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Most Affordable Online MBA Programs in North Carolina Online MBA Programs in North Carolina Ranked by Tuition Rates

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For working professionals who are trying to find an affordable and flexible MBA program to help advance their careers, an online MBA program could be a great fit. Our ranking of the Most Affordable Online MBA programs in North Carolina lists out the top programs in the state, ranking them based on their tuition cost. Pursuing a prestigious affordable online MBA program in North Carolina offers future business leaders many advantages, including skill development, fantastic networking opportunities, salary boost opportunities, and almost limitless career advancement potential. These affordable online MBA programs offer so many possibilities, and the great news is that students do not even need to live nearby to enroll.

Affordable Online MBA Programs in North Carolina

Advancement into senior management and leadership positions is often dependent upon pursuing an MBA or another advanced degree. Ambitious graduate students will often face obstacles when considering a traditional campus-based program. Since work, special interests, family, and other responsibilities prevent many potential MBA students from registering in a standard on-campus program, an online MBA from one of North Carolina’s top business schools is the perfect solution. Some of these business schools offer accelerated completion times and foundation course waivers for experienced academics and professionals, which provide the opportunity to graduate in just one year. Here is a look at the most affordable online MBA programs North Carolina has to offer.


This ranking of the Most Affordable Online MBA programs in North Carolina started with the most prestigious programs ranked from top MBA rankings systems. Then the programs were ranked solely upon their base tuition cost. The calculation of the cost includes the base tuition of the entire degree but does not include any fees or books. All financial information was taken directly from each university’s website. The Affordability Score coupled with each program provides a snapshot of where each degree’s cost ranks relative to the others on this list.

Fayetteville State University delivers the top affordable online MBA in North Carolina at the Broadwell College of Business and Economics. The MBA@FayState and Graduate Certificate programs give online learners great flexibility in achieving their professional goals. All classes are offered in either regular sixteen weeks per semester or eight-week increments to accommodate active schedules or for those wanting to finish their MBA degree or achieve a graduate certificate faster. This distance education program provides a flexible, affordable way for today’s working professionals to accomplish their academic goals. With industry-leading software tools, entirely recorded lectures, and live lectures, graduate students are always connected to the exemplary business community at Fayetteville State University. Touted as the most affordable MBA in the UNC system, this program gives distance learners the chance to pay only a fraction of other UNC schools’ tuition costs while still benefitting from full AACSB accreditation. Students can also take courses from other UNC campuses through UNC Online. Fayetteville State’s online MBA is unparalleled in quality and value.

Affordability Score

The UNC Pembroke delivers one of the most affordable online MBA programs in the state at the School of Business. The curriculum has been designed to help students succeed in all business environments. UNCP’s 100% online MBA is the most versatile professional degree one can earn. Whether they want the credentials to advance in their current company or start their own, this AACSB-accredited MBA can help online MBA students get there. Enrolled distance learners will learn all significant business aspects, including marketing, accounting, finance, and economics while developing their interpersonal and management skills. Course instructors guide MBA students through examining the nature of human behavior, organizational processes, the impact of financial problem-solving, and the essential elements of international business. All courses are delivered by the same faculty who teach on campus, so students will integrate knowledge from multiple functional areas and gain hands-on experience by managing a computer-simulated organization. This 100% online MBA at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is a must-have for tomorrow’s business leader.

Affordability Score

The College of Business within Western Carolina University delivers one of North Carolina’s most affordable online MBA programs. This MBA curriculum was designed in collaboration with employers in North Carolina, WCU College of Business staff members, and recent MBA graduates. Online MBA students exit the program prepared to meet competent graduates’ employment needs and the regional business community. Academically qualified Ph.D. instructors lead all courses. The program boasts participative engagement with regional businesses through guest speakers, tours, and internships, adding valued networking opportunities to the classroom experience. Courses are offered online and in the evenings in Asheville to encourage both full-time enrollment and active professionals who need to attend part-time. Classes combine an online learning environment with face-to-face class sessions to maximize flexibility. Most part-time graduate students will only need to attend classes one night each week, twice a month. The 36-semester hour curriculum features no prerequisites and can be completed in three semesters full-time or six semesters part-time. This stellar degree is as affordable as it is rigorous.

Affordability Score

One of North Carolina’s most affordable online MBA degrees is East Carolina University’s College of Business. The business school customizes its program to fit its students’ needs based on their past academic performance and experience. This means no cohorts and no predetermined pace. The ECU MBA is a program where distance learners create a schedule that works with their lives, alongside dedicated advisors’ guidance and support. MBA students can set their own pace throughout the program by taking between one to five courses each term. Students can even take a semester or more off if necessary. All courses can be taken in any order, provided prerequisites are satisfied. And because all the foundational and CBK courses are offered each fall, spring, and summer, graduate students won’t be waiting on school leaders to provide the courses they need. All COB graduate students have full access to the programs and services offered by the College of Business. This affordable online MBA at East Carolina is of tremendous value.

Affordability Score

The Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics, housed within North Carolina A&T State University, provides one of North Carolina’s most affordable online MBA degrees. This remarkable online program seeks to build a class of business students who can engage collaboratively as an accomplished community of learners towards accomplishment in scholarship, research, creative expression, and community engagement. The business school is very proud of its students’ development and remains committed to structuring and featuring a professional graduate business degree that equips them with a practical understanding of the fundamental business essentials. These principles include accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. Online learners within this affordable MBA can also take advantage of an intensive study in one of four business emphases, including Accounting, Supply Chain Management, General Management, and Human Resource Management. This program is offered both online and on-campus for students with access to the Greensboro campus. This program’s ultimate goal is to graduate students who are ready to get business done efficiently.

Affordability Score

One of North Carolina’s most affordable online MBA degrees is available at the Cameron School of Business within the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The business school encourages an interactive exchange with instructors and classmates. MBA students can expect to refine their skills in modern business’s core functions, develop analytical and qualitative skills needed for effective business problem-solving and managing an organization, and collaborate with regional and international clients to develop effective responses to issues and opportunities. Graduates of this stellar program will gain the perspective crucial to deal with current and future problems facing organizations. Core business functions are ingrained into the curriculum to provide a foundation of strategic leadership through technological innovation, communications, decision-making, teamwork, organizational change, the international dimension, information technology, social responsibility, and ethics. Graduate students enhance their core business awareness by completing additional courses in a specialized field of study. Online students choose from such disciplines as Finance, International Business, Business Analytics, Healthcare Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. This two-year program is the perfect fit for students looking for a high-quality degree in business.

Affordability Score

One of the best affordable online MBA programs in North Carolina is offered at Appalachian State University’s Walker College of Business. The Online MBA features a part-time curriculum that requires twenty-four months to complete. The online program’s graduate students take six credit hours each semester (fall, spring, and summer) to satisfy all program requirements in two years. Online MBA students earn their MBA with a focus on Interdisciplinary Business. Some Walker online courses require synchronous class meetings. These meetings take place between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Students unable to “attend” synchronous meetings are required to contact a faculty member for accommodation. Through this online program, Appalachian instructors connect students to practical and theoretical applications that help them gain a well-rounded business education and push their career forward with the knowledge and skills employers demand. Graduates of this degree are equipped with a core set of competencies, including global business environments, functional business knowledge, leadership, and teamwork skills. ASU’s 100% online MBA is a stand-out for today’s business students.

Affordability Score

One of the best affordable online MBA programs in North Carolina is currently available at the School of Business housed within North Carolina Central University. This graduate degree offers a state-of-the-art master’s program for business professionals from the comfort of their homes, giving them access to a proven AACSB-accredited curriculum. The 100% online MBA is designed to prepare global leaders for instant contribution. This program allows distance learners to specialize in their unique fields of study by concentrating in one of three areas, including Marketing, Data Analytics, and Hospitality Management. Graduate students can move through the online program at their own pace, but the program typically lasts between one and a half to two years. This program is the perfect fit for business school applicants with at least five years of professional work experience. Students in the online MBA are required to complete the 24 hours of general management core courses and twelve hours in their specialization area. Some courses include Managerial Accounting, Management Information Systems, Managerial Statistics, Productions and Systems Management, and Economic Analysis. This MBA is one of the best that North Carolina has to offer.

Affordability Score

The Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers one of North Carolina’s most affordable online MBA programs. This online Master’s in Business Administration will prepare graduate students to solve problems sustainably, innovatively, globally, and ethically to make a lasting impact within their current organization – even before completing all program requirements. The 45 credit hours are available 100% online with no set class times. Distance learners with access to the school’s campus in Greensboro, North Carolina, have the option of taking evening classes on campus. This program features no prerequisite courses and a capstone consulting project facilitated by experienced executive mentors. Dedicated personal career coaches are assigned to MBA students, all but ensuring their academic success within the program. The Bryan School stands among the top 1% of business schools on the planet with dual AACSB accreditation in accounting and business. MBA students define their vision, achieve career goals, and build networks and personal brands. Students can also choose to customize the MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, and International Business. This affordable MBA is one you will want to consider for an incredible value.

Affordability Score

Queens University of Charlotte provides one of the most affordable online MBA programs in North Carolina at the McColl School of Business. This remarkable AACSB-accredited MBA is customizable and features 36-39 total credits. Financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available to qualifying applicants. Students looking for an accelerated degree plan will appreciate the option of satisfying all program requirements in just 18 months. This affordable MBA in North Carolina offers six emphases, including Cybersecurity Management, Executive Coaching, Finance, Global Business Management, Healthcare Management, and Leadership and Change. The program’s curriculum has been designed to adhere to 3 C’s of leadership — Character, Competence, and Commitment to Community. This top-ranked, Flexible MBA degree is offered on campus, 100% online, or in a blended format. With over 170 business leaders contributing their expertise to the McColl School of Business, this MBA is highlighted by a robust network of connections in the Charlotte community. These are just some of the reasons distance learners should consider this affordable online MBA in North Carolina.

Affordability Score

Are you contemplating what it might look like to pursue an online MBA in North Carolina? Figuring out the perfect MBA program that clicks all the boxes can be a tricky business. This crucial decision can be overwhelming considering the vast number of websites, rankings, and ads for the wide array of available online MBA programs. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, it’s really about finding the right degree that will dovetail with your career goals, family circumstances, personal aspirations, and, of course, your budget. Here are some reasons why getting your online MBA in North Carolina could be the best fit for you.

Online MBA Programs in North Carolina Offer an Incredible Value

There is no doubt that tuition and total program costs are some of the most essential factors for prospective students to research and consider when choosing an online MBA program. North Carolina business schools offer some incredibly affordable tuition rates, and many feature financial aid and scholarship opportunities for early career and experienced professional graduate students. Often, state-supported public universities in North Carolina will give distance learners the same tuition rates as in-state. But there is a lot more to excellent program value than just low tuition rates.

Many Online MBA programs in North Carolina provide a vast number of experiential learning opportunities. Graduate students learn business fundamentals and decision-making skills in environments they best learn in-whether that’s small, diverse classes where they interact closely with instructors or in a format that gets them close to the active business community in NC. The final semesters of MBA programs will include capstone courses where distance learners may work in consultant teams assigned to a local organization to discover and work to remedy a business challenge. Groups like these have developed marketing plans, analyzed new market opportunities, or developed strategies to launch new products and services.

Online MBA Programs in North Carolina Provide Options Galore

Another reason to earn an affordable online MBA program in North Carolina is the multiple options that meet your individual needs. MBA students can enroll full-time or part-time, depending on their availability and work schedule. Some programs are even specifically designed for graduate students with limited or no professional experience. Imagine having the option to take some courses online but then take a course or two in Greensboro or Raleigh over the summer. Opportunities like these allow you to gain valuable face-to-face experience with course instructors and help you graduate faster.

Online MBA Programs in North Carolina are Customizable

Top-notch business programs like the online MBA at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro allow distance learners to choose between an Experienced Professional MBA Program and an Early Career Professional. MBA students can further pursue a specialization in finance, business analytics, marketing, information technology, marketing, and supply chain management. Online MBA students with interests outside a typical business curriculum can often use their elective hours to design their study courses. Study abroad programs offer even more opportunities for customization.

These are just a few of the reasons why an affordable online MBA at any of North Carolina’s top business schools is a great idea. Couple with these qualities with an affordable tuition rate, and you have got yourself a business education unlike any other.

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