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25 Best Online Executive MBA Programs 2019

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Graduate degrees like the MBA can be a draining program for professionals currently holding positions in corporations and organizations. The strain of attending classes each week might make an employer think twice about releasing a manager to pursue such a program. A working professional interested in an online executive MBA may have even more pressure to deal with since executive leadership and training carries with it even more responsibility. How can a working professional find the time to pursue a degree which will equip them for the next level of business leadership?

Fortunately, MBA students have access to some of the best programs through distance learning. Online MBAs with a focus in executive leadership are delivered by some of the very best business schools across the nation. The online format ensures that working professionals can complete courses at their convenience without sacrificing important roles in business. In fact, many programs advertise providing coursework that is immediately applicable for working MBA students in the boardroom and other workplace environments.

An online executive MBA centers on higher-level leadership like change management and the ability to lead business leaders through practical problem-solving. An executive with this type of degree can expect to communicate well with teams and bring out the best in employees. Today’s executives need to be able to think analytically and solve problems to help ensure an organization’s health and growth. The online executive MBA has been created for this very reason.

With so many high-quality options for executive online MBAs available today, it may be easy to get confused about how to rank programs against one another. Factors like program cost, business school reputation, accreditation, and program requirements are all things to consider when researching these advanced programs. We have taken each of these factors into consideration and come up with a ranking of the Top 25 Online Executive MBAs in the nation.


With the number of EMBA programs growing by the semester, it is crucial for applicants to narrow down their list. We evaluated the EMBA programs in the US, offered in a hybrid or online format, and ranked them based upon their convenience, affordability, and reputation to find the best online EMBA programs available.

Affordability (33%)
All tuition information is taken directly from each school’s website. It is the base tuition amount for the whole Online Executive MBA degree. To find the Affordability Score, this base tuition is placed on a 100-point scale and then inverted.

Reputation (33%)
This data is taken from MBA ranking lists from US News and World ReportThe Economist, and Businessweek. The rankings were converted to scores on a 100-point scale and averaged in order to find a balanced consensus on each EMBA program’s reputation.

Convenience (33%)
To find each EMBA program’s convenience score, we looked at whether the program can be completed 100% online and if there is any GMAT/GRE requirement during the admission process. 100% online programs with no residency requirement receive full marks, and those that are hybrid or have any on-campus requirement get half marks. Schools that have no GMAT requirement receive top marks. Programs requiring the GMAT/GRE and those that have waivers, receive scores of zero and 50 respectively. Scores from format and GMAT requirement were averaged to make the Convenience Score.


University of North Alabama
College of Business

educational technology services distance learning university of north alabama logo 130324An online Executive MBA is provided by the College of Business at the University of North Alabama. The business school currently offers a regular MBA and the Executive MBA for business professionals with qualifying business experience desiring to beef up their management and leadership skills. There is no GMAT requirement associated with the acceptance process of this program, but the business school does recommend at least five years of appropriate work experience which would include entrepreneurial or professional experience with the completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. The 34-credit hour degree consists of courses like Analytical Tools for Strategic Decision Making, Strategic Marketing Analysis and Concepts, Career Planning and Development, Global Business, Information Systems Design and Project Management, and Accounting Information for Strategic Decision Making. This best-of-the-best executive online MBA features the lowest tuition rate of any program in this ranking and benefits from the business school’s being accredited by the AACSB-International.

Affordability Score: 95.95
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Howard University
School of Business

Howard University logo from website e1553483018215The School of Business at Howard University delivers an online Executive MBA. This program will more than prepare a business professional for the challenging demands associated with executive leadership. The School of Business has been validated with business accreditation through the AACSB-International and offers students access to one of the most impressive alumni networks in the country. The GMAT is not required of incoming students, which allows another level of convenience and affordability for program candidates. Students within this degree can expect to graduate in just 18 months. The 42-credit hour degree features such courses as Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Communications, Managing the Global Business, Creating Value Through Supply Chain, and Managing Technology and Innovation. Students can complete all program requirements for this distance degree without taking classes on the school’s campus however the business school does list a Capstone Residency Presentation which is held at the campus in Washington D.C at the conclusion of the degree.

Affordability Score: 59.75
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 42.09


Faulkner University
Harris College of Business & Executive Education

faulkner university logo 5024The Harris College of Business & Executive Education at Faulkner University delivers an online Executive MBA. Delivered as one of the most affordable online MBAs within this ranking, this 30-credit hour degree will prepare students with excellence to expand their careers in executive business leadership. Distance learners can expect to have their business skills and knowledge sharpened throughout each course’s duration. This high-quality graduate level program is provided from a Christian perspective and leans heavily on ethics and integrity in business leadership. All ten courses of the program are delivered 100% online with no campus visits required of distance learners over the course of the program. It will only take an online student one calendar year to graduate when taking classes consecutively. While some programs offer two or three start times each year, this one features start times every five weeks adding another layer of convenience for the online MBA student.

Affordability Score: 95.48
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Park University
College of Management

Park University logoPark University offers an online Global Executive MBA at the College of Management. Students enjoy wonderful flexibility within this program by being able to take all courses online through distance learning, in the classroom as a traditional graduate student, or through a hybrid experience of both types of education. Classes like Accounting for Management Decisions, Strategic Management, Organization Behavior and Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Business Law and Ethics, Operations Management, and Managerial Finance are all delivered within eight-week terms which help to allow a student to complete all program requirements in as few as fifteen months. While Park University’s main campus is in Parkville, Missouri, the university maintains centers for learning in other states including California, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, and Ohio. There are currently 11,457 students enrolled at Park University. The four-year private school delivers associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees and was established as Park College in 1875. Park University is home of the Pirates.

Affordability Score: 94.25
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Southeastern University
School of Business

Southeastern University logo from website e1558367331125The School of Business at Southeastern University features an online MBA with an Executive Leadership focus. Leadership skills which can be applied to an array of business environments are the focus of this high-quality 39-credit hour online MBA. Students within this program typically graduate within 18-24 months after beginning the degree. Candidates with the proper academic credentials can transfer up to nine credit hours of graduate student work into the program. This top-five degree is one of the more-affordable degrees within this ranking, giving students an excellent value and high potential for a return on the investment of education. Distance learners with this degree will be properly trained for careers of leadership in technology, manufacturing, government, and more. The instructors in this program stress trusted business management skills, a holistic leadership approach, and business philosophies that work to serve the common good through strong ethics and social responsibility. Marketing Management, Information Technology Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Ethics Stewardship and Legal Environment of Business are courses included in the program’s curriculum.

Affordability Score: 92.80
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Spring Arbor University
Gainey School of Business

Spring Arbor University from websiteThe Gainey School of Business at Spring Arbor University delivers an online MBA in Executive Leadership. Some distance learners are looking for an accelerated experience while others have less time to commit to their academic schedule and need to take courses at a slower pace. For students wanting to graduate quickly, the business school offers the chance for online MBA students to take classes at a pace that allows them to graduate in just 12 months. Students looking for a slower pace can take just one course at a time and still complete all program requirements in just 18 months. There is no GMAT or GRE requirement listed during the application process, which will save a student time and money when applying to this online MBA. The other four concentrations included in this degree are Management, Human Resource Development, Healthcare Administration, and Organizational Consulting. The Executive Leadership focus allows students to emphasize their expertise in planning for corporate growth and work on strategic development for future promotion in business leadership.

Affordability Score: 88.92
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Ohio University
College of Business

Ohio University logo from websiteThe College of Business at Ohio University features an online MBA in Executive Management. This online MBA has a lot going for it. Fortune Magazine has recently awarded the program as the 3rd best for value in the nation. Each of the courses within the degree can be completed 100% online with no campus visits required. Other high-quality concentrations included with this online MBA are Health Care, Finance, Business Analytics, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Selling & Sales Leadership, and Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship. The capstone experience at the conclusion of this degree is the Applied Business Experience. The AACSB-International accredits the College of Business and helps solidify the business school’s strong reputation for academic excellence. Data Analysis for Decision Making, Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Use of Information, Accounting for Executives, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, and Management of Operations are some of the core courses included in this distance degree.

Affordability Score: 81.52
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Texas Southern University
Jesse H. Jones School of Business

Texas Southern University logo wikiThe Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University delivers an online Executive MBA. This excellent online Executive Master’s of Business Administration takes two years to complete and has been designed by the business school to accommodate the challenging needs of management professionals who desire an online MBA degree with the least possible effect to their personal and professional lives. The degree is offered through distance learning and combines the advanced business concepts of an MBA curriculum while preparing candidates to manage and lead organizations in the energy and sector. This 36-credit hour degree is provided entirely online and is offered in the Blackboard Academic Suites. Virtual classrooms, live chats, teleconferencing, and online lectures can all be found within this degree. Flexible course scheduling is also offered to distance learners so they may continue to thrive within a regular full-time professional schedule. The e-MBA program does not require the regular GRE/GMAT exams for admission. The business school does, however, put an emphasis on how many years of professional work experience a candidate brings into the program.

Affordability Score: 81.50
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


University of Mary
Gary Tharaldson School of Business

University of Mary logo from websiteThe Gary Tharaldson School of Business at the University of Mary provides an online Executive MBA. Students can expect to complete all requirements for this program in just 20 months. Other excellent specializations offered with this online MBA include Virtuous Leadership, Public Administration, Catholic Philanthropy, Healthcare, and Human Resource Management. The Gary Tharaldson School of Business is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Education and utilizes Canvas as its state-of-the-art online learning format. All course content within this degree is delivered from a Catholic, Benedictine, and Christian value perspective. The GMAT is listed as a variable during the acceptance process; however, students not interested in taking the placement exam may instead take three preparatory courses in Accounting, Economics, and Finance. All courses within this degree are offered 100% online. The Executive Concentration-specific classes included in this stellar degree include Information Systems for managers, Strategic Planning and Execution, and Organizational Communication and Transition Management.

Affordability Score: 94.08
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of Nevada, Reno
College of Business

365 learning university of nevada reno logo 130318The College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno features an online Executive MBA. Each course delivered within this 36-credit hour degree is taught by the College of Business’ premier business faculty of educators who share their real-world business knowledge as they deliver an executive leadership education based on the integration of knowledge, experience, and skills, directing the application of proven theoretical concepts to real-world business dilemmas. The distance degree emphasizes managerial competence in problem identification and analysis and utilizing key managerial skills to discover the best solutions. The program consists of twelve courses and takes two years to complete on average. The optimal candidate for this program is one who has acquired an undergraduate degree from a four-year institution and was able to maintain a grade point average of at least 2.75. Students interested in applying to this program should have at least five years of professional work experience. While the GMAT is listed as a requirement of program candidates, those with a professional or graduate degree may waive this prerequisite.

Affordability Score: 85.87
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Bethel University
College of Professional Studies

Bethel University logo from websiteAn online Executive MBA is offered at Bethel University’s College of Professional Studies. The business school has designed this degree for distance learners with executive experience. This exciting Executive focus is tailored for established management-level professionals and concludes with an in-depth practical research project, including changes and measuring results in their context. The program’s curriculum consists of eight required courses, a six-credit-hour research project, and two electives which give online students the chance to learn more about a field of study that interests them. Like the Academic track, this Executive track allows students to substitute three seminars for one elective course. It will take, on average, 21 months to complete the Executive Concentration. Ambitious students with more margin of time may complete the degree sooner by taking multiple courses concurrently. Organizational Behavior, Statistical Analysis, Strategy & Managerial Decision-Making, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Organizational Development, Managerial Accounting, and Business Ethics are courses explored during this stellar program.

Affordability Score: 91.64
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of New Orleans
College of Business Administration

University of New Orleans logo from websiteThe University of New Orleans offers an online Executive MBA at the College of Business Administration. This excellent online executive degree has been designed for application in a student’s current work environment. Distance learners will be guided to see how concepts covered in the virtual classroom can be used in the marketplace, shop floor, office, and boardroom by an experienced staff of educators. On-campus experiences over the 16-month program duration are scheduled within Saturday and Sunday visits on alternating weekends over the course of the degree. This program is open to students lacking a business degree, and a rolling admission process is in place, allowing students to get started in the program sooner. Students are given upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Tuition for this program includes textbooks, meals on class days, special events, and graduation fees. The top-notch courses delivered within this degree include Organizational Behavior, Managerial Economics, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Survey of Decision-Making Tools, Quantitative Methods, and Strategic Marketing Management.

Affordability Score: 100.00
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


University of North Carolina Wilmington
Cameron School of Business

division of academic affairs the university of north carolina wilmington logo 130327The University of North Carolina Wilmington features an online Executive MBA at the Cameron School of Business. Besides the online curriculum associated with this degree, students will benefit from two on-campus residencies and an international residency that takes place in Asia and Europe for a week. This 36-credit hour program is a perfect fit for distance learners looking to achieve more opportunities for responsibility in their organizations without having to move near the college they attend and/or leave their current place of employment. Flexibility and convenience are high priorities of this online degree. The business school prefers candidates with at least two years of professional work experience. Business Law, Marketing, Accounting, Information Analysis and Management, Corporate Finance, Business Analytics, Operations Management, and Economics are all included as core courses within this stellar degree. The AACSB-International grants the Cameron School of Business its business accreditation. The University of North Carolina Wilmington is home of the Seahawks.

Affordability Score: 95.03
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Brandeis University
Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Brandeis University logo from website e1558379602191The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University delivers an online Executive MBA for Physicians. There is no GMAT requirement listed by the Heller School for Social Policy and Management under this program’s terms, which is a great advantage to students lacking the placement test and those uninterested in taking it. This degree is the perfect fit for executive leaders in healthcare who want to be equipped with the necessary tools they will need to improve the financial results and clinical outcomes of their healthcare organizations. This innovative 16-month hybrid online executive MBA has been designed specifically for practicing MDs, DMDs, DOs, and DDSs. The 63-credit hour degree is delivered over four months with classes like Operations Management, Leadership Coaching, Economic Analysis for Managers, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting, Management of Healthcare Organizations, and Quality and Performance Measurement in Health Care. Over the course of the four months it takes to complete this degree, the business school requires students to attend four ten-day residencies on campus.

Affordability Score: 66.95
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Rochester Institute of Technology
Saunders College of Business

Rochester Institute of Technology logo from websiteRochester Institute of Technology offers an online Executive MBA at the Saunders College of Business. Graduate students within this excellent degree complete all course requirements by taking classes over a span of four semesters and 17 months. While the bulk of this degree is delivered within an online format, all incoming students are required to attend an on-campus orientation that lasts three days. This orientation allows students to meet course instructors, get a greater sense of program expectations, tour the Rochester Institute of Technology campus, and meet fellow students. The business school does not require applicants to submit a GMAT or GRE test score while seeking acceptance into the rigorous program. U.S. News & World Report includes this program within its top 100 in the nation while the business school has been awarded by Businessweek as the 117th best in the country. The program is a perfect fit for distance learners wanting to hone their leadership and business skills, position themselves for better future opportunities, and take on more responsibilities in existing or future organizations.

Affordability Score: 50.94
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 19.46


Duke University
Fuqua School of Business

nicholas school of the environment duke university logo 38007Duke University provides an online Global Executive MBA at the Fuqua School of Business. This excellent seventeen-month program is one of the most expensive degrees offered within this ranking. The solid reputation of the university and the Fuqua School of Business ensures that students will receive the very best in executive business education. The business school at Dike is accredited by the gold standard in business accreditation – the AACSB-International. The hybrid nature of the program not only exposes graduate students to necessary face-to-face time with course instructors in Durham, North Carolina, it also allows for students to glean many lessons form international business. Residencies within places like Latin America, Asia, North America, and Europe will stretch the graduate student’s experience and attitude towards global business. Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Managerial Effectiveness, Managerial Economics, Decision Models, Statistical Methods, and Foundations of Strategy are some of the excellent core courses written into this stellar executive online MBA. The degree’s curriculum is a balance between core courses, multi-term classes, and electives chosen by the student.

Affordability Score: 0.00
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 100.00


Purdue University
Krannert School of Management

krannert executive education programs purdue university logo 135627Purdue University delivers an online Executive MBA at the Krannert School of Management. The accolades for the business school and this distance degree are numerous. Businessweek’s Best Business Schools in the nation ranking places the Krannert School of Management at #61 among all others. The Economist has given the school the 80th place among business schools in the United States and U.S News & World Report calls this program the #74 in the nation. Candidates with the proper professional and academic credentials may waive the GMAT requirement during the acceptance process. Some of the program’s content is delivered online through distance learning while some content is delivered on campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. The residencies included in the degree are spread among six one-to-two-week terms. The Purdue campus is the location for five of these residencies while an international location is the sixth. The scope of the entire degree is nineteen months, which allows working professionals to focus on their professional and personal life demands in addition to the program requirements.

Affordability Score: 45.85
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 48.71


St. Joseph’s College New York

St. Josephs College New York logo from websiteAn online Executive MBA is provided at St. Joseph’s College New York. Each of the high-powered courses included in this dynamic online Executive MBA are delivered 100% online. No campus visits mean a quicker graduation time and saved expenses on travel. Distance learners with a desire to grow as executive leaders will thrive while talking courses like Leadership and Managerial Development, Statistical Applications in Research and Management, Legal Issues in Management, Organizational Theory and Design, Strategic Human Resources Management, Marketing Concepts and Strategies, Management Information Systems, and Financial Accounting and Analysis. Comparatively speaking, this 36-credit hour degree is priced very competitively among other programs in this ranking. An attractive tuition rate means a higher potential for a return on the investment of graduate education. This degree focuses on a student’s managerial skills across the broad scope of business leadership. St. Joseph’s College New York features two campuses – one in Brooklyn and the other in Patchogue, New York. St. The school began as an educational center for women in 1916.

Affordability Score: 89.89
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Saint Mary’s College of California
School of Economics and Business Administration

Saint Marys College of California from websitehybrid Executive MBA is provided at the School of Economics and Business Administration at Saint Mary’s College of California. This prestigious online MBA also comes with emphases in Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship. The hybrid format of the degree allows excellent flexibility for students currently working in a career and those lacking the ability to travel to a school’s campus for traditional classroom attendance. The campus-based learning opportunities included in this dynamic program will broaden the student’s professional network and give her valuable face time with fellow students and professors. Applicants interested in this program who lack the GMAT, or would rather not report the placement test score, will be happy to know that the School of Economics and Business Administration does not require program candidates to take the GMAT for approval into the hybrid program. Top-notch courses included in this degree are Global Marketing, Managing & Leading Organizations, Leadership Communication, Goal-Centered Finance, Applied Economics, Data Analytics for Executives, Supply-Chain Management, and Accounting for Executives.

Affordability Score: 53.56
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


University of Arkansas
Sam M. Walton College of Business

global campus school of continuing education and academic outreach university of arkansas logo 130262The University of Arkansas delivers an online Executive MBA at the Sam M. Walton College of Business. For less than $50,000 in tuition, students can pursue this 38-credit hour degree that is backed by a business school accredited by the prestigious AACSB-International. The curriculum of this degree is centered on application-based education utilizing cases and projects that can easily be applied to a graduate student’s current workplace. By organizing around the value chain, The Sam M. Walton College of Business EMBA is a keen mixture of business theory analysis and understanding of real-world business solutions. Each course, including Financial Statement Analysis for Executives, Quantitative Methods and Decision Making, Global Business, Marketing Ideas, Products and Services, Economics of Management and Strategy, and Corporate Financial Management has been carefully crafted by curriculum designers to maximize the distance learner’s exposure to high-quality, change-based leadership. The University of Arkansas has a storied past of excellent education offered at many levels. The university was founded in 1871.

Affordability Score: 76.05
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 11.96


Pace University
Lubin School of Business

online pace pace university logo 156033Pace University’s Lubin School of Business delivers an online Executive MBA. The business school’s Executive MBA is the perfect fit for distance learners who will benefit from a simple program structure of eight courses consisting of team projects and individual learning exercises. The capstone course which concludes the program is balanced between a business simulation and an individual project. Course instructors will also oversee rigorous team projects which require graduate students to solve relevant large-scale business issues utilizing a cross-disciplinary, holistic approach. Students in the workforce can apply concepts presented in the classroom to specific consulting projects within actual companies. Business Analysis, Organizational Behavior and Change, Comprehensive Business Strategy, Corporative Diversification Strategy, Operations Management, Marketing, Business Simulation, Corporate Finance, Independent Project, and Public Policy are just some of the top-shelf courses offered within this 54-credit hour degree. Pace’s Lubin School of Business is accredited by the reputable AACSB-International. The university was founded in 1906 and features a main campus in New York, New York.

Affordability Score: 50.94
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Sonoma State University
School of Business and Economics

sonoma state university logo 8664Sonoma State University offers a Global Executive MBA in Wine Business at the School of Business and Economics. The university was a trailblazer in 2012 by creating this one-of-a-kind degree for distance learners. The school offers two formats for this program, including a campus-based degree and a low-residency option for distance learners. The Global Executive MBA in Wine Business allows students the unique opportunity to study in such places as France, Australia, and California and work through online curriculum over three-month segments that consist of faculty mentoring and project-based education. Students in this degree can expect to take 17 months to complete all requirements. A 14-day business consulting trip is also included, and classes begin each fall semester. In the true spirit of this non-traditional online MBA, students will embark on a sailing expedition to learn and experience new concepts of teamwork, problem-solving, communication with a work crew, and group accomplishment.

Affordability Score: 71.68
Convenience Score: 50.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


Tennessee State University
College of Business

Tennessee State University logo from websiteAn online Executive MBA with a hybrid format is offered by the College of Business at Tennessee State University. The business school has designed this executive MBA to better meet the needs of business professionals with high personal and professional demands. The one-year degree offers a convenient, business-focused schedule with classes that meet on weekends. The hybrid format consists of a mix of in-person and online course opportunities, which will be an asset to students desiring to broaden their professional networks and work with a seasoned staff of business experts. Distance learners are also given the chance to spend just over a week studying outside the continental United States to broaden their understanding and experience of global market place leadership. Management & Evaluation of Information Systems, Statistical Methods, Supply Chain Management, Accounting & Business Decisions, Managerial Economics, Managerial Finance, Behavior in Organizations, Legal Issues in Management, Operations Management, and Marketing Management are just some of the high-octane courses offered within this dynamic executive online MBA.

Affordability Score: 94.26
Convenience Score: 25.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


James Madison University
College of Business

James Madison University logoJames Madison University provides an online MBA with an Executive Leadership specialization through the College of Business. Students looking for other concentrations can pursue the Information Security or Innovation emphasis. The skill of leading through change is the major principle dealt with in this forty-two-credit hour degree offered by the historic James Madison University, which was founded in 1908. Students will be presented with such high-quality courses as Organizational Behavior, Strategic Organizational Leadership, Financial Statement Analysis, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Information Systems Strategy, and Corporate Financial Decision Making throughout the course of this program. Classes are offered synchronously and lessons and taught face-to-face. This degree is perfect for the business professional who holds a C-Suite position and has a high potential for organizational leadership. The business school does require the GMAT during the application process and is accredited by the AACSB-International. James Madison University is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Affordability Score: 77.14
Convenience Score: 25.00
Reputation Score: 7.62


University of Hawaii Manoa
Shidler College of Business

University of Hawaii at Manoa logo from websiteThe University of Hawaii Manoa delivers an online Executive MBA at the Shidler College of Business. The programs offered by the business school include a general online MBA, an MBA with a Health Care Management Track, and the Distance Learning Executive online MBA. Besides the excellent online curriculum offered within the program, students are offered a five-day intensive residential session at the campus in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii. The duration of the program is 22 months, and fourteen Saturday classes are included. Candidates for this program are encouraged to submit a GMAT score during the acceptance process. A state-of-the-art video conferencing software is utilized in this degree, which allows students to connect with professors and other students. Courses like Data Analytics and Statistics for Business, Marketing Management, Digital Transformation with Information Systems and Technology, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and Business Policy and Strategy are excellent courses included in this forty-eight-hour program.

Affordability Score: 73.47
Convenience Score: 25.00
Reputation Score: 7.62

What is an Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA is a perfect fit for a business professional who may be at the mid-stage in her career and looking to be promoted in the organization she currently works within. This degree is also attractive to those who want to become more marketable to other employers. No matter a business professional’s motivation, the executive MBA has been designed to offer a broad scope of business leadership training for many facets of business.

The courses offered in an executive MBA degree will be similar to those in a traditional MBA program but with a stress on executive leadership concepts. For example, Ohio University offers an incredible online MBA with a specialization in Executive Management. The unique courses offered within this concentration include Prescriptive Analytics, Ethics in the Global Environment, and Leadership and Change Management. The nine hours of this focus are dedicated to strengthening the abilities of the executive leader, and topics like analytics, international business, and change management are at the top of any executive’s priority list. Today’s competitive business leader will be well-versed in the ability to lead an organization through change, and an online executive MBA is an excellent degree to pursue for this reason.

What is the difference between an MBA and an Executive MBA?

There are several similarities to the traditional MBA and the executive MBA offered at business schools across the country. Some programs offer an executive focus alongside other concentrations like supply chain management and marketing. Some business schools like the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University have gone the step further and built an executive program which offers a comprehensive program in global executive leadership.

Some of the most glaring differences between an online MBA and an online executive MBA can be seen during the application process. Some MBA programs require that incoming students have at least two years of work experience on their resume as well as the completion of an undergraduate degree. The online executive MBA often requires that incoming students have five or more years of qualifying professional experience before being admitted into the program. “Experience” often means managerial or entrepreneurial experience in the workforce, which ensures that the business school candidate knows what it is like to be highly motivated as a business builder or leader of others. This selected group of seasoned managers within an EMBA program makes a big difference within the courses themselves. Since so much of an online MBA program is influenced by the topics discussed between peers in the course, the dialogue with other high-level managers advances the topics and distinguishes the program quite a bit.

What are the benefits of an EMBA?

The benefits of an online executive MBA are best found when considering what a degree like this one can offer over the course of a business professional’s career. There is plenty of press written about the many benefits of an MBA, and it is no secret that an MBA makes a business professional more marketable to employers and will increase a worker’s earning potential.

A professional with an online executive MBA is able to match experience in business with a great degree that has been designed to equip a leader for a full spectrum of business management at a higher level. Organizations can trust that upper-level managers with an executive MBA are capable of leading through change, communicating to teams, and using analytical thinking to solve problems.

What should I look for in an EMBA?

There are many factors to consider when comparing executive MBAs. A business school’s reputation is something to consider as employers may not be impressed with the completion of a degree from a school lacking a high-quality accreditation. Be sure to look for a program offered at a school that is accredited by the AACSB-Internationalas accreditation through this entity ensures credibility and academic integrity. Also, tuition pricing is a factor as some of the best programs in the country are offered with very affordable tuition rates. Another important thing to consider when looking into an online executive MBA program is a business school’s support services to distance learners. Some programs take between one and three years to complete, and online students will want to look for business schools that communicate well with graduate students.