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How to Write a Resume

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Resumes should always be handy and updated. Many people have made a resume before, but not many always update them. Your Resume will be your main tool in landing an interview. Your resume will also be your future employer’s first test to see if you are qualified for the job.

Most Important things to Remember

  1. Compact vs. Length: You may believe that a longer Resume means more experience. However, most employers are generally looking for a short/concise page. You want to put your experience that matches closest to the position you are applying for.
  2. Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!: There are employers out there that will literally disregard your application if they catch a spelling or grammar error. Even if they don’t, a small mistake like that can really hurt your chances in landing your position.
  3. Style Matters: Design your Resume to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Keeping your resume organized will help the viewer access information a lot smoother. Also, it’s always a bonus if your resume sticks out from the rest.
  4. Be Detailed: You want to highlight your accomplishments as much as possible. You don’t just want to put vague descriptions about skills and awards you write down. You want to be very detailed on what you won, who you beat, and why it matters. People are persuaded with facts and numbers. This means paying attention to details that you are able to add to your lists.

Example 1

    • Don’t write: “I helped fundraise for the school’s PTA.”
    • Do write: “I helped raise $10,000 for the school’s PTA.”

Example 2

    • Don’t write: “I won Staff Member of the Year.”
    • Do write: “I beat out 340 other staff members to win the annual Staff Member of the Year award.”

You can still gain something even if you don’t get the job. You want to build connections with everybody you meet related to the field you are wanting to work for. Ask them to tell you about their company and build relationships before you formally apply. This will help you learn more about what they are looking for, help them to remember your face and name, and to stay connected in the future incase something comes up. It’s common knowledge that there are very few things more important than networking. Good luck!

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?