its inception in 1984. In 2019 alone, the Horatio Alger Association funded more than $20 million in scholarships to students reaching for professional certificates, baccalaureate, or graduate degrees.


Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships

The Italian Catholic Federation offers the Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships (ICF) to eligible recipients who are of Roman Catholic (or Italian) descent and live within the communities served by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nevada. The application deadline for these scholarships in Nevada is August 1st. The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships offer first-year winners $400 for the first year, which is renewable, which increases each year as followed – $500 for year 2, $600 for year 3, and $1,000 for the fourth and final year of studies. Eligible candidates must demonstrate characteristics of a leader, financial need, and be a member of a family who participates or belongs to the Italian Catholic Federation.

The Italian Catholic Federation was established in 1964 as a nonprofit organization. The Italian Catholic Federation was created as a family-oriented federation that seeks to bring family, neighbors, and communities together to celebrate their shared cultural heritage.


Nevada Woman's Fund Scholarship

The Nevada Woman’s Fund Scholarship is offered by the Nevada Woman’s Fund to eligible women who live in the Northern Portion of Nevada. Women recipients of these scholarships in Nevada must attend an accredited institution of higher learning in Northern Nevada and enroll in a minimum of six (but eight, or less) credits per semester. The Nevada Woman’s Fund Scholarship requires an application to be submitted by February 28th. The award values provided by the Nevada Woman’s Fund scholarship varies and ranges between $500 and $5,000.

The Nevada Woman’s Fund was established nearly 40 years with a mission to empower women to facilitate and support stronger Nevada communities. Through extensive research and financial funding, the Nevada Woman’s Fund seeks to solve the significant social issues that challenge women and their families.

Can I Get a Scholarship without Good High School Grades?

Most people correctly assume that in order to obtain a scholarship in Nevada for high school seniors, a student needs good grades. However, what is considered “bad grades” to one set of scholarship requirements are “good grades” to another. That is to say, while many scholarship programs expect a 3.5 or 3.0 GPA, some require GPAs as low as a 2.0. Along with these varying GPA requirements, scholarships will also come with a number of other expectations depending on who is funding the scholarship, and who it is intended to help.

Low GPA requirements like those briefly mentioned above are common for scholarship types that are not academic in nature, such as sports scholarships. What’s more, many scholarship programs take into consideration the fact that students may not have earned low grades due to a lack of intellectual merit, but rather due to life circumstances. Many scholarship programs take other factors into account such as community service, group affiliation, minority status, underprivileged status, and so on.

What’s more, scholarships in Nevada for high school seniors are not your only option. There are also grant programs and non-scholarship tuition assistance programs that you can access if you meet the minimum qualifications.

To learn more, visit Nevada’s Office of Grant Procurement.

Does the State of Nevada Offer Grants for College?

When most people think of financial aid for college tuition, they think of scholarships. But this is not the only form of tuition assistance. There are also grants. Many grants can be found on offer from a wide range of foundations, schools, and other organizations.

Scholarships usually require a relatively high academic performance and/or participation in a specific school or program. Grants for college in Nevada, however, are most often granted based on demonstrated financial need, minority status, or some other non-academic prerequisite- though certain standards of performance may be expected.

These are not hard and fast rules for Nevada scholarships and grants, but they are a general guideline you might keep in mind during your initial search for tuition assistance. Many Nevada grants for education can completely cover the cost of your education, while others are simply there to ease the burden of tuition.

Two of the most popular Nevada tuition grants are the Nevada Grant-In-Aid and The Nevada State Access Grant. Both of these are meant to serve as aid for students with severe financial needs. During the application process, the student is assessed for financial need, the cost of the students seeking education, and the amount of money available for dispensation.

What is the Nevada Millennium Scholarship?

The state of Nevada takes its commitment to promote the quality of education available very seriously. One way they show it is through the Millennium Scholarship in Nevada. This is just one of Nevada’s many scholarship programs, but arguably one of its most well known.

Also known as the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, this program offers reduced or free tuition to students attending in-state colleges and universities such as the University of Reno, The University of Nevada, the University of Las Vegas, and others.

The Nevada Millennium Scholarship Requirements dictate that eligible students must:

  • Graduate with a Class of the Year
  • Complete High School with a 3.5 GPA or better
  • Be a resident of Nevada during two or more high school years

This scholarship fund was created in 1999 by Governor Guinn. To learn more about the Nevada Millennium Scholarship visits The Nevada State Treasurer’s website.

Are there Scholarships for Hispanic Students in Nevada?

The state of Nevada’s public policies and statements make it clear that access to quality education for the public is a state priority. Because of Nevada’s relative proximity to the nation’s southern border, this means extending educational opportunities to persons coming into the country from the South American nations.

There are many scholarships for Hispanic students in Nevada and grant opportunities that it extends to South American immigrants who wish to make the most out of coming to the United States.

Some of the best known Hispanic scholarships Nevada offers include, but are not limited to;

  • Time Customer Service HCC Scholarship Award amount: $3,000
  • George Edgecomb Bar Association Senior Scholarship Award amount: $2,500
  • AIA/F Diversity Advancement Scholarship Award amount: $4,000
  • Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship Award amount: $5,000
  • Rose C. Diaz Memorial Scholarship Award amount: $1,000
  • David A. & Mary Irene Falk HCC Scholarship Award amount: $1,000

Of course, this is just a small sample of the many valuable educational opportunities that the state of Nevada and its schools extend to Hispanic students studying in the U.S.A.

To learn more about these and similar opportunities, visit Nevada’s Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination, and Management.

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