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For many students, a scholarship means the difference between going or not going to college. That’s especially true, though, for low-income students, rural students, minority students, and non-traditional aged students, and Arkansas has all of those in high proportions. Whether through the Arkansas Lottery Scholarships, state-sponsored grants, or private foundations and charities, Arkansas students have many opportunities to show what they’re made of with a scholarship. 

To get your search going, College Consensus editors have listed a few scholarships in Arkansas worth checking out. Programs are presented here in alphabetical order by name.

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AGC Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) manages an Education & Research Fund, offers an AGC Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship to those eligible students enrolled in an accredited (ACCE or ABET) college or university with a degree major related to the construction engineering or construction management field. Eligible recipients must be a full-time sophomore in college or a junior/senior for specific degree programs. This scholarship is one of many scholarships in Arkansas, with an application deadline of November 1. Each renewal scholarship is valued at $2,500 and available for a total of four years.

The Education & Research Fund managed by Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has, since its inception, awards more than 9.9 million dollars in scholarship awards to thousands of students studying for construction-related academic degrees. The Associated General Contractors of America is an industry professional organization with more than 25,000 engineer firm members. The Associated General Contractors of America focuses its efforts in Technology, Workforce Development, Law, Energy and Risk Management, to name a few.


Benton County Single Parent Scholarship

The Benton County Single Parent Scholarship is available to single parents in Benton County who are also the custodial parent with more than 50% of the minor’s physical custody. Additionally, scholarships in Arkansas for single parents generally require the recipient to be facing economic hardships that often impedes an opportunity to attend college. While this scholarship requires the scholarship recipient to attend one of seven preselected schools, the scholarship committee will review other schools on a case-by-case basis. The Benton County Single Parent Scholarship offers more than just financing of tuition, and it provides funding for eye exams, childcare, and transportation.

The Benton County Single Parent Scholarship Fund is an organization dedicated to assisting single parents residing in Arkansas to obtain a college or university academic degree. The Single Parent Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to non-traditional college students through the financing of rental, childcare, life skill works, counseling, and mentoring networks.


Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust

The Cornerstone Charitable Scholarship Trust offers academic scholarships in Arkansas to African American students under 25 years old. The application submission deadline is March 30. Eligible recipients must also demonstrate an economically disadvantaged situation with verifiable roots in the state of Arkansas that also includes environmental risk. Applicants must have already successfully finished high school and have already received a letter of acceptance (or be enrolled) in an institution of higher learning or professional/vocational school that has received regional accreditation.

A consent decree established the Cornerstone Charitable Scholarship Trust from the US district court as a private organization dedicated to the funding of academic and educational opportunities for Arkansas’ African American students facing economic hardship. The Cornerstone Charitable Scholarship Trust establishes the value of the scholarship each year, depending on the recipient’s academic level and fund availability.


Florence Wood Scholarship

The Florence Wood Scholarship is offered by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) each year for a value of $500. Each eligible recipient must be an Arkansas resident who is currently enrolled in an accredited occupational, educational degree program provided by an institution of higher learning located in Arkansas. Additionally, scholarship applicants must demonstrate a) a financial need and b) an academic history of outstanding achievements. Those students applying the scholarship to graduate academic endeavors must also submit a thesis, culminating project, or research project. The application deadline for submission is October 17.

The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) offers more than fifty different scholarships to eligible recipients in the state of Arkansas, and the Florence Wood Scholarship is one of the many scholarships in Arkansas offered by the AOTF. The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) only allows for one scholarship per student.


UA Fort Smith Roland S. Boreham, Jr. Engineering Scholarship

The Roland S. Boreham, Jr. Engineering Scholarship is offered by the University of Arkansas (UA Fort Smith) as one of the more competitive scholarships in Arkansas. Eligible participants must be able to demonstrate tremendous academic aptitude in the fields of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, who are planning to attend college to pursue a degree. The value of the UA Fort Smith Roland S Boreham, Jr. Engineering scholarship is a full tuition waiver for up to four years, plus an allowance for $2,000 to be used towards campus housing. Award recipients will also receive a laptop as well as full reimbursement for supplies and textbooks.

The University of Arkansas (UA Fort Smith) provides may different scholarships as a way to facilitate a process that permits more students an opportunity to attend college or a professional school as they reach for their educational goals. The scholarships offered by US Fort Smith are renewal if the recipient meets the terms of the awards.

What is the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship?

The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is a program for Arkansas residents who wish to pursue a college education. It’s not specific to any gender or ethnicity. Moreover, students may be in any program of their choosing, as long as it’s from an accredited facility. An Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is funded by the Arkansas Scholarship lottery. In the state of Arkansas, it’s the most common form of state aid. The organization offers scholarships for high school students looking for assistance with paying for school, and they also have another program that’s for non-traditional students. This includes students who are starting college after being out of high school for more than a year or students who are already in college.

The Arkansas Challenge scholarship amounts vary based on what year of a student’s higher education they’re in. For instance, first-year students are eligible for $500 per semester, which is the same as $1,000 per year. Second-year students are eligible for $4,000 per year and so are third-year college students. The amount for students going into the fourth year of their education is $2,500 per nine weeks. This is the same as $5,000 for the entire year. Students may receive a scholarship from this organization even if they don’t attend school full time. However, the Arkansas Challenge scholarship amounts depend on the number of hours a student attends each semester.

What is the Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship?

The Arkansas Governor’s scholarship is one of the options students in the “Bear State” have in terms of funding their education. The Arkansas Governor’s scholarship is one of the Arkansas Challenge scholarships available to students. The Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship is exclusively for students who have high levels of academic success.

Students who want to apply for the Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship must have a GPA of 3.50 to qualify. However, students who are National Merit Finalists or National Achievement Scholars don’t need to meet this requirement. They still must have at least a 32 on their ACT or a 1410 on their SAT. This particular scholarship pays up to $10,000 per year that may go toward a student’s tuition, board, or other mandatory expenses.

To fill out an Arkansas Governor’s Scholarship application, students don’t have to fill out a FASFA because it’s not based on financial eligibility. Students may fill out an Arkansas Governor’s Scholarship application if they are going to college out of high school, are currently in college, or are enrolling in college after a gap period. This scholarship is also available to students who are re-enrolling in college.

Are There Grants for Arkansas College Students?

The Arkansas Health Education Grant (ARHEG) offers grants to students who are going to pursue a graduate degree in a medical-related field of study. It offers assistance with paying for tuition as well as room and board.

Students may find grants in Arkansas for college through the state. This grant is available to students who want to pursue a career in chiropractic, osteopathic, or podiatric medicine. It’s also available to individuals who are planning to attend school for dentistry, optometry, or veterinary medicine. There isn’t a set number of grants given each year from this program. It’s dependent upon the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Grants in Arkansas for college are also available from the Go! Opportunities Grant program. As one of the Arkansas grants for college, students may receive $1,000 per year for college and may qualify for this opportunity for up to four years. One of the Arkansas grants for college is for teachers only. Students can’t qualify for this program until they already have student loan debt. The funds are to go toward their loans.

Students may also find Arkansas grants for college on a national level by checking the options available from the nation’s education department. These options are for students who financially need assistance paying for college or who are attending a certain type of program.

What Does the Lottery Have to Do with Scholarships in Arkansas?

All of the Arkansas Lottery scholarship amounts awarded to students are proceeds from the lottery. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is one of the most common ways to receive funds for students interested in attending college. The Arkansas Scholarship lottery offers several different options for students. For instance, students may apply for one option that’s based on their academic performance. Another option is available to students based on their financial need. The Arkansas Lottery scholarship amounts vary based on the student’s academic year. For instance, first-year students receive less per year than a student who is in his or her fourth year of study. Arkansas lottery scholarships are only available to a student who fills out a FASFA, unless the individual is applying for the distinguished award.

Arkansas lottery scholarship requirements state that a pupil must be enrolled in either a part or full-time program. The student may be a traditional student going to college after high school or a current college student. The student may also be re-enrolling or a non-traditional student. The Arkansas Lottery scholarship requirements make it necessary for a student to have a certain GPA and test scores on either the ACT or SAT.

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