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Athletes with high-paying salaries and endorsements have become the face of organizations and products around the world. But for every high-profile athlete scoring a touchdown or crossing the finish line ahead of the pack, there is a team of sports management professionals behind the scenes. Everything from a calculated marketing campaign to the coordinating of innumerable administrative details is spearheaded by someone who has experience and an education in what it takes to lead in sports management.

What job options exist in Sports Management?

There are several ways to begin a career in sports management. Some high-ranking executives within professional sports teams got their start as interns, parking lot attendants, or ticket punchers at their local ballpark. A degree like an undergraduate in sports management is a good introductory program into the world of sports. The online sports management MBA will pave the way for a satisfying and lucrative career within a large spectrum of sports management. Here are some of the most exciting careers in sports management.

Contract Negotiation Manager

With a bend to law and contracts, this position is perfect for the professional who wants to help both athlete and organization work together for the common good. Many athletes benefit greatly from wise counsel who can help understand and explain the intricacies associated with the legalities of sports contracts. Sports organizations spend billions of dollars investing in the careers of athletes in hopes of winning championships, attracting advertising dollars, and selling team merchandise. A contract negotiation manager must have good people skills as she is constantly working with teams who may have opposing perspectives with millions of dollars on the line.

Operations Manager

A sports operations manager has many responsibilities that include coordinating efforts with multiple teams within a sports association or program. A operations manager will oversee scheduling and programming calendars while keeping track of how a team will travel and how a facility will get used throughout the year. This position is best served by someone with excellent organizational and communication skills. A good time manager will excel as an operations manager.

Public Relations Manager

A PR manager is in charge of how a sports organization interacts with society as a whole. Sports teams must not only win to stay relevant, but they must also direct an effective marketing strategy that involves things like public service, team announcements, and conflict resolution. Some pro athletes like, Peyton Manning, have set up nonprofit organizations that serve children and the underprivileged. Some professional sports associations like the National Basketball Association have set up volunteer opportunities like NBA Cares. Opportunities like these go a long way in showing that sports organizations are not only operating for monetary gain. Public relations managers will also need to make announcements on behalf of their teams when a scandal breaks out or hiring and firings take place.

Sales Coordinator

It is no secret that sports organizations and teams create tons of revenue off merchandising and licensing. A quick search online will show you that today, you can find just about every product imaginable with your favorite team’s name and logo stamped on the side of it. Sales coordinators work within legal, retail, and marketing circles to ensure that an organization is benefitting from the use of its trademarked identity.

The world of sports management is a secure and growing segment of the global industry. There are more sports fans today than there ever have been, and the popularity of a sports association or team transcends geographical borders more than ever before. An online sports management MBA is an excellent way to break into this exciting field.

Is there an online Sports Management MBA?

For many athletes, the world of sports management is a natural progression after a career in sports. For a professional baseball player who grew up playing Little League, then high school, college, and finally in the pros, by age 40 he has spent the bulk of his life suiting up as a player. Once a professional athlete begins to see her career coming to a close, she will have acquired some valuable experience and a network within the realm of professional sports that will prove invaluable for a career in sports management.

Most professionals in sports management, however, did not play sports at the professional or even college level. Many sports management workers went the route of getting a solid education in this field like an online MBA with an emphasis in sports management. This degree is designed to equip a sports manager with the knowledge and skills needed to work within this exciting field. Experience and education in marketing, operational management, and finance are crucial in sports management.

Most online sports management MBAs will consist of at least ten courses or thirty-credit hours. Business schools will often offer all courses completely online while some require students to visit the university’s campus for short residencies. An online sports management MBA will benefit a professional desiring to make a mark in the world of sports.

What does a career in Sports Management pay?

Sports management continues to be a sought-after and successful career path for business professionals interested in the competitive field of sports entertainment. Professional organizations, collegiate programs, and recreational sports all benefit from proper management. Everyone knows that most professional athletes at the elite national level are paid handsomely for their services. Since athlete’s salaries and pro team’s salary caps are advertised in the media, most are aware of the millions of dollars earned each year.

Few may realize that professionals in sports management are also compensated well for their services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that sports agents bring in an average of $94,000 per year. As in many types of business, successful sports managers can see their business grow as they add more clients. Much like the athletes they represent, commissions are available to agents as well, which can pad their salaries greatly.

If you are interested in the world of sports, pursuing a career in sports management may be a solid idea. A degree like the online sports management MBA will give you an advantage in this lucrative field.

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