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5 Best Online Education EdD Programs

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An online EdD degree program opens up doors to both educational opportunities as well as high-paying administrative positions as well. There is so much more to education than just teaching a class or overseeing the operations of a school or university. It involves knowing the material and being able to teach it effectively. You must also know how to reach your students. Each student will learn differently. You will need to know many different teaching techniques and methods so that you are able to reach one.

Above all, you must have something that a degree program won’t give you. You must have a passion to teach, not just dole out facts, but truly educate your students. While that kind of passion can’t be found in any type of degree program, it can be fueled by them. The right degree program will give you everything you will need to educate and inspire your students in reaching their full potential. Students will learn the most from educators and faculty members who are willing to interact with them and share their learning experiences.

Individuals who return to school to earn their EdD will often enroll in an online degree program because it won’t interfere with their current job. The online format makes it possible for them to continue working and caring for their loved ones, but it also allows them the opportunity to gain the education they need to take their careers to the highest possible level. With the right EdD program, you will be able to make a difference in the life of each and every student you serve.

The University of Wyoming provides the best online EdD programs for educators who are interested in moving out of the classroom and into administration. Graduates are able to manage all types of schools as well as develop up-to-date, high-quality learning materials that can be used to tap into each student’s fullest potential. With an EdD in Higher Education Administration, you can take on the responsibilities of managing the operations of a school or university. You will also be able to teach at the highest academic level.

The University of Wyoming offers small class sizes that allow students to have the attention they need to overcome obstacles and grasp the concepts being taught. With their online degree programs, the school can offer students from across the world the education they need. Founded almost 145 years ago, the university holds fast to the traditions of the old west. Adventure and the opportunity to explore new horizons are just around the corner. All you have to do is enroll in an online degree program and work toward your goals.

Higher Education Administration EdD

Baylor University offers the best EdD programs online for graduate students who are ready to take on the ultimate challenge to complete their education. A program that provides this level of education not only offers the tools and techniques, it also inspires you to use everything you have learned in the past and put it to good use. With an EdD online in Learning and Organizational Change, you will be able to identify potential concerns and find positive solutions that will improve the educational process.

Baylor University has a long history of providing quality education to its students. It is the oldest school in Texas to operate continuously since 1845. As a faith-based school, it integrates Christian values with a strong commitment to academic excellence. Students thrive in a learning environment that offers them an opportunity to explore their career options and make the most of the education they have worked so hard to complete. After graduation, they can follow any path they choose.

EdD Online in Learning and Organizational Change

The University of Texas at Tyler offers the best online EdD programs for students who are interested in improving the educational system they are a part of. As a graduate student, you are given the tools you will need to help improve the current state of your school system. You will be able to find work in both public and private school systems once you have completed your Doctor of Education in School Improvement EdD. You will be able to address many different concerns and find positive solutions for each.

The University of Texas at Tyler was established over 50 years ago to provide students with a quality education. As one of 13 schools within the University of Texas System, the Tyler campus provides many award-winning degree programs that are taught by professional educators who have a passion for helping their students succeed. The online learning platform offers students from anywhere in the world an opportunity to earn their degree from a school they can be proud of.

Doctor of Education in School Improvement EdD

The University of Southern Mississippi gives students an opportunity to earn the best online EdD programs in the south. Students learn the leadership and administrative skills they will need to be able to effectively manage a school or learning facility of almost any size. With an EdD in Higher Education Administration, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities that will allow you to not only improve schools but also provide them with the leadership they will need to succeed.

The University of Southern Mississippi provides students with top-of-the-line academic programs and valuable resources they will need to thrive in a leadership role. Professional faculty members offer students the perspective that comes from years of experience and award-winning curriculums. Graduates leave the university with all of the skills they will need to address any problems they may find and explore various ways to improve the school’s educational methods and techniques.

Higher Education Administration EdD

The University of South Carolina provides students with the best online EdD programs in the area. The university focuses on providing students with the different specializations they will be able to choose from as they begin to fine-tune their career paths. Students who enroll in an online EdD program can choose from four different concentrations that will allow them to work as an educator, administrator, or academic developer. The options are only limited by your willingness to put in the effort to succeed.

The University of South Carolina offers graduate students the most advanced curriculums possible so they can follow whatever path they choose. Award-winning faculty members work tirelessly to provide each student the support they will need as they embark on this new, career-changing educational journey. Students that want to use the online learning platform will gain every opportunity and school resource available to help them achieve their goals and earn the highest possible degree.

Ed.D. - 4 concentration areas

Are There Different Types of Doctorate in Educational Leadership Programs?

There are several different types of Doctorate in Educational Leadership programs available to graduate students. The first is an Ed.D in Educational Leadership with that being the primary major or focus. This degree will focus primarily on the leadership skills a graduate will need if they plan on working at a college, university, or other facility committed to the field of education.

Other Doctorate in Educational Leadership programs would be those with themed majors or specific pathways that a student can focus on to point their career in a specific direction. A few of these themes could include:

  • Leadership and Policy
  • Innovation
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Social Justice
  • Equity and Democracy

Focusing on any one of these programs will give students the focus they need to move forward in their chosen career path.

What Are Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Concentrations & Specializations?

EdD in Educational Leadership Concentrations and Specializations give students highly detailed skill sets that allow them to focus on one individual career path. Whether the graduate chooses to teach, develop a new and exciting curriculum, or provide leadership through being an administrator or leader in within their school system, the path they choose will allow them to make a positive difference in their particular career field.

  • Higher Education Administration & Leadership
  • Principal Certification or Superintendent Endorsement
  • School Leadership (typically PreK-12)
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Community College Leadership
  • Specialty Subjects (e.g. Educational Technology, Special Education, Nursing Education, etc.)

These specializations and concentrations will allow you to go after the type of career you want and ensure that you have all of the skills and abilities to do your best.

Are Online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Programs Available?

Many schools have started to offer online EdD Educational Leadership programs to students. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to continue working as an educator administrative leaders for as long as possible before they graduate and want to move forward.

In order to choose the best Educational Leadership Doctoral programs that are offered online, you will need to ask a few pointed questions. The first would be what prerequisites are required? You will need to know other leadership prerequisites that will be needed to make you eligible for the doctorate program.

Are there any Educational Leadership coursework requirements that you will need to fulfill before you can be accepted into the Doctorate program? This is helpful information if you are coming into the doctorate program from a specialization that is from a different educational program, like special education or administration.

You will also need to find out if there are any residency requirements that will need to be fulfilled before you can complete your studies. If you need to perform a residency, you will have to start applying for a residency program that meets the requirements for your individual program. Some residencies may be longer than others. It will be up to you to determine how long you will need to be a resident and what type of facility will be accepted by your program.

Is an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Worth It?

An EdD in Educational Leadership online degree program is worth it if you truly want to make a difference in the world. As a leader in education, you set the standard for future generations. You open the door to new opportunities for students who are ready for the next challenge in their careers. With an EdD in educational leadership, you have the tools you will need to guide both students and educators to the next level.

The Educational Leadership career and salary outlook are excellent For so many years, there has been a shortage of educational leaders and teachers. Moving forward to get your EdD will put you at the head of the class when it comes to new opportunities and earning potential.

With all of the many EdD programs in the educational field, you have a wide range of wages to look into. On average, K-20 Leaders and Administrators can earn anywhere from $65.000 to $170,000 per year. This will depend on the level of education completed, years of experience, and any specializations you may have under your belt.

What Are Your Outside of School Employment Options?

There are many career options for you to choose if you want to avoid working in a school system. You can choose from these options or you can look for one that is more suited to your career choice. The following career paths are employment options that can be pursued with an EdD in Education Leadership:

  • Education department officials
  • Grant writers
  • Consultants
  • Political Lobbyists

A graduate with an EdD in Educational Leadership can also work in the field of curriculum development. This type of career involves working with accrediting organizations to determine what type of information, skills, concepts, and other educational tools should be included within the lesson plans and coursework that is developed to create a degree program. By creating quality curriculums, a graduate can provide students with the things they will need to thrive and succeed in whatever career path they choose. Every student who has access to a quality degree program has a much higher chance of being successful and having a life-changing career.

By completing an EdD in Educational Leadership, you will have many of the resources you will need to be effective in any role you choose to assume. With the right resources, you can make a positive change in the educational system within your community. Being able to utilize each resource you have at your disposal will give you an opportunity to not only make the most out of your education but also to provide the best possible service to the community and the students who will benefit from your work.

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?