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Online Information Technology MBA

By and large, a very untechnical understanding of information technology (IT) may be the restrictive view of the person who comes to fix the computer when it crashes. While IT does include fixing computers and networking issues when they come up within an organization, there is so much more to the world of information technology than, “have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?”

At its core, information technology is the understanding and use of technology to solve organizational and business issues on a broad scale. The three pillars of responsibility when considering the work of information technology in business are IT operations, IT governance, and technical hardware and infrastructure.

IT operations encompass all day-to-day work an IT department is responsible for within an organization. The IT department will provide all tech support for company employees and make sure everyone can stay efficient and not get bogged down by poor-running computer equipment. Networks of all sizes need regular maintenance, and software also needs to be checked and updated to keep systems running as they should. IT representatives are also in charge of making sure that all systems are secure and free from viruses and malware.

IT governance includes all the technical systems that ensure an organization’s goals are being met and that technology is optimized on all levels within the company. As a business grows, it can be a challenge to keep all of the technical utilities used streamlined and functioning as a whole. Policies and processes are important, as problems typically begin to occur when older systems get married to newer infrastructures without a master plan during the transition process.

The final area of information technology is hardware and infrastructure. Hardware includes all of the physical equipment an organization uses on a daily basis to communicate and operate as a business. Phones, computers, printers, and more are all assets that a company has invested in. Some pieces of equipment have longer lives than others, but all should be properly maintained and updated to last as long as possible. An organization that utilizes its resources most efficiently is one that makes a plan for how its infrastructure will be set up and maintained over the years.

What will an online Information Technology MBA entail?

Students with a bend towards understanding and utilizing technology within business should consider a degree like the online Information Technology MBA. Using technology is no longer an option in business; it is essential. Organizations of all types now consider IT a must for operating efficiently and communicating with customers. A degree like the information technology-focused online MBA is the perfect choice for the technically-minded graduate student who wants to lead in the field of IT. This degree is based on the required core courses one would expect in a Master’s of Business Administration, but it will also include courses that deal with the technical issues of technology in the workplace. It sets graduates up to not only understand the IT business issues, but to understand how the issues work within an organization and how to effectively lead teams to reach desired organizational goals. Graduates with an Online IT MBA will be primed and ready for higher IT management, for Chief Technology and Information Officer positions, and to even venture out as an IT entrepreneur.

What are the benefits of working in the field of Information Technology?

One of the fastest growing areas of professional business is the field of information technology. As new and faster technological advances flood the market each year, organizations rely heavily on trained professionals to find solutions for issues and keep connections running at optimal speeds.

The field of information technology management combines the technical know-how of IT with the business leadership integral to a management position. The Bureau of Labor Statistics currently reports that IT Managers can expect to earn a median salary of over $140,000 annually and will enjoy an increase in demand that outpaces the national average.

Because the world of IT management is such a diverse one, professionals with the proper education in this field are sure to find a working situation that meets their needs and affords them the lifestyle they are looking for. The nature of IT work means that many positions currently offered allow professionals to work from a remote location. Managers who want to be in charge of a large staff may want to find a position with a large, established organization that will offer many responsibilities and allow the IT manager to oversee a large team. Other professionals in this field may want to experience the joys of building an IT protocol into a growing company while working alone or with a smaller team. Whatever the initial scenario or the end result, a degree like the online Information Technology MBA is a safe bet for becoming qualified in the area of IT management.

What are some books that deal with Information Technology?

As quickly as technology is developing, it is crucial for business professionals in IT to stay on top of trends and tendencies across the globe. Upon completing a stellar degree like the online Information Technology MBA, an IT manager will do well to stay committed to continually learning more about technology and leadership. One easy way to stay on top of what is going on in the way of technology is to remain an avid reader. Here are two books that deal with information technology and leadership that are worth the read.

Less than ten years ago, authors Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford took the IT world by surprise with their sleeper hit, The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win. This remarkable book shared IT insights and valuable management truths by telling the story of Bill, an IT manager who is trying to beat a deadline on an over-budget project with a CEO demanding the impossible. The reader is introduced to the Three Ways theory in this resource and watches as Bill works his way out of a difficult situation into an IT success story.

Another excellent read that should be on any IT manager’s shelf is Managing Humans by Michael Lopp. This witty book is a collection of poignant stories told by the author who served as a manager for companies like Netscape, Apple, Slack, and Pinterest. Lopp pulls no punches and will not be accused of using flowery speech as he tells all in this funny and fast-paced resource. Readers stay engaged while Lopp discusses lessons he learned leading IT teams for some of the biggest names in technology and business.

These are just two excellent resources for someone interested in IT management to consider. One of the greatest assets a company has is its employees, and employees who value their continued education will remain to be true assets to all types of organizations.