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The global marketplace is not getting any smaller, and organizations of all shapes and sizes need a highly-qualified and properly-trained workforce. Government organizations, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and businesses in the private and public sector are always looking for MBA graduates who can keep them fiscally viable and increase their footprint in their market.

Business leaders looking to get the most out of their current employment scenarios and put themselves in a prime position for a promotion can benefit from an MBA. That being said, an MBA requires time and money. Some distance learners balk at higher education in business when considering the investment of a program. Will they afford the tuition? Are there trips to a school campus each week? How will they find time to prepare and finish projects?

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The Answer

Today’s working professionals have many incredible online MBAs to consider. When searching for an online degree, the top three factors that applicants are considering are convenience, cost, and speed.

The online MBA allows students to create a custom schedule that works with their pre-existing personal and professional responsibilities. Business schools know that distance learners need to be able to apply for their program, register for classes, and have access to staff without visiting the school’s campus in person.

Like most of life’s investments, cost is an important factor for many online MBA students. Thankfully, online students sometimes get the benefit of tuition rates that equal their traditional in-state counterparts. Along with tuition rates, it is also a good idea to research a business school’s reputation and credentials. Organizations like The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report are excellent resources for checking on these standings.

Finally, one of the most important factors to graduate students who are already a part of the nation’s workforce is the length of time it takes to complete a program. As time is money, a quicker program means fewer tuition fees in the long run. Today, many high-quality programs can be completed in a year or less. Here are the best and fastest online MBA programs currently available to online students.


Since speed is a common deciding factor for online MBA programs, we collected a list of the best and fastest online MBA programs. Each program in this ranking can be completed in one year or less. This accelerated timeline allows graduates to reap the rewards of an online MBA at the quickest pace. But because students should not have to sacrifice quality, we have ranked the fastest online MBA programs by affordability, convenience, and reputation.

Affordability (33%): The affordability for each MBA is based upon the degree’s base tuition cost, collected from the university website. The cost was calculated for the whole MBA, not including fees or books. This data was inverted, placed on a 100-point scale, and listed as the affordability score.

Convenience (33%): Convenience is vital to the pace of the online MBA. This criterion is based upon format and GMAT/GRE requirement. Full marks were received for degrees can be completed entirely online with no GMAT/GRE requirement. Each program had an online format score and GMAT score, and this was averaged to make the Convenience Score.

Reputation (33%): Scores were collected from MBA ranking lists by Bloomberg BusinessweekUS News and World Report, and The Economist. The scores were averaged, placed on a 100-point scale, and listed as a reputation score.


Pittsburg State University
Kelce College of Business

pittsburg state university logo 8165Pittsburg State University provides the best fastest online MBA with a general focus or concentrations in Accounting, Human Resource Management, and International Business is delivered at the Kelce College of Business. The business school lists qualities like broad career options, the confidence gained by accomplishing a stellar graduate degree, and a higher earning potential as excellent reasons for pursuing this online MBA that is backed by the AACSB-International. The curriculum within this 30-credit hour program centers on a broad preparation in the disciplines and competencies needed for business executives. There is a stress on practical experience as well as sound business theory, apparent in the exposure to case studies and simulations embedded in the coursework. There are five start times presented each calendar year by the Kelce College of Business. Strategic Management, Marketing Strategy, Business, Government and Society, Quantitative Business Analysis, and Management Control Systems are some of the core courses included in the program’s curriculum.

Affordability Score: 95.87
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


Southeastern Oklahoma State University
John Massey School of Business

Southeastern Oklahoma State University logo from websiteAn online MBA is delivered at the John Massey School of Business at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Accounting, Aerospace Logistics, Strategic Communication, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Safety, Healthcare Information Systems, Hospitality Management, Native American Leadership, Human Resources, and Management are just some of the excellent choices online students can choose from for a specialization. For less than the average tuition in this ranking, the distance learner can receive an online MBA from an AACSB-International accredited business school which delivers all 36-credit hours on a 100% online basis. Behavioral Management, Accounting for Managers, Contemporary Issues, Research Methods, Marketing Management, Principle Centered Leadership and Ethics, Data Analysis for Managers, and Financial Management are core courses offered by the John Massey School of Business. There are no GMAT or GRE test score submission requirements associated with this program, allowing for convenience and savings for program candidates. Graduate students taking courses at a specific pace can graduate with this fast online MBA in just 12 months.

Affordability Score: 94.87
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


Northern Kentucky University
Haile/US Bank College of Business

Northern Kentucky University logo from websiteNorthern Kentucky University’s Haile/US Bank College of Business provides an online MBAwith concentrations in Finance, Innovation through Competitive Intelligence, and Leadership. This degree’s designers have created the curriculum with the intent of teaching students the principles of finance and business leadership within a corporate setting. Online MBA students will be challenged to explore organizational change and leadership as the key ingredients of effective management. Instructors will broaden students’ perspective on ideation and innovation strategies and help them formulate accurate competitive intelligence techniques by finding value within organizations. Northern Kentucky offers this attractively-priced degree for less than the average tuition in this ranking. The AACSB-International provides the Haile/US Bank College of Business with its elite business accreditation. Managing in Organizations, Marketing in Organizations, Financial Management in Organizations, Accounting in a Corporate Environment, Strategies for High Performing Organizations, Legal Environment for Business, Intro to Info Systems in Organizations, and Operations Management are some courses provided within this 100% online degree.

Affordability Score: 89.93
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


Carson-Newman University
Adult and Graduate Studies

Carson Newman University logoCarson-Newman University delivers an online MBA with emphases in Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, Operations Management, and Sports Management at the Adult and Graduate Studies Department. The general online MBA is a ten-course/thirty-credit hour program while the MBA with an emphasis will add two courses and six credit hours to the program length. Goals for this program include a graduate being competent in the areas of accounting, business law, organizational behavior, leadership, strategic management, and managerial economics. Students with this degree will be able to develop problem-solving and analytical skills, demonstrate competence in communicating with others, and will apply business principles within a variety of business settings. Designed to be completed after just four semesters of coursework, this program features courses like Business Law and Ethics, Accounting and Financial Management, Quantitative Method for Managers, and Advanced Corporate Finance. Graduate students seeking one of the concentrations can expect to graduate in 15 months. There is no GMAT required for this program, and all of the coursework included can be completed online.

Affordability Score: 93.13
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Dakota Wesleyan University
Graduate Studies

dakota wesleyan university logo 6021The Graduate Studies Department at Dakota Wesleyan University offers an online MBAwith concentrations in Entrepreneurial and Strategic Leadership Slant and Trust Management Slant with additional certificates in Nonprofit Church Leadership and Trust Management. The 100% online format delivered within this program means distance learners can enjoy a wonderful convenience of never having to travel to the school’s campus in Mitchell, South Dakota for interviews, short residencies, or class projects. The curriculum for this 36-credit hour online MBA is delivered within eight-week terms, and incoming students can start the program at any one of three start times each year. Grad students looking to complete all program requirements in just one year can double up on courses each eight-week period while those with more professional and personal responsibilities can graduate in 24 months. The Trust Management-intensive courses included in the program are Principles of Wealth Management, Understanding Wills, Trusts, and Estates, and Understanding Qualified and Nonqualified Retirement Plans. Foundations of Strategic Leadership, Strategic Operations Management, Managing Workplace Environments, and Ethics and Public Policy are included in the Entrepreneurial and Strategic Leadership emphasis.

Affordability Score: 91.19
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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Bryant University
College of Business

Bryant University logo from websiteThe College of Business at Bryant University provides one of the country’s fastest online MBA programs. The optimal applicant of this elite online MBA in business is one who has already acquired at least five years of work experience at the professional level. Graduate students can jump into this program five times each year and graduate in just one year while still working as a full-time employee. The degree is priced at an affordable tuition and includes ten courses and thirty-credit hours. The business school requests a resume, application form, official transcripts, stamen of objective, GMAT score, and an educational or professional recommendation. While there is an $80 application fee associated with the acceptance process, Bryant University alumni can waive this fee. There is a GMAT waiver for well-qualified applicants. Courses included in this online MBA are Global Business, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Economics, MBA Online Strategies for Success, Business Research Methods and Statistics, and Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance.

Affordability Score: 83.98
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


Cumberland University
Labry School of Science, Technology & Business

Cumberland University logo from websiteThe Labry School of Science, Technology & Business at Cumberland University offers an online MBA. The business school maintains a high regard for providing graduate students with quality experiences in advancing study in academic and business leadership fields needed in communities around the world. This 36-credit hour degree is a perfect fit for an undergraduate degree holder desiring to pursue advanced business expertise while maintaining employment on a full-time basis. The Labry School of Science, Technology & Business has been offering this excellent distance degree to graduate students since 1995. All classes are held online with zero visits required to the campus in Lebanon, Tennessee. Courses found within this ACBSP-accredited program include Managerial Economics, Business Policy and Executive Decisions, Project Management, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Financial Analysis, Computer Information Systems, Organizational Theory and Analysis, Principles and Theories of Leadership, and Applied Statistics. There are currently more than 2,300 students seeking degrees at the associate through master’s levels at Cumberland University.

Affordability Score: 87.70
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of Saint Francis
Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership

University of Saint Francis logo from websiteAn online MBA with an emphasis in Sustainability or offered as a general MBA is provided at the Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Saint Francis. Program applicants, with at least five years of professional work experience and an undergraduate degree with a coinciding grade point average of at least 2.75, are exempt from having to submit a GMAT or GRE test score into the admissions office during the application process. There are no campus visits or residencies associated with this 36-credit hour program so a student can enjoy a 100% online experience that adds flexibility and convenience to a graduate program. Managerial Accounting, Nonprofit Governance and Volunteer Management, Financial Management, Ethics & Franciscan Values Business, Project Management, Quant Found for Decision Support, Leading Change, and Human Resource Management are all offered as core courses during this program. The University of Saint Francis dates all the way back to 1890, and today the university maintains a student body of over 2,300 students.

Affordability Score: 87.31
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Lasell College
Graduate & Professional Studies

Lasell College logoThe Graduate & Professional Studies at Lasell College delivers one of the fastest online MBA programs. Online students with the margin of time and opportunity can take a heavier workload and graduate at an accelerated time of just one year. Some working professionals have more responsibilities that will keep them from working quickly through courses and need to take two years to graduate. The degree offered by Lasell consists of 36-credit hours and is more than adequately accredited by the ACBSP. Students looking for value will be impressed by the attractive tuition rate of this degree. Stat Tech & Analysis for Decision-Making, Leadership Roles in the 21st Century, Global Market Strategy & Dynamic Supply & Chain, Managerial Economics, Global Strategy for Continual Success, Org Development, Accounting for Managers, Theory & Leadership, and Quantitative Analysis for Management Decision Making are some of the courses provided within this 100% online MBA. GMAT and GRE test scores are not required of applicants during the application process.

Affordability Score: 84.41
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of Findlay
College of Business

the university of findlay logo 6326The University of Findlay’s College of Business offers an online MBA with Certified Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Healthcare Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, and Operations Management specializations. MBA students can also pursue the program as a general MBA. The ACBSP accredits this top-quality program which consists of thirty-three-credit hours and a 100% online curriculum. Students will be led by a competent staff of business education experts through courses like Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Accounting for Managers, Finance Management, Management of Human Resources, Ethics and Legal Environment, Marketing Management and Planning, and Decision-Making in Financial Management. Graduates of this program will be well-versed in demonstrating qualities of professionalism, teamwork, and leadership in making business decisions that are ethical and effective. Working professionals holding this excellent online MBA can expect to communicate well in a wide range of business settings and exhibit skills and knowledge while functioning productively in a dynamic and diverse global economic setting.

Affordability Score: 84.03
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Texas Tech University
Rawls College of Business Administration

texas tech logoTexas Tech University offers an online MBA with a concentration in Information Technology and Health Organization Management at the Rawls College of Business Administration. For less than the average tuition in this ranking, a graduate student wanting to build a legacy of high-powered, business leadership can pursue this 100% online MBA. The coursework for the program includes 42-credit hours of graduate education and a GMAT waiver for qualified program applicants. Other benefits of this degree include students being able to join the Red Raider Network and become certified in Microsoft Excel. Typically, full-time working professionals complete all requirements for this degree in two years, yet there is an option to graduate in just one year when taking courses at an accelerated pace. Courses are offered in seven- or eight-week periods throughout the fall and spring semester an in five-week terms during the summer. Concentration courses within the Information Technology focus include Database Concepts, Project Management, and Business Intelligence.

Affordability Score: 92.60
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00


Herzing University
Online Campus

Herzing University logo wikiThe Online Campus at Herzing University provides an online MBA with emphases in Accounting and Finance, Data Analytics, Technology Management, Healthcare Management, Project Management, and Human Resources. The curriculum for this thirty-nine-credit hour degree includes classes that ensure a well-rounded comprehension of management principles within all major areas of today’s modern business organizations. The degree concludes with a capstone project that will demonstrate a graduate student’s mastery of the program material. There is also an industry-specific project that will prepare business professionals for special topics and problems currently facing the student’s industry or concentration of interest. This online 33-36-credit hour program can be completed in 12 months and features no campus residencies. Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Project and Operations Management, Finance and Accounting for Decision-Making, Marketing and New Product Development, Business Integration & Strategic Planning, Technology and Innovation, and Project and Operations Management are courses included in this program which features no GMAT requirement.

Affordability Score: 83.68
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


California Baptist University
Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business

California Baptist University logoCalifornia Baptist University provides an online MBA with Accounting and General Management concentrations at the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business. The program designers for this degree that is backed by the AACSB-International were motivated by the purpose of equipping active professionals for advancements in a myriad of senior-level positions in business leadership. Graduate students who complete this rigorous and fast online MBA will be equipped to guide organizations, lead effective change, make strategic decisions, impress ethical excellence in the workplace, and move their small business ideas forward. The tuition of this thirty-six-credit hour program is offered at an affordable rate, and there are no residencies needed for program completion. No residency requirements mean no time away from work or home and no travel expenses that can make a graduate degree more expensive in the long run. Distance learners will enjoy courses like Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Quantitative Business Modeling, Legal Environment of Business and Management, and Marketing Management within this program.

Affordability Score: 82.00
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Walsh University
DeVille School of Business

walsh university logo 9565The DeVille School of Business at Walsh University provides an online MBA with concentrations in Management, Marketing, and Healthcare Management. Some graduate students prefer a business school without GMAT or GRE requirements as placement tests can slow down the process of getting accepted into a program and cost extra to take the test. The business school at Walsh University does not list the GMAT as a requirement for getting accepted into the online MBA program. Every one of the courses delivered within this program is delivered 100% online with no visits needed to the Ohio campus. Sustainable Ethical Leadership, Applied Organizational Research & Analysis, Organizational Behavior & Communication, Information Systems, Financial Accounting & Management, and Marketing are some of the classes students in this program are exposed to as they strengthen their leadership and management skills. Walsh delivers this program with between 36 and 42-credit hours of coursework depending on the online MBA student’s previous academic experience and the choice of whatever concentration she will pursue.

Affordability Score: 80.34
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Fayetteville State University
College of Business and Economics

Fayetteville State University logoAn online MBA with specializations in Business, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Finance, Healthcare Management, Marketing, International Business, and Management is offered at the College of Business and Economics at Fayetteville State University. The university also offers this stellar distance degree with graduate certificates in Business, Project Management, Cybersecurity Management, and Healthcare Management. The 36-credit hours of this 100% online MBA are divided between twenty-seven core and nine elective credits. Managerial Accounting, Leading Organizations, Business and Society, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Analytics, Modern Marketing, and Data Analytics make up some of the core credit courses within this great online degree. With an extremely low tuition rate, this program stands as the most affordable MBA in this ranking. The AACSB-International accredits the business school. All program requirements can be satisfied in as few as 12 months, and the College of Business and Economics does include a GMAT waiver for well-qualified applicants during the acceptance process.

Affordability Score: 100.00
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 39.61

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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Midwestern State University
Dillard College of Business Administration

midwestern state university logo 7485Midwestern State University provides an online MBA with focus areas in Energy Management and Accounting at the Dillard College of Business Administration. Financial Accounting, Current Issues in Organizational Behavior, Managerial Accounting, Financial Administration, Business Finance, Organizational Behavior, Advanced Applied Business Statistics, Management Information Systems, and Cost Analysis and Control are all core courses included in this 100% online degree. This stellar online MBA will prepare students in many areas of business as the MBA covers so many foundational principles like accounting, management, finance, economics, and statistics. Students lacking an business-focused undergraduate degree are still encouraged to apply for this program, as a leveling course that counts for six-credit hours is offered once every semester. Flexibility is a high priority for Midwestern as students get the option of completing all coursework online or taking some classes in the classroom as a hybrid experience. Distance learners can graduate with this excellent online MBA in just one year.

Affordability Score: 99.74
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


University of Texas of the Permian Basin
College of Business

University of Texas of the Permian Basin logo from webisteThe University of Texas of the Permian Basin’s College of Business delivers an online MBA with emphases in Accounting, delivered as a general MBA, and Finance. System Management, International Business, Legal Environment of Business, Strategic Management, Analytical Models for Decision-Making, and Business Research Methods are some of the core courses offered in this ten-course, 30-credit hour degree. Students choosing a specialization will be subject to several more credit hours to complete their degree. For the 36-credit hour option, the curriculum is divided between fifteen credit hours of core classes, eighteen hours of beyond core credits, and three hours of elective courses. The school’s College of Business enjoys accreditation through the elite AACSB-International and offers this online MBA for a very low tuition rate. Applicants are subject to a GMAT or GRE submission to be accepted; however, students who maintained a 3.25 or better GPA at the undergraduate level may be able to waive the submission of a placement test.

Affordability Score: 99.73
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


Maryville University
John E. Simon School Of Business

maryville university of saint louis logo 7349The John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University delivers an online MBA. Distance learners can choose from an excellent list of specializations to go along with this 39-credit hour program, including Cyber Security, Marketing, Financial Services, Information Technology, Health Administration, and Human Resources Management. Students can also pursue the degree as a general MBA. The tuition of this accelerated degree is offered at an affordable rate, and distance learners will sense an incredible value of their education by the high-quality courses delivered by the top educators in business leadership. All courses within this degree are delivered 100% online with zero visits necessary to the campus in Saint Louis, Missouri. This program is between 36 and 39-credit hours, depending on a student’s previous academic experience and elective choices. The John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University features no application fee and allows students to enter the program six times each year.

Affordability Score: 79.99
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of North Carolina at Pembroke
School of Business

University of North Carolina at Pembroke logo from websiteThe School of Business at UNC Pembroke delivers an online MBA with a general, Supply Chain Management, Financial Services, and Business Analytics concentration. Versatility is a high priority for the business school, which offers this 36-credit hour degree in business leadership. Billed as one of the lowest-priced programs on this ranking, this fast MBA can be pursued 100% online. Distance learners can be confident about the academic integrity and high value of the program’s curriculum, as the University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s business school is accredited by the AACSB-International. While the business school does include GMAT/GRE test scores during the application process, there is a waiver available for candidates who hold a GPA of 3.0 or better at the undergraduate level. The program is divided between Foundational, Core, and Elective courses. Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Organizational Theory and Behavior, and Marketing Planning and Strategy are included in this 12-month program.

Affordability Score: 99.09
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


Eastern University
College of Business and Leadership

Eastern University logo from websiteEastern University provides an online MBAwith emphases in Health Administration, Management, and Social Impact at the College of Business and Leadership. The business school calls its accelerated MBA program the Fast-Track MBA in Management and Fast-Track MBA in Health Administration. These degrees are provided 100% online or at the school’s campuses in Sant Davids, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg. Students seeking a more traditional approach for their degree can opt for the in-class option, which meets one night each week. The 36-credit hour program can be completed between 12 and 24 months. Students can apply for this excellent degree every seven weeks throughout the calendar year. Courses within this degree include Essentials of Accounting and Finance, Global Perspectives of Management, Leadership, and Ethical Issues. Managerial Economics, The Legal Environment of Management and Organizations, Talent Development and Performance Management, Business Development and Enterprise Sustainability, and Executive Seminar in Management. Eastern University instructs from a Christian worldview and delivers ethically-sound instruction.

Affordability Score: 78.86
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Lynn University
College of Business and Management

the institute for distance learning lynn university logo 138748Lynn University’s College of Business and Management provides an online MBA with an Aviation Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Sports Management, Financial Valuation and Investment Management, Media Management, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and International Business focus. Lynn’s College of Business and Management receives its noteworthy business accreditation through the IACBE. A strong accreditation like this one shows the graduate student that the business school has been confirmed by an outside entity for providing a high-quality distance degree that is based on academic integrity. With an affordable price tag, an online MBA student can pursue this 100% online degree that consists of 37-credit hours. The GMAT and GRE placement scores are often hinderances for students who may want to avoid such tests. Thankfully, this stellar distance degree does not require GMAT test scores to be submitted during the application process. Lynn University is in Boca Raton, Florida and is home of the Fighting Knights.

Affordability Score: 78.18
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Concordia University Chicago
College of Business

Concordia University Chicago logoAn online MBA with concentrations in Accounting, Chief School Business Official, School Business Management, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Sports Management, Healthcare Management, and Leadership and Change Management, or certifications in Sports Management, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Not-for-Profit Management, Finance, Health Care Management, and Leadership and Change Management at Concordia University Chicago’s College of Business. Distance learners looking for a high-octane online MBA that can be completed in just 12 months will appreciate all this program has to offer. The benefits begin during the acceptance process as the College of Business does not require program candidates to submit a GMAT or GRE test score. Every class contained within this program is delivered 100% online so students living in cities outside of River Forest and states outside of Illinois will still have excellent access to the curriculum and instructors that make this one-year online MBA such a stand-out. Managing and Leading Effective Organizations, Global Management, Ethics, Law and Communication in Decision Making, Managing Human Capital, Global Marketing in the Digital Era, Organizational Behavior, and Economics for Managers are courses included in the 36-credit hour program.

Affordability Score: 77.85
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of Central Arkansas
College of Business

University of Central Arkansas logo from websiteAn online MBA with emphases in International Business, Finance, Health Care Administration, Information Management, and Finance is offered at the College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas. Information Technology for Managers, Operations Management, Accounting for Management Decisions, Organizational Behavior, Financial Decision Making, Marketing Strategy, and Strategic Management are courses included in this excellent degree priced with a very affordable tuition. Students have the option here of taking all courses 100% online or enrolling in classes at the campus in Conway, Arkansas as a hybrid experience. Typically, the business school requires its candidates to achieve a score of at least 500 on the GMAT to be considered for acceptance; however there are placement test waivers for qualifying students. The AACSB-International accredits the University of Central Arkansas’ College of Business. UCA got its start as a normal school training public school teachers in 1907 and was renamed in 1975 to better reflect the broad educational choices offered at the university.

Affordability Score: 97.16
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 39.61


University of the Incarnate Word
School of Professional Studies

school of professional studies university of the incarnate word logo 138788The School of Professional Studies at the University of the Incarnate Word delivers an online MBA with a focus in Asset Management, Human Resource Management, or Data Analytics. Distance learners less-interested in a specialization can register for the program as a general MBA. An online MBA student has access to one of the best distance degrees in the country with this program. There are 30-credit hours of coursework here with classes like Managerial Accounting and Control Systems, Strategic Marketing, Managerial Finance, Quantitative Methods and Research, Leading Organizations and Human Resources, and Managerial Economics and Decision-Making. Students taking classes at an accelerated pace can graduate with this 100% online program in just ten months. There are no campus visits to the San Antonio, Texas campus throughout the duration of the program. No GMAT or GRE test scores are required of candidates. The University of the Incarnate Word is home of the Cardinals, and today just over 8,600 students are enrolled there within associate through doctoral programs.

Affordability Score: 76.65
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


American InterContinental University
School of Business

American InterContinental University logo from websiteAn online MBA with concentrations in Accounting, Technology Management, Finance, Healthcare, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Management, Marketing, and Operations Management is offered through the School of Business at the American InterContinental University. The ACBSP accredits this excellent 48-credit hour program adding to its credibility. Students can complete all requirements for this expedited online MBA in just a year. Strategic Management, Leadership and Ethics for Managers, Legal Aspects of Business Decisions, Global Financial Management, Economics for the Global Manager, Quality Management and Continuous Improvement, Business Research for Decision Making, and A Managerial Approach to Marketing are courses the distance learner will be exposed to while pursuing this online MBA. The program’s instructors lead students in how to innovate and adapt to solve issues, analyze various cultural, situational, leader, and team characteristics that contribute to business management. American InterContinental University has been offering excellent higher education since 1970.

Affordability Score: 76.09
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00

How will an online MBA help me reach my professional goals?

There are many great reasons to consider an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration). This degree has been around for over 100 years and was first introduced in the United States as a result of accounting and bookkeeping courses. There was an instant draw to the idea of the program, as students coming out of a four-year general undergraduate degree appreciated the opportunity to dig deeper into business leadership. While things have changed over the years, the MBA is still a trusted graduate degree for professionals wanting to develop into executive leaders within many types of organizations. Here are three reasons why an online MBA is a good program to pursue.


The business schools which offer online MBAs have spent years and millions of dollars shaping a curriculum and intrinsic aspects of a program to offer a highly-respected degree that students will want to add to their academic resume. An MBA is a rigorous program that requires lots of studying and group projects. Accrediting entities like the IACBEACBSP, and AACSB are all neutral organizations that exist to validate business schools and prove that these educational centers are providing a high-quality academic experience.


An online MBA is not just about conveying business knowledge from instructor to student; it also includes instilling confidence into tomorrow’s managers and executives. The sometimes intangible characteristic of confidence is important in the world of business. An organization’s health is directly related to its leaders having the confidence to make hard decisions and solve problems. Critical thinking and being able to communicate well are important parts of management, and leaders lacking confidence may struggle in these areas. An online MBA can give students the vocabulary and the experience in business and management to increase their confidence in working with others and leading projects and teams.


Whether they choose a traditional MBA taught in a brick and mortar building or go with an online MBA, graduate students will be encouraged to grow as good communicators and high-capacity team players. Leaders communicate well and should be excellent listeners. Many instructors who are responsible for teaching courses to MBA students will test and work to develop a graduate student’s ability to be a good listener and speaker. The world of business is a competitive one, and managers should have the skills needed to build a cohesive community working together to achieve organizational goals.

What is the difference between a traditional MBA and an online MBA?

On-campus MBAs have been a staple in education for a century. These programs offer the amenities of campus life and are a huge benefit for students that need face-to-face interaction. But there are many working professionals who cannot move to another city or state to pursue their MBA of choice because of a demanding work schedule. They do not want to walk away from their organization with which they have a history and sweat equity. Enter, the Online MBA.

Since the inception of the online MBA, many business schools wanted to downplay the differences between the on-campus and online programs they provide. They will communicate how the curriculum is identical, tuition fees are similar, and diplomas look exactly the same. And while these attributes might be advantageous for some, there are also some differences that are incredibly advantageous as well.

The two huge benefits to the online MBA are flexibility and convenience. These two benefits are ingrained in the program since business schools are specifically marketing to working professionals. But these benefits can produce a snowball effect. Because the programs are in large part full of working professionals, students benefit from their hard-working, leadership-minded peers. Discussions will be directed by real-time concerns in the workplace, which also produce real-time creative solutions. And not only do students benefit immediately, they are also able to use the online degree for future advantage. Graduates not only carry around a diploma, but also the experience of working on virtual teams and the proof of working above and beyond a 40-hour work week to achieve business goals.

How long does an online MBA take to complete?

Traditionally, the MBA has been viewed as a two-year graduate program that working professionals who have just completed a business undergraduate degree, or who have several years of work experience after completing a bachelor’s degree, can begin. The MBA offers a broad spectrum of business leadership education centering on the pillars of economics, accounting, management, and statistics. The duration of a degree like the online MBA can be advertised anywhere from less than a year to the typical two to three years that most students need to graduate. Some business schools today allow students to take six or seven years to graduate if they have high demands on their professional schedules. An online MBA is a great choice for students who want an accelerated program with excellent benefits in convenience.

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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